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Disney’s Princess Half Marathon Weekend Part 2!

11 Mar

There may or may not be three parts to this, only because my Half Marathon post will be SUPER long. So its been decided by me, just now, 3 parter coming your way!

Part two is all about the 10k and then the after party of Hollywood Studios!! 🙂

IMG_5866 IMG_5867

Here is the flat me front and back of my shirt, to show you my 10k outfit.

This is Lauren and I in our outfits with the infamous crown!



And at the starting line, the girl who took this didn’t do the best job, but I still like it and was grateful for nice people!

So it was time to start the race at 5:30am. I was in corral B again and Lauren was in E.

IMG_5871 IMG_5873 IMG_5875

My corral, Elsa from Frozen was on the over pass talking to everyone she was pretty close to the start. I remember texting Lauren after I started to tell her that the girl sounded like Lady Gaga, she agreed when she passed her. Finally the first mile marker, I liked last years story book mile markers better but these were still cute.

IMG_5877 IMG_5880

It was an out and back course so the first picture is on my way back and taking a picture of those who started later and were coming out of Epcot. The second photo is when I was heading back into Epcot, I thought the soldiers were cool!

Once I was back in Epcot I got some photos I had missed the day before, as the course was basically the same once inside.

IMG_5881 IMG_5882 IMG_5884


The second to last picture was of a lady dressed as a purse! I loved that so cool, though I could never run in it. The whole time I took it pretty slow, to rest up for the half and to try and let Lauren catch up.

But I ended up finishing before her even so, due to the time difference of me starting earlier.

I haven’t mentioned this on the blog but I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid and its causing SO many issues with my body, so while my weight was going down due to eating better and training, my knees and ankles are always sore and swollen!

IMG_5887 IMG_5888

Thank god for RunDisney and their foresight, the guys at the end who would ice you were awesome and it really did help! Also Im a sweaty mess and was so tired, but I was happy to finish and in an hour and 33 minutes! This was pretty good because even going slow this was pretty close to my pr time of 1:25.

Here are some race photos I stole from Lauren’s snap chat!

IMG_5889 IMG_5890


The last picture is of a hotel on the boat ride to the park.

After this we headed to Hollywood Studios, but I didn’t take photos. We were so busy having fun that I just forgot, but the Rocking Rollercoaster with Aerosmith is SO FUN! It goes scary fast at the beginning but then all you can do is laugh, or at least that is what Lauren and I did.

After that we headed back to our hotel and decided to stretch, foam roll and then swim!


Check back tomorrow for part 3!

Being a good mom….

5 Mar

I haven’t been blogging a lot, and that is apparent if you are a regular reader, but I am not going to apologize! I saw this on facebook and it couldn’t be more true for all aspects of my life right now!


Our poor little guy has been so sick! The only reason I am currently blogging is that I am at family dinner and he is being doted on by GGMA and Great Aunt Kim. So while I have taken FOREVER to post my race recaps and times from my two half marathons, the 5k and 10k that I did in January and February, know they will come and you will enjoy them! I had a lot of fun on both trips, but am SOOOO happy to be home with my little family!

So to keep your interest while I am a “lazy blogger” but again A GREAT MOM, here are some race photos.

alex2 alex4

My medals from both race weekends. (One from California, Five from Florida)

And my 5k Bib and Race outfit, I was princess Jasmine!

Finally I leave you with a screen shot I took of the video Dan sent me of Camden eating Sweet Potatoes while I was gone, don’t be fooled he loves food, it was just a great face!!!


Now back to hang with my family and baby boy!!!


29 Aug

Okay so I know I have been teasing I was going to post this and going to post it but I have been SO busy!!!!

More on that later, you just want to get to the good stuff right….Well too bad.

First I want to thank everyone who reads my blog, I really wouldn’t be as motivated to keep running after a bad race like the one I had Sunday without everyones, comments, emails, tweets and Support! THANK YOU AGAIN for being a reader. A lot of the time I find it hard to believe anyone thinks anything I say is interesting!!!

So like I said before once I hit 10,000 views (a number which I thought would take years once I would do a giveaway).

Well now that I am offically at 10,965 views I am ready to announce what you could win!

That’s right a $25.00 Amazon Card! I can mail it to you if you win they have free one business day shipping on gift cards and are a great company!

