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Literally a post all about food!!!

28 Mar

Let me explain first, I have not been out of control eating or anything like that. Not that I don’t get the urge but I don’t do it. I have been really busy or feeling sick lately and so all the pictures I have taken have been of what I have been eating.


When back at work I am a big fan of Geisslers lunch selection. On Tuesday I did not eat dinner because I had this for lunch and man was it amazing!!! By the way Geisslers is a local grocery store. Turkey, Stuffing, Garlic and Herb potatoes and Veggies!!!

On Monday I had gone grocery shopping, I figured it was time as we were running low on basics and Dan has been eating A LOT more veggies in his life. Sorry to back track here. For dinner that night we had this masterpiece.


Veggie lovers bagged salad, (I always go for that kind since it has fresh green beans, cabbage, carrots and more already in there), PLUS you know a salad will be great when you add one enitre baby cucumber to your serving!!! Top with hot rotisserie chicken and parmesan ranch dressing….sometimes I am glad I get an extra 300 calories and get to eat yummy dressings I usually wouldn’t!

Also on my shopping trip I secured these yummies!



Pear yogurt is so amazing add pomegranate granola and an apple and you have a perfect parfait. I don’t know if I have mentioned this before but….Pears and Mangoes are my favorite fruits!!! (PS- I realize I always mention this).

Finally we come to last night…..FAMILY DINNER BIRTHDAY EDITION!!!

Last night we celebrated Aunt Tamarra’s, My Grandma’s and Dan’s Bdays. Aunt T’s bday was on St. Patrick’s Day and I already did a post for her, but check back Saturday and Sunday for super sappy posts dedicated to them!

So back to dinner. Grandma wanted Hotdogs and beans her favorite food is probably hotdogs! My Aunt Kim (not her birthday by the way) wanted tacos. GRANDMA HATES TACOS!!! But being the cool Grandma she is or G-MA as I call her she made both.


Sorry I had to bite the taco, it was calling my name and man was it delicious!!! Add a half hotdog, maple baked beans and fries PERFECTION!!!!!

For dessert we had red velvet cake from the Cake Boss….who knew they sold those in stores.


Please note the cut out of the cake, my Dad could not wait apparently. He announced to everyone after doing it that since he cut the cake no ones wish would come true! Good thing Dan and Grandmas Bday’s are on Easter Weekend and so we have another shot at making wishes come true!!!!

Saturday I have a race, not sure if I will be clear to run it or not as I have been feeling crappy but I will walk it or go an watch my buddies run it! Then we have Dan’s bday and Easter on Sunday!!

Enjoy your week!!!!!

Sunday Run and Happy Birthday To….

22 Jan

Sunday was a good day. Much better than Monday and Today which I spent pretty much all day in bed thanks morning sickness….I mean all day sickness. BUT LIKE I SAID BEFORE NOT COMPLAINING, just stating the facts!

Anyway Sunday was my day off, and I made plans and stuck to them! I started the day off right since I knew I would be running by eating the breakfast of champions.


This might be blasphemous to the gods of cereal, but I like these more than frosted mini wheats. I just do. Add some vanilla almond milk and your good to go.

Then I changed into the gift Dan brought me from Texas and got down to business.


What a nice shirt that is.

Not bad for not running in a while, and done while watching the Lorax on my Ipad. Yes I cried thanks hormones.


After my run I got ready to go out on a date with three special ladies, Grandma, my Aunt Kim and Aunt Tamarra. We were at grandmas house for around a half hour and this happened.


Action shot of her being annoyed with us all!

It was time to leave for our date we went to the movies to see Argo, it was a great movie! Also it was $5.00 for the movie, can’t beat that kind of deal.



After the movies it was time to switch families to bond with and head to my in-laws for my Father in Laws Bday dinner extravaganza.

Here is the birthday boy, (his shirt is Harley-Davidson and a gift from us).


Oh and my Mother in Law also. I am not sure if we had enough food for 6 people as this was 1 of two lasagnas made.

Everything was amazing, and I need the recipe for that sauce because I could drink it. No salad for me, because veggies are still a bother, but this was delicious. Drowning in sauce with homemade meatballs was key!


Also if you look at the picture of my FIL you will see blue in the bottom right corner, that was Dan’s items from childhood along with all his art projects. It was so cute to see it all. It was also the reason I made pizza for dinner tonight, it was fast, no veggies and every thing Dan wrote when he was young said pizza was his absolute favorite. Glad to make my husbands inner child happy!

