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Back to running!!!!!!

2 Apr

I dont think I could put enough exclamation points into the title of this post! I am so happy I decided to run today, and that Jeff told me I could…that is why I decided to. I am still having IT band issues, and it is traveling to my knee now so I was really worried. I knew today I would have to ask Jeff about it. Plus being as tough on myself as I am I was guilt tripping myself bad! So after our super good training session we were stretching and talking about the issues I have been having and he said as long as I stretch and run at a good even pace I would be fine. I started my warm up slower than usual and kept my pace at around 5.8 during my interval runs and slower during the walks at 3.5-4.0 instead of 4.0-4.5. I was feeling really good and decided at the half way point to take my runs up to 5.8-6.0-6.2 and kept steady at 6.2. Pretty decent run and ended up doing 2.45 miles in 29:05. The random time and distance is due to my ease into 10k program. I am on Day 2 week 1 and will be finishing it this time! I doubt I will taper much next week as I am getting to some runs that are over 5k distance and need to push it to prepare for the half, all while keeping it easy of my poor legs!

OH HEY ME IN THE TREADMILL! Not too shabby on the pace and distance so I was happy because of my sore legs, non running for almost a week, etc. SMALL VICTORIES PEOPLE!!!!!!!

Happy workouts to everyone and training as well, if that is your thing!!!!

ALSO I HAVE A GOOD IT BAND STRETCH JEFF GAVE ME….it is super awkward looking but really effective, so I will have to have Dan take a picture.

Super Easy Dinner and Really Good Running!

27 Mar

Today was great after the whole 3 hours of Finny Sickness! I was able to get half our upstairs cleaned and a bunch of laundry done. I decided for a treadmill run so I could keep up with cleaning. I think my treadmill was really happy to see me! I restarted Ease into 10k Day 1 Week 1. I did that because my endurance has built up and because after tapering I felt like I was not going strong enough in the program to advance. I was so happy with the performance I got! I know I rested my body enough for the run and went fast and upped my incline to 3 I usually do 2.

2.27 in 26:08 is pretty darn good. Why the 8 seconds you ask? Well Finny got sick behind the treadmill and I paused it but not my ease into program and wanted everything to be even. Feeling good, as I did not finish the cool down, if I did the work out would have been 29 minutes. My first time doing ease into 10k I did the same workout in 2.32 in 29 minutes, clearly would have done better this time!

Then it was time for cleaning and you know what else….

YES MURDER SHE WROTE!…..Dont tell me you do not have a hello kitty crown on the TV in your bedroom because I know you do :).

Then I made the easiest yet best dinner!

Hamburger, and stir fry veggies with some taco seasoning.

Line Bowls with Sandwich Flat Breads found HERE

FIll with Romaine lettuce, top with some Lipton Fajita Rice and your meat mixture.

Tope with mango peach salsa and hot sauce….YUM!

To round out my great day I finally got my Free Gift From Victorias Secret in the mail!

 This baby is so bright and big it will be making the trip to Mexico with me in May! Plus score because i bought a bathing suit and got it free!!!!

Does anyone have any good recipes to share for dinners?

Does anyone know of a good race I can do in April I am shooting for one a month?!?!

Tapering and being a girl make me an extremely cranky-pants mcgee!

19 Mar

Literally after I hit publish on this I am going to bed! This day has been ROUGH! First off the race is this weekend pumped about that for sure. I enjoy running to extreme amounts and am beyond excited to see my college buddies and for Dan to meet them! However I REALLY dislike tapering. I can only imagine how angry I will be when my mileage is higher than 3-5 miles a day and I have to taper if I am already not a nice person to be around right now! Not to mention I had to cancel running group today! BOO!

I kind of love this shirt right now and wish I had that to wear every day this week! After work I decided I would run on the treadmill, you see I had to cancel my beloved running group due to my special pain in the ass lady time! It was a week and a half late, you do not even know how worried I was on how I would run a half marathon 7 months pregnant! That would be a sight to see huh!?!?!

So I have been feeling pretty sick all day since it hit me hard and is wearing me down. The plan was to run 3.5-4 miles and then rest and be happy! Then taper down the rest of this week….not what happened. I decided during my warm up it was not going to happen and opted to do Day 1 Week 2 of ease into 10k, these workouts were extremely easy for me the first time not so much this time, but that was to be expected!