I buy almost all my running shoes from Amazon and love them! So you will too even if you have NEVER shopped with them!

To Enter the giveaway:

Step 1: please become an email follower of the blog, you can sign up to the right of this post!

Step 2: write a comment saying what you plan to do with the $25.00 Gift Card…not buying running items will not disqualify you from winning 😉


Bonus Entry 1: Follow FRF on Facebook, also in the sidebar to the right. Then post a seperate comment saying you did!

Bonus Entry 2:Follow me on twitter and  Tweet the phrase: Food Run Fun is having a Giveaway #amazon. Then post a comment saying you did! @zandralexia is my username


It is that simple!!!!! The winner will be chosen using a random number generator within the comments and the giveaway will run for 1 week! Ending 9-6-12 at 6:00 pm EST!  You can keep tweeting the giveaway once each day and add a comment once each day!

Thanks again for the support and readership! I hope you like this giveaway which was provided By me Alex and NOT amazon! I just want to give back to my readers thanks again and ENJOY!


The worst morning ever….My First 10k!

27 Aug

There will be no pictures for this post because yesterday was a frustrating day!

The race started at 8:30am, at 8:00am on our way there my car shut off coming down the highway. Super fun times. It turned back on but we could only go 10 mph at all times even with the pedal to the floor. Thank God Dan was there with me or else I would have had a nervous breakdown!!! We got to the race and got all set I was in a good headspace a little nervous but good! I knew I would need one walk break and decided to take it at the 5k marker before the race even started. That way I had a good game plan going in.

Unfortunately for me my body was not in the same great place as my mind was. I made in 2.25 miles before I had to walk. I walked because even with compression socks on my legs were stiff and sore. I also got an serious feeling of nausea, after the second time stopping to throw up I decided to spilt into the 5k race rather than the 10k.

I was able to finish the race in 36:13. Which is bad for me, but not bad for feeling terrible. I did not run through the finish line because I would have been the winner of the 10k and since I didnt do the 10k I ran parallel to it and then stopped my watch.

After that we had to mess with the car to get it to work. It worked enough to drive it to the dealership and have it repaired. So now I have no car! Thankfully Dan has a car and a truck so I can still drive if need be!

On the way home however Dan said something interesting, which let me know he is invested in my love of running as much as I am. I made a comment about how I knew this was due to being dehydrated. Saturday I was busy all day and neglected to drink or eat much of anything then decided to race! Not very smart. So Dan said, “You do so much research and know what to do, you need to take care of yourself so you can run better and be happy with how you do.” He is so supportive and I really need and appreciate it!

I need to really refine my diet and water intake before the half marathon or I will never survive it. But Dan is right I know what to do and I just didnt do it because I was busy working all Saturday.

So I WILL be super prepared for my next race! 🙂

I hope you all had a better Sunday than Dan and I did and a great weekend!!!

Proud of myself!

29 Apr

You all know how hard I can be on myself when it comes to appearance and working out. With the injury I took on yesterday morning I was not too hopeful about todays run, but it went well all things considered. I wanted to go 6.2 miles today, but my hip and shin were just not having it! You can read about the injury HERE. So I decided to wrap it up at 3.1, I also did my new trail again. However this time I did it backwards and that meant a lot of hill work! I was okay with it and decided if I had to walk I had to walk and I could not be disappointed with the time I got no matter what.

The run started out well I did a 5 minute warm up walk then worked in 2 to 1 intervals. 2 minutes running, 2 minutes walking and that worked out well for the first two miles. The last one I walked the majority of but even doing so I was able to get a pretty decent time in providing that I have an injury and worked in some nasty hills! All these things can only make me stronger though. After the run I stretched well and iced my hip since that was just a bit sore.

The run went down like this:

3.14 miles 37:33 for a pace of 11:59

Mile 1: 12:30

Mile 2: 11:38

Mile 3: 12:14- GREAT PACE FOR ONLY RUNNING AROUND .15 and walking!

All in all a great run and I have nothing to be disappointed in with this performance. It was hard both physically and mentally. It also made me realize until this hip/shin bruise is healed I am taking it to the treadmill with low inclines to not injury it worse and still get in training.

Now I am going to lie down for a bit I am so exhausted, then dinner with Dan and the Karnolt Parents!

Why I was not able to run yesterday and preparing for today’s run….