I am going back to bed! Enjoy everyone.

Using up leftovers…the saga begins!

25 Nov

These events are from Saturday:

Workout 3.75 miles in 40 minutes… not too shabby! I ran before we went to Noelle’s Bday party (my sil and Dan’s Sister) More on that later.ย 

We not only had a lot of left overs from Thanksgiving but also from the days before and from what I purchased extra thinking I would need for the holiday but did not!

So after work Saturday I made a hearty lunch with some left over sausage. I was craving eggs so this seemed quick and easy.

Biscuits and gravy:

I cooked the sausage in the frying pan with a little flour and milk to get a cream gravy going (after the meat was browned of course) then added salt ย and pepper and place into a bowl. I then defrosted some biscuits and covered with scrambled eggs then gravy!

It was yummy and after some digesting I did my run.

After a cold run, (our basement was really cold for some reason and I did not get warm until mile 3), it was time for a shower. One most look good when attending a fancy and fun birthday party! Plus good hygiene is important.

So I put on my best dress and party shoes and we headed out.

Nude suede shoes with gold heels and black patent bows with gold spikes… Perfection!!!

When we arrived I had to visit my nephew who seemed pretty relaxed while in a very strange sleeping situation!

I had to pet him a bit after this and love him, he seemed lonely! He came down later and joined the party.

Then it was time for a picture with the birthday girl….

Those are some pretty good genes Dan and I’s future children are getting based off this picture!

BUT in classic Dan style since he took this, he also took 6 more the last of which was a classic give me the camera photo. Made better only by my SIL’s face!

I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday weekend!! Dan and I sure did and look forward to more Holidays with family and friends ๐Ÿ™‚

The best laid plans!

20 Aug

After my run find out how my day went from a run around work after it was over to a dog walk and treadmill run….. The best laid plans don’t work out! That’s why you need contingencies!!!

Update: I just finished my run and am happy with it even though I am dead tired! I know I tried my best and am staying motivated :).

My run ended up being 3.38 miles in 39 minutes for a pace of 11:32. I actually feel absolutely great about it! Especially when my plans fell apart today and instead of giving up, coming home and not running I stuck to my guns and got it done….that is the weirdest saying but works here!

So here is what I wanted to do….

Work until 5:30 and then run a new route I mapped out around where I work and would put me at 5.86 miles. I was so organized and everything! Yesterday I had washed all my gym clothes and was so pumped to have clean unsweaty sports bras and outfits that I could pair together for the ultimate in looking like a homeless fashion statement but somehow wearing $80.00 sneakers! (I keep getting complimented on my racing and training attire, so until that stops I will assume people love it and keep on rocking it.)

Todays Fashion Trend Setting Outfit!!!!

I love bright colors (obviously) but I also love safety and comfort, so these work great for visibility and just feeling and looking super sexy….HA HA!

Plus when paired with these bad boys you KNOW people are jealous of your style!

Oh yea! Teaching runners how to avoid getting hit by cars one technicolor outfit at a time!

So work ended I got all dressed, (my co-workers already know I am super weird so they didnt even ask why I had changed.) put on my Garmin and was just about to head out the door when the beep of death and despair sounded from my Garmin.

You know the noise, the one that tells you that you forgot to charge it and how much you suck for that. I decided I would rather not run the trail without it and by myself especially when my phone was also dying and I could not locate my mace this morning. Yes me+technology is an absolutely terrible combination and I currently have both things charging. (You know I dont and will possibly forget again.)

So I was discouraged but not defeated! I came home and first thing was to take Mr. Finny out for a walk!

He likes to think he is in charge and so walks in front of me but continuously turns around like UM COME ON, YOU ARE TOO SLOW!!!!!

I also like to take pictures of him and mess with him so he runs around like a maniac and gets tired. This is one of those times.

After that we came inside and he had dinner and a cookie, then it was time for me to hit the treadmill.

I get very bored with my usual Scenery from our treadmill and so I opened the curtains next to it so I could enjoy the beautiful day and our back yard!

When we eventually move from this house I will really miss the beauty of our yard and the peacefulness of the surrounding area!

The run turned out great even with tired legs and a tired mind and body! Nothing some stretching, food, relaxing, CHOCOLATE ALMOND MILK, and early bed time cannot fix!

Overall it was a great day even with the set back in my workout! Tomorrow I am working until 8pm so I will not be running the work course after work tomorrow either. BUT Wednesday is my Birthday and so I might have to take a long head clearing, mind freeing long run on a new trail to celebrate! (I will not be running 27 miles for the amount of years I have been alive, unlike the man who I met at a 5k who had run 40 for his 40th bday!) That guy is a badass!!!!