I knew I would need distractions and I knew it would easily be close to or go over an hour. So I set myself up officially!

Waterbottle, lipgloss, purple iphone charger run into my phone so I can watch Murder She Wrote on Netflix…do NOT pretend you don’t love that show more than anything! I will not believe you at all. Oh and some powerade energy blasts for some energy and because I havent felt like eating much today!

I figured I was good to go but my body did not cooperate, so I finished the workout early at 31:22 instead of 35:00. I went 2.75 miles and am okay with that but feel like I should have done better. Also because of super crampy legs half way through I had to take the incline down to 0%….not happy. I did get it done though and that is something to be proud of I suppose!

Oh well there is always tomorrow and on the plus side it will not be the first day of my lady visitor like last race, so I do expect to get a much better time….something positive came from this. Especially since I have been throwing up since I finished running…on that note time for bed! Sorry for the Debbie Downer post I am just so done with today, tapering and lady issues!!!

Running Group

14 Mar

If you are poor, like I am right now after paying off two credit cards and my registration fees for my car and motorcycle, you can start your own running group like I did. It is much more cost effective to get your friends psyched about running and then ask them to join you on your runs! Both of them are beginners but have a nice base so we started off easy with Day 1 Week 1 of ease into 10k and they did AWESOME! I am so proud of both of you girls! It is also so nice to have running buddies! Dan quit on me since hes more into weight lifting and would like to lose a bit more weight before getting back into running, since his knee is bothering him.  The girls did great and I did stress the importance of slower running and pacing yourself so you do not burn out. When we finished we had gone 2.25 miles in 28:37, thats a 12:43 pace. I was really happy with that time for all of us since they are just starting. It is also right on pace with how I did the first time I did week 1 day 1 ease into 10k. That I did on the treadmill though, so I am happy that running outside with harder incline was almost as good as the treadmill!

Plus the girls are really excited and we planned our next run for Friday! I knew doing all my nerdy research would pay off and I am so glad they want to listen to my running junk.  I will be running the Color Me Rad 5k with Nicole and the Surftown Half Marathon will be run with Krystle. I have no doubt Nicole will be more than ready for May 26th and Krystle and my goal is just to finish the half. I do have a race coming up next Saturday with my friends from college and will talk more about that next week.

Combine tapering with my special lady time and its a bad week to be Dan next week! Ouch….look out world cranky lady coming soon!

Everyone have a great night :).

A base run is all you need.

10 Mar

Sometime a base run IS all you need. When I say base run, I mean a slow run that builds upon your base, endurance and mileage. Today after work I ran with Krystle my co-worker and good friend who will be running the Surftown Half Marathon with me in September. She is totally just getting back into running and I am so proud of her!

We did day 1 week 4 of ease into 10k together. It was hard! It was really cold here at 4:30pm, which is when we started. So I decided we would keep it slow and steady. Plus as someone getting back into running I wanted to make sure she learned how to even her pace, as she ran and not take off as fast as you can when you begin! I had a problem with that when I started up again and Dan helped me through it. I took her on Dan and my regular running trail which is a 3.2 mile loop. I figured we would get at least that in the 45 minutes alloted and we did. We ended up going 3.5 miles in 45:08. While not my best by any means I felt good when it was over and fresh. I could easily talk the whole time and felt strong. I was so proud of her for doing so well! She was so nervous at work today before we left, but I assured her I would be there for her and I was. Even though it slowed me down a bit it showed me how far I have come. To be able to be almost at 3.5 miles and feel like I could easily run another 1 or 2 is HUGE for me at my current level. I am so amped up and excited to see my progress and also hers. I am also glad I found a running buddy just as nerdy as me who wants to listen to me babel about all the info I have researched over the last three months!

I hope everyone else was able to have runs that were just as awesome, or just an awesome day in general!!

It is now 9:39 and I am SO sleepy! I will post tomorrow night, as I have work tomorrow and chores. I hope everyone enjoys SPRINGING AHEAD!

Trainer workouts, Free Clothes and Delicious Dinners!

