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It’s a Celebration!

19 Jun

Happy 10 months to our baby boy! You have grown so much and are so AMAZING!


A one month old Camden!

10 months

10 month Camden!

Before he found and destroyed the 10 month sticker. He is such a good boy, even though he loves to crinkle paper!

Camdens Current Likes:

Wet Open Mouth Kisses

Chicken Nuggets

Mac and Cheese

Fruits and Veggies! (Especially green beans!)

Walking (pushing my walker or holding your hand)

Crawling like a maniac!

His Johnathan the Husky dog or Wubba Pooh


Daddy putting me to bed


Mommy putting me to bed (not gonna happen lady)




Camden is currently teething again, you know because 8 teeth arent enough, hes been SO UNHAPPY 😦

I was very happy to get cute pictures of him for his ten month birthday! And thats what happened today in our lives.

Camden says: Goodnight everyone. Or in his language baba, dada, mom, hi. Then he claps and laughs 🙂


Catching up with the Karnolt’s.

20 Mar

So my last post was about St. Patrick’s Day, but the one before that was from Febraury so its time we catch up so I can make current daily posts!

So what’s going on with us?

DAN: Dan went back to work Monday, while I am still off until April 1st. Camden and I are missing him but glad tomorrow is his day off!!! His birthday is March 31st, the big 2-9, so last night we went out to dinner and saw Book of Mormon at the Bushnell. We loved it! I had bought the tickets for Christmas knowing it would be part of his birthday expeditions! My question for anyone who has seen it also, how many pissed off people were there? At our show there were so many! I don’t think many people researched the show, what it was about, or that Trey Parker wrote it (he created South Park if you didn’t know), of course it was going to be inappropriate.

In other Dan news he is happy, yet sad it is Spring. He bought a new to him snowmobile a couple of weeks ago so its bittersweet. BUT he can ride his dirt bike around now without its snow tires and that is pretty exciting! His racing season is going to start soon for his dirtbike I am so excited, especially since now Camden can watch and realize whats going on better than the last race he was at!

IMG_5947This is currently my favorite picture of Dan and Camden!

ALEX: That’s me, but if you didn’t know that you must be a new reader so welcome!!! Today I am signing up for my next half marathon, it is in April! I haven’t ran more than a mile since I have been home from Florida and I am craving a run, so having a race to do will keep me training! I haven’t ran a lot only because once I got home I had a terrible cold and it kept going around the house! It appears we have all finally defeated the cold! (Knock on wood)

In other news for me my Scentsy business is going amazing! My goal this year is to recruit and help as many people as possible reach their goals with Scentsy. It can be done, I initially joined to use the extra money for my car payments and use my regular salary for bills and fun. Now however with 2 years left on the loan, my car is almost paid off and Dan and I will start being able to make double mortgage payments. Plus my credit card debt is almost zero!!! Pretty amazing stuff, all from an electric warmer and some wax, who would have thought!

IMG_6061Some studying.

The food in the background of the picture was for breakfast the next morning, I have been food prepping because I am on an eating plan to coincide with my training. Since I had Camden I have lost 40 pounds! I have about 15 left until I am to my pre-pregnancy weight! Since I have been on the plan I have lost 10lbs which was great that even being sick/too lazy to meal prep some days I have kept it off!

Plus Dan has devised a reward system for me, each Monday I weigh in and tell him what I weigh. Then depending on how much I have lost I get to eat an Oreo per pound! I love Oreos and Dan bought me two packs and hid them.

Here’s a picture of him presenting them to me.

IMG_6060He looks crazy, its the eyes and the mustache!

Finally Camden and Finny: Our little boys! First we start with the oldest, Finny!

Finny needs a haircut, I have to get him to the groomer, but as Camden gets older they play more and have a great time. They are best friends.


Camden: Let’s all notice Camden in the above picture, his abilities are starting to concern me! He turned 7 months yesterday and has been on the move for about a month, he crawls, he rolls and now he does this….


This was an interesting turn of events as I left him lying on the blanket playing with his toys, I came back from doing my makeup and this happened….oh no!!! Yesterday he was at my grandmas and was standing against her ottoman, he took a few steps towards a chair and then fell over. PLEASE DON’T WALK YET!

Currently he is lying behind me on the couch, pulling my hair and proud of himself that he can get his own bib on and off now. He’s pretty cute! However since he has been sick he has also been sleeping a lot.

Passed out on St. Patricks Day.


And passed out on Mommy…


So that is basically what has been going on with us in the past month, not too much but fun, hobbies and love. Our little family is doing great and watching our little boy grow and learn more everyday is my favorite!

