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Wacky Fact Monday….

14 Jan

So I forgot to post Wednesday, well I didn’t forget more so I was just really sleepy when I got home from work and decided to rest and not blog.

Here is what happened Wednesday with some Wacky Facts thrown in there…

Wednesday I had got a really bad migraine at work and left around 2pm, I took a nap and woke up around 7pm so I headed to my Grandma’s for Family Dinner because it was my Uncle Bob’s Birthday.

Fact 1.) I have Two (my moms sisters) Aunts Kim and Tamarra who you have seen on the blog HERE with my Uncle Bob who is Tamarra’s Husband. Then I have one Uncle Paul who is my Dad’s Brother. We have a much smaller pool of Aunts and uncles than my Mom and Aunts had. My Grandma has 4 sisters and her. My Grandpa has 2 sisters, 4 brothers and himself. I can tell you right now I will NOT be having 5 or 7 Children so my grandkids will be having 1 aunt or uncle!

Back to the Birthday, each family dinner we get to ask for our favorite meal to be made and Grandma does, it is always delicious. Here is what Bob asked for.


Fact 2.) I don’t like meatloaf and I am not sure why as I like hamburger and I like all the “secret” ingredients she puts in there, but together it is just not enjoyable. So this is what I had.


Another mashed up chicken pot pie! It was really good, I was surprised as I made this one in the microwave.

Why does it take an hour to bake a Chicken Pot Pie but 7 minutes to microwave it and its almost the same taste?!?!?

After dinner we did the usual, watching tv and chatting. Then it was time to sing and have cake!


Can we just discuss how big that cake is! Tamarra had Bob cut it into 8 pieces so there would be no left overs but that resulted in HUGE pieces!


Some cake and some Cherry Vanilla Ice cream…all that together is right around the 300 extra calories I need a day right. 😉

It was good but I could not eat the whole piece.

Fact 3) My favorite kind of cake is ice cream cake or a close second is vanilla cake with chocolate frosting!

It was a fun night with family and after it was over we went home and I went right to bed! Happy Birthday Bob, hope you had a great dinner and a great day. Bob’s Birthday was the next day.



we have such a big family on just Mom’s side alone that our Christmas Eve gathering is over 100 people!


another one for me is Pork I dont know I like sausage and bacon, but a pork chop NEVER!


Dan’s friend John doesn’t like cake so one year I made him rice crispy treats and stuck candles in them.

Lets play catchup!!!

29 Nov

So I didn’t post Tuesday or Wednesday, so lets get to that first then get into why….here we go


This was a Jeff workout day and I was TIRED after my legs were wobbly and my arms were tired. So you know the squats and weights were effective!!! Because I have a race Sunday I took the day off from running to be prepped for race day!!! But the rest of the day was like this…

Breakfast was a bagel from a local place Dan and I love but I wouldnt have passed on one of these either…though it looks more like a dessert than a muffin.

Yes that says Red Velvet Chocolate Chip Muffins, but they look like cupcakes, and while we were waiting for our breakfast they were both purchased by other people….smart people 🙂

We also saw this and I had to agree and laugh..though in our house I LOVE FOOTBALL and am a crazy rabid fan!

And here is Dan modeling his awesome hat I got him for everyone!!!


On Wednesday we were off from work because my Great Uncle passed away and it was his funeral. This is why I did not post, between the wake Tuesday and the funeral and birthday Wednesday it was a busy and rough couple of days. My great Uncle was very close to us and was like another Grandfather so it was very hard, but glad to know he is finally not sick and at peace.  It was also my Sister in Laws actual Birthday so the following are all random items from those two events. With some exciting news at the end!

1.) Here are some old pictures from the collage my Aunt made for my Uncles wake:

This first picture is of my Cousin Stacy on top my Aunt Tamarra and Mom (please not her hair)  from left to right, and my Cousin Kathy on the bottom middle and my Aunt Kim on the end. I am not really sure but I think the Adult is my Aunt Evelyn though my Grandmother and her sisters look alike so….

This picture features from left to right Uncle Jackie, me in baby form, my Dad and the back of my Mom’s head. GO 80’s Hair!!

2.) I ate lots of yummy food yesterday, well I didnt eat everything pictured as my stomach would have exploded but I tried my hardest.

