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What’s up with Nap time and other musings!

15 Oct

Today Camden was an absolute BEAST! He takes 2 naps a day, today however he woke up at 7am was insane at work all day until we had to leave because he was over tired (his first nap is always around 10:30-11am)! We got home around 2 and he was FINALLY asleep, thank you car rides! He was in fact so tired I was able to change his clothes and diaper without his eyes even opening. This all leads me to question what is it about naps?!?!?! When we are little and supposed to take them we don’t want to and fight them really hard. When we are older (or pregnant) it is all we want to do! Well unless you’re Dan who cannot take a nap!!


While this photo isnt from today it is a classic Camden sleep photo. He’s big into sleeping with his butt in the air!

Also today I started what I said I would yesterday! I woke up early got ready for work made breakfast for Camden and packed our lunches for the day. While I know my blog isnt weight watchers or a food journal it is still mine so I can put whatever I want in here.

So here is what I ate today:

Breakfast: A chobani yogurt with pomegrante granola (I need more dairy in my life)

Snack 1: Apple (apples, lemons, and cheeseburger WHAT, have been my cravings) this was a much healthier snack than a cheeseburger. No I don’t think they are snacks just to clarify!

Lunch: 2 cups of romaine lettuce with grilled chicken and caesar dressing.

Snack 2: a handful of triscuits and some sharp cheddar cheese.

Dinner tonight is at my Grandma’s its family dinner and my Mom’s bday celebration so I was glad to have a healthy day! I know you are probably really surprised to see there are not photos of my food, no sorry I forgot to take them.

I will leave you with photos from our anniversary dinner which was on October 10th and not Septmeber 24th which is our actual anniversary. But hey we are rebels!!! So we went to Foxwoods Casino and ate at Alta Strada delicious!!!


Awe were so cute!

IMG_1509 IMG_1510 IMG_1511

We had some bread with olive oil infused with basil, parsley and mint it was really good! Then we shared crispy veal meatballs and caesar salads. Dan had chicken parm with roasted potatoes and I had homemade pasta with bolognese. That is my go to Italian meal and if they do it right it is phenomenal! Let’s just say between Dan and I there was nothing left of my dish. If you are local I suggest you try it.

Im going to relax and get some stuff done while Camden continues to nap and then head to the party! Thanks for reading!!


A Belated Anniversary Post!

14 Jun

Last Monday June 3rd we had dinner to celebrate my parents 30th wedding anniversary! Their actual anniversary is June 4th. They thought they were just going to dinner with a couple friends but thanks to one of their friends calling me to coordinate it was a bunch of friends and family!


Not shown, Me, Dan and my Uncle Bob. My mom is the one with her head turned away from the camera and my dad is in the blue shirt. Clearly loving something my brother is saying to him….

We went to Market Grill and while I really enjoy that restaurant Dan does not.

I did the three course meal they had there so we started with a salad….


Dan got the same salad it was a wedge/ an entire head of lettuce! The problem was Dan had something hard in his and thinking it was bacon he bit into it and broke a tooth!!!!

The rest of the night he was pretty cranky!

Then Dinner and Dessert.

IMG_3893 IMG_3894

Jerk Chicken with dirty rice and veggies (which I thought was okay, pretty bland) and some Mississippi Mud Pie for dessert….probably the best thing I had all night!

Anyway back to the Anniversary! My parents were married when my Mom was 20 and my Dad was 25! I was 26 when Dan and I got married and I cannot imagine being married at 20! But I guess its true what they say when you know you just know. The night was very fun and I hope my parents had an amazing Anniversary dinner and Day the next day! I hope Dan and I can make it to 30 years!!

To end the post here is a picture of my Mom from her wedding day!

momShe is pretty cute and very happy!!! Some people think we look alike!

The last day of Christmas and 1 year anniversary!!

4 Jan

Today is my 1 year anniversary of blogging. Food. Run. Fun. has certainly come a long way from where it began and I have become a much different runner. I went from running intervals and thinking a 5k was a challenge to about to be running my second half marathon in February, when I will be 4 months pregnant. I have come a long way for sure! Thanks again to everyone who follows my journey and supports this blog, you will never know how much I appreciate it.

Anyway lets get onto Christmas Day 2012, and the lat post about this holiday. It was a great day and just as busy as the 24th and Christmas Eve was. To read about those click the links.

Christmas Day was crazy for us, but a lot of fun. It was the day we exchanged gifts with each other. I got Dan two shirts from our job, because he loves them but wont buy them for himself so I usually do anyway. I really got them so he had something to open because his big gift was this!