St. Patrick’s Day, A Birthday and Good News!

17 Mar

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all my fellow Irish people! If I didn’t do a post on St. Patrick’s Day I would have three people upset with me! My Grandma (or Gma) because her mother was Irish and my Memere, because she is 100% Irish. (She’s Memere because my Pepere is French). Finally my Aunt Tamarra, one because were all Irish, but two because today is her Birthday!

Happy Birthday Aunt Tamarra!!! (Her name is pronounced like when people say tomorrow wrong down south or in Maine (going by Murder She wrote), her name is NOT Tamera or Tammy…so don’t even try it.)

Tamarra loves being born on this day she even has a tattoo of a shamrock and sunflower!


This is my Aunt   ^   I know I have used this photo before but I love it!

It was from her first 5k! (Color Me Rad), that was a great day with my Aunts and my Uncle Bob. My Aunt’s support me in everything I do and I am so lucky to have such wonderful fans, and an amazing family! They will always be there to cheer you on, cheer you up, and make you laugh!

My Aunts Tamarra and Kim and my mom all look a like and a lot of people they went to school with tell me I look like Tamarra when they first meet me. You can decide for yourself based off the above photo!

I am super close to both my Aunt’s and they are like my second and third Mom’s, I can talk to them about anything and get their advice on a lot of things!

Plus I know I hold a special place in Tamarra’s heart because I was her “ring bearer” at her wedding. I was 24 when they got married FYI, but that’s another story!

Here are Tamarra and Bob on their wedding day!

tb wedding

This afternoon I sent this photo to Tamarra, of the St. Patrick’s Baby!


Camden is very excited for his first SPD and his first time celebrating Aunt Tamarra’s Birthday! _____________________________________________

Finally for the good news! I had a Doctor’s appointment today and was taken off one of my prescriptions so I only have one left. Hopefully soon everything with be regulated with me and my health will be normal, that would be so exciting! For the first time in I don’t even know how long I feel normal, not tired, not sick, not oversensitive, just happy and normal! I had also lost almost 10 lbs since my last appointment, things are beginning to work out for me and become positive! Just have to keep this momentum going!

Everyone enjoy your St. Patrick’s Day!

Blogging with Camden, a month by month comparison!

9 Mar

It’s Sunday, which means its Family Day!!! With Dan and I both on lay off until the 17th and April 1st respectively, we can spend one morning a week being lazy bums together. Camden is on my lap and trying to type special messages for everyone.

Mr. Camden and I have had colds all week, so workouts have been a minimum, and so has leaving the house. You would think that would make for a boring post, but don’t worry I have plenty of photos, a lot of which are Camden, and lets be honest you all read this blog for the Camden cuteness!!!

IMG_5638 IMG_5648

Camden loves playing in the high chair and his bouncer. The poor bouncer is usually the place where he spits up or fills his diaper, that thing is the food extraction master. He clearly isn’t phased though.

The above portion of the blog was written this morning. After writing that I realized I had wayyyy too many photos on this computer and started cleaning them off, then it was time to feed Camden and that led to cleaning the house while he watched cartoons! The time change apparently super charged my Spring Cleaning and my A.D.D!!!

Speaking of random things I decided to do a month by month comparison of Camden in the post. Since 6 months have passed it is the perfect time!


Our old, bald 1 month old!

IMG_4933A little more hair! Also those penguin PJs were my favorite!


I guess I deleted the 3 month photo on its own :(, so here is a comparison of months 1 and 3.


4 months old and already wearing a shirt with a tie and fancy pants!

IMG_5719 IMG_5720There are two pictures for 5 months, because they are so dark. Camden looks very handsome in his hat!

Finally 6 months, hard to get him to sit still!!


Sometimes it seems like he was just born last week, other times he blows us away with how big he is and all he can do! Camden’s current favorites are:

Pulling Finnys Hair!

Eating any food!

Morning snuggles with mommy and daddy

Baby TV or Super Why

The Jumper

Blowing Raspberries


Bitting with his new teeth

AND having nonsense conversations with people!

Before I sign off on this post, I have to share a new favorite that used to be an old hatred…..



Tinkerbell Half Marathon Recap!

7 Mar

In January I ran the Tinkerbell Half Marathon in Disneyland, step one in completing my Coast to Coast Disney Journey. However I think the most important part to me was that it was my first Half since having Cam. And my first half since the Princess in 2013 (while I was pregnant). My only goals for Tinkerbell were to have fun, and since I could push myself, to beat my time from PHM of 3:35. Without a baby in your belly it is easier to make yourself go faster.