29 Apr

Friday night I made some chili for a chili cookoff I was entered in yesterday. I had set my alarm for 4:30 am so I could finish my last batch, so I went downstairs shredded the chicken and came back up stairs. I was so excited to go back to sleep, but I needed to reset my alarm and did not want to wake Dan. So I did not use Siri to set the alarm for me, or turn on the light. In hindsight I really should have done either and would have been better off! So I walked through the dark to the bed looking at my phone to set the alarm. When I got to where I thought the bed was I lifted my right leg up and flung my body downward. NOPE no bed! I hit the side of our bedframe, which is wood with my shin and the full weight of my body behind it. I also somehow turned after hitting my shin and also wailed my hip into the bed. Dan who is the heaviest sleeper of all time even woke up due to the noise and my resulting crying. The worst part is I was crying more because I knew I would not be running for at least a day. After all I was stuck on the floor with my right leg straight out and could not apply pressure on it to stand up myself, this was a bad sign.  Dan got me into bed with an ice pack and this is what it initially looked like.

The top view, the black and blue part was an indent in my leg.

The side view, the swelling has begun.

I figured I would be okay and went back to sleep. (Oh and yes I know I have to shave my legs, I did this morning and it was nice and painful!)

When I woke up it looked like this…

See the nice swelling I have going now, by the time I got to work it was the size of a golfball and really fun to walk on. But I only went to work to pack up for the chili cookoff. There I stood on it all day and served chili! Not the greatest, which led it to look like it does now, I spared everyone the picture. While most of the swelling is gone, the indent has turned into a huge blood spot on my leg with a black and blue around it…. translation looking sexy in the dress I am wearing to the Bridal Shower today!

This was my booth at the chili cookoff…

It was a fun but tiring day, so last night we just did dinner with friends then i had to make a pit stop at Dicks Sporting Goods, because I needed supplies for my upcoming runs. Taking my runs up to 6.2 miles will be tough but worth it. That also means running a looping course and going through the woods twice on my own. Those woods come out to a walking path that is also deep in the woods and kind of close to the road on the other side. So I knew I would need some Mace, just to be safe.

The mace was the jogger version so it goes on your wrist. I also got some sweet socks, I figure perfect for Color me Rad! Then some honey stinger waffles and pink lemonade chews. I also got those sandals! They will be perfect for vacation, they have memory foam in them and are super good colors, plus they were buy one get one 50% off how can you beat that?!??!

So now I am off to the bridal shower and then taking a run/walk, depending on my leg. But I still need to get my mileage in! ALSO 6 Days until Mexico! EXCITEDDDDDDDDD! 🙂

Two New Races and Laundry Made Fun!

22 Apr

Today I had to go tanning, I mean Mexico IS in 13 days and I am a pasty white ghost of a person, so the last thing I need is sun poisoning! After that I did some grocery shopping and then came home and did dishes and laundry. I have gotten the first wave of my launch party orders in from Scentsy, but am waiting until I have everything (should be tomorrow night) before delivering. Anywho in the package I had ordered the Washer Whiffs and Dryer Disks so I had to try them out with laundry time today!

They look kind of like bath salts and I have to assume they work the same way, since I did a load with them to test it out and it smells wonderful, and there is no trace of it anywhere, just the nice smell!

Then I decided it was time to sign up for some races! I wanted to do a 10k in June and I have found a good one. The Washington Depot Dash! I am pretty excited for it and am officially going to finish my ease into 10k program before the race! Then I signed up for the Hartford Half Marathon. I wanted to run Hartford since it is my hometown marathon, but I am not ready for that yet at all so half it is! Plus it will be my second half an I am very excited. for more details see my races/events page.

I did not get my run in today, I wanted to but once I got home and it was down pouring I did not want to do anything…so depressing! Then I saw this on my phone OH JEEZ!

Rough week ahead! Good thing I have a sweet running jacket from Athleta that is water resistant. Thank you Mom! Tomorrow I have a run and a training session, plus a full day of work! It is on let the training commence!

Have a little faith….

