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Wacky Fact Wednesday….

16 Jan

AKA my last night without Dan! I am so excited for tomorrow!!!!! Yes he doesn’t get in until after midnight but it is still one more sleep without him.

Anyway the Facts!!!

Part of the facts are all about Snow, and part all about food. Pretty good mix I say!

1.) Last night it snowed. There is something you must know…Finny HATES the snow. Because of that hatred this happened.


Yes that is my little boy peeing on our welcome mat. However I am pretty sure I would do the same if the snow was rubbing my belly and I just woke up and had to pee. I texted this to Dan with the caption apparently Finny is a honey badger. If you don’t know what I am referencing you need to watch the honey badger youtube video!

2.) In the food world I tried something amazing this morning for breakfast.


The apple juice was not it, but while we are talking about it is is amazing and the only thing I can currently drink that doesn’t have a weird after taste. Water is salty, oj and lemonade are super acidy like you just brushed your teeth then drank them. Apple juice however is heaven.

Anyway my breakfast, a French Toast Bagel with Cinnamon Cream Cheese. Probably the best creation ever! I love cinnamon raisin bagels but hate raisins so these bagels are the perfect thing for me!

3.) Without Dan here it was my duty to clean off my car. Good thing he got me these for Christmas. Warm and dry feet all day and the ability to jump in puddles, plus they look really good!


Really warm Argyle socks are also a must!

4.) Just let the picture tell you


I think I was craving soup today, who spends $11.00 on .69 cent cans of soup! CRAZY but DELICIOUS!!!!

5.) When I got home from work today our Driveway was plowed. I have no idea who did that! THANK YOU!!! Dad usually does if Dan can’t but when he got here it was done, and Dad wanted me to clarify to Dan that he did NOT do this!


6.) And finally it is Wednesday so it is Family dinner night, we had this!


Chicken, veggies and potatoes! MY top two cravings this pregnancy have been chicken and apples. WHAT a great day for that Apple Juice and Coq Au vin!!!! YUMMY!

Have an amazing Thursday everyone! I am going to start my day with training with Jeff…the first time in like three weeks, thanks Death Cold and Morning Sickness. I am really looking forward to that, then working AND THEN PICKING UP MY HUSBAND!!!

Wacky Fact Monday….

14 Jan

So I forgot to post Wednesday, well I didn’t forget more so I was just really sleepy when I got home from work and decided to rest and not blog.

Here is what happened Wednesday with some Wacky Facts thrown in there…

Wednesday I had got a really bad migraine at work and left around 2pm, I took a nap and woke up around 7pm so I headed to my Grandma’s for Family Dinner because it was my Uncle Bob’s Birthday.

Fact 1.) I have Two (my moms sisters) Aunts Kim and Tamarra who you have seen on the blog HERE with my Uncle Bob who is Tamarra’s Husband. Then I have one Uncle Paul who is my Dad’s Brother. We have a much smaller pool of Aunts and uncles than my Mom and Aunts had. My Grandma has 4 sisters and her. My Grandpa has 2 sisters, 4 brothers and himself. I can tell you right now I will NOT be having 5 or 7 Children so my grandkids will be having 1 aunt or uncle!

Back to the Birthday, each family dinner we get to ask for our favorite meal to be made and Grandma does, it is always delicious. Here is what Bob asked for.


Fact 2.) I don’t like meatloaf and I am not sure why as I like hamburger and I like all the “secret” ingredients she puts in there, but together it is just not enjoyable. So this is what I had.


Another mashed up chicken pot pie! It was really good, I was surprised as I made this one in the microwave.

Why does it take an hour to bake a Chicken Pot Pie but 7 minutes to microwave it and its almost the same taste?!?!?

After dinner we did the usual, watching tv and chatting. Then it was time to sing and have cake!


Can we just discuss how big that cake is! Tamarra had Bob cut it into 8 pieces so there would be no left overs but that resulted in HUGE pieces!


