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What’s up with Nap time and other musings!

15 Oct

Today Camden was an absolute BEAST! He takes 2 naps a day, today however he woke up at 7am was insane at work all day until we had to leave because he was over tired (his first nap is always around 10:30-11am)! We got home around 2 and he was FINALLY asleep, thank you car rides! He was in fact so tired I was able to change his clothes and diaper without his eyes even opening. This all leads me to question what is it about naps?!?!?! When we are little and supposed to take them we don’t want to and fight them really hard. When we are older (or pregnant) it is all we want to do! Well unless you’re Dan who cannot take a nap!!


While this photo isnt from today it is a classic Camden sleep photo. He’s big into sleeping with his butt in the air!

Also today I started what I said I would yesterday! I woke up early got ready for work made breakfast for Camden and packed our lunches for the day. While I know my blog isnt weight watchers or a food journal it is still mine so I can put whatever I want in here.

So here is what I ate today:

Breakfast: A chobani yogurt with pomegrante granola (I need more dairy in my life)

Snack 1: Apple (apples, lemons, and cheeseburger WHAT, have been my cravings) this was a much healthier snack than a cheeseburger. No I don’t think they are snacks just to clarify!

Lunch: 2 cups of romaine lettuce with grilled chicken and caesar dressing.

Snack 2: a handful of triscuits and some sharp cheddar cheese.

Dinner tonight is at my Grandma’s its family dinner and my Mom’s bday celebration so I was glad to have a healthy day! I know you are probably really surprised to see there are not photos of my food, no sorry I forgot to take them.

I will leave you with photos from our anniversary dinner which was on October 10th and not Septmeber 24th which is our actual anniversary. But hey we are rebels!!! So we went to Foxwoods Casino and ate at Alta Strada delicious!!!


Awe were so cute!

IMG_1509 IMG_1510 IMG_1511

We had some bread with olive oil infused with basil, parsley and mint it was really good! Then we shared crispy veal meatballs and caesar salads. Dan had chicken parm with roasted potatoes and I had homemade pasta with bolognese. That is my go to Italian meal and if they do it right it is phenomenal! Let’s just say between Dan and I there was nothing left of my dish. If you are local I suggest you try it.

Im going to relax and get some stuff done while Camden continues to nap and then head to the party! Thanks for reading!!

Procrastination……the worst trait ever!

14 Oct

So yea, hey everyone! It has been over 3 months since my last post…..whoops! This all goes along with the theme of this post. Today I read one of my all time favorite blogs and asked myself, “Why aren’t you blogging?” The answer is I really don’t have a good reason except that I kept telling myself I didn’t have the time. I DO however have the time and there are a bunch of areas I have to stop procrastinating in and start getting real with myself. Blogging is one of those things but will not be in the list as I pay for my own blog and entertain the world for free. No one pays me to run the blog so its just for my fun and sanity! So without further procrastination here goes the list.

Oh wait….you have to wait just a bit longer. Let me explain a big reason of why I haven’t been doing the things I want to as much lately. Pregnancy! If you missed our Facebook announcement Dan and I are expecting baby K #2 in April 2015 and are really excited. However afternoon naps sound way better than other things I have to do and Camden snuggles and lazily watching tv are great BUT I have to get moving. Here is the announcement photo before the list. We took it in the parking lot at work with my mom, were photo professionals I know!


Now to the list:

1. RUNNING and Nutrition.

I’m sure you are all thinking why worry about running while you’re pregnant and I usually wouldn’t. However this pregnancy I have two weekend long race events! In January I have a 5k, 10k, and half marathon in three back to back to back days. I will be six months pregnant. In February I have the same thing, at 7 months pregnant! Both Disney races. (Note my Dr is perfectly fine with this and it is safe for the baby has I have run and trained in advance and kept it up after Camden was born) So it is time to start training more. It is easy to do 1 mile runs, but that isnt going to carry me to the finish line. Also I have a clear plan. The 5k’s are not timed so I will most likely walk those and most of the 10k and I will walk run the half marathon. If you read my post about Princess Half Marathon when I was pregnant with Camden you know I said I would never do it again at 4 months pregnant and yet here I am doing it at 6 and 7 months, yes I am crazy and yes I love to run!!!!

My nutrition needs to be stepped up as well. When I was pregnant with Camden and the first few months after I had an undiagnosed thyroid condition and gained a lot of weight/had a lot of swelling and extra fluid. So I am trying to lose weight during this pregnancy. Not 10lbs a month or anything crazy like that, but each appointment I have been down 2-3lbs from the previous one. Again the Drs are fine with this and encouraging it in my goal to not have another c-section. This is a little easier than the running as long as I am making time to do it. Listen I love sleep as much as the next person but its time to go to bed earlier and get up at 6am everyday and run and prepare meals. Tiring but worth it! Plus it will prepare me for the early days baby #2 is bringing back to our lives. Camden sleeps until 8-9am.

