My birth story/Happy One month Cam!

23 Sep

This post will be about our birth story and Camden turning one month old. I still cannot believe it!

I will get to the birth story at the end but I wanted to share that I have been learning a lot as a mom. The most important I think is the appreciation I have for my own Mom for taking such good care of us! Also last night when it was 1am and everyone was asleep except for me, (I had to pump so was still up and trying to get other things done.) A mom’s work truly is never done!

So here are some pictures of our little man from birth to one month!


The first time I held you!


wearing his newborn size pjs……which are already too small! You are growing too fast!!!


Almost a month old in your newborn photos which came out AMAZING!!!

I love your personality and faces you make! Also the fact that you are my baby twin!!!! 🙂

So now lets get you how you got here…..The birth story I mean. Im going to preface this by saying I dont mean to scare anyone and everyone should now giving birth was one of my greatest fears. Now I would do it again in a second even after everything that happened!

On August 17th I started contractions at 4:30am. My due date was August 18th so I was excited to be having him on time! After a call to the Dr and a long stay at home for early labor, my contractions became more intense and closer together so we headed to the hospital. Turns out I was in labor yay! But I wasnt progressing much so they sent us back home with some Ambien to help me get some rest and told me I would be back Sunday at the latest to deliver. Dan and I were so excited and nervous about meeting our little boy and the birth experience. I took the ambien and fell asleep, woke up and my contractions were gone? I guessed I was in false labor, but after an hour they were back and worse. Sunday rolled around and I was still having more and more intense contractions so I called the Dr again. They said come into the hospital so in we went and after 4 hours home again! I was in fact having closer and more intense contractions but not dilating!

That night I took the Ambien again and went to bed. This time however I didn’t sleep for more than 20 minutes without a contraction waking me. AND MAN WERE THESE ONES AWFUL!!!!! So I called the Dr.s office again, it was 3:30am. The Dr on call turned out to be my OB so he told me to come in. This time was different they checked me and I had finally made progress and was admitted. My Dr saw the pain I was in and the slow progression, but knew my desire for a natural birth so I declined drugs but let him break my water. The contractions were much worse now and I felt like something was happening! It was also now 10am on Monday morning, I had been in labor for 54 hours and was ready to get this show on the road. I walked the halls, used walls for support during the tough contractions and had the support of Dan and a really great nurse named Rose!

After a while it was now 3pm so the Dr. checked me my progress had stopped completely and the babies heart rate kept dropping. So I went into the birthing tub, this was part of my birth plan and was so amazing. I could actually relax and the contractions were bad but I almost fell alseep. The only problem was I was now SO tired from labor and the babies hr kept dropping we watched it on the monitor. So Rose told me it was time for the epidural, if I could sleep and stay relaxed I might dilate.

So off we went I was nervous it really wasnt that painful to get, but was annoying when after he placed it he decided that I was too bony and had to reset it. After that I was good and fell alseep. So did Dan, when I woke up I was relaxed and figured it had to almost be time it was almost 9pm and a new Dr and nurse were on duty. The problem with the babies HR kept persisiting though and was dropping to 89 and one time into the 20’s. The DR came in and checked me out and no more progress so it was time for a c-section.

Let me say, an epidural and a c-section were my nightmares, I wanted a natural birth and nothing was going according to plan, however at 4:30 am we would hit 72 hours of labor so I sucked it up put on a brave face and said okay. Then I had to wake up Dan and tell him, he knew my wishes and saw my heartbreak over getting the epidural so I knew this would worry him. Dan would tell me later he was extremely scared and nervous for me but put on a brave face as well. However when he asked me if I was okay I almost burst into tears.

Then I was rolled into the OR and given medicine through my epidural one syringe full. The surgeons waited a bit and poke tested where they would cut to see if I was numbed. Left side was good to go right side was feeling normal. UH OH. 3 more syringes of the medicine and I was still feeling my right side as they cut and did the surgery, it was more numb each time but as soon as they went from left to right I was saying ow. When it came time to pull the baby out he couldnt give me anymore medicine so I was given a mask with oxygen and he was pulled out. As soon as he was out the medicine rushed in and THANK GOD I didn’t feel them stitching me. The Dr’s did an amazing job and we heard him crying and we both got a little teary eyed, he was here and healthy and IT WAS OVER!!!  Camden was born 8-19 at 10:24pm!!!! When he was born I was told I couldnt have him naturally because he was stuck sideways and never dropped into my pelvis. He was head down but it of to the left side!

Off to the Nursery he went to get vitals done and off to Recovery Dan and I went. Dan of course held him first and it was the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. He was perfect. Once in recovery I told Dan when we have the next one…. To which Dan said I was crazy.

It was painful, tough and exhausting BUT amazing and worth every hour of pain! The first time I held him in recovery was one of the greatest moments of my life and each one from then to now continues to be better and better! He is truly the love of our lives and Dan and I are so proud and happy to have him!

The birth experience certainly brought us together and has made us and our bond stronger as husband and wife, because you see some tough things to see the person you love go through as the husband. I gained a new respect for Dan’s support and love for me.

So now Camden is here and its a new adventure everyday….More to come now that I am back to bogging!


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