Some cake and some Cherry Vanilla Ice cream…all that together is right around the 300 extra calories I need a day right. 😉

It was good but I could not eat the whole piece.

Fact 3) My favorite kind of cake is ice cream cake or a close second is vanilla cake with chocolate frosting!

It was a fun night with family and after it was over we went home and I went right to bed! Happy Birthday Bob, hope you had a great dinner and a great day. Bob’s Birthday was the next day.



we have such a big family on just Mom’s side alone that our Christmas Eve gathering is over 100 people!


another one for me is Pork I dont know I like sausage and bacon, but a pork chop NEVER!


Dan’s friend John doesn’t like cake so one year I made him rice crispy treats and stuck candles in them.

Productive Day off…

7 Jan

Today I had the day off and set out some lofty goals to be productive. I wanted to clean the house, grocery shop, and run. Since I was feeling a bit better I thought I could do it all but I couldn’t. I did well and got most of it done, however the run did not happen.

The reason I didn’t run was because I think I over did the cleaning and cooking and running up and down stairs that by 3:30pm I needed a nap. But naps are good and I woke up from it still having a monsterous sore throat.

But here is what I did get done. Grocery Shopped then cooked. Pictures coming below in this post. Then I did laundry and changed our sheets, no more germy sheets! Is there anything better than new clean sheets, if you say no I don’t know what to do with you!

Today is New Meal Monday as usual, but there are a bunch of foods going on today. Here is the cooking from today. I bought a rotisserie chicken today and Dan says I never get all the chicken off so here is the proof that I did it!



I apologize if anyone is a vegetarian and this picture is gross to them but me being me I am so proud of myself. My first step was to peel off the skin. If I was eating it warm I would leave it on but since I made chicken salad with half the chicken and left the other half to put on top of garden salads, they ended up being refrigerated and I do not like when the skin gets that congealed fat in between it and the meat so it had to go.

I think I did a respectable job.

Here is the chicken salad I made….the usual chicken, celery, curry powder, garlic powder, and mayo.


This photo is pre-mayo and it came out great. But in order to be a successful cook one needs a great setup.

My cutting boards are at work and I cannot find what happened to them at the Christmas party so I used a baking sheet and of course needed some entertainment.


Using my slap chop to dice everything into teeny tiny pieces also didn’t hurt.

After all that work, I needed an afternoon snack, so Honey Nut Shredded Wheat Minis and Vanilla Almond Milk it was!


And finally dinner tonight was some pasta…yes there is a theme blander foods are the way to go for me currently and I am more than okay with that!


Lets play catchup!!!

29 Nov

So I didn’t post Tuesday or Wednesday, so lets get to that first then get into why….here we go


This was a Jeff workout day and I was TIRED after my legs were wobbly and my arms were tired. So you know the squats and weights were effective!!! Because I have a race Sunday I took the day off from running to be prepped for race day!!! But the rest of the day was like this…

Breakfast was a bagel from a local place Dan and I love but I wouldnt have passed on one of these either…though it looks more like a dessert than a muffin.

Yes that says Red Velvet Chocolate Chip Muffins, but they look like cupcakes, and while we were waiting for our breakfast they were both purchased by other people….smart people 🙂

We also saw this and I had to agree and laugh..though in our house I LOVE FOOTBALL and am a crazy rabid fan!

And here is Dan modeling his awesome hat I got him for everyone!!!


On Wednesday we were off from work because my Great Uncle passed away and it was his funeral. This is why I did not post, between the wake Tuesday and the funeral and birthday Wednesday it was a busy and rough couple of days. My great Uncle was very close to us and was like another Grandfather so it was very hard, but glad to know he is finally not sick and at peace.  It was also my Sister in Laws actual Birthday so the following are all random items from those two events. With some exciting news at the end!