My initial goal was to do it in 2:30, but after having Camden via c-section, there was no way that was happening! So my new goal became anytime under 3:35. (Actually I had forgotten it was 3:35 and thought I had done it in 3:25, so I added a bit of unnecessary pressure during the race.)

I knew adjusting to the babies schedule, and not having as much free time to train as I did before would hinder me a bit and I was INCREDIBLY nervous at the start, but the race itself actualy put me at ease.

IMG_5599 IMG_5602 IMG_5603

Pictures: Me in my corral, I was in C. This race is smaller than princess, so I was glad to be closer to the start and not have to wait as long. Next is Tinkerbell starting the race for our corral and the first mile marker. (Times on the mile marker are since corral A began.)

The ONLY thing I like better in Tinkerbell vs PHM is that the California Half begins and then after 1.5 miles you are in the parks. This made me have fun and relax, going through the park at dark with a bunch of other runners is kind of Magical. (Plus it was my first time in Disneyland/California Adventure, you run through both.)

IMG_5606 IMG_5610 IMG_5611 IMG_5613 IMG_5615

Pictures I took in the park, some are blurry because I was on the move and nervous, but as I went on I stopped and paced myself with them to get better quality shots, and to remind myself I do these races for fun.

Then it was out of the parks and onto the highways/roads of Anaheim, this is where I prefer Florida Disney races, only because they own the roads and have characters on them. California had cheerleaders and marching bands, still cool, just not the same as PHM.




The go random stranger sign was motivating, and the second picture is just showing you the mile marker on the roads. The last picture is one of my all time favorites. I was nearing mile 13 at this point and saw this lady, TEAM MOTHERBOY, if you are an Arrested Development fan you know why this woman became my hero, and her costume was perfect down to the martini glass. Too bad I never saw the guy she was running with who must have been dressed as Buster.

Lauren met me along the course at various spots and that really helped, but I was tired. 3 hours came and went and I was nervous I was going to do the same or worse than my pregnant half. I mean I did weigh around the same as when I ran it and MAN was I exhausted. But I pushed myself and crossed the finish in 3:17!!!! That is almost 20 minutes faster than last year. All things considered I was proud of that. The race was fun and well worth it. Afterward Lauren and I hit the parks hard, and almost both fell asleep on the drive back to her apartment. The next day I headed back home to CT and my family that I had missed so much. One thing was for sure, I was so proud of what I had accomplished!!!

So I end this post with a bunch of photos. Let me start with one of the many Dan sent to inspire me while running, and end with my race outfit and medal!

IMG_5629 IMG_5624 IMG_5622 IMG_5626

I guess I fibbed as the last picture is Lauren and I going around Disney!!!

Being a good mom….

5 Mar

I haven’t been blogging a lot, and that is apparent if you are a regular reader, but I am not going to apologize! I saw this on facebook and it couldn’t be more true for all aspects of my life right now!


Our poor little guy has been so sick! The only reason I am currently blogging is that I am at family dinner and he is being doted on by GGMA and Great Aunt Kim. So while I have taken FOREVER to post my race recaps and times from my two half marathons, the 5k and 10k that I did in January and February, know they will come and you will enjoy them! I had a lot of fun on both trips, but am SOOOO happy to be home with my little family!

So to keep your interest while I am a “lazy blogger” but again A GREAT MOM, here are some race photos.

alex2 alex4

My medals from both race weekends. (One from California, Five from Florida)

And my 5k Bib and Race outfit, I was princess Jasmine!

Finally I leave you with a screen shot I took of the video Dan sent me of Camden eating Sweet Potatoes while I was gone, don’t be fooled he loves food, it was just a great face!!!


Now back to hang with my family and baby boy!!!

Wednesday Catch Up

29 Jan

I am currently laid off from my main job, because as I explained to the lady from unemployment today, no one wants to buy motorcycles in Jan in Connecticut. Its just common sense really!

So while I cannot wait to post about my adventures in California and the Tinkerbell Half Marathon, today I will catch you up on old pictures, of things I havent had a chance to post or talk about. ENJOY!!!!

IMG_5480Camden in a hand painted PJ outfit my mom brought him back from Seattle.



Tortilla soup Dan made me when I had a cold, what a guy!!!


From my Facebook page follow me here 

IMG_5506 IMG_5531 IMG_5541

He’s pretty cute.

And finally some photos from my last run before the race.

IMG_5542 IMG_5543

It might not look beautiful to you, but it is to me since to the left of this photo is my parents house and the neighborhood I grew up in. I like to run there because I know the distances even without my garmin (even though I still use it) and it seems a lot safer for runners and walkers than my current neighborhood!