2. Scentsy

Another reason I haven’t been blogging is Scentsy. I have been working so hard at this since Camden was born and it is showing! My team has grown in one year from 3 people to 12, and my commission has tripled in a year! I know that doesn’t sound like I am slacking my days off from my fulltime job I do events and parties. BUT there are aspects I want to get better in because it can only help so I am working towards that!

That is actually pretty much it. Surprisingly with a one year old I have been keeping the house pretty clean, I have been way more organized than before and everything else manages to run itself/fall into place. I am lucky that way, well I also have Dan too. He is my secret weapon! Now that I am in my 2nd trimester and my pregnancy brain isn’t as bad, (it was pretty rough there for a while) I can get down to business and get things done! So I will end this post with a bunch of fun pictures, after all its been 3 months!


Camden’s first haircut!


Mister Turned One!


My two favorite guys looking handsome!

And finally an outtake from our announcement photos!


Camden loved it! But Dan’s eyes ruined it! Love them and so excited to add a new Karnolt to the mix!

Happy Father’s Day….

15 Jun

Happy Father’s Day to the three most important Dad’s in my life and to my two living Grandfathers, my Pepere (Dad’s dad) and Papa John (Dad’s Step Dad.) A big happy FD to my Grandpa Alexander as well…love you always!

But Today we will focus on the Big 3.

1.) My Daddy!

Sorry we will not get to spend any time with you on your day as we will be flying to Hawaii but know how much I love you.

IMG_3956_2 IMG_3957_2

Two of my Favorite pictures from mine and Dan’s wedding. Dad and I have a good relationship but aren’t too big on the PDA or talking to each other in general. So this was a very special day. My dad is a man of few words….but usually they are jokes….or what he thinks are jokes! Love ya big guy!

2.) My Father In- Law Joel

This picture is from last nights Father’s Day celebration with my in laws and Dans cousins who are visiting from Virginia.

IMG_3949 IMG_3950

Dan and his Dad in the first picture….taken between their silly poses and gestures because I am a great photographer like that!

The second is Dan, his Dad and his cousin. 3 Karnolt men, all so much alike which is scary and leads me to….

3.) My Husband!

In case anyone was wondering these were Dan’s Father’s Day Gifts.


First Mom wrapped these not me, she is a crazy Martha Stewart wrapper so I let her do it. He got Breaking Bad Season 5 and The Last of Us video game. He really wanted both things! Anyway….

I am so excited to see you as a father/scared to be bringing a third generation of Karnolt men into this world as I know he will be EXACTLY like you. In some ways that is amazing….

-He will love and respect women and be an amazing boyfriend/husband/ and most important son

-He will be a sweet little boy and a kind man, because he will learn from one of the best guys I know.

But then theres always….

-He will want to go fast on motorized machines and scare me!

-He will think inappropriate jokes he makes are the funniest things in the world and sadly I think it will start at a young age.

Good thing I have you to prepare me for the rest of my life.

I love Daniel and cannot wait for you to meet our little boy and to see you hold your first baby and fall in love with him at first sight. That will make me fall in love with you all over again!

Back by Popular Demand….

10 May

Well really my Aunt Kim who is my number one blogging fan, but I figured it was time for a post!!!

I am now almost 26 weeks pregnant (on Sunday) which means 7 months and the third trimester are quickly approaching! I cannot believe how fast this pregnancy has gone by. Honestly it feels like just yesterday when I found out I would be having a baby! It was December 3rd when I found out by the way. Also the best way to see pregnancy as it is 40 weeks which would= 10 months in by taking the amount of weeks you are and dividing by 4….that is how I figure out how many months I am as pregnancy is not actually 10 months. Some months are 5 weeks and some are 3.5 so yea you try and wrap your head around it….I did the best I could!

Here are some fun things I have experienced/shared since my last post about the baby!

– Pedicures are AWESOME!!! I got one on Wednesday because I was sick of my feet looking gross for Yoga every week. There is no picture of this because my feet are swollen and I have an unattractive cut on my big toe so you can just imagine that situation.

-I have gotten Stretch Marks on my Tummy and have Kankles when I stand too long. But hey it is all worth it in the name of having my baby! I have since been rubbing lotion on my belly in an attempt to keep them as light as they are and keep my feet elevated when not at work. Any remedies for either will be appreciated!!