1.) Here are some old pictures from the collage my Aunt made for my Uncles wake:

This first picture is of my Cousin Stacy on top my Aunt Tamarra and Mom (please not her hair)  from left to right, and my Cousin Kathy on the bottom middle and my Aunt Kim on the end. I am not really sure but I think the Adult is my Aunt Evelyn though my Grandmother and her sisters look alike so….

This picture features from left to right Uncle Jackie, me in baby form, my Dad and the back of my Mom’s head. GO 80’s Hair!!

2.) I ate lots of yummy food yesterday, well I didnt eat everything pictured as my stomach would have exploded but I tried my hardest.

Not sure how, but this picture got put first, even though it should be second…oh well. This was the dinner last night for Noelle’s bday feast! The chicken is wonderful and her FAVORITE so it was not the first time I have had it and will not be the last. Those Karnolt children love their chicken!!! Chicken Parm is Dan’s Favorite.

This is the food my Mom prepared for the funeral. She is such a great cook and made enough food to feed 40 people in one night. I volunteered to help but she said she had it. I did end up having to share this plate with Dad as my “Head was bigger than my stomach” a quote from him, I know he meant eyes, its just funnier that way. 

Finally the birthday treats. Rum cake and Chocolate Vegan cake, which has graced the blog a few times! Plus a scoop of vanilla. I wish I could say that I did not eat all of this, but I did. Thank god I had a Jeff training session this morning!!!


Happy birthday party people! I really like the candles used on the cake! Oh yes, the man whose face I took a very close up of is my father in law.

And here is Dan enjoying his dessert with his “second wife” Cheryl. She is a pretty cool lady! I don’t mind her sharing Dan with me ;).

So overall it was a great night, Mom K took a picture of us, but I dont have it to post on the blog, so you will have to settle for my baby picture!

Finally the Exciting news!!! After a few months of selling and recruiting within my Scentsy Business I have EARNED THE VACATION THEY HAVE AS AN INCENTIVE!!! I will not know where we will be headed until later. The trip has different choices which you make based off of how many points you have! I am still very excited and so glad I joined Scentsy and work hard at it!!!

Mini Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

3 Sep

On pintrest I found a recipe for mini chicken pot pies using bisquick. YUMMY and quick and easy! So here we go….


Rotisserie Chicken from a super market..makes it quicker




Mixed Froxen Veggies


Nail polish optional 😉 I probably should have moved that before the photo!


Heat chicken and veggies in a skillet until heated through, then add gravy and heat.

Next mix bisquick, eggs and milk until you get a runny yet thick consistency, then pour into muffin cups, I used large cups so we could eat one and be full….well I could at least!


Dont be unimpressed because the picture was blurry, I was performing an action and taking a photo, since I am a bad multitasker I am IMPRESSED!

Next fill the cups with the chicken mix, then cover with more bisquick, this photo below is before adding the bisquick covering.

Bake at 350* for 20-30 minutes. Or until whenever the bisquick rises a bit and turns golden brown.


The gravy runs out but there is still some in there and it keeps the muffins moist. Delicious!

I could not rotate the pictures on this post for some reason. It kept saying error so I decided to get the post out there so you can enjoy these little treats! They will be great for fall!!

Even the littlest family members enjoy it!

FINNY LOVED IT!!!! Please note the mess of dog food on his mat, he is a messy little boy but we love him 🙂

What are some of your fall favorite recipes?!?!?!


My Favorite Lunch!

15 Aug

It is around 6:15 am as I write this post. I have been up for almost 2 hours not feeling well. My body feels exhausted and every muscle hurts! My arms and legs feel tired and sore….great! Really helping my day progress I just know it. So I figured I could do a blog post since there is no chance of me going back to sleep!

Monday when I was off I had gone grocery shopping after our run and I made one of my favorite lunches ever!

I love Chicken Salad ALOT! But I hate buying canned chicken and using it because I think it has a really weird metallic-y taste. Tuna tastes the same way to me…but I also hate fish so that may be why I am so against the canned chicken. I am also lazy with making lunches. Dinners I will go all out and cook for hours, but lunch better be something quick.

