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Disney Princess Half Recap!

24 Feb

Before anything else I have to say happy 15 weeks to my little peanut and partner in crime in this race Baby K! You were so good all race and I did not get sick once…..the baby is cranky sometimes if I don’t eat enough/too much and I am still trying to find that balance!

Anyway back to the race. This is easily the biggest race I have done and had over 21000 finishers out of 34000 runners! The way this worked was you were put into corrals based off of your projected finish time. I was in corral E, they went to H. Each corral was let off every 5-10 minutes to try and clear up some course space. Here is a picture of the start.

IMG_3554 IMG_3524

The first picture is of Corral A starting the race, from the Official Run Disney Facebook Page.

The second is of my corral finally getting to the start. We took off at 6:05 am. I was getting really tired as I had been up since 1 am. But as the fireworks went off I got a nice surge of adrenaline. IMG_3528

Around mile 2 I swallowed a huge bug….that was fun. It was dark and I was breathing hard…..close your mouth Alex!!!

Each mile marker was a story book! I got a bunch of them but I never stopped to take pictures so this is the best one I have!

They also had characters across the whole course and Disney music playing from different movies! It was very entertaining.


Right before mile 6 you go through Cinderella’s castle. It was very fun, by now the course got really narrow and everyone walked to take it all in.

That was my only issue with the race, it was so crowded. I was still do interval runs at this point and had to walk more than I wanted to at this point.


I thought this banner was amazing. I mean look at the size of it compared to that car.

We were almost back to Epcot at mile 10 and had to go up and around an overpass. You take for granted the steepness and slants of overpasses in a car, but not when you are walking up it!


This photo is looking down on all the people below who had yet to go around the bend and up the slanting overpass.

That is it for pictures until I finish the race. I do not have a picture of my costume, but will once I get the race photos in 2 weeks. The reason being I think Disney was a bit unprepared traffic wise. We got on a bus a 3:15 am and arrived at the race grounds  (usually 14 minutes away) at 4:45 am. Thus Dan and I split up and he went to the race retreat tent to relax and I went to the starting line.

After the race was over I easily found Dan and we headed back to the retreat tent. I pad $99.00 for each of us to have access to the tent and I really do recommend it.  Before the race I was able to eat half a bagel, and a banana. I also got a powerade and was happy to have the opportunity to have that before the race. Dan was able to eat while I was running. When I was done I went to the tent and was able to eat as well.


We also got flip flops, and a towel that said Disney Princess half. On the way out it was hand lotion and luna bars. I also got a drink ticket for the bar….I didnt use that clearly!!

While I was eating it was photo time.

IMG_3544 IMG_3545 IMG_3546 IMG_3547 IMG_3549

Dan in his Cheer Squad shirt. He got that in his welcome kit for the retreat.

My Medal and my running for two shirt. My tutu is the only thing you cant see….I wore my pro compression pink argyle socks and it was a good look!

A tired me…..exhausted, also my super curly humidity hair is cute I know!

Finally in true Dan fashion he took a lot of photos so this face was very necessary!

Then we headed back to the hotel and napped. Dan got me some food and then I fell asleep! It was wonderful to relax with Dan after the race and feel really good about myself. Will I ever run another half this pregnant? NO probably not. It as a great experience for sure but way too tiring. I was happy with my time of 3:35 especially with something like 97% humidity. It was great for today and I am so proud I accomplished something while pregnant that most people will NEVER do!


Disney Princess Half Marathon Top 10…..

24 Feb

I am writing this at 2:20 am. Wasn’t my plan to wake up at 3 am you might ask? The answer is yes it was! But I woke up in true pregnant lady fashion at 1 am having to pee and havent been able to fall back asleep. Call it insomnia, call it jitters, call it whatever but it is what it is. Being awake and half dressed while Dan snores next to me, and I cannot justify waking him until 3 am, prompted me to make this post. 10 things about this race that I needed to share with all of you…..Here we go.

10- The number of days Dan and I have been away from home. We are having fun and all but I miss my little Finny munchkin.

9- The number of toenails I have coming into this race. This surprised me when last saturday one of my little toe nails fell off since I have NOT been training much at all. Thank you morning sickness!

8-  The number of rides I was able to go on while at Universal and Magic Kingdom. Can I just say magic Kingdom is the perfect place to go for pregnant ladies and small children, almost all the rides are do-able! This helped ease a bit of my race stress! 

7- Around the number of times I looked at this thing yesterday and got really nervous about running through it.


I am a bit concerned about completing the race in a 16 minute mile pace, but darn it I will power walk this whole thing if I have to!

