Top 10 reasons why being a boy mom rocks!!!

30 Dec

Don’t get me wrong, being a mom of any kind is awesome, it just is. But let me explain a little I was always the type of girl that imagined having a little girl, like always a little girl in every thought, dream everything. Afterall I am a 28 year old that loves dresses and anything with Hello Kitty on it!!!!

Then we found out we were having a boy and I was sad for about 15 minutes, because then I was just happy we were having a healthy baby! Finally the day came, our son was born and I was instantly so in love with him no matter the gender, because in the end he was our child and my little boy. The more he grows the more awesome I realize being a boy mom is going to be. I mean we plan on having two kids, if the next ones a girl great, but if its another boy also great! It is that much fun having a boy here are MY 10 reasons why. This will not be the same for all moms and these are my opinions.

10.) The clothes: I have heard from every person that girl clothes are so much cuter, but they can keep their hairbows and dresses. I will take tiny gentleman outfits with bow ties and cute hats any day. Plus daddy and baby matching outfits are amazing!


This guy and his tuxedo sleep sack, he has many more cute little man outfits put I dont photograph everyone, takes away from snuggles!!

9.) He was born into the right family! This is no way sexist or taking on gender roles, so dont think that is where this is going. But he loves motorcycles, hearing them, sitting on them and will most likely one day work in our family business, and to be honest old Harley guys dont want to buy anything but clothes from girls inside the dealership!

IMG_5372The 4th generation people! And while I am so proud that I will be the first female president of our company (Im older than my brother). I am glad to have a son who will ride dirt bikes and motorcycles because his dad does. All little boys live to impress their dads! You couldnt pay me as a child to do that.



The mommy-baby boy snuggles. This is a day old Camden and myself, in the hospital just relaxing hard. He is always so happy to see me and snuggles me so much. While he is a baby and smiles and snuggles everyone the way he smiles at me is special, because I am his mom. I l know over time it will change but for now I am honestly his favorite person in the world. Friends and neighbors of girl babies have told me its all about daddy for their kids!

7.) His toys!!! No picture, but his toys are going to be so cool! He got a lot of great ones for Christmas and I am able to experience a whole new way to play. Sure I had Harry growing up but I didn’t always want to play with his toys, now I love watching him learn and grow and playing is a big part of that.

6.) Dan adjusting to fatherhood. I think having a boy made it easier for Dan to adjust to being a Dad. He has no nieces or nephews so he didn’t get to be around any small babies and he never babysat like most girls so he was pretty nervous about having a baby. I know for him hearing it was a boy was a relief because he could rough house with him and do things hes interested in with him. They do bond very well.


5.) The peeing everywhere thing. This is a bonus because it has only happened to me twice. The first night home he peed right into Dans mouth. I knew I loved that kid right away, and I guess Daddy needs to be quicker with his diaper skills!!!

4.) He LOVES football. You may not believe this but he does, yesterday we had family over and they all commented on how much he loves it and cries if you change the channel. I for one love this as I love sports and Dan doesn’t so we have something to bond over. As long as he NEVER EVER becomes a patriots fan ICKY!


Watching his first game ever, complete with giants bib and number 1 finger :).

3.) We have a boy dog, and they both have the same attributes and get a long great. Finny bites at Camden and he laughs and Camden pulls Finnys fur and Finny licks him. I can see these two being BFF’s once Cam is a little older!

2.) We broke tradition! I am the oldest of my parents children and Noelle is the oldest of her and Dan. That means whatever we happen to have next will get a great older brother, I always wished Harry was older, but was glad I got to experience always looking out for him and teaching him. I am excited to see a new dynamic!

1.) HE IS CRAZY!!!! Most boy moms I know talk about how they get into everything and are super active and Camden already is like that. He cant wait to be able to move more and tries so hard to crawl already! I know when he can walk it will be a whole new ball game and I cannot wait to accept the challenge. Plus he can stop Dan from doing things like this!

IMG_4986 IMG_4999

The second picture is awesome! So they can keep doing that. Dan and I just LOVE this little man!!!


One Response to “Top 10 reasons why being a boy mom rocks!!!”

  1. Kim January 7, 2014 at 10:29 pm #

    This is a beautiful homage to your beautiful family. I can’t wait until Camden can say Kim. I hope you and Dan and Cam are feeling better. Love Yah!

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