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The last day of Christmas and 1 year anniversary!!

4 Jan

Today is my 1 year anniversary of blogging. Food. Run. Fun. has certainly come a long way from where it began and I have become a much different runner. I went from running intervals and thinking a 5k was a challenge to about to be running my second half marathon in February, when I will be 4 months pregnant. I have come a long way for sure! Thanks again to everyone who follows my journey and supports this blog, you will never know how much I appreciate it.

Anyway lets get onto Christmas Day 2012, and the lat post about this holiday. It was a great day and just as busy as the 24th and Christmas Eve was. To read about those click the links.

Christmas Day was crazy for us, but a lot of fun. It was the day we exchanged gifts with each other. I got Dan two shirts from our job, because he loves them but wont buy them for himself so I usually do anyway. I really got them so he had something to open because his big gift was this!


This basket, is a basket of 12 dates. 1 for each month of the year and one that is prepaid. He opened January’s and we havent done it yet but they range from going out and doing adventures. going out to dinner, or staying home and doing something fun together. After I had started the basket I discovered I was pregnant so it was perfect timing to do things together we have wanted to do but may not have the chance to later.

As we go on the dates I will post each envelope and what we did for each one.

Dan got me everything I wanted for Christmas I was so happy! I wanted a running duffle for the Disney Race in February, it is bright has an area to put your shoes separate from your clothing and just al around rocks. It was on backorder on the website I found it on, but Dan hunted for it everywhere. Along with a pair of Snow boots I wanted from the same site.

Here is a picture of the bag, as it is no longer on the website. The boots you can follow the link to see, I got the black with the pink laces.


The bag is huge, this picture does not do it justice! I will have to get a better shot of it and me in action on the day of the race!

Dan also got me a Victoria’s Secret Box. I had asked him for new undies so I figured that’s what it was, but it was so much more. I got those but also two pairs of leggings, New York Giants Flip Flops and this, which made me cry…..yes I am a baby.


You do not even know how excited I am to use this! The baby will also have a giants jersey and a red sox t-shirt 🙂

After we opened presents it was off to my Grandmas to open stockings, then to Mom and Dads where I got this.


Yes this was in my stocking, Mom goes a bit overboard. This and my Dunkin Donuts Hot Chocolate K cups were my favorite stocking gifts from Mom and Dad.

After this it was off to the in-laws for the day where we told Noelle my SIL and her Boyfriend Eric that they would have a niece or nephew in 2013.

We got great gifts like a really awesome scarf my mother in law made me, picture soon. She also made me so sweet Hello Kitty PJ pants. the best part is they are big enough that they fit now and will for the next 9 months, can your say new favorite pants!!!!

Dan got his manly car cleaning and house supplies he wanted and a drill from his sister and Eric. Because she is also a runner my SIL gave me a really nice basket full of running gear, socks, Honey stinger waffles, cute knee high socks and a sweet pink running visor. I have been using the socks already and love them!

I think I have pictures but they are all pretty dark. So I will have to link back to this when I use the items then you can see them in action!

Then it was time for dinner. I think I am doomed (in a good way) to always be somewhere with either of my two Mom’s where there is far too much food, because they cook to feed armies.



I could probably eat that broccoli and a twice baked potato every day! They were that good!

After dinner Dan’s Aunt, Uncle and Cousins came we hung out with them for a bit and then went back to my Grandmas as usual to close out the holiday!

It was really the best Christmas Ever! We had such a great holiday giving everyone gifts we really thought out for them and to announce to everyone our news!


Christmas 2012 part 2

1 Jan

This post is easier to write now that the news is out! Since I don’t have to think of a clever way to explain this…


Dan and I  picked up Grandma, who already knew the deal with the baby and the sick feeling. I am so lucky that I have the coolest Grandma who keeps a stock of White Cheddar Cheese its! Yum, and the perfect way to keep my tummy in check on the way to my cousins house for dinner.

The night started at 6:30pm when we made the drive to my cousins house. We had lasagna which was so good and had grab bag gifts for each other. I got a cool computer cleaner from my Grandma that I will have to post, I thought I had a picture…guess not!

We also hung out with my cousins dogs Braxton and Barney. They are cute and beagles like Mom and Dad’s dog Zoe.


Here is an action shot of Braxton ripping that toys arms off. She had a good night 🙂

Here is Barney smiling for the picture.


After we left their house we went to Mom and Dads for another family party which was very fun. We arrived there around 9:30 or 10:00 pm and left at around 2:15 am. I have no pictures of this since I was busy talking then napping for the last event of the night.

