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A day with my first baby:

17 Mar

So Wednesday I spent the day doing things with little Finny man!! Today will be much of the same as yesterday I came down with a pretty bad cold and will be relaxing and laying in bed snuggling with Finny and watching the Criminal Minds Marathon Currently on A&E.

But on Wednesday we did many things. We needed to get some bonding time in before I return to work tomorrow and the weather was gorgeous so up first…


A walk with my favorite walking buddy! This was one of the rare times that he walked next to me and not in front of me pulling like come on Jeez!

Finny loves to walk, run and be active.

He was pretty dirty and was rolling in the grass on the walk so next up was his least favorite activity ever.


Finny really dislikes Bathtime…you can tell by his look of sheer terror!

Also probably because he looks like this.


After that he got a good blow dry and toweling, but still seemed traumatized so this naturally happened.


Snuggling Mommy as hard as possible and not moving. I was okay with it as I have been having bad insomnia so naps are a daily occurrence for me now.

And finally to end the day Dan and I came upstairs to head to bed and this little guy was waiting happily for us.


All Clean! But he needs a trim since he looks like a surfer dog!!

I think it is important to have this time with Finny now so when the baby comes he doesn’t feel ignored. Currently he gets all our attention, so it will be an adjustment but he will still be super loved!

So now back to tissues, fluids and snuggling my Finny! And back to work tomorrow!!!!

How I feel about Finny and a big thanks to the readers!

30 Jan

Today I downloaded an app that lets me write on my pictures. Why? So I can write hilarious things on some photos and so i can tag my own photos with FOOD RUN FUN that I post onto here and other websites (Pintrest). My baby announcement pin is blowing up over there. You can see that post here.

But not today. Today I used the app to tell all of you how I feel abut Finny at all times, through the lyrics of an 80’s classic. 😉


Finny loves me, as you an tell here he is at 8:30 am wondering why I am not getting up to hang out with him/ or this is his way of telling me he is super comfortable and NOT to move or disturb him. Either way if I am in sight of him through the course of the day his eyes never leave me!

I am really looking forward to the great uses this app will bring MUHAHAHAHAHA. Evil laughing!!!


In other news I really want to thank everyone who reads the blog. January 2013 has become my best month ever blogging with 1,800 something hits so far and one day to go. I have beat my previous January by over 400 hits and my best month which was March 2012 when I had 1727 hits. So thanks for being interested in my journey to be healthier and fitter! Dan says its  because their are more posts that include him, and hes the interesting one. Whatever it is I am thankful, because if people stop reading I will stop blogging!

Finally Dan and I spent the whole day together today because it was my day off and he is laid off. It was really nice we ran a bunch of errands and went to Trader Joe’s for the first time ever. I have never been there but I am assuming ones in other areas are much bigger than the one we have here in West Hartford, CT. It is in a strip mall, but I still found it amazing!!!

Here is a teaser picture as our day must be its own post, too many photos! But hopefully this will do it until tomorrow!


Is this a weird photo taken badly, maybe! Or was I trying to include winking watermelon Hello Kitty in there to say hey Trader Joe’s glad to meet you!?!?! You decide.

If you guessed the latter that is honestly what I was doing…NERD!

Well Finny and I are off to Family Dinner now. Todays workout and our day will be coming at you tomorrow. Enjoy your night!

The saddest sight ever and my little buddy….

13 Jan

This morning this was the saddest sight ever!


Dan is almost in Texas as I write this and I hope he has a great time, and eats some really  great, BBQ, steaks, etc! He will be in heaven.

I on the other hand went to work and was just dragging tired. When I got home I thought Dan might be in Texas but I am not alone….How lucky I am to have my little man Finny with me.

Here’s is a run down in the day of the life of Finny. He wakes up between 5:30-7:00 am and we go outside. When there is snow he refuses to walk in it, but also will not go to the bathroom on sidewalks or pavement. He is a prima donna diva dog!

This is what Dan made him so he has an area.

IMG_3159 IMG_3158

Yes, Dan plows an area for him so as the snow melts and grass appears he is a happy man, you can see that in the second picture.

