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Procrastination……the worst trait ever!

14 Oct

So yea, hey everyone! It has been over 3 months since my last post…..whoops! This all goes along with the theme of this post. Today I read one of my all time favorite blogs and asked myself, “Why aren’t you blogging?” The answer is I really don’t have a good reason except that I kept telling myself I didn’t have the time. I DO however have the time and there are a bunch of areas I have to stop procrastinating in and start getting real with myself. Blogging is one of those things but will not be in the list as I pay for my own blog and entertain the world for free. No one pays me to run the blog so its just for my fun and sanity! So without further procrastination here goes the list.

Oh wait….you have to wait just a bit longer. Let me explain a big reason of why I haven’t been doing the things I want to as much lately. Pregnancy! If you missed our Facebook announcement Dan and I are expecting baby K #2 in April 2015 and are really excited. However afternoon naps sound way better than other things I have to do and Camden snuggles and lazily watching tv are great BUT I have to get moving. Here is the announcement photo before the list. We took it in the parking lot at work with my mom, were photo professionals I know!


Now to the list:

1. RUNNING and Nutrition.

I’m sure you are all thinking why worry about running while you’re pregnant and I usually wouldn’t. However this pregnancy I have two weekend long race events! In January I have a 5k, 10k, and half marathon in three back to back to back days. I will be six months pregnant. In February I have the same thing, at 7 months pregnant! Both Disney races. (Note my Dr is perfectly fine with this and it is safe for the baby has I have run and trained in advance and kept it up after Camden was born) So it is time to start training more. It is easy to do 1 mile runs, but that isnt going to carry me to the finish line. Also I have a clear plan. The 5k’s are not timed so I will most likely walk those and most of the 10k and I will walk run the half marathon. If you read my post about Princess Half Marathon when I was pregnant with Camden you know I said I would never do it again at 4 months pregnant and yet here I am doing it at 6 and 7 months, yes I am crazy and yes I love to run!!!!

My nutrition needs to be stepped up as well. When I was pregnant with Camden and the first few months after I had an undiagnosed thyroid condition and gained a lot of weight/had a lot of swelling and extra fluid. So I am trying to lose weight during this pregnancy. Not 10lbs a month or anything crazy like that, but each appointment I have been down 2-3lbs from the previous one. Again the Drs are fine with this and encouraging it in my goal to not have another c-section. This is a little easier than the running as long as I am making time to do it. Listen I love sleep as much as the next person but its time to go to bed earlier and get up at 6am everyday and run and prepare meals. Tiring but worth it! Plus it will prepare me for the early days baby #2 is bringing back to our lives. Camden sleeps until 8-9am.

2. Scentsy

Another reason I haven’t been blogging is Scentsy. I have been working so hard at this since Camden was born and it is showing! My team has grown in one year from 3 people to 12, and my commission has tripled in a year! I know that doesn’t sound like I am slacking my days off from my fulltime job I do events and parties. BUT there are aspects I want to get better in because it can only help so I am working towards that!

That is actually pretty much it. Surprisingly with a one year old I have been keeping the house pretty clean, I have been way more organized than before and everything else manages to run itself/fall into place. I am lucky that way, well I also have Dan too. He is my secret weapon! Now that I am in my 2nd trimester and my pregnancy brain isn’t as bad, (it was pretty rough there for a while) I can get down to business and get things done! So I will end this post with a bunch of fun pictures, after all its been 3 months!


Camden’s first haircut!


Mister Turned One!


My two favorite guys looking handsome!

And finally an outtake from our announcement photos!


Camden loved it! But Dan’s eyes ruined it! Love them and so excited to add a new Karnolt to the mix!


California Adventure Day 2!!

18 Feb

As I am getting ready to head to Florida to run Disney’s Princess Half Marathon weekend with my pal Lauren, I realized I never finished updating this! Things have been crazy we have had so much snow and the baby is growing like a weed! He will be 6 months old tomorrow, if you can even believe it.

But back to California and thinking warm! Bring on day 2….


Day 2 started bright and early with a pb and j, it was delicious and made for me by Lauren. We had a very busy day ahead. We went to go for a walk but it was super packed when we got there so I got a few pictures as we drove.


We also met up with one of my college roomates who now lives in California, thanks so much for making the drive Nicole!

We then walked all around the Griffith Observatory which was really neat, I love science and astronomy. Here’s some photos!

IMG_5583 IMG_5584 IMG_5588

The last photo is of the periodic table of elements and they actually had each element in the box. It was pretty cool to see.

After that we had lunch together and then Lauren and I said goodbye and headed to our hotel in Anaheim for the race the next day!