We then went to my Grandma’s to open gifts, yes at 2:15 am we went and opened presents. We all had matching PJ pants (my idea of course) but I forgot to get a picture of that. However I think this might make up for that!


My brother is really stylish I know you are jealous of that sweet outfit!

And finally the last picture of the night, one of my favorite gifts from the night and it was from Harry.


Oh there are my Pjs!

The boys had the ones you can see Harry wearing above and the girls had these that I am wearing, or the red plaid my aunt Kim has. They are all from Harley-Davidson.  I think we are looking pretty good for almost 3 am at this point.

Those shoes are so comfy and cool! I am glad to have got them from Harry and his gf Sabra. Thanks again guys :). In case you were wondering Dan and I gave Harry apple tv.

We got home around 3:30 am and my sore throat had begun. It was gone the next morning so I thought it was because I was up too late, boy was I wrong!

TO BE CONTINUED IN PART 3 the final Christmas Post.

Christmas 2012 part 1 of ?

26 Dec

Merry BELATED Christmas everyone! I hope you all and your families had a very happy holiday! We sure did, and I am going to tell you all about it, but it’s going to take a few posts!

Anywho….Today’s workout was a half mile treadmill warmup and then an hour of circuit training with my trainer. Luckily today was my day off so I didn’t have to go until 8:30 am instead of 6 am….I know I am lucky! 

Now back to the good stuff CHRISTMAS!!!!

Christmas Eve was an especially long night for us! The day started at 7:00 am when we got up for work and ended at 3:30 am on Christmas Day….so yea it was LONG!

But I have to back up to the 23rd, when we went to my parents house and Dan, Dad and I helped Mom cook a tone of food for our work Christmas Eve party and The one Mom was holding at her house for family.

I was in charge of chopping veggies because that is the job I wanted and was lucky to get it….no onions though because they hurt my eyes!

IMG_3072 IMG_3073

Im pretty much a professional veggie chopper, especially when Mom had such nice Wolfgang Puck Knives!!

Dad was on Ham cutting duty, a job I do not envy because I really dislike ham!


Behind Dad, you can see more food that needed to be made!

Dan because he loves me so much, and because he really does make up for any weakness I have (killing all the spiders for me), was on onion duty, among other things! But its okay because later I cut up a bunch of olives…Dan doesn’t like those!


Here is Dan because I think he is pretty cute…and incase you were curious as to what chopping onions looked like :).

After all the cooking Dan and I returned home and wrapped our presents to give to everyone! It was a great Holiday and we really spoiled everyone…but they deserved it :).


We did not have a tree this year, which I was sad about because its in the crawl space and I love to decorate, but we just ran out of time with everything we had going on. It’s okay though because next year we are going all out and doing lights on the house and all!!!

So NOW it was Christmas Eve and we headed to work from 8:30- 3pm. Then we went back to Mom’s and helped put the finishing touches on her house for her Christmas Eve Party!

Then we came home and got ready. I was smart and did my hair, makeup and wore the clothes I planned on wearing that night to work. But Dan had to shower and change. After that we headed out for the night….


Ramblings, because I can finally post!

22 Dec

You may have noticed I took a lot of days of from posting. I would like to thank my computer for that! This thing is old and crappy but I don’t want to buy a new Mac Book. I do realize that much like my Iphone the updates probably only slow the old ones down so you have to buy a new one. Or at least something is up with this thing. I have had the pleasure of going to post for two days and the wait icon spins and spins and nothing…..oh well its working now RANT OVER!

So what has been going on in my life lets see…

Last Sunday we had Levesque Christmas with my Memere and Papa John (my step grandfather). Why yes there are 3 pictures of her cat and a picture of the food we ate! THe first is Memere and Dad and Pugsly. I think Dad loves to mess with cats and this cat while cute HATES everyone, except Memere. (And sometimes Papa John)

IMG_3031 IMG_3033 IMG_3039 IMG_3035

The food was delicious! My favorites were the mini tacos and the egg and corned beef hash casserole bottom….DELICIOUS!!

Wednesday we went to Mom and Dad’s to help them set up for Christmas Eve, we have a very large family which means over 100 people come to my parents house on Christmas Eve. (It switches off between family members who will host it.)

We did not go t Wednesday dinner at Grandma Krechko’s because she and my Aunts were finishing Christmas Shopping!

Anyway this is how Mom decorates her house….yes she is Martha Stewart.

IMG_3050 IMG_3051 IMG_3052

The first picture is of the Christmas tree above her Garage. Then we have a close up of her mantle and then a panoramic of it.

Moments after we arrived, My Dad threw out his back, but he does have a machine that helps his muscles so then he was doing great and leaving projects around in areas Mom had just cleaned…she was thrilled!