6- The minimum number of times I will have to tell myself I can do this. In case you havent figured this out I don’t feel well prepared for this race. I was too sick the first 3 months of Pregnancy to adequately train but I wasn’t going to give up and not do it. So I suppose I have to keep that feeling alive today! 

5- The time I have to be in my corral by! This is the earliest race I have ever done, but also probably the most fun and rewarding. See number 2 for why. 

4- The number of miles I will run before I feel like absolute death, I did 6 a couple weeks ago but I was struggling. But hey thats what quick walk breaks are for right! 

3- Well 3:30, the cutoff time for the race. This is only 40 minutes more than my PR time. BUT if I can keep my feet moving I should be able to do it! 

2- The amount of people racing under bib 11430. So I bet by now you can tell I am freaking out about finishing. The number one thing that will keep me going today is being a hero for someone else. I always want my children to think of me as a positive role model and it will be a great story to one day tell him/her about how they ran a half marathon with me! 

1- No matter what I finish in I plan on crossing that finish line strong! I will then be number 1 to myself knowing I accomplished something I was jittery and unsure of! 

*Finally because I am sure they are both freaking out reading this, to Mom L and Mom K don’t worry I will be careful and walk a lot. I will not push myself super hard and endanger your grandchild. I do kind of love this baby already and look out for it on a daily basis! 😉

Well time to finish getting ready, wake up dan and head out!

Disney Princess Race Expo and more…

23 Feb

Yesterday we went to the Expo, because today we are headed to the parks for a little bit and then I am going to bed. A 3:00 am wake up will be hard! The race gun goes off at 5:35 am.

Anyway back to the expo. It was very crowded, but the lines were much better when I went around 2 pm, then I had heard they were earlier in the day! People are super crazy over anything that says Disney and Disney knows it! They had so many things for sale. While I did buy things at the expo, it was more things to help me on race day and nothing Disney.

First we went and picked up my bib, it was very good with over 34,000 people running this race they had it set up in groups by bib numbers. No line when I got there and I was able to get it right away!


#1- Yes my bib says Princess Alexandra bet you didn’t know I was an “official” Disney Princess ;).

#2- I was surprised I was not put into the last corral for this race. The reason being was they made you put in your projected finish time, and a previous race that supported that. I think when I signed up (Pre- Baby K) I put in 2:30, my real goal was 2:15. My previous race time as you know was 2:53. They would accept 2:45 at the most, so I was a bit surprised, but glad as this gives me a little more course time to get things done!!! My goal now is 3:00.I plan on walking a lot and not taking chances with my precious cargo in my tummy. I thought I was put into the last one until I saw ladies with bibs that said H.

After my bib pick up we had to pick up Dan’s Cheer Squad stuff. I will post a picture of him in his shirt tomorrow. He has a wristband and gets to relax and be super comfy all race time in a tent with amenities. I am going to the race retreat quickly before the race, Dan cant go in. I will grab some food, hopefully a water bottle and be good to go before race time!

After pick ups it was time to walk around the expo. Sorry no pictures of this, even though there were no bib lines, there were easily still 8,000 people in the expo at this time and it was kind of a small area for that!

Here is what I got/bought:


In the bag I was given, the backpack, t-shirt, bib, safety pins and brochures which you didnt need to see. I bought the interval timer as I run 3-1 intervals and I hate staring at my watch to do it and not over exert myself. This thing buzzes against your skin when an interval ends Awesome! I also bought those shorts, I forgot to pack my spandex/bet they dont fit right now so these ones will be great and together with body glide will stop chaffing! Finally the stick! I wasnt about to lug my foam roller down here so I bought a stick at the expo. One of my calves has been crazy tight and making me sad. Last night Dan rolled out my legs and back, I know I am spoiled!

Then it was back to the hotel where we had more animals show up outside our window because it was feeding time! We saw a zebra in the distance but it was a bit too far for us!


There was this bird with really long legs!

Which was shocking because look how short the one on the tree looks here!



Then two very hungry things that look like deer, sorry I don’t know any names!

Then we headed to the buffet here for dinner.

IMG_3505 IMG_3507

My Dinner: Pita bread, hummus, soup, cabbage, chicken, mac and cheese and a cornbread muffin!

Dessert: a lot of grapes and pineapple!

It was very good and we were happy with the choice to eat there!

Okay well time to get ready then off to the parks! Hope everyone back home is having a nice day, even with all the snow!!!

Visiting a friend and Disney Part 1

22 Feb

Last night we visited and stayed with my best friends Grandfather. First we had lunch with Dan’s Aunt Diane in Orlando. We went to Big Italy which was so delicious!