The 5 Birthday Celebration!!!!

4 Apr

Tonight’s family dinner was a special one. We celebrated 5 birthdays! I took today off from running due to that and being over tired because of my dear Finny keeping me up from 3:30 am- 6:00am! Anyway back to the birthdays! We celebrate my Aunt Tamarra’s March 17th, my Grandma’s March 30th, Daniel’s March 31st, my Little Brother Harry’s April 7th…and my LITTLE BOY FINNY WILL BE 5 TOMORROW! OMG I cannot believe 5 years has passed so quickly!

For dinner we had pork tenderloin….if you know me or have EVER read the blog you know I do not eat pork, so side dishes it was!

Bread, roasted cauliflower, asparagus, bernaise sauce, potaotes and a salad with french dressing (added after). YUM GO GRANDMA!


4 of the five cakes/pies we had the two cupcake cakes were beyond cute!

The last cake, and Finny’s Birthday card from my Aunt Kim!

THE FAMILY! My Aunt Tamarra in white, Mom behind her, My aunt Kim to her right, Uncle Bob, Dan, Grandma and my Brother Harry, Dad was next to me while I took the picture!

Then my dessert plate,

White cake with strawberries, chocolate cake with whipped cream frosting and banana split ice cream….glad I will be working that off in the AM!

A good night indeed and now I am off to bed, appointment with Jeff tomorrow at 6am, run with Krystle at 7am, then work!

Wrapping up the Bday Weekend and Back on a Diet

2 Apr

Last night was the last event in the string of Dan’s Birthday Events! We went to the In-Laws for dinner. It was the usual fun time with family and good food. Of course Sugar was there as well.

My poor little buddy with this little cyst near his eye :(. He is still very cute though!!!

We also had a great dinner! There were hamburgers and some green bean and potato salad thing but I did not have either of those.

French onion soup, homemade by my Mother in law, Cheddar Bratwurst and a really good salad that I had to add more salad to because the ranch dressing came out far too fast! It was very good, and after there was ice cream cake, but with all the bad eating I did at the party that was a no go for me!

Today was time to get back to healthy eating, we head to Mexico May 5th….I want to look nice in my bathing suit! I woke up at 9:30am and went to work out with Jeff…more on that during my training post later today. When I got back I was hungry but it was too late for breakfast so I made some lunch.

Salad with stir-fry veggies and romaine lettuce. Oatmeal bread with turkey, light cheese and some mustard in the panini press to keep it interesting! Nice day off…running and maybe some yoga later. Tonight we are headed to a work event for 6 where someone will win a motorcycle! I will post more about it tomorrow!

Going to post some questions, because I could use more comments:

What did you do this weekend?

What do you do to get back on track after a weekend of no exercising and failing off your diet wagon?

What is your next race/event?

Happy Birthday to….Part 1!

30 Mar

Happy Birthday to my Grandma Fran or Franianne as she is called. She is the greatest lady ever and my personal hero. Always has been always will be! My grandma taught me how to sew, bake, and partially how to cook, the other person as my mom. She inspired me through my childhood by telling me how she worked through the 50’s and 60’s and also got a credit card in her own name when the company informed her, my grandfather had to be on it also she said no and fought until she could have one without him! She also went back to work after having three kids and is an amazing Mother and Grandmother.

She married my grandfather in the 50’s and wore an amazing dress. I loved it so much that I had this dress designed for my reception to replicate it.

The top and waistline were designed to look like her dress and the bottom was the original bottom offered by the designer! I loved that dress, and wish I had a picture of my grandma in hers to compare it to!

I am pretty sure my grandmother was my first best friend, especially since my parents and I lived with my grandparents while their house was being built. My grandma is also super cool because:

  • She loves ACDC- Her favorite band
  • Her Cell Phone Ring is- Flo-rida Low….yes the apple bottom jeans boots with the fur song, she dances to it everytime it rings!
  • She has a cheese head and proudly wears it! Plus we support each other in football no matter what!

Sorry about the glare! For those of you who dont know or watch sports she is a Green Bay Packer Fan and I am a New York GIants Fan! See post HERE on playoffs together!


So in summary I love my grandmother very much and thank her for inspiring me to be a better woman and to be a strong woman who gets what I want and love my family…all while being super cool! I know you are jealous of how cool Grandma Fran is! ๐Ÿ™‚

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