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An exciting day!!!

3 Apr

Well the end of it was, the beginning was awful. I felt terrible and exhausted this morning and thus had to drag myself out of bed and to work today.  As the day went on and I got more busy I noticed it less and less. By the time I got home I had got a second wind.

It probably also helped that I wore a very summery dress and that put me in a happier mood.

After work when I went to the mailbox I was so happy to see this!!!


Yes I did cover my address with my very pretty finger/nail polish. What was in the box?!?!


I received this item from and their perks program. I was so excited that I qualified for this perk and cannot wait to use and review it. Has anyone tried the wireless MP3 walkman before? It is much different than the one I had back in the day (1996). I cannot wait to run (mostly walk with Baby K that is.) and then review this item. If you want some cool freebies check out their site and add me as an influencer I will add you back (Alexandra Karnolt) incase you didnt already know that. I qualified for this due to my scores in health and running! The real perk is if these things made you as fast as Meb is ;).

After that is it was time for some family dinner action at Grandmas.


Lasagna and salad PERFECTION!!!!

After that we all watched some TV and then it was 9pm so I was of course exhausted!!

Dan and I headed home and since we had cleaned out the Nursery last night he decided it was time to paint. We also got Finny in there to hang out, we are pretty sure it was his first time going in there, and we will eventually get him a bed just for that room as he will certainly have a new best friend to snuggle and watch out for!

I had to get a before shot, this picture doesnt do this awful color justice but it is like an electric navy blue and AWFUL! After pictures will go up when the crib and dresser are in.


Im not sure what is in that tote and the dresser is some of Dans things but that will be going into the hall. The white spots are spackle these walls were BEAT UP! Baby K is pretty lucky to have a house with central air AND a ceiling fan, I did not have that as a baby/young child!!!!

So that was my day. Not too interesting but give me a break I have felt terrible but I made the best of it because in the end it is all worth it for our little baby!!!!


Iphone photo drop and why my Aunt Kim will be proud of Me!

8 Feb

My Aunt Kim is a cool lady! She has done some pretty cool things in her life. She is also one of my heroes for doing something I would NEVER have had the courage to do when I was 18. She left her home and went into the Navy. She lived in California for a while and then was stationed in Italy! She is really cool, she plays video games with us, and is up on most of the latest trends.


Me, my Aunt Tamarra, Uncle Bob and Aunt Kim at the Color Me Rad Race!

I am pretty glad they all did it with me!

So when I found this recipe in Family Circle (whoever started sending that to me I thank you!) I knew I should make it in homage to her!!!


Yum Pasta Carbonara! Aunt Kim has her own recipe that is super close to this so I was glad to find an authentic recipe in a magazine with a lighter twist! It was really good!!!

With that I made a salad and had to try my new Trader Joe’s dressing which I loved so much!


The boys weren’t into trying it.


This gloriousness is my grandmas mashed potatoes with cream cheese, broccoli, cheddar cheese and french fried onions! This was part of Wednesday night dinner YUM!!!!


All around good.

Finally we end this post with a picture of the most tired Finny ever also from Wednesday night.


Sleeping with my Grandma in the background!

The Lamest Post Ever…

8 Jan

Sorry, I am apologizing because this post is going to be pretty lame, but I have a great blogging streak going that I would rather not break!

Today is supposed to be training Tuesday and after the cold from hell I was happy to go back to Jeff this morning. I went to bed early and everything. Cue 3:30 am when Dan and I were both up uncontrollably coughing and not feeling well at all. It was a rough start in the Karnolt house for sure. So I did not go to Jeff today. My new plan was to nap after work then run on the treadmill because it would be too dark for outside. BUT around 2:00pm at work while reading an email my eyes both started twitching. Lights and noise were making me sick to my stomach and I had a terrible headache that felt like it was in my brain.

Mom knew I had a migraine as my brother gets them all the time. So she shut off the lights in our office and had me lie on my desk with my head covered by a shirt. It felt good but not something I could keep up so Dan drove me home, I dont think I could have driven if I tried.

I did have a delicious lunch before all this began but forgot to take a picture. It was chicken salad from yesterday with baby carrot sticks and whole grain tortilla chips. I didn’t feel like a sandwich so I used those as scoops. It was like meat hummus, and was delicious!

Anyway back to my head exploding! I took a nap once I got home around 4pm, I toughed it out as long as I could. When I woke up I knew I had to make something good for dinner, because even with a pounding head I had to eat…sorry I have two people to feed now not just myself. Also if I don’t keep something in my stomach the nausea takes over like crazy. A headache and nausea NO THANKS!!!

So I made these…


This is Dan’s Chicken Pot Pie, because he eats them like a normal person.

This is my chicken pot pie because I eat mine like a rabid animal.


They were good, and easy I threw them into the oven then retreated back to the darkness of our bedroom.

After dinner I went back to the bedroom but not before getting this picture to spice up this post.


So now Finny and I are snuggling in the darkness. But like I said I had to get my blogging in. Hoping when I wake up my head feels better and I can FINALLY get my run in. And Wacky Fact Wednesday of course!

