Blogging with Camden, a month by month comparison!

9 Mar

It’s Sunday, which means its Family Day!!! With Dan and I both on lay off until the 17th and April 1st respectively, we can spend one morning a week being lazy bums together. Camden is on my lap and trying to type special messages for everyone.

Mr. Camden and I have had colds all week, so workouts have been a minimum, and so has leaving the house. You would think that would make for a boring post, but don’t worry I have plenty of photos, a lot of which are Camden, and lets be honest you all read this blog for the Camden cuteness!!!

IMG_5638 IMG_5648

Camden loves playing in the high chair and his bouncer. The poor bouncer is usually the place where he spits up or fills his diaper, that thing is the food extraction master. He clearly isn’t phased though.

The above portion of the blog was written this morning. After writing that I realized I had wayyyy too many photos on this computer and started cleaning them off, then it was time to feed Camden and that led to cleaning the house while he watched cartoons! The time change apparently super charged my Spring Cleaning and my A.D.D!!!

Speaking of random things I decided to do a month by month comparison of Camden in the post. Since 6 months have passed it is the perfect time!


Our old, bald 1 month old!

IMG_4933A little more hair! Also those penguin PJs were my favorite!


I guess I deleted the 3 month photo on its own :(, so here is a comparison of months 1 and 3.


4 months old and already wearing a shirt with a tie and fancy pants!

IMG_5719 IMG_5720There are two pictures for 5 months, because they are so dark. Camden looks very handsome in his hat!

Finally 6 months, hard to get him to sit still!!


Sometimes it seems like he was just born last week, other times he blows us away with how big he is and all he can do! Camden’s current favorites are:

Pulling Finnys Hair!

Eating any food!

Morning snuggles with mommy and daddy

Baby TV or Super Why

The Jumper

Blowing Raspberries


Bitting with his new teeth

AND having nonsense conversations with people!

Before I sign off on this post, I have to share a new favorite that used to be an old hatred…..



3 Responses to “Blogging with Camden, a month by month comparison!”

  1. Kelly Levesque at 11:58 pm #

    And grandmother. A highlight. Geez. Haha.

    Kelly Levesque


  2. Alex K at 5:43 am #

    Mom are you saying I should
    Have put you as one of Camden’s 6 month favorites? Clearly his grandparents have always been favorites!

  3. kimbo2222 at 7:02 pm #

    Love all the pics especially bath time. He is growing so fast it won’t be long before he’s saying…….. Kim! Ha ha take that Grandmother.

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