Not sure how, but this picture got put first, even though it should be second…oh well. This was the dinner last night for Noelle’s bday feast! The chicken is wonderful and her FAVORITE so it was not the first time I have had it and will not be the last. Those Karnolt children love their chicken!!! Chicken Parm is Dan’s Favorite.

This is the food my Mom prepared for the funeral. She is such a great cook and made enough food to feed 40 people in one night. I volunteered to help but she said she had it. I did end up having to share this plate with Dad as my “Head was bigger than my stomach” a quote from him, I know he meant eyes, its just funnier that way. 

Finally the birthday treats. Rum cake and Chocolate Vegan cake, which has graced the blog a few times! Plus a scoop of vanilla. I wish I could say that I did not eat all of this, but I did. Thank god I had a Jeff training session this morning!!!


Happy birthday party people! I really like the candles used on the cake! Oh yes, the man whose face I took a very close up of is my father in law.

And here is Dan enjoying his dessert with his “second wife” Cheryl. She is a pretty cool lady! I don’t mind her sharing Dan with me ;).

So overall it was a great night, Mom K took a picture of us, but I dont have it to post on the blog, so you will have to settle for my baby picture!

Finally the Exciting news!!! After a few months of selling and recruiting within my Scentsy Business I have EARNED THE VACATION THEY HAVE AS AN INCENTIVE!!! I will not know where we will be headed until later. The trip has different choices which you make based off of how many points you have! I am still very excited and so glad I joined Scentsy and work hard at it!!!

What our week consisted of, PART 2….

9 Oct

Im am posting this today because with my busy schedule of sleeping and taking medicine my days have looked like this.

Yes I did notice that aside from my white pill everything i have consumed today is the same color, also orange juice is my best friend!

Wednesday we had a great Family Dinner, perfect for fall!

Beef stew, salad and bread, plus my grandma and brother! It was a great dinner and as it was day 2 of the sickness fest I was so happy to have soup!!!! Sorry I know that has nothing to do with the weekend I just wanted to use this picture!!!

Back to the weekend which was more fun (then the past two days) and included different colored foods than yellow!

First I hung a new shower curtain purchased from Target….really love it! I really hate the gold shower pulls but I will need a new rod before I can get rid of those babies. But little changes make things look better!

Another little change for the better was Mr. Finny got a haircut!!

He is very cute!!!

Saturday night we had burritos and tortilla chips, my version of Moe’s if you havent been to Moe’s GO! It is better than Chipotle just throwing that out there, there is so much more variety!

Yes I was drinking orange juice in a champagne flute! I wanted to feel not sick!

They were yummy!!

After that our friends Ricky and Diana came over it was a fun night even though I felt like sleeping at 7pm!

Sunday I stayed in bed all day and decided I would go to the doctor monday! We all know how that went.

Sunday night though I did my wifely duty and cooked dinner. My friend Ashley had told me she makes a pasta dish for her family with white sauce and hamburger with pasta and some vegetables. I wanted to use peas we had corn so that was that. The white sauce is a low calorie alfredo recipe I devised myself. I will post the recipe tomorrow until now here is a picture. I mixed the corn in with mine Dan preferred his on the side.

I honestly believe this is the best food picture I have ever taken for this blog!!!!

For dessert we had mug cake. 3 tbsp cake mix (red velvet mixed with angel food) 2 tbsp Dark Chocolate almond milk a handful of white and dark chocolate chips. Microwave for 1 minute! Its a weight wachers recipe that I changed with the milk instead of water. It was good.

It was still a bit runny at the bottom I think because of the milk but good all the same!

I hope you had a good weekend as well! I cannot wait to run again also but i will wait until I am feeling a little better!

Happy Birthday to….

22 Aug

ME! Today was my 27th birthday and it was a pretty good one!!!!

Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes and I appreciate you taking the time to read a post all about JUST ME.

This morning started off with a nice run!

I went 2.32 miles in 25 minutes! It was 6 am and I was exhausted so I give myself credit for running at all!!!

I was very happy with that performance and continued my day: WARNING I gave myself full reign to eat whatever I wanted today as it was my birthday and all.

Dan treated me to breakfast this morning….

A sausage mcmuffin may not be the healthiest breakfast but it was REALLY GOOD!!!