Problem solved a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store did the job. (Our store carries 2 sizes so I got the smaller one, with only two of us it was enough for chicken salad and to make a casserole for dinner that night.

So here is how I make my chicken salad.

Had to move the chicken to this pan since it spilled all over my car and everything else…stupid cheap container it is sold in plus way too much juice in the bottom!

Ingredients: Chicken shredded up, mayo, celery, garlic powder, curry powder, walnuts…I use crasins too love them. However I thought I had some but I didnt. It was still pretty yummy!

I chop the celery and nuts up with my slap chop! It is not just a goofy infomercial it is also a useful tool!! Plus I love chopped walnuts the oils that are released when you chop them give off the great sweet but nutty flavor that works so well in this recipe!

All mixed up! So yummy….I dont measure anything in this recipe I just do it to taste. I know what I like and how much usually when it comes to spices so in my own recipes I never measure.

Finally assemble and eat! I use romaine lettuce leaves or make a cup with iceberg, but the iceberg was looking bad at the store so romaine it was!

I like to roll them or keep them open and have an example of both.

Filling and delicious and I still had enough chicken salad left over for a sandwich yesterday at work and then some!


What are your favorite quick lunches, or lazy short cuts to make quicker lunches?

I would really love some new ideas! 🙂

Day off Cooking….Skinny Chicken Parm

9 Jul

Today is my day off so that meant getting cooking and cleaning done! I try and take Saturday off as much as possible, but this weekend we are having a dunk tank at work and I have to take a turn in it, so no go this weekend!

Today’s dinner is a skinny chicken parm! It is Dan’s favorite meal ever, but so high in calories, and I also really didnt feel like frying chicken so here we go.

First I took 4 frozen chicken breast and baked them at 375* for 50 minutes. Next I cut them into bite size pieces and cut up 1 green pepper, would have loved two in there, but I had one so I made due!

 Next cook up some pasta…

This pasta traveled home with us from Mexico

I honestly would have loved to use some whole wheat, but Dan is not a fan. If you are I suggest using it to amp up the recipes healthy qualities!

After the pasta is done drain it in the sink…obviously! While the pasta is in the sink add some olive oil to the pan and mix the chicken and peppers together and cook for a little bit! Then add pasta to the pan mix well then cover with a sauce of your choice!

I would usually make my own sauce out of tomato sauce, paste and spices, but I was lazy so jarred it was!

Once all mixed place into your baking dish, cover with cut up cheese (I used mozzarella string cheese, less calories and bakes well!) Then sprinkle with some bread crumbs. Next heat oven to 350* and bake for 20 minutes! Good to go!

Before Baking

After Baking

4 years of awesomeness and a slimmed down Chili’s Style Salad!

1 Jul

Today is July 1st, happy July everyone. That also means it is Dan and my anniversary (dating not married). Four great years together and they get better an better every year! So how did we celebrate?!?!

We had a two day celebration of greatness!!!

Last night we went to Carrabas for dinner and had a great dinner!

First drinks, I had peach sangria, Dan a vodka cranberry.

All the pictures are pretty dark, as was the ambiance of the restaurant, but I didnt want to use the flash and ruin everyones time.

We both had Minestrone soup to start and of course this bread….

Any bread with dipping oil and herbs is wonderous!!

For dinner I had Chicken Cannelloni, spinach, chicken and cheese with marinara and cheese. YUMMY! Dan had chicken parm, pasta and lasagna, they had a combo plate.

There were two Cannelloni’s and I only ate one so it was wrapped up.

Someone wanted the pasta for themselves…..DAN!

Then it was time for the movies with our friends John and Nikki!

It was so funny, I suggest you see it! If you like family guy like us or even if you don’t this movie has a reference you will find hilarious!

This morning Dan had to work, so I just relaxed. I am finally starting to feel a little bit better. However the amount of sleep I have needed is insane! But back to today and tonight’s great dinner!