IMG_3056 IMG_3059

Also my bff frm high school was there too being a princess and demanding treats! Zoe is to cute not to give them to though, she is also pretty old so she should get whatever she wants anyway!

Then it was Thursday. I treated myself to an Iced Tea from Starbucks, which the lady in front of me had paid for. No one was behind me to return the favor to, but it was nice to see people are happy and in a holiday mood!

I also got a haircut….


I probably should have put on makeup but that seemed like a lot of effort just to show you my hair!!!

So that is what you missed in my super awesome life, there was treadmill workouts in there and a Jeff Workout yesterday morning but Friday is for another post!

Until next time friends!

Busy Busy…..

8 Dec

Today was my first day off since I dont really remember when. I have been BUSY lately and let the blog go a bit. I also have not been running! You see Wednesday afternoon I got a BIG Scentsy ordered delivered to my house, and was running to get the last box. I tripped over a paver that lines the side of our sidewalk and sticks up and when I landed crumpled down right on top of my ankle so I have been resting it. Not to mention my back has been pretty sore also. But we can discuss that more in a bit. For now I will take the time to update my Days of Christmas list!

Day 5 is where we left off and if you saw my post for December 5th about my Grandfather, you know Dan gave me love, support and a shoulder to cry on. It ended up being a great night with Family. Here is what Grandma made, and even a picture of her as well.

IMG_2961 IMG_2962

Yum, what a great job!!!

Something else you should know about my family…THEY LOVE CHRISTMAS TIME!  I was so excited to go to my Grandmas for dinner to see the lights!

Here is Grandma’s house:


And this is my Cousins house, he goes crazy every year…


Sorry its so blurry, but you get the picture!!

December 6th was our ladies night event at work! We had a vendor fair…

Dan’s Gift to me was helping me load and unload my car of all the Scentsy and Grace Adele products. Which was such a help with my very sore back!!!  We had three Scentsy consultants there, one for each brand and it was great to spend time with the girls!!


This is more of a picture of all the vendors but you can still see our items in front 🙂

December 7th: Yesterdays gift to me from Dan, was a really great day!

I had to run errands for work and Friday is his day off, so Dan took me to lunch.



Later in the day when I had gone back to work I wasnt feeling well, (I barely ate my lunch) so Mom let me go home to rest. When I got home Dan was in the garage listening to music, the Darkness “I believe in a thing called love” was on so he danced with me a bit in the garage it was funny and something I did not expect especially since the door was open, and he is not into PDA.

So that was the past couple days, today December 8th we barely saw each other.  I was at a fair by the time Dan was out of work, and by the time I was home he was at a concert. Today’s gift he gave me actually has nothing to do with me. When Dan is happy I am happy, and I KNOW he is happy!

At the concert he got to meet his favorite band Memphis Mayfire!


These days of Christmas have been great so far and I am looking forward to what each new one brings, it really helps me to notice and find joy in the little things we do together and small things that can change my whole day!!!

What have you been doing to prepare for the Holidays?

Have you been noticing the nice things other people have been doing for you?

The 4th Day of Christmas

5 Dec

Today’s Workout: As of the time this posts I will be running outside if not too dark or in the basement owning the treadmill!!

Last night before bed I really wanted hot chocolate. We do not have any hot chocolate, we do have nutella. So before bed I took one spoonful of nutella and placed it in the bottom of the mug, then let the KREUIG water run over it. Stir with a spoon an viola. THE BEST HOT CHOCOLATE YOU WILL HAVE! You could add milk I did not because I dont like it in hot chocolate.

This is what Dan gave me for the 4th day of Christmas….

Oh wait first I should say Mom got me this gorgeous ring from a man she is in the Rotary with.


Its a nice globe ring with flowers and Swarovski crystals GORGEOUS!

When I showed Dan this is what happened. Dan said the ring looked like a helmet and procceded to place it on his finger like a helmet and then got creative. Leading to my 4th and daily gift within our Marriage, the gift of LAUGHTER!


It looks like a blinged out Toad from Super Mario Brothers! Made my whole work day better and more fun instantly.

Right now it is 10:49pm and Dan and I are watching Son’s of Anarchy’s finale.

Are there any other good shows we should get into via netflix or cable? We are always looking for a good series to start up when we finish one.

Please leave suggestions in the comments below!!!

Mitten Run 5k!

2 Dec

So this is it! The end of my 2012 (and very first) racing season! It started much like it began, running in cold weather in underarmor, this time through the streets of West Hartford and not Hartford. It ended much differently than my first race as well.

