Wednesday Catch Up

29 Jan

I am currently laid off from my main job, because as I explained to the lady from unemployment today, no one wants to buy motorcycles in Jan in Connecticut. Its just common sense really!

So while I cannot wait to post about my adventures in California and the Tinkerbell Half Marathon, today I will catch you up on old pictures, of things I havent had a chance to post or talk about. ENJOY!!!!

IMG_5480Camden in a hand painted PJ outfit my mom brought him back from Seattle.



Tortilla soup Dan made me when I had a cold, what a guy!!!


From my Facebook page follow me here 

IMG_5506 IMG_5531 IMG_5541

He’s pretty cute.

And finally some photos from my last run before the race.

IMG_5542 IMG_5543

It might not look beautiful to you, but it is to me since to the left of this photo is my parents house and the neighborhood I grew up in. I like to run there because I know the distances even without my garmin (even though I still use it) and it seems a lot safer for runners and walkers than my current neighborhood!

So now you’re pretty much caught up, until I left for California that is. I missed that little baby something fierce, but that is for another post. Have a great day!!!


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