They made their own Italian dressing for their garden salads. It was great!

IMG_3487 IMG_3488

Our Waiter was Italian and didn’t understand I guess when I ordered Spaghetti Bolognese off the menu and he brought me spaghetti and meatballs instead. But I was pretty glad he did it was yummy!

After our lunch date we headed out to visit Jerry who had made us a ham casserole and some veggies.


In weather this hot 88, is there anything better then cold fresh cucumber. I say there is not!

After dinner Dan and I took a walk around Jerry’s neighborhood.

IMG_3490 IMG_3491 IMG_3492

Picture 1: A man made pond, the sign is saying not to feed alligators. Jerry said all the old people do though, he is in a 55+ community.

Picture 2: The sunset and palm trees are gorgeous!

Picture 3: One of the many custom driveways they have, many of which have dolphins.

Then we got back watched some tv and were asleep by 10:30pm. I know we are HUGE partiers!

In the morning it was time for more food, felt like I was going to explode.


Eggs, toast and ham, sausage, plus more good stuff casserole….all amazing!!!!!

After breakfast we said our goodbyes and were on our way to Orlando again to check into our hotel. Animal Kingdom Lodge- Jambo.

This place is pretty amazing.


This is my bed, we have two queens, with all my hotel, parks, and race day info I got when checking in!

This was on Dan’s bed


Here is a random picture of the bathroom because I thought it was pretty!


This is one of the many animal pictures I have from out our window of our room! I will post more tomorrow!


I love animals so I really enjoy this hotel. I have to find the giraffes and get a photo of them because they are my favorite animal!

Dan and I are off to do that and some other fun things. We also hit the race expo today, but more on that in tomorrows post.


Goal Reassessments and Date Nights

20 Jan

So I have a couple goals I want to achieve that I have been thinking on how I can accomplish them.

1.) Run my Half Marathon in February…..

This is going to be tough, as I haven’t done much running in the last month due to my Morning Sickness and that cold which put me out for a week. Today I officially have 5 weeks until the race. That is more than enough time to build intervals. If my goal was to run the whole thing without walking I would be nervous. But as I will be 3.5 months pregnant…(well a week away from 4 months I wont be trying to push myself). I know I can do it in the allotted time and plan on running today. If my M/S acts up I will just walk. The nice thing is whenever I am active it seems to make me feel great like I can do anything! I do have a plan, I will start to share on my next post after my run!

2.) Not gain 50 lbs…..

No one wants to pull a Jessica Simpson and gain 60lbs but it happens to people! I am currently up 6lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight and as I am almost done with the first trimester I don’t think that is so bad! How am I doing this, well currently I can barely eat as you will see later. And if I am making breakfasts or lunches I try to keep them on the healthier side. It will be easier after the first trimester….when I am hoping my food aversion to most veggies passes.

3.) Get the house in order.

I would love to get the house organized and cleaned top to bottom now, so that when I am much bigger and it is harder to do we can spot clean areas and it stays that way for the arrival of Baby K.

So those are my goals, usually I have much higher and harder goals like PRs, Weight loss and well doesn’t everyone try to keep their house in check, but when you’re pregnant you have to make some changes, and I am happy to!

If you want to follow FOOD.RUN.FUN. on Facebook or Twitter I would be grateful! The Twitter is my personal account and both are updated with things aside from the blog posts!!!  The fact that I have 40+ followers on each surprises me daily and makes me grateful!

In 2013 the blog had already gained so much more momentum then it had before and I am continuously grateful for each and every reader!!!


Our Date Night!

We started the night by going to dinner at Moe’s what can I say I liked that place a lot before and I crave it now. I did not want a salad though as the only solid food I ate all day yesterday was popcorn at work. So I figured Nachos were an okay choice.


I think we can all guess which are mine and which are Dans!  These are Mine ^

We ate dinner right at 6pm. Yea early bird dinner! But we were both really hungry as neither of us really ate. I got through about half of those nachos and am still full as I am typing this!

After that we had a VERY important errand to run! Off to Dan’s Favorite place!


He loves to wander the aisles and look at everything so I had to photo journal the important things we looked at.

IMG_3224 The car next to us had a white Finny! So cute I had to take a picture!

Inside Dan needed some Drill bits which I was interested in actually because there as so many different things you can attach to a drill, who knew….


Dan has a Dewalt….clearly.

Next it was on to the most important thing we have ever got there.


