Our first week with Camden….

27 Aug

….Or lessons learned from a new Mom.

So if you arent aware Camden arrived in the world on August 19th. I had a c-section. My goal was a natural birth but I am quickly learning as a new mom that any plans I had before he was born the opposite is happening. He already is a true defiant child and today he is only 8 days old :).

I will write up our birth story most likely in my next post since I was in labor for about 60 hours….yep 60, that was a rough weekend. But thats for another post, lets get to some new mom lessons/what happened in our first week together.

IMG_4321 IMG_4324

These are the second pictures of Dan and I as new parents. I honestly wish there were more of me from the hospital with him and luckily Dan took a whole bunch. The first one however when I was getting stitched up from the c-section that the nurse took of the three of us I look kind of crazy/drugged up. This is a much better “first mommy” photo.

The first thing I learned is you lose a lot of weight. I ended up gaining 60lbs exactly before delivery, I was a lot lower but the last two weeks I put on 6 lbs of water weight each week. It was rough but the Dr wasnt concerned with my weight gain and neither was I.

This is the day before he was born.


Please note the swollen face and arm! My whole body kind of felt like a sausage!

Now this is from today….again only 8 days later!


Ignore Dan’s closet mess behind me. But in 8 days I am down 31.1 pounds! I will take it, I know most is water weight and I feel so much better. I can wear  a lot of my old clothes again and it just keeps getting better!

So what else have I learned?

Watching your husband as a first time Dad will make your heart explode. So you had the baby, when he was born you heard him cry and immediately felt a love like no other. That was until Dan took charge and became a Dad! He was very nervous as he had never held or delt with a baby before. Having the c-section meant he would be the first to hold him and love him. It was so nice to see and as each day passes and he becomes more comfortable in his new role I just love him more and more for being such a great guy!

IMG_4354 IMG_4364 The bottom picture is Dan being Super Dad! I cant carry things upstairs due to the surgery so he has to bear the whole load of the family when it is time for bed!

IMG_4401 IMG_4377 IMG_4343

Every outfit is pretty much the cutest thing ever! Especially in Newborn size. They are not so cute however when a diaper is blown out into them….example the Dinosaur pjs in the top picture about 2 minutes after the photo was taken!

It is nice to be just us. We have had a lot of visitors so today was a nice break where it was just the three of us and we could all relax and adjust to our new relationships. Whoops I should say four of us because of Finny who is also adjusting. He doesnt pay attention to the baby much at all but I think that will change when hes a bit older. He does however notice him while he cries at night and keeps him awake! Saturday we even had a small party for my birthday to celebrate since it was the day we came home from the hospital (Thursday). It was just my parents, aunts, uncle, grandma and our friends and was relaxing. Everyone came at 6pm and was gone by 9:15pm and everyone brought food and helped clean up….it was my kind of party :).

Lastly showers are the most precious thing in my life currently! To keep my sanity a good shower is in order. Dont get me wrong I love the baby and he is wonderful but smelling like breast milk, spit up and sweat is not fun and showering is relaxing even on little to no sleep! Dan is home with me until Saturday so we work in shifts. I stay up late night with the baby and he does the hard work during the day so I can catch a nap or a shower. Right now Finny and Camden are napping so I get to blog and relax and Dan went to ride his dirt bike. I think it is nice that even with our lives being turned upside down we can find a bit of balance! Dan even said he is going to start running with me once I can. My recovery time is around 8 weeks I am hoping I can run before that time is up!

So that has been our week. We are so in love with our little guy and happy to be new parents! It will always be a new and learning experience and we are so excited to see what each new day brings!


2 Responses to “Our first week with Camden….”

  1. Kim August 27, 2013 at 10:48 pm #

    It is so great to have you back to blogging and finally… along with Camden, the child that you have been carrying around inside for so long. It seems like he is around 2 already. I know it was nine months but it seemed longer. My Grand Nephew is adorable but SUPER DAD…. that picture deserves to be enlarged, framed and hung in Camden’s room… it is that good.. and it includes Finny, my Grand Nephew Dog! Love you all.

    • Alex K August 27, 2013 at 10:51 pm #

      Haha we love you too Kim thanks!

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