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It’s a Celebration!

19 Jun

Happy 10 months to our baby boy! You have grown so much and are so AMAZING!


A one month old Camden!

10 months

10 month Camden!

Before he found and destroyed the 10 month sticker. He is such a good boy, even though he loves to crinkle paper!

Camdens Current Likes:

Wet Open Mouth Kisses

Chicken Nuggets

Mac and Cheese

Fruits and Veggies! (Especially green beans!)

Walking (pushing my walker or holding your hand)

Crawling like a maniac!

His Johnathan the Husky dog or Wubba Pooh


Daddy putting me to bed


Mommy putting me to bed (not gonna happen lady)




Camden is currently teething again, you know because 8 teeth arent enough, hes been¬†SO UNHAPPY ūüė¶

I was very happy to get cute pictures of him for his ten month birthday! And thats what happened today in our lives.

Camden says: Goodnight everyone. Or in his language baba, dada, mom, hi. Then he claps and laughs ūüôā

St. Patrick’s Day, A Birthday and Good News!

17 Mar

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all my fellow Irish people! If I didn’t do a post on St. Patrick’s Day I would have three people upset with me! My Grandma (or Gma) because her mother was Irish and my Memere, because she is 100% Irish. (She’s Memere because my Pepere is French). Finally my Aunt Tamarra, one because were all Irish, but two because today is her Birthday!

Happy Birthday Aunt Tamarra!!! (Her name is pronounced like when people say tomorrow wrong down south or in Maine (going by Murder She wrote), her name is NOT Tamera or Tammy…so don’t even try it.)

Tamarra loves being born on this day she even has a tattoo of a shamrock and sunflower!


This is my Aunt   ^   I know I have used this photo before but I love it!

It was from her first 5k! (Color Me Rad), that was a great day with my Aunts and my Uncle Bob. My Aunt’s support me in everything I do and I am so lucky to have such wonderful fans, and an amazing family! They will always be there to cheer you on, cheer you up, and make you laugh!

My Aunts Tamarra and Kim and my mom all look a like and a lot of people they went to school with tell me I look like Tamarra when they first meet me. You can decide for yourself based off the above photo!

I am super close to both my Aunt’s and they are like my second and third Mom’s, I can talk to them about anything and get their advice on a lot of things!

Plus I know I hold a special place in Tamarra’s heart because I was her “ring bearer” at her wedding. I was 24 when they got married FYI, but that’s another story!

Here are Tamarra and Bob on their wedding day!

tb wedding

This afternoon I sent this photo to Tamarra, of the St. Patrick’s Baby!


Camden is very excited for his first SPD and his first time celebrating Aunt Tamarra’s Birthday!¬†_____________________________________________

Finally for the good news! I had a Doctor’s appointment today and was taken off one of my prescriptions so I only have one left. Hopefully soon everything with be regulated with me and my health will be normal, that would be so exciting! For the first time in I don’t even know how long I feel normal, not tired, not sick, not oversensitive, just happy and normal! I had also lost almost 10 lbs since my last appointment, things are beginning to work out for me and become positive! Just have to keep this momentum going!

Everyone enjoy your St. Patrick’s Day!

Wednesday recap on Sunday!

14 Apr

Dan and I had a pretty busy week. This week is looking to be the same, what with my parents being gone on a trip they won from performing well for Harley-Davidson and this week starting my numerous Scentsy Events for the month.

Here is a recap of what went down on Wednesday and I will finish the rest of the week later!


Dan got a new dirt bike which as you can see he loves, I dont really know what that face or pose is about but okay. This led to a very long trip somewhere awful on Friday, but we will get to that.

Wednesday was Family dinner day but it was also time to celebrate 2 very special birthdays!!!

Harry: here he is blowing out the candles on his birthday carrot cake….EW


Im not a fan but thats what the bday boy asked for!

Also it was Mr. Finny’s birthday….Harry loves that Finny was born 2 days before him and they share parties now!


Yes my Grandma’s card spelled Finny wrong and she also called him a piss ant, but that is their relationship…..he actually loves her the most out of anyone and annoys her to no end because of it. For example when she is around he only wants her to take him outside for walks.