So now you’re pretty much caught up, until I left for California that is. I missed that little baby something fierce, but that is for another post. Have a great day!!!

Getting Real With Myself….

2 Jan

A list of things I have to do for MYSELF:

THIS IS NOT A LIST OF NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS. Let’s just get that straight first and foremost!!!! I never make them because I never keep them. This is a list of things I have to do for myself to feel better, look better and be better.

I know what to do and I have done it, I lost 30 lbs before I got married and was in shape, looked great and was happy and healthy. I have to take time for myself and be a little more selfish. Yes I am a Mom and I give Camden my all, anyone will tell you that. But to stay sane and really love myself I need to do things for MYSELF! That’s the problem with resolutions people do them for others, where as changing your life is for you.

1. RUN

Keep running, and running and running. Get it!?!?! I used to be in such great shape for running and was doing very well, then I got pregnant and after my half marathon last February I let it fall off. Why? Because lets face it being pregnant is HARD and running while doing so is even harder!

The good news is running after pregnancy isnt as hard as I would have thought. It still sucks to basically start over but it isnt truly starting over. 4 miles is still relatively easy which is awesome! But I do have races coming up every month until a full marathon in May and I WILL do the full, then I can take another break and possibly try and have another baby, but for now running is my main priority (aside from my family and working obvi!)

You know its on when:

IMG_5444 IMG_5441

I finally got my REAL running shoes to fit my fat feet (they got huge after pregnancy and are just starting to come down). If you’re wondering why my socks don’t match, then Welcome to the blog first time reader!!!

Also the treadmill which I have a love affair with, and the Damn FOAM ROLLER which I have a hatred for, even though I know it helps. If you have foam rolled you know what I am talking about.

2. Strength Training….

This will help me tone up my loose muscle from the baby and with a c-section there is plenty! My legs and arms have returned to their regular size so thats awesome, but my stomach def has not and has a long way to go. Lets just say its interesting to find jeans that look alright and are not maternity! I look like a meatball on a toothpick, and If you think I don’t I can cleverly disguise this with my clothing, I am like a magician!

 This one I have covered since I go to Jeff twice a week and he let’s me bring Camden to our appointments. I am pretty lucky for that!!!

3. Things that make me feel good about myself. 

-Moisturizing my skin (especially my face). I love arbonne’s products because I have really really dry skin!

-Taking care of and doing my hair and makeup! This just makes me feel good when I think I look good!

-PEDICURES I have pretty much the driest skin ever. (mostly doing them myself, unless I hit a weightloss goal)

-Save money and get out of debt (I AM SO CLOSE, thank you Scentsy)

-Reward myself for hitting goals with small gifts (not food related)

-DON’T SET A NUMBER FOR WEIGHTLOSS, just keep going until I feel good.

The scale is just a number my happiness is the key!

4. Eat correctly. 

Will I still eat cheese? Yep

Red Meat? Yep

Everything in moderation because for me it isnt feasible to do it any other way. If I have to cut anything out then I will cheat and be done, but I know how to find ways to fill up on healthy stuff and eat minimal bad things. So I have to get after that.

5. Do good for others.

This started by donating 5 bags of old clothes yesterday because I am not going to wear them and someone could always use them! It will continue with Scentsy fundraisers, and getting involved in our charities more at my full time job!

So why is 2014 the year of doing things for ALEX over doing things for others (in my personal life)? Because I do a lot for others and am a nurturer, this doesn’t leave too much time to do things for me. I don’t want to feel bad about myself anymore. The happier I am the happier those around me will be. So if I am doing things for me this year it isn’t selfish its helpful to everyone around me. Especially when I have Dan, Finny and this guy to be happy and healthy for!!!!


Top 10 reasons why being a boy mom rocks!!!

30 Dec

Don’t get me wrong, being a mom of any kind is awesome, it just is. But let me explain a little I was always the type of girl that imagined having a little girl, like always a little girl in every thought, dream everything. Afterall I am a 28 year old that loves dresses and anything with Hello Kitty on it!!!!

Then we found out we were having a boy and I was sad for about 15 minutes, because then I was just happy we were having a healthy baby! Finally the day came, our son was born and I was instantly so in love with him no matter the gender, because in the end he was our child and my little boy. The more he grows the more awesome I realize being a boy mom is going to be. I mean we plan on having two kids, if the next ones a girl great, but if its another boy also great! It is that much fun having a boy here are MY 10 reasons why. This will not be the same for all moms and these are my opinions.