IMG_5594 IMG_5595

I got my race outfit ready, then we had some cupcakes and watched tv. I went to bed around 7:30am, as I had to be on the shuttle to the race at 3:30am!

It was a great trip, tomorrow I will post my race recap, which will be really long. Thursday I leave for Florida, and will have a whole new adventure to post about!

My California Adventure Day 1!

3 Feb

Well technically, Day 1 was actually traveling and I was supposed to arrive at 5:45pm west coast time, but due to travel delays I was stuck in New Jersey for 7 hours, and ended up getting there at 9:30pm West Coast time and was exhausted. Luckily the night before I had upgraded my flight from NJ to CA to the economy plus, look how much room I had!!!


So lets start on Friday, my first actual full day in California! Our first adventure of the day was the Warner Brothers Studio Tour. Here are a bunch of pictures from that some with descriptions some without.

IMG_5552 IMG_5553 IMG_5554

The first stop was where the housed famous vehicles from shows and movies. I of course needed pictures of the motorcycle from Batman and the Harry Potter car!!! The first picture is of the space capsule from Big Bang theory. That thing is seriously tiny for three grown men to be in!

IMG_5556 IMG_5557

IMG_5568If these next photos looked familiar you must be a friends fan! They still have this set up there and you can tour it, so of course we had to pretend to have coffee there!!! That’s my friend Lauren she lives in California now and I stayed with her and she spectated the race, but will be doing the Glass Slipper Challenge with me this month!

Finally we ended the tour at the Museum, I had to take pictures of costumes from my favorite movies/shows.


From Great Gatsby.


From suburgatory. One of my favorite shows!!!

And now for the Harry Potter section, its the entire top floor!



That dress is so intricate and amazingly made in person! IMG_5564 IMG_5565 IMG_5567

Before we left we got sorted, Lauren into Slytherin and me into Hufflepuff.

After the tour ended we headed to Disney to pick up my race packet and see the expo.

We also had some lunch I wasnt very hungry so I ordered some eggrolls.

IMG_5570 IMG_5569I also drank about a gallon of water.

FInally we ended our day with dinner and some time at the beach. The second picture in the montage was sent to Lauren’s sister who lives in D.C. hope she was jealous. The dinner pictures are from a place where you order small plates and share them, they were so good and we def had left overs!

IMG_5572 IMG_5580

IMG_5574 IMG_5576 IMG_5578

Bacon cheddar biscuits, spicy green beans and some mac and cheese!!!! SO yummy!!!

Day 2 tomorrow. Have a good Monday everyone and STAY WARM!!!

An attempt at normalcy…..

1 Oct

I say attempt because with a 1.5 month old you quickly learn the best laid plans dont come to fruition unless its on the babies terms and schedule!

My plan for today:

Wake up at 8:45 am, get ready and go grocery shopping to start my weight watchers plan off right. (I rejoined last night) I want to lose my last 9 pregnancy pounds and then start in on the fat pounds I already had going on :). Then run for 45 minutes per my half marathon training plan and shower and make lunch/dinner.  Also do all of Camden’s laundry. He had a blowout on the way home from NC and good lord was it awful. Yes it is a day after we got home and you must be wondering why I didn’t wash the clothes yesterday…I’ll get to that.

What actually happened: 

Woke up with the baby at 3:30 am, 6:30 am and 8:30 am. I was exhausted after how much he wanted to eat last night so after he fell back asleep so did I until around 10:30 when he needed a diaper change.

Here is Camden around 3:30 am looking exhausted. This position is key after he eats, he burps right away and poops. Hey you do what you gotta do! Plus how tired does this kid look!?


Plus add to this the fact Dan forgot to set his alarm, luckily I woke up at around 8:11 before the baby and he was on his way.

So now I was up at 10:30, well I had to get him changed, dressed, fed and I had to pump. (I am trying to rebuild my supply after vacation but its pretty pathetic right now). Cue the baby spitting up all over his clean outfit.


Camden after a quick de-robing I noticed he had peed, because when it rains it pours. Yes I changed him and his clothes on the kitchen Island because Im not above taking the quickest route.

So after a quick change we were out the door I had to go to the post office and the grocery store. I figured a clean and well fed baby equaled one who would nap….I was wrong. The grocery store went fine until check out when he started to rev up quite a bit. Also I could only buy about a quarter of my list since the car seat took up most of the space in the carriage. I cannot wait for the day he can sit up in a cart himself in front, then I can fit everything. I got back home around 1 and started cooking. I made soup for dinner and also wanted to make lettuce wraps for lunch. I ended up eating two cold pieces of pizza from the fridge because between a cranky baby and walking the dog thats what I had time for. But I did get the soup done and stayed within weight watchers points even eating the pizza.

