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Things are getting crazy…

12 Dec

By this I of course mean that Training Tuesday is coming to you on Wednesday!

Yesterday was my day off. If you are a reader of the blog you know that usually means 2 good length posts in one day. However yesterday I got up early and worked out (more on that in a bit), then came home and slept until 10:30 am UH OH! I had things to do!

So around 12:30 I got ready and ate breakfast…

I have a fierce love for Mueller Corner!!!

I have a fierce love for Mueller Corner!!!

Then I headed out to shop at Target for some Christmas Items for Daniel! You understand why there is no picture of this, as he is a sneaky snooper and would be looking at it with a magnifying glass. I am so excited for his gift and to share it on the blog, I put so much thought into it and it is coming at the perfect time!!

But lets talk about the workout! I went to Jeff at 6am this morning, he was on vacation last week and that’s why all of my training was run based. I do not trust myself to do weights and the like on my own, I would rather be supervised and know I am doing it correctly. We did the usual half mile treadmill warm up, then a circuit. We had to modify the circuit a bit as there’s a bit of a flu bug going around our house and I was worried I might have to throw up. UGH. I still got all the workouts done and just had to take short breaks and catch my breath in between some of them like pushups…..the hatred of my life .:)

All in all it was still a great workout and I was feeling good and sore last night in my quads, arms and abs PERFECT!!! It’s the good kind of sore where you know you worked hard, not a painful soreness…which is an important distinction!

So that was my day. Yes I have to update my days of Christmas and will be doing that Thursday so they can have a full post devoted to them!


Have you noticed how dry it is now, I need SO much lotion on my hands and feet right now. My hands are all cracked, not enjoying this winter ALREADY!!!

How is the weather treating you where you are?

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