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Now for Easter….

1 Apr

Easter Sunday was different this year. My in-laws are visiting my Mother in laws family in the south so they were not here. Instead we just went to my parents house.

I did my nails for the occasion, with some nail stickers I got in last months Birch Box. I think they were perfect for the event.


I also am enjoying my hair and nails thanks prenatal vitamins! My nails usually break easily!

Then I got dressed and did my hair. I am loving my old navy maternity jean jacket and the dress I got at Macys, white with butterflies!


Ignore the creepy stare and the forehead wrinkles!

After that I made my way to Mom and Dad’s to start the holiday. Mom had a $50 Amazon GC and some candy for Dan, Harry and I. My Aunt Kim had this for Baby K, though I don’t eat hard boiled eggs. Still a cute thought and all set for whichever gender the baby is!


This was a rare Holiday that I got to spend time with all 5 of my grandparents, (I had 6 my grandfather passed away).


The happy birthday banner was for Dan, my Grandma and my Aunt (who was not there) as we were still celebrating birthdays!

I went from room to room and took pictures of everyone. You all know Dan in the plaid, my brother giving the thumbs up, Pepere in the blue he was trying to pose quick but I took the picture too fast, and my Papa John in the black. (He is my Memere’s husband)


Grandma Fran (family dinner) talking animatedly with her hands, my Memere across from her and Arlene my Pepere girlfriend next to her.

So this is why I have 5 grandparents, my Dads parents are divorced but my Pepere’s girlfriend and Memere’s husband have been with them since I have been alive, and thus they are my grandparents….thats the way it goes I haven’t known anything different and it works for us.



Aunt Kim in the pink pants, Uncle Paul (my dads brother) and Mom watching something very intently. I dont know where Dad was but he was also there.

I was so proud of myself for getting a picture of everyone in attendance and not of just food. Though I will end this post with a photo of our great dinner. Thanks Mom and Dad and Memere for making her famous baked beans!!


I only ate about half of this before I didnt feel good but every bite was worth it!!!!

What did you do for the Easter or Passover Holidays?

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