10.) The clothes: I have heard from every person that girl clothes are so much cuter, but they can keep their hairbows and dresses. I will take tiny gentleman outfits with bow ties and cute hats any day. Plus daddy and baby matching outfits are amazing!


This guy and his tuxedo sleep sack, he has many more cute little man outfits put I dont photograph everyone, takes away from snuggles!!

9.) He was born into the right family! This is no way sexist or taking on gender roles, so dont think that is where this is going. But he loves motorcycles, hearing them, sitting on them and will most likely one day work in our family business, and to be honest old Harley guys dont want to buy anything but clothes from girls inside the dealership!

IMG_5372The 4th generation people! And while I am so proud that I will be the first female president of our company (Im older than my brother). I am glad to have a son who will ride dirt bikes and motorcycles because his dad does. All little boys live to impress their dads! You couldnt pay me as a child to do that.



The mommy-baby boy snuggles. This is a day old Camden and myself, in the hospital just relaxing hard. He is always so happy to see me and snuggles me so much. While he is a baby and smiles and snuggles everyone the way he smiles at me is special, because I am his mom. I l know over time it will change but for now I am honestly his favorite person in the world. Friends and neighbors of girl babies have told me its all about daddy for their kids!

7.) His toys!!! No picture, but his toys are going to be so cool! He got a lot of great ones for Christmas and I am able to experience a whole new way to play. Sure I had Harry growing up but I didn’t always want to play with his toys, now I love watching him learn and grow and playing is a big part of that.

6.) Dan adjusting to fatherhood. I think having a boy made it easier for Dan to adjust to being a Dad. He has no nieces or nephews so he didn’t get to be around any small babies and he never babysat like most girls so he was pretty nervous about having a baby. I know for him hearing it was a boy was a relief because he could rough house with him and do things hes interested in with him. They do bond very well.


5.) The peeing everywhere thing. This is a bonus because it has only happened to me twice. The first night home he peed right into Dans mouth. I knew I loved that kid right away, and I guess Daddy needs to be quicker with his diaper skills!!!

4.) He LOVES football. You may not believe this but he does, yesterday we had family over and they all commented on how much he loves it and cries if you change the channel. I for one love this as I love sports and Dan doesn’t so we have something to bond over. As long as he NEVER EVER becomes a patriots fan ICKY!


Watching his first game ever, complete with giants bib and number 1 finger :).

3.) We have a boy dog, and they both have the same attributes and get a long great. Finny bites at Camden and he laughs and Camden pulls Finnys fur and Finny licks him. I can see these two being BFF’s once Cam is a little older!

2.) We broke tradition! I am the oldest of my parents children and Noelle is the oldest of her and Dan. That means whatever we happen to have next will get a great older brother, I always wished Harry was older, but was glad I got to experience always looking out for him and teaching him. I am excited to see a new dynamic!

1.) HE IS CRAZY!!!! Most boy moms I know talk about how they get into everything and are super active and Camden already is like that. He cant wait to be able to move more and tries so hard to crawl already! I know when he can walk it will be a whole new ball game and I cannot wait to accept the challenge. Plus he can stop Dan from doing things like this!

IMG_4986 IMG_4999

The second picture is awesome! So they can keep doing that. Dan and I just LOVE this little man!!!

Trying to establish a Schedule.

9 Oct

For the baby of course not me, I have a schedule I will be back at starting Saturday. It seems crazy that I am going back to work so soon, but lets get back to Camden.

Because of going back to work/scentsy parties coming up I am trying to get him on a schedule and also to sleep in his crib and not the swing in our room!

It will be nice because I can move the swing back downstairs. Granted this is super cute to look at, and my heart did break a little last night when I went to bed and I could not stare at a sweet baby!

IMG_4543This photo is from a few weeks ago and he looks much bigger in that swing now.

So last night we started the schedule his feeding was pushed back until 8pm and he didnt seem to mind. After he ate it was bath time and then lotion. He is just now starting to like baths and being naked so it was all smiles and fun.

He was then put to bed at 9:30pm, I rocked him in his glider but he was fussing so he went into the swing and once he was out I moved him to the crib. He sleeps really well in the crib much better than the bassinet. Dan had to go in once and feed him again and I got a picture from the monitor, since we have a video monitor that moves around the room I felt like a stalker. Especially due to the night vision.

IMG_4793Finny got involved in the feeding as well!

My little boy slept for almost 9 hours straight, only waking up to be reswaddled and binky put back into his mouth. I think he is sleeping so well because he barely sleeps during the day.


Mostly because he spends his days playing! Hes pretty cute….. and growing up so fast.


So we will see how tonight goes and how well he adjusts to the schedule and the crib sleeping!

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