We had a bunch of corn from an event at work yesterday so we grilled it and it came out perfect.

We also ate Southwest Chicken Breasts Grilled as well.

So I made these great salads.

I always get salads at Chili’s, or I used to there are just TOO MANY CALORIES!

Romaine lettuce, green peppers, mexican cheese, garlic pepper crispy onions and chicken! The sauce is the taco bell sauce we bought of fathers day for our Taco Bar, it was all fabulous! Plus some corn on the cob. Now we will spend the rest of the day watching South Park on Netflix and then True Blood, a nice relaxing end to a great weekend!

Happy Anniversary again Dan, I love you a lot!

Heres a picture from our first halloween together (2008) with my best friend lindsey, Dan as Jesus and me as a witch!

And this is from our wedding….we kind of love each other!

I should be back to training tomorrow with a nice long run, as long as I continue the trend of feeling better!

Have a great Sunday!

Presidential Moms, Muddy Men and GREAT FOOD!

24 Jun

Wednesday I went to work and actually made it through the whole day! I mean I was exhausted and felt like I was hit by a truck, but I had a very important dinner to get to for a special person!

That night my Mom was sworn in as the President of the Willimantic Rotary Club.  We were all so proud of her!

But first this happened when I arrived home!

our yard

Our well, yea we had no water in the house from Sunday night until Wednesday night it was so nice to shower in our own house!

The culprits a Muddy Dad!

and….. Dan with a blow torch SCARY I went upstairs to get ready.

Then the dirty men got cleaned up and we headed to the BEAUTIFUL Bond Ballroom in Hartford to support Mom.

Then we had Dinner before she was officially sworn in.

Salad with Grapefruit…surprisingly good.

Dan had steak and I had chicken, both were good but my chicken was stuffed with mushrooms ICKY!

Finally Dessert

Then Mom was Sworn in and so Happy to have her picture taken, not really but…


Dad was happy for her also!

Finally I leave you with some pictures of Hartford, it was Beautiful that night.

The Capital Building.

Bushnell park, the Arch is where we ran our first race the Cupids Chase.

 HAVE A GREAT SUNDAY! I am going to attempt a treadmill walk or run….still pretty run down though.

The Laziest Post Ever…all food pictures and info!

31 May

So here are a bunch of pictures I took for the blog after vacation, that never quite made it in their own post, but are too good not to share!!!

Chicken Bacon and cheese with breadcrumbs, it was one of those new kraft things where the cheese and breadcrumbs are in the bag with seasonings and bacon and you shake raw chicken in there then bake them! SO good but I only had two chicken breasts so I had to devise a plan for the left overs! Also making an apperance French cut green beans, the best kind! And Julienned potatoes Au Gratin. YUMMMMYYY!!!

With the left over things I made this….

Low Calorie Whole Wheat Mac and cheese. Literally all that is in here is the left over cheese, bacon, crumb mixture, low fat milk and a block of Fat Free Cream cheese, no Flour, no butter! So creamy and great! I had it for lunch the next day, and that was whole wheat pasta BTW.

Last week I also started drinking my protein again. I was too lazy to put it in the blender at 10pm when this picture was taken so it was a bit chunky, thus I chugged it down and went to bed…LIKE A BOSS!

This was last weeks family dinner, I ate A LOT of hamburgers last week!!! This weeks family dinner picture will be inluded into tonights training post, but this is called the laziest post ever, so I havent even uploaded the pictures yet! Oh well.

Finally this….do you love Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cakes, but cannot finish an entire cake?!?!?! Well then meet the DQ cupcake, this thing was still too large for me to even attempt so I spilt it with Dan. More like I ate all that blue whipped cream and most of the chocolate crunchies. What can I say I love the best parts and he is a good sport about it :).

So I will post an actual interesting training post after I get home from work tonight at 8! Catch you all later!!!!!

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