Blog and Body Makeover….

8 Oct

The blog has a new look for Halloween! I hope you enjoy it! If you read on your cellphone like my Mom you will not be able to see it, so get yourself to a regular computer.

In other news I am trying to give my body a makeover. I showed you some of what I have been eating but I have also been working out. Last week I logged 11.04 miles, not a lot but more than I have done in a long while! 6.5 of those miles were done on Sunday in 1:33:36. This made me so excited for my upcoming races. Which have been updated in the sidebar and also on my races and pr’s page at the top. Click the link to check those out.

Today was also my first day back with my personal trainer Jeff. It was kind of hard but not too

bad and Camden gets to come with me, so I am a lucky lady for that!

I weighed in Monday and am down 1.5 pounds, not a huge number but progress all the same. Plus the weight gain was worth what I got out of it!

I will leave you with some food pictures and pictures of Camden.


Camden loves being Mike from Monsters Inc.


Sunday Dan and I had a really great steak salad for dinner. It was blue apron. They deliver all the ingredients and you cook it so it is fresh and healthy. They were really good and there was some salad left over so Dan took that for lunch with the left over lettuce wrap filling.

Finally we have Camden wanting some of Mommy’s soup….it wasnt happening!


I have shorts on by the way…I dont hold my baby naked.

So thats what is going on here. I am eating healthier and working out. I go back to work Saturday and am excited/sad that Cam and I will not be home together everyday!


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