10 Mar

Yesterday morning I woke up and felt terrible! I have been going through a strange period of super exhaustion and feeling sick to my stomach after everything I eat! The alarm went off at 5:30 am and I thought I would never be able to finish my scheduled workout with Jeff! I got to Fitness Underground around 6 am and infromed him of my aliment and my desire to not run on the treadmill for my warm up. However I did walk and got through the workout pretty darn good if I say so myself. The ab work was postiviely brutal, but worth it. Then I headed to work with a gallon of white grape juice, that was really the only thing that sounded at all appetizing. Work was fine but I kept feeling worse and worse, so I headed home around 2pm.

I think I mentioned that my Mom is on a business trip and I am covering her weekend shifts, if not I just did. 🙂

However on Thursday we were having a slight issue, so she drove back (she is only in Boston, Ma. so not far at all). When she came back she had brought me this wonderfulness!

Gifts for Dan and I! Let me clarify this is being talked about with Friday’s news since I ended up leaving it all at work until yesterday.


I think you can tell I wasn’t feeling good yesterday, no new post and my pictures were not staged well in my living room at ALL!

The first picture is Dan’s gifts two pairs of pant and shorts, one of each was Adidas Climacool and Climawarm, pretty much just there performance technology. It is pretty darn awesome though!

How do I know? Well because the second picture is three Adidas Performance tank tops (outlet price $5.00 each, how can you beat that!), 1 pair climacool pants, I loveeeeee them. Then two pairs of capris from the marshalls outlet. The top pair of capris will most likely become my go to spinning and yoga pants while the other two will be solely relegated to my one true love (besides Dan and Finny), RUNNING!

I know you are admiring my laundry basket in the background!

After I got home I pretty much was super lazy and just laid around. Then at around 5:45 I decided I was feeling okay but it was time to really sweat the bug out of me! I hoped into my new clothes and onto the treadmill and was off. Ease into 10k Week 3 Day 3 DONE! 39:05 minutes 3.56 miles! I will take it, feeling like crap, yet still improving my time from my last ease into workout rocks my world!

Then it was time for dinner with our friends Nikki and John. We went to one of my favorite places Plaza Azteca. Sorry for the really dark picture coming your way, but the restaurant is mood lit.

That picture is a little less than halfway through my burrito and that was how it went into the box. It was so yummy, Chicken Chipotle Burrito with Mango sauce and FRESH mangoes cut up over it! The bowl on the side was some bean, bacon and chorizzo sausage stew thing, that was good, but I couldnt handle the smell last night and didnt want to push my stomach!

Which brings us to today! As you know I am working and usually I am off, but I love my Mom and will cover for her. Especially when she bribes me with free running clothes! After work Krystle and I are headed out on a run, to continue training for our half marathon we will run together in September!

I will leave you with these…


Now I am not one to take Mirror pictures of myself for ANY reason, other than to bring content to my blog, so see its all for you! 🙂

This was my outfit today, I love the sweater, but not that I had no way to close it so I used this pin. I also am rocking the green Adidas tank as casual wear…I am a rebel! The pin was left to me by my Great Aunt Annie, who always called me Sasha (my name in Russian), was a super cool chick from California, always mailed me cookbooks and left me her prized elephant collection. I was so lucky to have her in my life! I inherited a bunch of her brooches as well and had no use for them except blazers. I have gotten so many compliments on my sweater and its unique button! I think the compliments are more about how cool of a lady she was, and I am glad I can keep a piece of her with me.

Day off= Running/Food Diary Day

5 Mar

Clearly this post is just going to be an account of my training and eating today! I had today off and it was really relaxing, even with a lot of exercising and healthfulness mixed in there! This morning I woke up around 8:30 and got ready to go see Jeff at 10. We had a nice workout, warmup 1 mile run, then a torture circuit. Not really Im being a bit over dramatic, but it was harder than my workouts have seemed lately. The highlight of the day was Bosu Ball squats. I know he reads this so I shouldn’t say this because I like to mess with him, but I really enjoy new things like that. They are challenging but it feels great when you can do them, just like as my mileage increases I think wow that was hard, but it did pay off.

Before I caption this picture, I just wanted to say clearly I am a professional photographer, due to my background of mail, my nook and lysol wipes that really have nothing to do with the picture.