Finally I have a Velata event coming up soon and got this…


New warmers, cheese and mixables!!! Velata is a chocolate and cheese fondue line of scentsy, but they have realized its potential and now it is so much more and is a very versatile kitchen tool!!

I am excited for all the events I have coming up to get my name out there and get my business moving!

You can check out Velata here: https://alexandrak.velata.us 

It is super great for kids, parties or anytime. We have it for dessert all the time at family dinner!

Okay off to work!!!

Happy Birthday to…..

5 Apr

I started my morning with a pre-work workout and am typing this before I head in for the day.

The littlest member (for now) of the Karnolt family began his day with snuggles, a long walk and some cookies. That’s right today is my baby boy Finny Mcmonkers’ 6th Birthday! I cannot believe I have had Finny for 6 years.

Here is a photomontage of my little boy!


Finny when I first got him! 3lbs of love :).


A shaggy Finny from this year snuggling and relaxing.


Finny  loves his Daddy!

And finally a pretty groomed Finny.


Now as I head off to work Finny is enjoying a nap on our bed since Dan is off today. We love you little man and we cannot wait for you to meet your new brother or sister and be best friends with them. You already love to lay against my tummy because I swear you know the baby is there, and you growl at Dan when he comes into the bedroom and try to protect me.

I have loved the 6 years I have had with you and hope for at least 6 more!!! Happy Birthday to my first baby and my number 1 snuggle buddy!

Weekend Recap, minus Easter….

1 Apr

This weekend began for me on Sunday as I worked Friday and Saturday but it was still very busy.

Friday was our first really nice day around here it was also Good Friday so no one was working and there was no school. Since we work retail we were open and man was it busy. Friday also started Dan’s Birthday weekend so I gave him his birthday gifts and we had a date night just the two of us.


Dan and the nachos we shared for dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. I don’t know who came up with the idea for these but they were so good and would be even better at home…made with your own ingredients. Chips then three flavors. One: Pulled BBQ pork with nacho cheese and onions. The middle section was buffalo chicken nachos with boneless buffalo wings, blue cheese carrots and celery and the last part was regular nachos, chili, cheese and lettuce. They were good! If you read the blog you know I am not a pork fan, but pulled pork is becoming a quick favorite.

I also gave Dan his birthday gift in his Easter basket after all his bday was on Easter.


Please note Finny the photobombers foot to the left. Dan got white t’s, the new Justin Timberlake CD, the new Bio Shock game, gum, trail mix and the whole bottom of the basket is filled with reese’s and twix eggs.

Saturday I was up early not feeling well so I went to my 5k and watched my friends run before I had to head out to work.

This was the group, much larger than last years.

Lizzy Race

I am in the back to the left behind the lady in the yellow shirt, who is also our friend Lizzy’s mother. We run the race every year in memory of her and it is always great to see and catch up with my college friends!

IMG_3665 IMG_3666

There was a balloon release in memory of those who have passed and I was the official key holder for all my buddies racing :).

Then the race began and I had a lot of waiting to do. Since it isnt a big race there are not many spectators but I was okay because it was a beautiful day.

IMG_3667 IMG_3669

The male winner crossed n 21:00 which is amazing as this is a hilly course. Well it was amazing to me because I try not to train hills, but I think I will have to start after Baby K arrives!!!

The first person in our group (who I personally knew) to cross did so in 25 something, so not too shabby!

After that it was off to work where we were having an Easter Egg hunt, Pictures with the Easter Bunny and a Petting Zoo. 200 children showed up! By the time I got there that part was over but it was still super busy! I left work around 3:45pm (we close at 3) and Dan did not get out until after 4:30pm, people were really enjoying the nice weather.

Later Dan and I went and saw some friends at a near by motocross track that they keep up.


The bike in the background is a fullsize dirt bike and the one in the foreground is a minibike. Currently Dan has a mini bike like that one but is buying himself a late bday present and getting a dirt bike. I foresee a lot of time spent down here this summer. For those of you that read the blog and know I live in CT and don’t believe I live in a farm area I hope you do now, especially as you drive next to a farm plot to get to the track.