-We have finished the baby registry and are registered at Babies R Us. (giving any man the scanner is a bad idea as Dan really enjoyed scanning gender specific items) I was trying to keep it a secret. But the cat is out of the bag so…

-We announced this on Facebook!.


He is arriving around 8-18-13…anytime from 8-11-13 to 8-18-13 or beyond I guess as this IS our first and they can go late….the magic of babies!!!!

-Here is a belly front and side shot from yesterday…..PRETTY BIG compared to my last one posted on here.


I dont know that I even realized there would be a time my stomach would stick out farther than my chest. But that little ball of a bump is CUTE! Also my shirt, phone and nail polish match…..that was the best part of that day for me!

– I have been working a lot between TSI and Scentsy events and think it is time to pull back a bit on Scentsy. I start my maternity leave on August 1st and will stop working late nights until 8 in July. I worked until 8pm yesterday and when I got home I could not keep my eyes open! This growing a human thing is EXHAUSTING!!!!!

IMG_3778 IMG_3780

These are pictures from my event on Saturday. As you can see I had Scentsy on one side and TSI on the other. It was nice to spend the day working with my Dad (he is in the grey polo and jeans), it is made even better when he buys you some Ritas Water Ice. Pregnant ladies getting free food= VICTORY!

– I remember to make time for my first baby as well….Also I am totally wearing a shirt here….I realize it looks like I am naked but I promise I am not.


I hope everyone has a good weekend and all the Mommies enjoy their Mother’s Days. I will be trying to post more if I actually do anything interesting….or anything at all :).

Ending the weekend with a little fun!

14 Apr

So my Mom tells me the blog has been lacking my usual humor and quirkiness since I got pregnant. I think its because I have been so busy and tired….but sometimes you have to give the people what they want.

How about a little Wacky Fact Sunday!

1.) I like to take pictures in our bathrooms.


Not really though, I feel like a teenager only I will NEVER make the duck face.

Let me explain: my Mom’s group on facebook (a group of girls all due around the same time as me from all over the country) posts bump photos on the page to see our bellies. Yes they are usually to the side, but then you wouldn’t see the super cute bow. I have to take the pictures in the bathroom due to no full length mirror anywhere in this house….I must change that!

2)  People want to compete with my belly:


Me and my father in law Joel, who was trying to make a baby bump with his after dinner belly tonight. I told him my belly was still smaller and her said not for long. But I was also not arching my back in anyway. Hey I have a big healthy baby in there!! Plus I a pretty positive my white shirts made it look 10X bigger, why does white have that effect!?

3.) How good is Chipotle?!?!?!

I mean seriously I LOVE IT! This is more of a truth than a wacky fact. IMG_3717

Dan got the taco and the bowl in front I had the burrito in back, we split the chips and I pretty much drank that HOT salsa cup. Dan was in awe of my ability to eat super hot things. If you have been to chipotle you know their hot salsa is pretty darn hot.

Plus the baby loves anything really hot!  That is one thing I know baby K will have got from MOMMY!

4.) Finally I have the best husband in the WORLD!!! I have a scentsy event tomorrow and the bigger I get the harder it is not to breathe heavily from minor actions so lugging things around is not my idea of fun. The solution was we went and bought a little hand truck. A nice tax write off for me and I didnt even have to load it in the car!


That is one handsome man helping me out ;).

5.) Pregnancy brain is not good…..

Today I forgot the code to the stores alarm system while trying to lock up, confusing it with the code to our garage door.


I went to watch Game of Thrones and had watched about 5 minutes of it before I realized I had it on Spanish HBO and was wondering the whole time why they had new characters who only spoke Spanish.

Yea its kind of like being a blonde.

Did you miss me and Baby K?!?!?!

3 Mar

Sorry it took so long for a new blog post. After we got home from North Carolina on Wednesday morning at 5:30 am we were both very tired. Then all week we did really boring things. I gave myself a full week off from working out so Baby K and my Muscles could recover quickly and non-stressfully!

I worked on Scentsy events and things and started to organize my storage for it. I have a HUGE event this Thursday night at a local venue for a ladies night out and am hoping to do very well!!!

Today was actually the first day we did anything interesting and that I have anything to talk about.

Today I hit 16 weeks pregnant, so 4 months :).


Hello giant baby belly that is creeping its way up higher and higher. Maybe I will have to pee less in the middle of the night. Sorry for the messy bathroom shot, but we are renovating the other bathroom (Dan’s) so we are sharing mine now. Also this picture was taken yesterday. Week 15 proved challenging.