I came into work to find this on my desk from my co-worker and running buddy Krystle! Thanks for the Balloon, card and target gift card! :).

Dan got me new tires for my car for my birthday, while not the most exciting gift it was EASILY my favorite gift as I drive a 2011 Nissan Armada Platinum Edition…..google how much they cost and you will see why this was my favorite gift! It also means he truly loves me and wants to keep me safe!!!

Dan did also treat me to lunch today, and it was at Taco Bell….but I kept it pretty healthy and got the new cantina bowl with chicken. It was WONDERFUL! For a taco bell meal it really was so delicious!

A side of corn salsa and some chips made it even better! Dan got a crunchwrap supreme combo and was a happy Mr.

After that my long lost friend Lauren dropped by work. I cannot even remember the last time we hung out! She brought me this…

Chocolate Raspberry is pretty darn good! She had the other cupcake and it was a mini party!

She also brought me these…

oh hey me in the reflection of my car.

Then it was time to head home to pick up Finny and head to Grandma’s for family dinner/bday dinner celebrations!

And this is how you know your in Ellington, CT. You get held up when in a rush by a tractor…..UGH!

I finally got home and got to Grandmas!

Finny! How did you buy me a birthday card and get it in your harness ;).

After that we had the dinner I chose, grandmas panko breaded chicken, rice pilaf, and BROCCOLI!

YUM! Thats enough for me, what is everyone else going to do ?!?!?!

Also I have no aversion to posting terrible pictures of me on the internet!

Yes I am a broccoli eating champ! I could have just had a plate of that and been pretty happy. That chicken and rice was SO GOOD THOUGH! Thanks again grandma you outdid yourself yet again!

Finally my cake! It was a boston cream cake. Like a giant donut just a cake….delicious. Also if you dont like boston cream donuts it will be tough for us to remain friends but I will try hard :).

The writing gel G-ma bought was clear with rainbow coloring, however on a brown frosted cake it didnt come out too well….still the thought that counts. Colorful anything is a winner in my book!

So that was my bday! Thanks again everyone for the well wishes and it was a really great day! I cant say why yet but we have a lot of stuff coming up that will make 27 my best year ever!!!!

No More Running for a while and Wedding Pictures

21 Jun

I have to cease running and working out for a bit……cue  up the sad violin music! I was diagnosed today with a chest and throat viral infection. So that means two days of resting…..this really puts a dent in my life plans. Since I got sick on Monday, this has ruined my entire week already and I am a sad lady. Oh well I will rest up and be back before you know it! The good thing is that we got our wedding photos today so here are some for you to glance at since this post is a wee bit boring. Be back soon my friends.


Yea we kind of love each other!

Me and my girls, Finny’s Girlfriend Joey is also there.

Pretty sure someone said something “smart” before this!

Me and My “little” brother.

Theres a little sampling for you since this post is so boring.

Here is something for all you foodies as well!

You better Believe that was red Velvet!

The 5 Birthday Celebration!!!!

4 Apr

Tonight’s family dinner was a special one. We celebrated 5 birthdays! I took today off from running due to that and being over tired because of my dear Finny keeping me up from 3:30 am- 6:00am! Anyway back to the birthdays! We celebrate my Aunt Tamarra’s March 17th, my Grandma’s March 30th, Daniel’s March 31st, my Little Brother Harry’s April 7th…and my LITTLE BOY FINNY WILL BE 5 TOMORROW! OMG I cannot believe 5 years has passed so quickly!

For dinner we had pork tenderloin….if you know me or have EVER read the blog you know I do not eat pork, so side dishes it was!

Bread, roasted cauliflower, asparagus, bernaise sauce, potaotes and a salad with french dressing (added after). YUM GO GRANDMA!


4 of the five cakes/pies we had the two cupcake cakes were beyond cute!

The last cake, and Finny’s Birthday card from my Aunt Kim!

THE FAMILY! My Aunt Tamarra in white, Mom behind her, My aunt Kim to her right, Uncle Bob, Dan, Grandma and my Brother Harry, Dad was next to me while I took the picture!

Then my dessert plate,

White cake with strawberries, chocolate cake with whipped cream frosting and banana split ice cream….glad I will be working that off in the AM!

A good night indeed and now I am off to bed, appointment with Jeff tomorrow at 6am, run with Krystle at 7am, then work!

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