The Race:

They said get there early and we did around 9:30 am the race had a 10:30 am start. We headed over to the pre-registration line which was giant and easily over an hour wait! The girls in front of us noticed a second line starting and we followed them! We got my bib and t-shirt in around 5 minutes awesome, since it was so cold!!!! The problem was they wanted everyone to line up in one line then had a lady telling everyone which line was open. This just made everything slower, as much smaller  and larger races of theirs I have done had multiple lines and a dedicated person checking you in. If they had done that it would have gone a lot smoother/quicker.

I wanted to wear my underarmor so I did but I also wore shorts and a t-shirt over them a I refuse to wear running tights without pants over them, a bit too showy for my taste plus I don’t have the figure for that! So I did I also wore a knitted headband with a giant flower…because I am cool like that!

I wore my team Karnolt Shirt as it is green (hello Christmas themed race) and the same accent color as my shoes.


This morning I also made the key decision to wear my tights like I wear my leggings and pull them over my heel into my sneaker…no ridding up= More Warmth!!!


Why yes this was my Mizuno’s Christening into racing! It went well with only a bit of foot soreness when I finished but I will elaborate on that in a moment


I loved the snowmen starting line! So CUTE!!


I sneakily took this picture and was very envious of these peoples outfits! Bet they were super warm the entire race!

As you can see by the snowmen starting line picture it was soon 10:20 and due to the long lines the race was delayed by 15 minutes, so it began at 10:45.

Is this picture me being annoyed with the late start time orrrrr super tired due to our work Christmas Party being last night? You decide!


Honestly I think it was because I was so tired and so cold. I do have to thank Dan immensely for attending the race to watch me and be the best photographer!!!

So the race started late I heard the gun go off and cued up my favorite running CD. This might be weird but it is Christina Aguilera’s new cd Lotus and is AMAZING the faster songs are all self impowering and thus made me feel like a super star runner. Also the reason I finished the first mile in 9 minutes. Army of me (a song) is an absolute miracle worker for your confidence in yourself.

If you are a reader of the blog you know that is FAST for me. I was really winded and took a walk break knowing I had made a rookie mistake! But I compsed myself after a 1:30 break and decided I was going to use this race for what I set out for it to be. A speed building interval run.

Running 3:1 intervals- 3 minutes full out sprinting and then 1 minute to recovery walk worked wonders! I was running pretty quickly and able to burn up any and all time lost when walking. The best part of the whole race was we were almost at the third mile and I was finishing up a walk break. I had pushed myself hard through the cold and knew I was breathing hard. A girl ran by me and said your doing great you got this. It was just what I needed going back into my run to end the race. It is also the reason I really love racing. I am not fast and I will never win BUT people are so encouraging and everyone is glad to see and meet other runners!!!

The course was hilly and luckily the end of the race was a downhill followed by a turn to the finish. On the downhill my lungs were on fire and I wanted to stop, I had completely tunned out the music that was blaring from my headphones and was now in an all out sprint to the finish. One other guy was doing the same, I beat him and I high fived Santa!!! It all felt good, followed immedietly by the feeling of I might vomit but I didnt it was great!!! Dan was there right in front at the finish to get pictures and I love him so much for that as he is not a fan of crowds and with 2500 people at the race there was CROWDS!

Here are a few pictures and my final thoughts:


Almost done!

IMG_2926Going to high five santa, even though I look super intense I was so excited and thought I was really cool!


AND DONE!!! Honestly I was so excited to be finished as you can probably tell from the highness of my sneakers off the ground. Clearly proper form is right up there on my list of priorities!


My first race a 5k my goal was to beat 45:00 and I did coming in at 36:26 I honestly would not have done as well if Dan wasnt there to push me I was ready to give up and thought you suck, you shouldn’t run. Looking ahead to now. My offical time today was somewhere around 35:28 as Dan had taken a clock picture as well, but my garmin time (started as I crossed the start line) was 35:00. Maybe its not a huge imporvement over that February race but it is something. I had little hope for this race as I had been running whenever I had time and my workouts were not to my approval most of the time. BUT 35:00 is only .24 slower than my PR at that distance! 24 SECONDS IS nothing so I know I am making progress!!!

2012 Race Season also held my first Half Marathon! It made me realize I am a much better runner than I thought and have the power to do whatever I set my mind to. It also made me fall in love with distance running. Running long distances is easier FOR ME than full out sprinting for 3.1 miles!

Who knows what 2013 will hold!?!


Thank you for all of your support this race season and for reading my blog and being interested in my journey to become more fit and a better runner!!!!

PS- the race collected hats and mittens for the community so I donated some as well!!!

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