At this point I remembered I wanted to wash the babies clothes that were in the washer and asked myself why I didn’t do it yesterday, then I remembered.


The pink and white bottle is the baby detergent. Even with a chair I cant get it, thanks Dan for being so tall.

I called Dan to inform him of this and I think he was proud of himself. We also ended up making a deal that because Cam is so cranky we will both workout while he is sleeping with us in the basement. My treadmill is there and Dan’s trainer for his bicycle is there. Hopefully he will nap for 45 minutes straight so I can get it done!

So now dinner is done and I am feeding Camden, while we wait for daddy to get home. This has been the busiest day I have had him, in terms of trying to do errands and housework by myself, while he is cranky. I think we both did pretty well and I did get quite a few smiles from my little guy!

Now I am enjoying my baby’s company and relaxing to the scents of potato soup and scentsy. I got a new scent for October and thought its Fall lets make it smell that way.


Life is finally returning to normal and I am not so sleep deprived. Which is awesome because I go back to work in 13 days and take Camden with me….. let the new adventures begin!

Disney Princess Half Recap!

24 Feb

Before anything else I have to say happy 15 weeks to my little peanut and partner in crime in this race Baby K! You were so good all race and I did not get sick once…..the baby is cranky sometimes if I don’t eat enough/too much and I am still trying to find that balance!

Anyway back to the race. This is easily the biggest race I have done and had over 21000 finishers out of 34000 runners! The way this worked was you were put into corrals based off of your projected finish time. I was in corral E, they went to H. Each corral was let off every 5-10 minutes to try and clear up some course space. Here is a picture of the start.

IMG_3554 IMG_3524

The first picture is of Corral A starting the race, from the Official Run Disney Facebook Page.

The second is of my corral finally getting to the start. We took off at 6:05 am. I was getting really tired as I had been up since 1 am. But as the fireworks went off I got a nice surge of adrenaline. IMG_3528

Around mile 2 I swallowed a huge bug….that was fun. It was dark and I was breathing hard…..close your mouth Alex!!!

Each mile marker was a story book! I got a bunch of them but I never stopped to take pictures so this is the best one I have!

They also had characters across the whole course and Disney music playing from different movies! It was very entertaining.


Right before mile 6 you go through Cinderella’s castle. It was very fun, by now the course got really narrow and everyone walked to take it all in.

That was my only issue with the race, it was so crowded. I was still do interval runs at this point and had to walk more than I wanted to at this point.


I thought this banner was amazing. I mean look at the size of it compared to that car.

We were almost back to Epcot at mile 10 and had to go up and around an overpass. You take for granted the steepness and slants of overpasses in a car, but not when you are walking up it!


This photo is looking down on all the people below who had yet to go around the bend and up the slanting overpass.

That is it for pictures until I finish the race. I do not have a picture of my costume, but will once I get the race photos in 2 weeks. The reason being I think Disney was a bit unprepared traffic wise. We got on a bus a 3:15 am and arrived at the race grounds  (usually 14 minutes away) at 4:45 am. Thus Dan and I split up and he went to the race retreat tent to relax and I went to the starting line.

After the race was over I easily found Dan and we headed back to the retreat tent. I pad $99.00 for each of us to have access to the tent and I really do recommend it.  Before the race I was able to eat half a bagel, and a banana. I also got a powerade and was happy to have the opportunity to have that before the race. Dan was able to eat while I was running. When I was done I went to the tent and was able to eat as well.


We also got flip flops, and a towel that said Disney Princess half. On the way out it was hand lotion and luna bars. I also got a drink ticket for the bar….I didnt use that clearly!!

While I was eating it was photo time.

IMG_3544 IMG_3545 IMG_3546 IMG_3547 IMG_3549

Dan in his Cheer Squad shirt. He got that in his welcome kit for the retreat.

My Medal and my running for two shirt. My tutu is the only thing you cant see….I wore my pro compression pink argyle socks and it was a good look!

A tired me…..exhausted, also my super curly humidity hair is cute I know!

Finally in true Dan fashion he took a lot of photos so this face was very necessary!

Then we headed back to the hotel and napped. Dan got me some food and then I fell asleep! It was wonderful to relax with Dan after the race and feel really good about myself. Will I ever run another half this pregnant? NO probably not. It as a great experience for sure but way too tiring. I was happy with my time of 3:35 especially with something like 97% humidity. It was great for today and I am so proud I accomplished something while pregnant that most people will NEVER do!

