5 Jun

Wow! It has been a BUSY few months. Our baby boy and my Scentsy business have been busy growing! I also went back to work full time for the summer. Leaving not much time to run, blog, or do much for myself!

Yesterday was National Running Day! Happy belated to all my running pals. Today however was national running day for me, I worked out with Jeff, worked, Napped (I will get to that in a bit) then Dan and I went on a track/trail run with Mr. Camden!

I have just signed up for my 5th half marathon in September. It is the same half I did for my first one, and I am really looking forward to it! My goal is a 2:30 or better and I am going to do it!!!

I am also signing up for a VERY exciting Half on June 10th, that I will do this January, but more on that when it happens.

So we went on our run, I decided to wear my new running shoes to break them in, especially since my old purple and grey ones had to be retired due to wear and over use.

Let’s just say that maybe wasn’t the best idea! We wanted to go 4 miles/ I wanted to go 4 miles.  We ended up going a little over 2, which I am still happy with, I am happy with anything. However, the backs of my feet are ripped up bad, and my socks were covering the area the whole time! I will spare you from the picture of my poor feet and instead show you my sweet new shoes and new pants!


Ignore how dirty my feet are, I wore flip flops today and my feet attract dirt!

So we walked, ran, ran the trail and then walked and ran some more on the track at the local high school. Someone came along in his jogging stroller and learned running is hard work and makes you tired!


I hear you buddy! After the movie Dan and I are watching is over, I will be sleeping as well. Keep on the lookout for more posts as blogging always keeps me motivated!


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