After my workout I went to Target I wanted to pick up some protein, and also those vitamins. Lets be honest I dont take vitamins ever, but vitamins that are gummies and have omega 3 in them yes please! The bowl is my breakfast when I got home, the Mango Chobani is in the bowl already I just figured I would give them some free advertising! :). The bowl is yogurt, honey and a handful of apple cinnamon Cheerios!

Then I was lazy and did some laundry and watched TV. I ate a salad for lunch, but it was nothing special so I did not take a picture. I have been extremely tired lately, no clue why so I ended up falling asleep. When I woke up at 3 it was time to get dressed and head out for my run.

It was nice to be outside, a bit chilly but still sunny and nice. I was still really tired, and I had picked up these while I was at target today so I popped a few in my mouth before I ran and got a nice energy boost half way through. I thought they had a great taste and will buy them again!

The cliff bars in the back are for Dan and I to bring a snacks or eat with a salad. The protein is really good and only 100 calories per serving and does not have a weird taste. The powerade energy blasts come with 5 of those packs in a box and they have quite a bit in each package, but I only needed three today.

My run was supposed to be 39 minutes, Week 3 Day 2 of Ease Into 10k, but I wanted to hit 3.5 miles, so I went 40 minutes! The nice thing about the training program is it tells you when you are half way done, and lets me know when it is time to turn around and come back. I could not take my usual route, since it is still snowy so I stuck to just roads. Overall I was really happy with the pace at 11:21 I was doing well and on pace to PR at my 5k on March 24th! I did push myself in the run, but was not overly out of breath or winded too badly!

When I got home I stretched a bit, and decided I really was not very hungry so I whipped up a protein shake in the blender for a liquid but satisfying dinner!

Two scoops EAS Lean 15 Protein Powder, 4-5 frozen strawberries, and a cup of milk!

It was yummy and good enough to fill me up! I had to find something to have after my runs as I cannot have chocolate milk right now (I gave up most unnatural sugars for lent), and apple juice (unsweetened) with glutamine was not a good call. This was great! I liked the taste and I think the strawberries helped a lot. If I can pull my butt out of bed in the mornings and get my run done, this will be my new breakfast!

 Hope everyone has a great Monday night, I will be watching Alcatraz with Dan!


What is your favorite pre-run, during run fuel?

What is your favorite form of recovery foods, ice baths, naps?

You can leave your comment below by clicking the comment link, on the bottom left side of this post. A lot of people have been asking me in person why they cannot leave comments on my blog but you can, sorry if it is hard to find!

Starting Ease into 10k program!

20 Feb

Last night I started this program. I figured since I finished ease into 5k and my first race, beginning this could only make me stronger for my next 5K race on March 24th. Plus going back to seeing my trainer Jeff will help as well :).

I was a bit worried at first as yesterday I woke up with sore legs and a cold. However I was able to complete week 1 day 1 in the 29 minutes alloted without any problems. I was able to go 2.32 miles in that time and felt really good. It was a big change from when I first started ease into 5k and could barely run the time they wanted me to, so that was super encouraging. For the first week all three days are a 5 minute warm up walk, run 3 minutes (x5) walk 1 minute (x4) 5 minute cool down.

This morning I decided to do day 2, the program says to rest, but I only take 1 or 2 rest days a week and not 4.  I was still sick and feel like my cold is a bit worse, but again if it is not a stomach issue and preventing me from getting a good workout, I am not going to take the day off. Today I was able to do the 29 minutes again, but this time I got 2.43 miles in. It was a nice improvement and I was not overly tired when I was done. I also made sure to get a good stretch and drink my glutamine mixed with chocolate milk!

Tonight at 7 I am going to see Jeff and get another workout on! I am so happy I can go back, I really don’t mind any of the exercises we do (except lunges), and know that ALL of them even lunges will make me a better runner!

By the way I did my nails last night…. I think you knew I would find a way to girl up this entry!


Oh Plus we had to move our chandelier, I get so excited after my runs and jump off the treadmill and whack my head, so Dan tied it up….Classy!


So now I am making a grocery list and going to clean the house a bit! Have a great Monday everyone!

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