Week 15 Baby K facts:

  • I have now gained 9lbs total. I think some of that was vacation eating though and will smooth itself out.
  • Baby K LOVES: anything raw- veggies, cheese, fruit
  • Baby K HATES: Anything cooked and mixed. – Smoothies were a bad choice apparently and surprisingly.
  • I have begun to feel tiny movements and one large one that woke me up last night when it felt like my stomach hiccuped.
  • I have my 4 month Dr. Appt. on Friday and will schedule my ultra sound to find out the sex during that, you all and everyone in my personal life will not find out until the day of our shower…..because I am extra SNEAKY like that. We have names picked out for a boy and a girl.


Now back to what we did today, actually still baby related.

Dan goes back to work next Monday and I go back March 18th. We have gotten a lot done around the house. Dan has renovated and I have organized and started to declutter. The last thing to get started on was Baby K’s room. If we can get some of it set up now it will be less work later. Plus I can help do things before I am too big to not want to.

Today we ventured to Babies R Us.

We looked at some things we wanted for the baby.

IMG_3569 IMG_3571

There is Dan looking at a pack and play he loves, it even has an MP3 hook up that also will vibrate the P&P for baby.

OH yea we also ordered the crib, and the dresser. See they were having a deal where if you bought the crib and one piece of furniture the mattress was free…..I LOVE a bargain!!!

crib(Photo: Toys R Us)

If you like this crib get it from BRU, it was there for $299.99, while it is on the TRU website for 329.99 weird!

We got the crib and the short dresser $399.99 and the mattress ($109.99) was free!!! We will take it! The baby’s room is going to be a light grey and the furniture is a very dark cherry. I originally wanted black, but decided with wood trim and closet doors the brown would be a better match!

After our shopping excursion we headed to Dan’s least favorite restaurant in the world. I was trying to experiment with cooked vs. non-cooked foods and Chipotle fit the bill.


I had a burrito bowl with some chips and salsa. It had cheese, quacamole, chicken, rice, beans, lettuce and salsa. Dan had a burrito bowl with pork, a taco with barbacoa whatever that is and some chips.

When I only got this far into my bowl, he also had the rest of that.


The clear winner of the meal for me was the lettuce. I did end up getting a little sick after eating but nothing too bad so apparently there were other things aside from lettuce that agreed with baby. I am not about to be doing a test to see which foods are good and which are not individually. If we have learned anything from my blogging it is that I prefer foods mixed together like salads and casseroles. If they arent pre-mixed try them that way. Before I knew I was pregnant I was big into mixing pasta with marinara sauce and baked beans….weird but DELICIOUS!!!

So that is what has been going on with us….nothing too interesting but just enough to give you all a post. Back to working out tomorrow and my usual antics!!

Enjoy your Sunday. Its Walking Dead Time!!!

North Carolina Wrap Up!

18 Feb

Greetings from South Carolina! We are now visiting with Dan’s Grandparents and spending the night with them before heading off to Sunny Florida!!!! I haven’t been to Florida since I was in middle school, so this is kind of a big deal for me!!!

But before we even talk about today’s events I have to get you caught up on our weekend! Saturday was my BFF’s engagement party and we had a lot of fun.

IMG_3426 IMG_3432


There were a lot of Dog’s there. 5 in total. The top picture is of Dan and his favorite dog Lucy who is one of the other bridesmaids dogs. The next one is Sam and then Peanut, both of which are my friends parents dogs. Peanut is a big old sweetheart and loves everyone, Sam is a jealous little boy and the second you pet anyone else he’s there demanding attention. But he is also a sweet boy.

Not Pictured are Pacey and Joey (is a girl), who are Lindsey’s dogs and are both little cuties as well.

There were also people at the party, like these pretty girls you may know!


From Left to Right: L.C., Parker, Me, Lindsey, Michelle and Amber.

Those are some pretty cute ladies. Plus Baby K is trying to make an appearance in my bump on Lindsey’s dress.

Then these things happened….

IMG_3429 IMG_3428

Well it snowed in North Carolina, I think all us Connecticut folk thought we had left that stuff behind.

Then the grill caught fire with the pork on it, please notice my barefoot Dad trying to defuse the situation.

Eventually things got too crazy and it was PJ time and then this happened….


That is Lucy the Dog and Lindsey snuggling the baby and us all sleeping. That is how we ended the night. Clearly there is a reason this girl has been my best friend since the day I was born…..but that is a story for another day. Time to enjoy Biggest Loser with Dan and Memere and Pepere Lapointe.

A day of Firsts……

12 Feb

Today’s workout: .25 treadmill warmup. 1 hour circuit training with Jeff….new readers he is my personal trainer and a family friend! If you are a CT local you should check out his business!!! 