After that we went to dinner.

IMG_3674 IMG_3675

These are from the burger place that is about 2 minutes from our house! Buffalo Chicken with Sweet Potato fries for me and The 3 little pigs for Dan with steak fries. Dans burger was a pork, hot and sweet sausage and bacon patty with a fried egg and I think an onion bun. He really enjoyed it!

Later that night we met up with friends and had a great time celebrating Dan.

The next day was Easter….but that is for the next post.

Happy Easter & Happy Birthday Part II…..

31 Mar

If you read my blog you know this time of year I have a cluster of VIP birthdays and I blog about them. First was Grandma, coming up next week is Finny and My Brother Harry. BUT TODAY and Easter Sunday of all days it is the most important birthday, well to me anyway!

Let me get this out of the way before I get sappy!


You know I love me some HK, and I love all my readers. If you celebrate Easter have a wonderful day with family!

Now onto the birthday!!!

28 years ago a little boy was born who would change my life forever. Dan and I met in 2008 and fell in love. We were engaged in 2010, married in 2011, bought a house in 2012, and will now be parents in August 2013.

We have had so many adventures together and done new things.


Mexico 2012…were we were engaged 2 years before!


Our wedding September 24th 2011. The best and happiest day of my life so far!


Honeymoon in Jamaica! One of the most amazing vacations  have ever been on!!

We have so many more adventures coming up:

Hawaii in June FOR FREE  (thanks Scentsy)

Baby K is born in August

The new parent adventure begins.

Honestly there is no one else I would rather share my life with, we may annoy each other from time to time but you are my perfect match!

Enjoy your birthday and Easter, even though you are mad its on your Birthday this year it will still be a great day!

Happy Birthday to….

31 Mar


It’s March 30th and that can only mean one thing….the coolest lady in the world was born today! So Happy Birthday to my Grandma/Gma because she is the most fun grandma you could ever have.

A lot of people will tell you that their grandparents are their best friends and they maybe, but my Grandmother really is. I tell her things I don’t tell other people because I know she can keep a secret and because she will not judge me, she is always there to help and support you!

Since the time I was a little girl I have idolized her and she truly is one of my heroes and inspirations in everything I do. If there ever comes a time when I think I cannot do something, I say to myself what would Grandma do and then I find the strength or way to break through a mental block and get it done!

I mean look how cool she is:


Here she is looking cool in Mexico last May and bummed out that there wasn’t any of her favorite after dinner drink in the hotel room for the after dinner party we had. She is one fun Grandma!!!!

This December my Grandfather¬†has been gone for 13 years, I am impressed with Grandma’s strength because I don’t know if I could have done as well as she has after unexpectedly losing my husband.

So like I said my Grandma is a strong, fun lady who is the life of the party and everyone who meets her loves her. She will probably read this and make this face…


But thats okay because we all know I am her favorite anyway ;).

Happy 78th Birthday Grandma I hope it was amazing just like you!

A Different Kind Of Birthday Post…

5 Dec

(I pre-typed this post as well, you will know why when you read it so my workout from today will post tomorrow)

If you are a new reader you DON’T know that back when it was Dan’s, My Grandma and Harry’s (brother) birthdays I did special posts for them that celebrated their days. Well I did. But today is a different story. It is still someone’s birthday but someone who my family misses very much and is not here to celebrate the day with us.

My Grandfather, who I am named after passed away 12 years ago in December right after his birthday and the night of his birthday party. It was a very trying event as you would imagine, but harder on Harry and I as we were 15 and 13 respectively. It was also the first person who had died that we were really close to. Which is tough to handle as a kid.

He was the best guy, funny and silly, and ruthless with sports (probably why Harry and I love them and are so competitve). He would do inspections of our rooms after we cleaned them and made sure our beds were made correctly. (He lived next door and was one of our best friends, the other being Grandma of course). He also taught us how to count to ten and swear in Russian which I still think is cool to this day!