17 Apr

After Sundays race I was really down on myself for not doing my best. I was heading into my workout with Jeff yesterday at 11 am and was worried about how I would do. I was feeling better yes but my confidence in myself was pretty shot at this point. I knew the workout would not be leg centric due to my race the day before, but I was still nervous as my upper body strength leaves a lot to be desired. I had also gotten my special monthly visitor right before leaving work so I figured great cramping is coming my way and that ruins workouts! So I got to Jeff’s did my 5 minute rowing warm up, and it was time to get to work. The circuit was Bosu Ball squats, Hamstring curls, PUSHUPS (I hate them more on this after), situps on the ball, one arm pull downs, seated rotations with a weight, planks, I might have forgotten something but do you really need to know EVERYTHING I DID? The pushups are what were currently discussing anyway :).

So yea, I hate pushups! Jeff has just recently been making me do real ones not on my knees. Our circuits are done in 3’s, the first set of pushups I did 8….much better than the 3 I did last time! The second set I did 10, coming into the third set I was tired and worried about doing 1 or 2. Jeff told me right before I started that if I could get 12 I would hit 30 for the day. I thought no way possibly 10 but never 12! Then it was time to get to work. I put myself in position and got to 7, okay I am tired, 8 Oh god this is hard, 9 okay one more and you can stop, 10, actually keep going, 11 you can hit 30, 12 OMG I did it!

So I ended the day with 30, and I got a little confidence back. I was really happy and decided to shake off the race and get ready to smoke the next one….which also happens to be color me rad! I am so ready for a 30 minute or under race and I think I may be able to achieve that in May or June! I also hope to get a 10k in around June or July so let me know of any good ones :).

So basically have faith in yourself and you can do things you did not think were possible! I myself need to remember that a year ago I was running a 5k in 45-42 minutes and now I am doing races in 34….what a difference I a getting better every week and can reach my goals. So can you!



Believing in Yourself

9 Apr

That was todays motto! I am always super hard on myself about a lot of things so today was a really great day for believing that I could do whatever I put my mind to. This morning I had a workout with Jeff. It was very good and really tiring. You should know he has me do pushups and I always do girl pushups on my knees. Today he had me try to do real ones! We always do a circuit three times all the way through on our workout. The first time I did 10 or 12 knee ones. (Sorry I cant remember how many it was.) The second time I did one real one rested, then did another real one and then 8 on my knees. The third time I did 2 real ones and then 10 on my knees. This may seem super pathetic to some people and at the time also did to me. However I realize looking back that it was an accomplishment and a sign that I am building some assemblance of upper body strength and total strength.

Then it was time for a run with Krystle. Usually after any training with Jeff my runs really suffer, my legs are tired and sore and just not into it. This time however I was feeling really good. I of course ran intervals today, as I did not want to push it with my legs being worked hard already. We went 2.86 miles in 36:20, which is a 12:42 pace, which is pretty good for a nice base building run. It was pretty fun and almost effortless compared to my recent after training runs.I did have to tell myself to keep running at one point. I know everything with running is a mental battle, mind over matter and today I beat my mind from telling me I could not do something. I wish that we could all do this for ourselves every day!

Sorry no pictures in this post, but an Easter filled post is on its way tonight!

Speed work and non-cranky legs…FINALLY!

7 Apr

Today I did a little speed work. Last night I had done 3 miles, but it was just a normal interval run. Plus last night my legs were still being sore and crabby….BOO! Today when I got home from work I was so tired and really wanted to blow off my run! I thought uh-oh Mexico in 29 days get your behind on that TREADMILL!!!! So I turned on the treadmill and queued up an IFIT live speedworkout and got to work! It is pre-programed so it started off with a 3 minute slow warm up then went right into 5.5 speed. My normal running speed on the treadmill is around 5.8-6.2 so I knew I was in for some work. Around a quarter mile into it the bottom of my foot started to hurt and I pulled my arch. I was so angry but kept on going! I was glad I did, the run started to feel better and better as it went. I also started to zone out and get settled in. By the time the run ended I was breathing hard and knew I gave it my all. It end like this….

I will take that, plus 465 calories is pretty darn good for 34 minutes of work!

Also I knew it would be a great run due to this!

No not the yellow sock that says Tuesday or my bruise above it on my leg from dropping a brake disc from a motorcycle on my leg at work and trying to catch it with my shin. THE PINK HELLO KITTY SOCK that has a piggy on it and the bottom says OINK!

Perfect for Easter….Ham after all….was that morbid, oh well!

Have a great Easter Everyone and Happy Birthday to my Brother Harry….my first partner in crime ever and one of my first friends I love you always!

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