Today was a day of firsts and a day of some of the same old as well.

The day started at 9am when I woke up, I actually slept in past 8:30 am on a weekday!!!! Pretty good, especially since I am laid off and should be sleeping in while I can!!!

Then I got ready and headed to Jeff’s to workout from 10-11, the workout was good and tiring the only thing that gave me any issues was the forward lunges. Center of gravity is a bit off!!!!

After that it was time to bring my car in for a service…..we are after all road tripping it Thursday at 11pm or Midnight down to North Carolina for my best friends engagement party! After that on Monday we are trekking down to Florida for my race. Taking our time and visiting Family along the way! I am really looking forward to Dan and Alex time in the car and bonding! If you happen to see a grey Nissan Armada with a pink 13.1 sticker feel free to beep and wave at us!

After the service we had someone very important to see…


The long strip of photos is from Today. In my Sunday update from week 13 I will post one close up shot so you can see it!

This was a first because it was the first time we saw Baby K jump, wave and wiggle it was really a great experience!

The next first was I took Dan to Babies R’ Us and we picked out a crib we both liked a lot! I initially wanted a black crib as we are doing grey walls, but figured since we have brown molding in the house a dark brown was a better choice!


It’s the summer infant Brayden crib in dark cherry! It is cute but also convertible so that it can become a bed when Baby K needs one. This will NOT be the bedding we use…but it is cute. If I had to rate how much Dan enjoyed it I would say a 5. I was surprised too there were things he actually seemed interested in. He was a bit shocked when I showed him the price of the BOB running stroller I wanted….but I know he would buy it for me if I asked nicely!

When we got home Finny spent his FIRST day in his room with the new paint job and it being green now instead of the red, I think he is much more relaxed in there.


OH did I say relaxed, because he here is spinning like crazy while I was trying to get a picture. In a few weeks he will be sharing this room with me when it becomes my Scentsy Office!!!

The last first of the day was us trying the Trader Joes Mandarin Orange chicken!!! SO YUMMY!


After eating it Dan exclaimed, “Man I really like Trader Joe’s.” I WAS SOOO HAPPY!!!!! He hates whole foods and calls it the hippie store. I guess Trader Joe’s will be a permanent staple in our shopping world!

So that was our day of firsts now I am doing Laundry, packing for the trip and relaxing. Dan is ripping up the floor in our mudroom so we can have tile put down while we are gone!

Have a great Tuesday everyone!!!!!

We have an announcement!!!!

1 Jan

So if you are facebook friends with me you know what the announcement is! But if not you don’t….

Here is what we have to tell you in the same way we told our families!!


In case you were wondering, those are Dan’s cycling shoes, my running sneakers and soon to be Baby K’s running shoes…because you know they are going to run 🙂

So what does this mean for the blog, well I am still eating, still having fun and yes I am still running. In fact I have two half marathons in February and March. Then I will go down to 5k’s. I had planned to run a full marathon in May and another half in August but those will be put on hold until 2014! So it is still the same great blog now with baby things added in. I hope people will give me advice and am so grateful again for everyone who takes the time to read this blog!!!

Happy New Year to everyone!!!!

Baby Shower Fun!

6 Nov

Training Tuesday will be workout Wednesday tomorrow, dont worry wacky fact will also be there too! I still have my cold so I could not work out I have been exhausted!

But today is about the baby shower I went to on Sunday.

The baby shower was for one of my closest high school friends and I was so glad to be invited and to see her!

This is her and the cake, her baby is going to be named Olivia. She looks great for being 8 months pregnant!

I wanted to get something useful for the baby shower gift and was glad to give her this…

A baby bath tub she registered for. It is really cute and has a bunch of attachments so you can keep using it as they grow! Also some towels, a robe, a hooded towel, and a scentsy buddy animal. Of course I had to do something Scentsy….it was a monkey, because she had also registered for a monkey blanket rattle thing that was also cute.

The diapers on the floor were because they were having a raffle for anyone who brought diapers. I got a size,1-2 and 3 for her so she had one of each size. I also ended up winning the raffle!!! Woo!!

I got a $50.00 Macys Gift Card, super great surprise as I was just happy to help out my friend!!

The food was also good, her Mom did such a great job with the planning.

The diaper cake in the middle was made by the Mother of the Babies father. It was so cute! Plus everything on it was useable! So cool!

Finally it was so good to see to of my best high school friends!!

Me, Jenn and Kira….an awkward angle as well. Jenn has a better picture I will have to get from her!

That was my Sunday. Later that night I started to feel awful and the cold from Hell set in!!!!

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