This basket, is a basket of 12 dates. 1 for each month of the year and one that is prepaid. He opened January’s and we havent done it yet but they range from going out and doing adventures. going out to dinner, or staying home and doing something fun together. After I had started the basket I discovered I was pregnant so it was perfect timing to do things together we have wanted to do but may not have the chance to later.

As we go on the dates I will post each envelope and what we did for each one.

Dan got me everything I wanted for Christmas I was so happy! I wanted a running duffle for the Disney Race in February, it is bright has an area to put your shoes separate from your clothing and just al around rocks. It was on backorder on the website I found it on, but Dan hunted for it everywhere. Along with a pair of Snow boots I wanted from the same site.

Here is a picture of the bag, as it is no longer on the website. The boots you can follow the link to see, I got the black with the pink laces.


The bag is huge, this picture does not do it justice! I will have to get a better shot of it and me in action on the day of the race!

Dan also got me a Victoria’s Secret Box. I had asked him for new undies so I figured that’s what it was, but it was so much more. I got those but also two pairs of leggings, New York Giants Flip Flops and this, which made me cry…..yes I am a baby.


You do not even know how excited I am to use this! The baby will also have a giants jersey and a red sox t-shirt 🙂

After we opened presents it was off to my Grandmas to open stockings, then to Mom and Dads where I got this.


Yes this was in my stocking, Mom goes a bit overboard. This and my Dunkin Donuts Hot Chocolate K cups were my favorite stocking gifts from Mom and Dad.

After this it was off to the in-laws for the day where we told Noelle my SIL and her Boyfriend Eric that they would have a niece or nephew in 2013.

We got great gifts like a really awesome scarf my mother in law made me, picture soon. She also made me so sweet Hello Kitty PJ pants. the best part is they are big enough that they fit now and will for the next 9 months, can your say new favorite pants!!!!

Dan got his manly car cleaning and house supplies he wanted and a drill from his sister and Eric. Because she is also a runner my SIL gave me a really nice basket full of running gear, socks, Honey stinger waffles, cute knee high socks and a sweet pink running visor. I have been using the socks already and love them!

I think I have pictures but they are all pretty dark. So I will have to link back to this when I use the items then you can see them in action!

Then it was time for dinner. I think I am doomed (in a good way) to always be somewhere with either of my two Mom’s where there is far too much food, because they cook to feed armies.



I could probably eat that broccoli and a twice baked potato every day! They were that good!

After dinner Dan’s Aunt, Uncle and Cousins came we hung out with them for a bit and then went back to my Grandmas as usual to close out the holiday!

It was really the best Christmas Ever! We had such a great holiday giving everyone gifts we really thought out for them and to announce to everyone our news!

4 years of awesomeness and a slimmed down Chili’s Style Salad!

1 Jul

Today is July 1st, happy July everyone. That also means it is Dan and my anniversary (dating not married). Four great years together and they get better an better every year! So how did we celebrate?!?!

We had a two day celebration of greatness!!!

Last night we went to Carrabas for dinner and had a great dinner!

First drinks, I had peach sangria, Dan a vodka cranberry.

All the pictures are pretty dark, as was the ambiance of the restaurant, but I didnt want to use the flash and ruin everyones time.

We both had Minestrone soup to start and of course this bread….

Any bread with dipping oil and herbs is wonderous!!

For dinner I had Chicken Cannelloni, spinach, chicken and cheese with marinara and cheese. YUMMY! Dan had chicken parm, pasta and lasagna, they had a combo plate.

There were two Cannelloni’s and I only ate one so it was wrapped up.

Someone wanted the pasta for themselves…..DAN!

Then it was time for the movies with our friends John and Nikki!

It was so funny, I suggest you see it! If you like family guy like us or even if you don’t this movie has a reference you will find hilarious!

This morning Dan had to work, so I just relaxed. I am finally starting to feel a little bit better. However the amount of sleep I have needed is insane! But back to today and tonight’s great dinner!

We had a bunch of corn from an event at work yesterday so we grilled it and it came out perfect.

We also ate Southwest Chicken Breasts Grilled as well.

So I made these great salads.

I always get salads at Chili’s, or I used to there are just TOO MANY CALORIES!

Romaine lettuce, green peppers, mexican cheese, garlic pepper crispy onions and chicken! The sauce is the taco bell sauce we bought of fathers day for our Taco Bar, it was all fabulous! Plus some corn on the cob. Now we will spend the rest of the day watching South Park on Netflix and then True Blood, a nice relaxing end to a great weekend!

Happy Anniversary again Dan, I love you a lot!

Heres a picture from our first halloween together (2008) with my best friend lindsey, Dan as Jesus and me as a witch!

And this is from our wedding….we kind of love each other!

I should be back to training tomorrow with a nice long run, as long as I continue the trend of feeling better!

Have a great Sunday!

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