My shower had the smallest shower head on it and when I wash my hair I always feel like unless I get a lot of water in my ear washing the side of my head, there will be a lot of conditioner left in there. So a bigger shower head was needed because my inner ear doesn’t need a bath! I got the shower head closest to Dan. Not the ones with the wands just the head. It has three settings one of which is massage . I can see standing under that thing after a race and being so happy!

Finally we were looking at new doors, Dan eventually wants a new front door.


While in the door section we saw this picture and both decided this was our dream house.


Me because it was beautiful, and Dan because (you cant see the whole picture) it had a 3 car garage.

Then we were both tired so we headed home, yes it was about 8pm and yes I went right to bed. Not before I captured this precious moment though.


This might be the cutest picture of Finny ever….he loves Daddy and hugs him like a little gentleman!

I hope everyone has a great Sunday! I have a date with my treadmill, then I am off to a birthday party for my Father In Law!

Running and Researching

7 Jan

So today I am going back to running! SO EXCITED!!!! I spent most of yesterday sleeping due to trying to kick this cold out and I am happy to say it is almost gone.

I am a bit nervous though, as my half marathon is 1 month and a few weeks away and my running has decreased due to the sickness and pregnancy. If you read the blog regularly you know I am a big researcher so this was no different. My doctor cleared me to do it, because that of course is the first step in doing anything super physical while pregnant.

The next step for me was to google training plans. I think my longest run before my last half was 8-9 miles and it wasnt so bad. But I also was not 4 months pregnant during that, like i will be for this! Off to google I went, where I found a bunch of other bloggers like me who are not professional runners that have done this. Their levels ranged from people who run many halves to people that it was their second like me.

Many of their plans for race day are like mine:

1.) Ask your doctor: I talked to him about this at our appointment on Friday, he seemed a little weary as I would be further along But I think he also forgot we had talked about this before and I had been running before pregnancy. After I reminded him he was on board and trying to reassure Dan (who DOES NOT want me to do it) that exercise is great for pregnancy and will make everything from the carrying to delivery easier.

2.) Enjoy the race: I will be running through Disney in the Princess Half! There are so many things to see while running and characters along the course. I had already planned on carrying my phone through the race to take pictures of things, but not wait in the lines for character pictures.

3.) Pace it out: Clearly I am not trying for a PR here. My first half was 2:53:08, the problem I had with the first one was the last couple miles my legs started to tense  up. This time I will train properly, especially as I will be laid off in February and have the time to do long runs Sunday if I choose and recover Mondays. The key here is running the distance slowly but still getting it done, and getting my body used to the distance with the extra stress of pregnancy.

4.) Plan everything: Plan and journal it all! How I feel that day, how the run went, what I ate and if I am hydrated. Having a log of this for each run and comparing to what I do before race day will be a great help to my success here!

5.) Let everyone know: by this point I will have a bit of a bump and it should be obvious but just in case it isn’t I am looking into getting one of these for race day.

run for 2

Probably the pink one as it is the Princess Race!

6.) Run Intervals: Intervals are kind of my favorite, they helped greatly during the first half and will be even more key this race. By doing 3-1 run walk schedule I will be able to keep my pace a bit slower and keep my heart rate and the babies heart rate even. That way everyone is happy! Especially Dan when we cross the finish line and my first and last half of 2013 is over :).

Planning my next half and updating…..

14 Oct

I have already signed up for my next half! With this sickness taking me out of running Hartford this past weekend I have also not been able to run and am feeling like a real lazy bones mcgee! It was time to find a new race, one longer than a 5k as well so I could get back in the game.

The issue here is there are not really any in our area until spring due to the weather. The solution was this….

The picture is a link to the race website so if anyone is feeling adventurous and wants to join me there is all the info!

February 24th 2013….Dan and I will venture to Florida so I can put on a costume,(because honestly do you think I would miss that opportunity?!?!?!!), run at 5:30 am and be really pumped about it! Dan can watch in style!

Something tells me he will be really happy to watch this race as I bought him a package to watch in comfort that Run Disney Offered. It includes…

– Email updates about the race

-T shirt and other gear for race day

-Brunch and beverages on race day

-Temperature controlled tent with lounges for viewing

-Televised Finish line so he can come meet up with me

-Internet access

and more….it cost me $99.00 but a happy husband at 5am-I finish is a priceless gift to me for race day!

I am very excited about this whole experience. The last time  I went to Disneyworld I was little and barely remember it! Of course we will be renting a car and I asked for one favor only… go to the wizarding world of Harry Potter….I mean were right there!!!!


Have you run a rundisney event? Do you have any tips, I would love any info or advice!

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