So today I celebrate my Grandfather in the best way possible!

Eating family dinner at Grandma’s with my Aunts, Harry, Mom, Dad, Dan and Finny!

Which is why this is a pre-post and not one written today. I would rather spend my time with family than worrying about negative splits, treadmills, logging everything I eat, etc. Thursday¬†¬†I will and I am sure while I am on the treadmill today I will as well. But when I am with our¬†family tonight we will be¬†happy and laughing and thinking about this handsome guy…

Grandpa and Grandma on their wedding day!



We love and miss you Grandpa and will never forget you!




Happy Birthday to….

22 Aug

ME! Today was my 27th birthday and it was a pretty good one!!!!

Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes and I appreciate you taking the time to read a post all about JUST ME.

This morning started off with a nice run!

I went 2.32 miles in 25 minutes! It was 6 am and I was exhausted so I give myself credit for running at all!!!

I was very happy with that performance and continued my day: WARNING I gave myself full reign to eat whatever I wanted today as it was my birthday and all.

Dan treated me to breakfast this morning….

A sausage mcmuffin may not be the healthiest breakfast but it was REALLY GOOD!!!

I came into work to find this on my desk from my co-worker and running buddy Krystle! Thanks for the Balloon, card and target gift card! :).

Dan got me new tires for my car for my birthday, while not the most exciting gift it was EASILY my favorite gift as I drive a 2011 Nissan Armada Platinum Edition…..google how much they cost and you will see why this was my favorite gift! It also means he truly loves me and wants to keep me safe!!!

Dan did also treat me to lunch today, and it was at Taco Bell….but I kept it pretty healthy and got the new cantina bowl with chicken. It was WONDERFUL! For a taco bell meal it really was so delicious!

A side of corn salsa and some chips made it even better! Dan got a crunchwrap supreme combo and was a happy Mr.

After that my long lost friend Lauren dropped by work. I cannot even remember the last time we hung out! She brought me this…

Chocolate Raspberry is pretty darn good! She had the other cupcake and it was a mini party!

She also brought me these…

oh hey me in the reflection of my car.

Then it was time to head home to pick up Finny and head to Grandma’s for family dinner/bday dinner celebrations!

And this is how you know your in Ellington, CT. You get held up when in a rush by a tractor…..UGH!

I finally got home and got to Grandmas!

Finny! How did you buy me a birthday card and get it in your harness ;).

After that we had the dinner I chose, grandmas panko breaded chicken, rice pilaf, and BROCCOLI!

YUM! Thats enough for me, what is everyone else going to do ?!?!?!

Also I have no aversion to posting terrible pictures of me on the internet!

Yes I am a broccoli eating champ! I could have just had a plate of that and been pretty happy. That chicken and rice was SO GOOD THOUGH! Thanks again grandma you outdid yourself yet again!

Finally my cake! It was a boston cream cake. Like a giant donut just a cake….delicious. Also if you dont like boston cream donuts it will be tough for us to remain friends but I will try hard :).

The writing gel G-ma bought was clear with rainbow coloring, however on a brown frosted cake it didnt come out too well….still the thought that counts. Colorful anything is a winner in my book!

So that was my bday! Thanks again everyone for the well wishes and it was a really great day! I cant say why yet but we have a lot of stuff coming up that will make 27 my best year ever!!!!

Happy Birthday to….

2 Jul

My Dad! Dad turns 55 today, thanks for being a really great dad and loving me even when I was a huge surprise when I was born, and in danger of not surviving since I was so small!

I was premature and my mother did not know she was pregnant when she had me. Its a long story and no shes not crazy NO ONE knew she was pregnant until I arrived!!

Thank always for being a great snuggle buddy and letting me get away with things Mom never would :).

These pictures are glaring because they were in an album….I know I was the cutest baby ever, but we need to move on!

Haha I dont even like beer!

So Happy Birthday again to my Daddy! And thank you for being the first guy I ever loved, and for teaching me what a good guy should be like! No wonder everyone says I married a guy just like my dad! I love you Daddy! Happy 55th birthday ūüôā

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