Traveling, a wedding, a 6 week old, and my training program!

30 Sep

So this weekend we drove 13 hours two times with a one month old baby, Dan, my inlaws and myself. First off THANK GOD for Marie and Joel (my in-laws). They came with us for my best friends wedding (which I was in) so that they could watch Camden for us and it was much appreciated. We got there Thursday which was the Bachelor and Bachelorette parties and Dan and I each went out. Friday was the rehearsal dinner and saturday the wedding, sunday we drove home. So it was a busy and jam packed weekend for a baby to be a part of. Camden did so amazing though and everyone of course loved him. We were so lucky that he was so good the whole trip until the last hour of each one. However I am pretty sure if you were jammed into a car seat that long you’d be angry too!!!

IMG_4646 IMG_4653

That was Camden’s gift from his New Uncle Jeremy. It is pretty cute on him, even if it is big. Camden just started to smile and was pretty happy to get a gift, it looked something like this.


As for the wedding Lindsey made like everything herself and planned and designed the whole thing. She is pretty much Martha Stewart.

IMG_4651 IMG_4656

The top picture is the table setting after we set it up on Friday. Our favors were one of four different kinds of Jams/Apple Butter that she made herself. There was also a candy bar and a pie bar she made two apple pies super late the night before the wedding. The bottom is a hilarious shot of new parents out on the town. Me yawning and Dan like half asleep. I didnt know this was taken until I just uploaded my photos.

I swear we were fun at the wedding and I think I looked DARN good for being the mom of a one month old!!!

In other news Camden turned 6 weeks today and is so cute.


Daddy was sleeping today after our super long drive last night and Cam was like FEED ME!!!! We got home around 4am, but we had to watch breaking bad, such a good finale. WAY BETTER THAN DEXTERS stink fest!  Finny was happy we were home and to be snuggling us.

Tomorrow I will post some more wedding photos/ones where we dont look crazy but they are on Dan’s phone.

Finally I ran last week for the first time, 2 miles in 34 minutes…..ouch. I have my first half coming up in January the Tinkerbell Half in Disneyland! So I downloaded the training program. It is from, is free and can be synced into your phone calender. I downloaded it from my phone and am now good to go, each work out is scheduled into my phone and I can stay on track. I downloaded the beginner workout, while it is tamer than what I would usually do I am not trying to push this to the limit, since I have another half in February!  That is the good news.

The bad news is I got the new athleta catalog in the mail today and want EVERYTHING! Better start saving :).


2 Responses to “Traveling, a wedding, a 6 week old, and my training program!”

  1. kimbo2222 October 1, 2013 at 9:14 pm #

    It was a Great time. Lovely wedding with lovely people. First picture is such a cute pic of my grand nephew Camden; followed by … Possessed baby with attitude. Glad I did not see that baby in North Carolina. Think he’s got car lag from the trip. Missing Finny!

    • Alex K October 2, 2013 at 6:19 am #

      I’m sure Finny misses you as well he has been in a funny mood since we got back. But still loves Camden. The baby can do no wrong in his eyes I guess.

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