Otherwise if there is no snow we run all around the yard and neighborhood while out on our morning walk because this dog has some serious energy!

Then Finny spends most of the day in his room, (if we are at work)  yes the dog has his own room in the house, his bed, toys and food are all in there and he

has fun playing and mostly sleeping….this dog loves to sleep. Probably because he is so hyper.

If we are off work Finny spends the day with us, playing and roaming the house.


He does indeed have two beds and a carebear blanket…this dog knows style and comfort! He also has a box of toys including that sock on the bottom right of the photo.

The above picture has to have been taken after 6pm because then we are home from work and Finny had been out for his nightly walk through our neighborhood and is in his room to eat…he is a messy eater.

Around 9 pm we head out for the last walk of the day, and then up to the bedroom. Finny sleeps with Dan and I and usually at my legs. Also because he is always SO busy he passes out hard when he sleeps!


Finny is weird and likes to sleep on top of that pink blanket or rolled into it like a pig in a blanket. He also sleeps on top of my legs and across them, not sure how it is comfortable for him but I guess it is! Sometimes he even goes under the blankets and sleeps up against Dan, but that is only if all the lights and tv are already off and if Dan is asleep.

Then we wake up and do it all again! And that is a Day in the Life of our little Man Finny!

Saying Goodbye & Motivation Sunday!

21 Oct

I just had to say goodbye to one of my best friends, man that was hard!  As you know my friend Lauren is moving to California to pursue her dream to be a lawyer! She leaves tomorrow so I went to visit her tonight and to say goodbye.

I also wanted to see her dog Nellie who is sick and was one of my best dog friends.

She is a big baby! I love her.

It was a good time and I will miss her a lot!  (Lauren and Nellie)!

But Lauren and I made plans to do a race when I come out to visit her sometime next year! I am very excited to race on the west coast!


this day is supposed to be about how you can motivate yourself positively and be a superstar. Today though I am honestly not feeling it!

Last night we had to go to a charity event for a Horse Rescue Foundation one of our customers owns!

This collage highlights our night, tickets for the event, my downfall of last night and reason I feel like sleeping for days a vodka and cranberry, the dinner plate of starchy carby goodness and of course me and Daniel!

After that we headed to my brother’s house for his housewarming where the drinking continued, it was a party. Let me say though there is a good reason, that I dont drink in the midst of hard training. It really de-motivates you to do much of anything!

Since I had to go to work today I had to use my go to hangover cure of the ages, BLUE POWERADE….but they were having a sale so they had none I settled for a blue gatorade and was glad I did when I saw this.

And the Giants did win today so it was a good sign! Overall I have to say everything happens for a reason, and todays motivation is DONT DRINK WHILE TRAINING ALEX! It is fun that night but not worth it the next day!

Hope you had a great weekend!!!

4 miles, heat and calluses….

17 Jul

Yesterday and today DAN and I ran together! Yes Dan was in caps and bolded there….you were right. It is because my favorite running times are the ones I share with Dan.

Yesterday we went…


1.57 mi
Avg Pace
11:57 min/mi

That was taken from my garmin connect page. It was very hot, but the run was worth it and I think the heat kept our pace down. We didnt go far because it was 8:36pm when we started and getting dark quick! After we got back we decided we wanted to go farther. So we ran around the yard for a nice cool down!

0.45 mi
Avg Pace
17:02 min/mi
It was nice and I was hot, but it was all okay because I had on my Hello Kitty socks to keep me going….I really enjoy bright colors and I have been looking down at my feet a lot more to avoid injuries! I had a picture, but my computer malfunctioned during the upload and deleted them all so this is a sparse post!
Today was HARD! When all was said and done we had gone 4 miles, in 55:16….for a 13:48 pace! Slow, but today was hot and because Dan was with me we went on trails I have never been on….it was my usual route on STEROIDS! Hills, trails, heat and narrow roads with cars driving like maniacs led to a crazy, but fun outing with my hubby!
After all was said and done we were both tired and I had a bloody spot on the back of my right sock in my achilles heel area. Just like Curt Schilling (boston redsox, google it) I felt like a great american hero today when I was done! It also made me wish that my right achilles had a nice callus on it like my left one! Not even a blister on that side!
When we got home it was time for showers then pj’s. I have new Victorias Secret Pink Sweatpants (they are black, just the PINK brand) So nice, in the AC. We are now relaxing vegging out and watching Netflix and drinking Silk Dark Chocolate Almond Milk, best recovery drink of all time!!!!! Then some stretching before bed, I have my first training session with Jeff tomorrow since I was sick and my legs are feeling like JELLO!!!
Have a great night everyone! I will leave you with a picture of my stalker….

