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Race Update and the 25 days of Christmas!!

3 Dec

I just wanted to share with everyone that the results of the mitten run were posted and my official time was based off chip time not gun time. Meaning I did better than I thought!!!

Blue Back Mitten Run

Blue Back Mitten Run

West Hartford, CT    Dec 2, 2012 10:30AM

5K » Ellington, CT
Interval Time of Day Chip Time Chip Pace Gun Time Gun Pace
Start 10:44:52AM
Finish 11:19:45AM 00:34:53 11:14 min/mi 00:35:28 00:11:25 min/mi

I dont know how to copy things from websites so they are all neat and pretty so this is what we are going to have. As you can see my OFFICIAL TIME was 34:53! That makes me even happier as it is only 17 seconds away from my (recorded) PR! I did better at Color Me Rad than any other race, but had no watch to actually tell!
In other news I am starting a new feature for the holiday season. You know the song 12 days of Christmas? Well I am making it 25 because each day Dan gives me a gift just by being with me! Some may be sweet while others are sarcastic, but each new day brings something new that helps or teaches us as we go!
So on the 1st Day of Christmas my Daniel gave to me:
A Sexy Pose with a Hello Kitty bag!
This is from our Christmas party, my secret santa got me the greatest present ever and Dan is modeling it for you! Inside was this…..
Sorry it is sideways WordPress changed their upload process and I cannot figure out how to rotate the image. Anyway some delicious wine and anything Hello Kitty are in fact the way to my heart. And while Dan did not give me this gift, him GQing it up with the bag made my day!!!
On the Second Day of Christmas my Daniel gave to me:
Spectating my race and a gleaming car with a special sticker!!!
While I was napping after work Dan had cleaned my car and attached my sticker I ordered online.
My Car today at work looking sharp!
My sticker! So excited to have it on finally and no I dont feel like less of a runner because of it and I do not care what anyone thinks of it! This is always a topic of debate in the running forums!
So now it is time for a run I need to train more and get faster! Enjoy your Monday and I hope you had a healthy and productive day!
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