Disney Princess Half Marathon Top 10…..

24 Feb

I am writing this at 2:20 am. Wasn’t my plan to wake up at 3 am you might ask? The answer is yes it was! But I woke up in true pregnant lady fashion at 1 am having to pee and havent been able to fall back asleep. Call it insomnia, call it jitters, call it whatever but it is what it is. Being awake and half dressed while Dan snores next to me, and I cannot justify waking him until 3 am, prompted me to make this post. 10 things about this race that I needed to share with all of you…..Here we go.

10- The number of days Dan and I have been away from home. We are having fun and all but I miss my little Finny munchkin.

9- The number of toenails I have coming into this race. This surprised me when last saturday one of my little toe nails fell off since I have NOT been training much at all. Thank you morning sickness!

8-  The number of rides I was able to go on while at Universal and Magic Kingdom. Can I just say magic Kingdom is the perfect place to go for pregnant ladies and small children, almost all the rides are do-able! This helped ease a bit of my race stress! 

7- Around the number of times I looked at this thing yesterday and got really nervous about running through it.


I am a bit concerned about completing the race in a 16 minute mile pace, but darn it I will power walk this whole thing if I have to!

6- The minimum number of times I will have to tell myself I can do this. In case you havent figured this out I don’t feel well prepared for this race. I was too sick the first 3 months of Pregnancy to adequately train but I wasn’t going to give up and not do it. So I suppose I have to keep that feeling alive today! 

5- The time I have to be in my corral by! This is the earliest race I have ever done, but also probably the most fun and rewarding. See number 2 for why. 

4- The number of miles I will run before I feel like absolute death, I did 6 a couple weeks ago but I was struggling. But hey thats what quick walk breaks are for right! 

3- Well 3:30, the cutoff time for the race. This is only 40 minutes more than my PR time. BUT if I can keep my feet moving I should be able to do it! 

2- The amount of people racing under bib 11430. So I bet by now you can tell I am freaking out about finishing. The number one thing that will keep me going today is being a hero for someone else. I always want my children to think of me as a positive role model and it will be a great story to one day tell him/her about how they ran a half marathon with me! 

1- No matter what I finish in I plan on crossing that finish line strong! I will then be number 1 to myself knowing I accomplished something I was jittery and unsure of! 

*Finally because I am sure they are both freaking out reading this, to Mom L and Mom K don’t worry I will be careful and walk a lot. I will not push myself super hard and endanger your grandchild. I do kind of love this baby already and look out for it on a daily basis! 😉

Well time to finish getting ready, wake up dan and head out!

Race Update and the 25 days of Christmas!!

3 Dec

I just wanted to share with everyone that the results of the mitten run were posted and my official time was based off chip time not gun time. Meaning I did better than I thought!!!

Blue Back Mitten Run

Blue Back Mitten Run

West Hartford, CT    Dec 2, 2012 10:30AM

5K » Ellington, CT
Interval Time of Day Chip Time Chip Pace Gun Time Gun Pace
Start 10:44:52AM
Finish 11:19:45AM 00:34:53 11:14 min/mi 00:35:28 00:11:25 min/mi

I dont know how to copy things from websites so they are all neat and pretty so this is what we are going to have. As you can see my OFFICIAL TIME was 34:53! That makes me even happier as it is only 17 seconds away from my (recorded) PR! I did better at Color Me Rad than any other race, but had no watch to actually tell!
In other news I am starting a new feature for the holiday season. You know the song 12 days of Christmas? Well I am making it 25 because each day Dan gives me a gift just by being with me! Some may be sweet while others are sarcastic, but each new day brings something new that helps or teaches us as we go!
So on the 1st Day of Christmas my Daniel gave to me:
A Sexy Pose with a Hello Kitty bag!
This is from our Christmas party, my secret santa got me the greatest present ever and Dan is modeling it for you! Inside was this…..
Sorry it is sideways WordPress changed their upload process and I cannot figure out how to rotate the image. Anyway some delicious wine and anything Hello Kitty are in fact the way to my heart. And while Dan did not give me this gift, him GQing it up with the bag made my day!!!
On the Second Day of Christmas my Daniel gave to me:
Spectating my race and a gleaming car with a special sticker!!!
While I was napping after work Dan had cleaned my car and attached my sticker I ordered online.
My Car today at work looking sharp!
My sticker! So excited to have it on finally and no I dont feel like less of a runner because of it and I do not care what anyone thinks of it! This is always a topic of debate in the running forums!
So now it is time for a run I need to train more and get faster! Enjoy your Monday and I hope you had a healthy and productive day!
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