I’ll be watching you!!!!! Sung in the style of sting!





Father’s Day Extravaganza!

19 Jun

Father’s Day was a very busy day! I was going to run a race in the morning before work but felt pretty tired and run down, I chalked it up to the Scentsy Party I had the day before at my Aunts house. Speaking of Scentsy I got this charm bracelet and charm in the mail as a sales reward! Really cute, and I might just add it it my current Pandora bracelet since it is not full.

So no race, then it was off to work. After work I went to the grocery store to get everything to make a taco bar! My memere was bringing enchiladas so I figured tacos were easy and yummy for a large crowd.

Enchiladas, she made two trays but I figured one picture would give you the basic idea!

Black bean and corn salsa, homemade Guacamole (thanks Mom), Chips and Hot sauce- truly a staple in eating!

Taco meat, and fat free spicy refried beans!

Taco fixings! Rice, two taco bell sauces, they were new at the store and everyone enjoyed them. Olives, onions, tomatoes, lettuce and cheese!

As you know THIS was dessert, the link will take you to my recipe!

Everyone really enjoyed it and had a great day!

The group minus Mom and I, my Mother in Law is on a work trip so she couldnt be here and we missed her!

Dan, his Dad joel, my Step Grandfather Papa John, Memere and Daddy! His outfit is awesome, love the crocs 😉

Plus you know HE was here too getting love from everyone!

Then we gave everyone their cards and gifts, I bought my dads card only because I liked the front and it ended u saying my kids are so lucky t have a grandfather like you, yea I think I scared everyone a bit and learned an important lesson on card buying!

It was a great day and after everyone left I caught Dan taking pictures

I see a guest blog post in his future :).

Training until you have acid reflux and Snuggling with Finny!

12 Jun

Last night at 10pm Dan and I found 1 flea on Finny so into the tub he went and now is flea free, smells nice and looks handsome!

This morning I was so proud of myself I woke up at 8 and did laundry and dishes and made breakfast and dinner for work, then headed to training. I was going to throw together a salad after training before I left for lunch. Breakfast was delicious, a fruit plate with some toast!

Green apple, strawberries and peach.

Then I headed to training where it was apparently kick my butt Tuesday! We started with a 1 mile warmup, then got down to business…this is the motto of the day ….

I was sweating hard, kettlebell squats, pushups, trx rows, bell ringers, MY ENEMIES Ketllte ball sit ups and the hip extension machine. It was so hard, I knew it was because of the Detox, because it was overly hard. (there was more but I forget them)  I also was fighting back watery eyes because I was on the brink of vomiting with each new move. I got home and showered, I also developed terrible heartburn and dizziness. I called Mom and told her I would be late to work, but she said don’t bother. She also said the heartburn was probably caused by Acid leaving my body on the Reset. That is all well and good but this is a pretty crappy feeling. This means also that I never made that lunch I was going to since I do not feel like eating in anyway!

Now I am snuggled up with my baby dog and watching Psych….good times, minus the feeling bad part!

Why I have been the worst blogger of all time lately and no missed posts next week!

1 May

You may be wondering how it is possible with no internet access and being in Mexico, how can I possibly post. Well I cannot but I will be able to set the in advance so you still have something to read. I decided on past Mexico trips. I have plenty of pictures and did even train last year while there, they have an awesome gym! You will also see how Dan and I got engaged!!!

On another note I am the worst blogger EVER lately! I usually regale everyone with my tales of food, clumsiness and running, however this injury is killing me! I did train today with Jeff but it was a bit pathetic. It did teach me that every one of your muscles in that area is connected and all hurt together when doing squats, lunges, etc….moral of the story do not do dumb ass things like I did!