A Different Kind Of Birthday Post…

5 Dec

(I pre-typed this post as well, you will know why when you read it so my workout from today will post tomorrow)

If you are a new reader you DON’T know that back when it was Dan’s, My Grandma and Harry’s (brother) birthdays I did special posts for them that celebrated their days. Well I did. But today is a different story. It is still someone’s birthday but someone who my family misses very much and is not here to celebrate the day with us.

My Grandfather, who I am named after passed away 12 years ago in December right after his birthday and the night of his birthday party. It was a very trying event as you would imagine, but harder on Harry and I as we were 15 and 13 respectively. It was also the first person who had died that we were really close to. Which is tough to handle as a kid.

He was the best guy, funny and silly, and ruthless with sports (probably why Harry and I love them and are so competitve). He would do inspections of our rooms after we cleaned them and made sure our beds were made correctly. (He lived next door and was one of our best friends, the other being Grandma of course). He also taught us how to count to ten and swear in Russian which I still think is cool to this day!

So today I celebrate my Grandfather in the best way possible!

Eating family dinner at Grandma’s with my Aunts, Harry, Mom, Dad, Dan and Finny!

Which is why this is a pre-post and not one written today. I would rather spend my time with family than worrying about negative splits, treadmills, logging everything I eat, etc. Thursday  I will and I am sure while I am on the treadmill today I will as well. But when I am with our family tonight we will be happy and laughing and thinking about this handsome guy…

Grandpa and Grandma on their wedding day!



We love and miss you Grandpa and will never forget you!




New meal Monday!

13 Nov

All my posts are a day off this week I guess! I let yesterday get away with me with work and then going to Mom’s to help her with a few things. Anyway last nights dinner was a mom specialty!!! I wanted somethingdelicious but quick and i wanted grainy carbs since I am trying to detox off that and sugar.

So I had made the decision earlier in the day to make stroganoff. Well the way I make it…

First step brown your steak, I used Big Y precut for noodles steak. When almost done add diced carrots (this was a new addition last night it worked out well though!)

The water was in the steak, I didnt add anything, but it all absorbed into the carrots!

Step two:

Get your ingredients together for the final part.

Cook noodles is separate pan, then drain and combine with meat and carrot mixture.

Cover with Gravy and serve!

Best enjoyed while watching rules of engagement on the Ipad in your kitchen 😉

I will post training Tuesday and Wacky fact wednesday both tomorrow. Again I apologize for the delay but things got hectic, but I am back on it!!!

Happy Birthday to….

22 Aug

ME! Today was my 27th birthday and it was a pretty good one!!!!

Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes and I appreciate you taking the time to read a post all about JUST ME.

This morning started off with a nice run!

I went 2.32 miles in 25 minutes! It was 6 am and I was exhausted so I give myself credit for running at all!!!

I was very happy with that performance and continued my day: WARNING I gave myself full reign to eat whatever I wanted today as it was my birthday and all.

Dan treated me to breakfast this morning….

A sausage mcmuffin may not be the healthiest breakfast but it was REALLY GOOD!!!

I came into work to find this on my desk from my co-worker and running buddy Krystle! Thanks for the Balloon, card and target gift card! :).

Dan got me new tires for my car for my birthday, while not the most exciting gift it was EASILY my favorite gift as I drive a 2011 Nissan Armada Platinum Edition… how much they cost and you will see why this was my favorite gift! It also means he truly loves me and wants to keep me safe!!!

Dan did also treat me to lunch today, and it was at Taco Bell….but I kept it pretty healthy and got the new cantina bowl with chicken. It was WONDERFUL! For a taco bell meal it really was so delicious!

A side of corn salsa and some chips made it even better! Dan got a crunchwrap supreme combo and was a happy Mr.

After that my long lost friend Lauren dropped by work. I cannot even remember the last time we hung out! She brought me this…

Chocolate Raspberry is pretty darn good! She had the other cupcake and it was a mini party!

She also brought me these…

oh hey me in the reflection of my car.

Then it was time to head home to pick up Finny and head to Grandma’s for family dinner/bday dinner celebrations!

And this is how you know your in Ellington, CT. You get held up when in a rush by a tractor…..UGH!

I finally got home and got to Grandmas!

Finny! How did you buy me a birthday card and get it in your harness ;).

After that we had the dinner I chose, grandmas panko breaded chicken, rice pilaf, and BROCCOLI!

YUM! Thats enough for me, what is everyone else going to do ?!?!?!

Also I have no aversion to posting terrible pictures of me on the internet!

Yes I am a broccoli eating champ! I could have just had a plate of that and been pretty happy. That chicken and rice was SO GOOD THOUGH! Thanks again grandma you outdid yourself yet again!

Finally my cake! It was a boston cream cake. Like a giant donut just a cake….delicious. Also if you dont like boston cream donuts it will be tough for us to remain friends but I will try hard :).

The writing gel G-ma bought was clear with rainbow coloring, however on a brown frosted cake it didnt come out too well….still the thought that counts. Colorful anything is a winner in my book!

So that was my bday! Thanks again everyone for the well wishes and it was a really great day! I cant say why yet but we have a lot of stuff coming up that will make 27 my best year ever!!!!

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