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It’s a Celebration!

19 Jun

Happy 10 months to our baby boy! You have grown so much and are so AMAZING!


A one month old Camden!

10 months

10 month Camden!

Before he found and destroyed the 10 month sticker. He is such a good boy, even though he loves to crinkle paper!

Camdens Current Likes:

Wet Open Mouth Kisses

Chicken Nuggets

Mac and Cheese

Fruits and Veggies! (Especially green beans!)

Walking (pushing my walker or holding your hand)

Crawling like a maniac!

His Johnathan the Husky dog or Wubba Pooh


Daddy putting me to bed


Mommy putting me to bed (not gonna happen lady)




Camden is currently teething again, you know because 8 teeth arent enough, hes been SO UNHAPPY 😦

I was very happy to get cute pictures of him for his ten month birthday! And thats what happened today in our lives.

Camden says: Goodnight everyone. Or in his language baba, dada, mom, hi. Then he claps and laughs 🙂

The last day of Christmas and 1 year anniversary!!

4 Jan

Today is my 1 year anniversary of blogging. Food. Run. Fun. has certainly come a long way from where it began and I have become a much different runner. I went from running intervals and thinking a 5k was a challenge to about to be running my second half marathon in February, when I will be 4 months pregnant. I have come a long way for sure! Thanks again to everyone who follows my journey and supports this blog, you will never know how much I appreciate it.

Anyway lets get onto Christmas Day 2012, and the lat post about this holiday. It was a great day and just as busy as the 24th and Christmas Eve was. To read about those click the links.

Christmas Day was crazy for us, but a lot of fun. It was the day we exchanged gifts with each other. I got Dan two shirts from our job, because he loves them but wont buy them for himself so I usually do anyway. I really got them so he had something to open because his big gift was this!


This basket, is a basket of 12 dates. 1 for each month of the year and one that is prepaid. He opened January’s and we havent done it yet but they range from going out and doing adventures. going out to dinner, or staying home and doing something fun together. After I had started the basket I discovered I was pregnant so it was perfect timing to do things together we have wanted to do but may not have the chance to later.

As we go on the dates I will post each envelope and what we did for each one.

Dan got me everything I wanted for Christmas I was so happy! I wanted a running duffle for the Disney Race in February, it is bright has an area to put your shoes separate from your clothing and just al around rocks. It was on backorder on the website I found it on, but Dan hunted for it everywhere. Along with a pair of Snow boots I wanted from the same site.

Here is a picture of the bag, as it is no longer on the website. The boots you can follow the link to see, I got the black with the pink laces.


The bag is huge, this picture does not do it justice! I will have to get a better shot of it and me in action on the day of the race!

Dan also got me a Victoria’s Secret Box. I had asked him for new undies so I figured that’s what it was, but it was so much more. I got those but also two pairs of leggings, New York Giants Flip Flops and this, which made me cry…..yes I am a baby.


You do not even know how excited I am to use this! The baby will also have a giants jersey and a red sox t-shirt 🙂

After we opened presents it was off to my Grandmas to open stockings, then to Mom and Dads where I got this.


Yes this was in my stocking, Mom goes a bit overboard. This and my Dunkin Donuts Hot Chocolate K cups were my favorite stocking gifts from Mom and Dad.

After this it was off to the in-laws for the day where we told Noelle my SIL and her Boyfriend Eric that they would have a niece or nephew in 2013.

We got great gifts like a really awesome scarf my mother in law made me, picture soon. She also made me so sweet Hello Kitty PJ pants. the best part is they are big enough that they fit now and will for the next 9 months, can your say new favorite pants!!!!

Dan got his manly car cleaning and house supplies he wanted and a drill from his sister and Eric. Because she is also a runner my SIL gave me a really nice basket full of running gear, socks, Honey stinger waffles, cute knee high socks and a sweet pink running visor. I have been using the socks already and love them!

I think I have pictures but they are all pretty dark. So I will have to link back to this when I use the items then you can see them in action!

Then it was time for dinner. I think I am doomed (in a good way) to always be somewhere with either of my two Mom’s where there is far too much food, because they cook to feed armies.



I could probably eat that broccoli and a twice baked potato every day! They were that good!

After dinner Dan’s Aunt, Uncle and Cousins came we hung out with them for a bit and then went back to my Grandmas as usual to close out the holiday!

It was really the best Christmas Ever! We had such a great holiday giving everyone gifts we really thought out for them and to announce to everyone our news!

Using my computer skills….or lack there of!

11 Aug

Today I decided I wanted a new blog header….well I decided that a while ago! What I dreamed up was amazing…but I have an extreme lack of computer skills. You can see what I came up with above! Thanks to Gimp.org for the free download! I think it came out pretty well and is good enough for now! Tell me what you think in the comments, the finished product is above!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday! So far mine has been going well aside from this mishap from this morning!

I dont think this is how you use the Kureig at work but oh well I figured it out! I eventually got my coffee figured out, but am still exhausted!

Time for a run to shake out the cobwebs in my head!!!

Updates on weight loss, running and why I havent blogged in 2 days!

20 Apr

So I have not written a new post in 2 days! I hope you missed reading the blog just as much as I have missed writing it! I would have written more, but I have been so busy with working and getting ready for vacation! I also hope that you will be okay with no new posts from 5-5 to 5-12, while we are in Mexico!!!

I am so sorry to say this as well but I have not ran since SUNDAY! The week was not only busy but I was pretty sick. Thanks to my monthly visitor I have been really cramped and sick to my stomach. Smart move on my part for not running, because I know my body would be throwing a fit at me right now if I had. However that all changes in about 15 minutes when Krystle and I are going out for a run. I have felt so guilty the past couple days about not going, but realize its probably better I dont!

As for my weight loss, since starting my slow carb dieting and exercising last Monday I am down 6 pounds (as of my weigh in Thursday!) I am happy with that and plan to be down the 15 I wanted by May 5th when we leave for our trip! I have also been tanning which is always an adventure am i right?!?! In my case it seems like my face gets darker and darker and as you go down my body it gets less and less tan, ghost white legs and a tan face is always a sweet look right?

Well I am off on my run, look out for lots of posts this weekend highlighting the cool things I did that kept me too busy to blog!!!

Have a great Friday! What are your plans for tonight? We are probably doing our usual dinner and maybe the movies to see the lucky one!

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