This worst blogger ever title can also be attributed to the fact that my two jobs have been crazy busy lately! My Scentsy Business is taking off quicker than I ever anticipated and  the Fondue portion launched today. Plus TSI H-D is busy because it is finally spring and MOTORCYCLE season!

Also I had a lot of fun events in the past few days! For starters Sunday night we took Mom and Dad Karnolt out to dinner for their anniversary. We went to Texas Roadhouse and I enjoyed my meal fully! BBQ Chicken Breast with Rice and Steamed Veggies JUST DELICIOUS!

Why yes I did spill a giant amount of rice on the table as well! How cute is it that the chicken was a shape of a heart for a special anniversary dinner!?!?!

Then Monday it was time to get together with the Scentsy peeps and I finally got to meet quite a few of them. I was very happy as I am quite shy and I took a liking to them quickly! We tasted some of the fondue and I arrived home at around 11:15pm! I realized then all I had eaten that day before the fondue was breakfast. So I allowed myself a skinny burrito, having more hot sauce/salsa mix than burrito is a must HELLO!

So good, especially when you are starving! Yes I am still slow carbing but at 11pm I was not about to steam veggies and bake a chicken breast. Plus I had to be up at 5:30am, quick food was a must.

FINALLY I AM A BAD BLOGGER DUE TO VACATION, cleaning, laundry, packing, last minute arrangements, buttoning up things at my job. You know all the junk your spacing out on usually since you are about to be on vacation!

So tomorrow it is back to slow carbing, running and pictures galore! I will leave you with this gem I took when I pulled into the driveway today and drove half way down to come upon this.

What I did last night and a super cute dog!!

24 Apr

There will be a running post around the time I am watching biggest loser, if you are waiting for that feel free to skip this post!


Those two pictures are of the orders from my Launch Party for Scentsy. So naturally from the time I got home last night (5:30pm) until 11:30pm I was packaging these babies into gift bags for my customers! 🙂

If you think you have the best UPS man ever you would be wrong, because I totally do! Not only did he stack all 7 boxes into the railing of our porch, so they wouldn’t fall over he also covered them with plastic and this cardboard Target box from our Recycling bin, so that they did not get downpoured on! What a sweet guy!

So today I brought some of them to work and handed them out to those who ordered I was so excited and they were happy to get their products!

Also today at work Erika who we work with brought in her dog Harley! He is so tiny and cute. This is him and Marc hanging out at work!

So all in all a busy night and prevented me from running. Thank god I had trained in the morning. More on that in tonight’s post. Along with a diet update and food pictures….which I know is the reason most of you read this!


Wrapping up the Bday Weekend and Back on a Diet

2 Apr

Last night was the last event in the string of Dan’s Birthday Events! We went to the In-Laws for dinner. It was the usual fun time with family and good food. Of course Sugar was there as well.

My poor little buddy with this little cyst near his eye :(. He is still very cute though!!!

We also had a great dinner! There were hamburgers and some green bean and potato salad thing but I did not have either of those.

French onion soup, homemade by my Mother in law, Cheddar Bratwurst and a really good salad that I had to add more salad to because the ranch dressing came out far too fast! It was very good, and after there was ice cream cake, but with all the bad eating I did at the party that was a no go for me!

Today was time to get back to healthy eating, we head to Mexico May 5th….I want to look nice in my bathing suit! I woke up at 9:30am and went to work out with Jeff…more on that during my training post later today. When I got back I was hungry but it was too late for breakfast so I made some lunch.

Salad with stir-fry veggies and romaine lettuce. Oatmeal bread with turkey, light cheese and some mustard in the panini press to keep it interesting! Nice day off…running and maybe some yoga later. Tonight we are headed to a work event for 6 where someone will win a motorcycle! I will post more about it tomorrow!

Going to post some questions, because I could use more comments:

What did you do this weekend?

What do you do to get back on track after a weekend of no exercising and failing off your diet wagon?

What is your next race/event?

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