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What I did last night and a super cute dog!!

24 Apr

There will be a running post around the time I am watching biggest loser, if you are waiting for that feel free to skip this post!


Those two pictures are of the orders from my Launch Party for Scentsy. So naturally from the time I got home last night (5:30pm) until 11:30pm I was packaging these babies into gift bags for my customers! 🙂

If you think you have the best UPS man ever you would be wrong, because I totally do! Not only did he stack all 7 boxes into the railing of our porch, so they wouldn’t fall over he also covered them with plastic and this cardboard Target box from our Recycling bin, so that they did not get downpoured on! What a sweet guy!

So today I brought some of them to work and handed them out to those who ordered I was so excited and they were happy to get their products!

Also today at work Erika who we work with brought in her dog Harley! He is so tiny and cute. This is him and Marc hanging out at work!

So all in all a busy night and prevented me from running. Thank god I had trained in the morning. More on that in tonight’s post. Along with a diet update and food pictures….which I know is the reason most of you read this!


Thursday and Friday, Parties, Running and Dates with Dan

21 Apr

So Thursday Night I did not run or post since after work Mom, Marc (our general manager) and I went to this…

This is the Wadsworth Atheneum, a museum in Hartford and also the loactaion of the Hartford Advocate’s  (a local magazine) best of reception! Our dealership was voted Best Motorcycle Dealership in Connecticut by their readers! It was such a great experience and honor for the family! You can read the article here! Warning my Dad and brother look crazy in the picture, and Mom did not want to be in it! Also I only go by Alexandra Levesque-Karnolt for business reasons! The reception was cool and we got free toothbrushes from the best dentist!

Friday brought a WRAP Luncheon for Mom and I. Women Raising Awareness Through Philanthropy, it was in support of the Channel 3 kids camp and a moving experience. The speakers were people who had lost their children (and wife) in violent acts by terrible people. It really made you appreciate your life and awareness for childrens safety!

It was a very nice event and there was really good food!

 The salad had candied pecans and strawberries! What a good cheat day this was! 🙂

After work (yes I did work yesterday as well) Krystle and I ran for the first time all week. Yes it took 40 minutes to go 2.75 miles because i was worn down from being sick, taking the time off and it being hot, but it was worth it! I felt great to be back at it!

Finally Dan and I went on a dinner and movie date last night and it was wonderful, we are off on another right now (date not movie)! Have a great weekend everyone!!!

The lazy blogger and My Scentsy Launch Party

14 Apr

So let me start the post by saying I have not ran in 2 days…but it was due to having no time more so than no desire and for good reason! I had Mother Daughter Dinner last night with my Mother and Sister in law and my MIL’s best friend Cheryl and her step daughters, daughters, and their children. It was a lovely time! This is the dinner we had!

Yummy! Good times indeed!

This morning this happened…

I know you wish you had to scramble this many eggs to serve t a bunch of customers at your job right when you get up! I was so happy to do it….not even sarcastic!

I also want to fill you in on the fact that I have not run since Wednesday, more so due to a time crunch than anything. I will probably not run today either because of the race tomorrow morning, and because I have been having a bit of tummy issues today…ICK!

Tomorrow after the race is my Scentsy Launch Party for my side business. I started doing Scentsy because as Newly Weds we are trying to save more money for Kids and a House, while paying down our current debts! I picked Scentsy because it is such an amazing company with great products that are so good they practically sell themselves! I will be making some samples tonight and having the party tomorrow at 2pm at my Parents house. If anyone wants to come they can email me at alevesque.tsi@snet.net for directions, or you can check out my website. https://alexandrak.scentsy.us

You can place an order for my launch on the website, you can also book parties or sign up to become a consultant yourself! It is something to look into! Plus starting May 1st they will also be offering Fondue warmers and Belgian Chocolate….pretty sweet combo!

I hope everyone has a really nice weekend!

Running, eating and other fun things….

12 Apr

Yesterday after work I went for a run with Krystle, I was still a bit sick from Tuesday so I wanted to go slow. We went 1.79 miles in 23 minutes. Not the best, but pretty darn good for not feeling my best! Then it was time to head to Grandma’s for family dinner where I had this….

She made everyone else breaded chicken, but because of my diet there were no breadcrumbs in sight! Plus some black beans and mixed veggies…it was great! I tried to pick around the corn but still got some! It was so good and i feel special that my grandma makes me special foods!

As for todays eating, for lunch I had ground chicken cooked with garlic, cumin, and some chili powder. I also cooked it with black beans and topped it over romaine lettuce and cucumbers then added salsa. Clearly everyone knows what that looks like so no picture. As for breakfast I made this….

I set out to make a version of a chicken-chorizo no potato hash, but didnt have zucchini. Plus I improvised a bit.

This is the finished product, here is how I got there.

Step 1: Take Chorizo and Chicken Jalapeno Sausage and fry up in NO OIL!

Step 2: Take cut up peppers and onions and fry in the same pan without the meat.

Step 3: Add some jarred minced Garlic and some of the sauce and the meat!

Then you get to the finished product! Happy eating! I am off to run then enjoy dinner with some co-workers!

Alex’s 30 Day Challenge!

6 Apr

It was so good that as I was rating it I decided this was always the right and better choice!

For Dinner I made this…..

There is two servings in the bag and 370 calories per serving. However there is high sodium, so to combat this I added more water and some Mrs. Dash, since there is no sodium in there. I also added a full bag of broccoli. Once this was all added I have enough for 4 servings and it does not taste watered down at all!

Now it is time to do some cleaning, some treadmill running and then sleep. I a have a very busy work day ahead of me tomorrow, a date with the EASTER BUNNY, and of course being the DD for my brother’s Birthday Extravaganza!!!!!! HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND EVERYONE!

Wrapping up the Bday Weekend and Back on a Diet

2 Apr

Last night was the last event in the string of Dan’s Birthday Events! We went to the In-Laws for dinner. It was the usual fun time with family and good food. Of course Sugar was there as well.

My poor little buddy with this little cyst near his eye :(. He is still very cute though!!!

We also had a great dinner! There were hamburgers and some green bean and potato salad thing but I did not have either of those.

French onion soup, homemade by my Mother in law, Cheddar Bratwurst and a really good salad that I had to add more salad to because the ranch dressing came out far too fast! It was very good, and after there was ice cream cake, but with all the bad eating I did at the party that was a no go for me!

Today was time to get back to healthy eating, we head to Mexico May 5th….I want to look nice in my bathing suit! I woke up at 9:30am and went to work out with Jeff…more on that during my training post later today. When I got back I was hungry but it was too late for breakfast so I made some lunch.

Salad with stir-fry veggies and romaine lettuce. Oatmeal bread with turkey, light cheese and some mustard in the panini press to keep it interesting! Nice day off…running and maybe some yoga later. Tonight we are headed to a work event for 6 where someone will win a motorcycle! I will post more about it tomorrow!

Going to post some questions, because I could use more comments:

What did you do this weekend?

What do you do to get back on track after a weekend of no exercising and failing off your diet wagon?

What is your next race/event?

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