Trying to establish a Schedule.

9 Oct

For the baby of course not me, I have a schedule I will be back at starting Saturday. It seems crazy that I am going back to work so soon, but lets get back to Camden.

Because of going back to work/scentsy parties coming up I am trying to get him on a schedule and also to sleep in his crib and not the swing in our room!

It will be nice because I can move the swing back downstairs. Granted this is super cute to look at, and my heart did break a little last night when I went to bed and I could not stare at a sweet baby!

IMG_4543This photo is from a few weeks ago and he looks much bigger in that swing now.

So last night we started the schedule his feeding was pushed back until 8pm and he didnt seem to mind. After he ate it was bath time and then lotion. He is just now starting to like baths and being naked so it was all smiles and fun.

He was then put to bed at 9:30pm, I rocked him in his glider but he was fussing so he went into the swing and once he was out I moved him to the crib. He sleeps really well in the crib much better than the bassinet. Dan had to go in once and feed him again and I got a picture from the monitor, since we have a video monitor that moves around the room I felt like a stalker. Especially due to the night vision.

IMG_4793Finny got involved in the feeding as well!

My little boy slept for almost 9 hours straight, only waking up to be reswaddled and binky put back into his mouth. I think he is sleeping so well because he barely sleeps during the day.


Mostly because he spends his days playing! Hes pretty cute….. and growing up so fast.


So we will see how tonight goes and how well he adjusts to the schedule and the crib sleeping!


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