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A little random Saturday Action!!!

19 Jan

So this post is a random photo dump of events that do not really intertwine with each other but happened to me Friday and Saturday that I thought were noteworthy!

Today I worked until around 3:30 and now I am sharing events with you. Not sure what we are doing tonight but I like when things are surprising. One such thing I did NOT enjoy was coming home to this today…


When we got home today our outer front door was propped open and we weren’t sure why. Turns out the wind took it and broke the door frame…awesome! I am now listening to the sounds of Dan trying to fix it, although he did a bit excitedly tell me we have to take a trip to home depot….he loves it there.

In happier news.

A customer brought me these yesterday at work for the baby. I thought that was really sweet of her and they are so happy and pretty.


Also yesterday I had one of my cravings….my cravings are mostly for juices, this is always my go to!


Why yes that is a large orange hi-c from Mcdonalds…..mornings are not a time for food for me these past few days and so things of this nature get me through!


This picture is of a gas pump…why you ask because it was beyond confusing!!! I must have hit every button on this thing, the screen which you cannot see says receipt yes/no in the middle of the screen not near those grey buttons, since thats where they would be common sense wise. There is no yes or no buttons so I hit enter and clear and help and cancel and all the grey buttons on the side….still asking me. After two minutes it said thank you and cleared the screen. Talk about frustrating, if you see the buttons please tell me because I could not for the life of me!

Finally to end the post the funniest picture I have seen in a long time to make everyone happy for the weekend!


Enjoy your weekend everyone!!!!

Tomorrows post will be all about running :).

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