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A day with my first baby:

17 Mar

So Wednesday I spent the day doing things with little Finny man!! Today will be much of the same as yesterday I came down with a pretty bad cold and will be relaxing and laying in bed snuggling with Finny and watching the Criminal Minds Marathon Currently on A&E.

But on Wednesday we did many things. We needed to get some bonding time in before I return to work tomorrow and the weather was gorgeous so up first…


A walk with my favorite walking buddy! This was one of the rare times that he walked next to me and not in front of me pulling like come on Jeez!

Finny loves to walk, run and be active.

He was pretty dirty and was rolling in the grass on the walk so next up was his least favorite activity ever.


Finny really dislikes Bathtime…you can tell by his look of sheer terror!

Also probably because he looks like this.


After that he got a good blow dry and toweling, but still seemed traumatized so this naturally happened.


Snuggling Mommy as hard as possible and not moving. I was okay with it as I have been having bad insomnia so naps are a daily occurrence for me now.

And finally to end the day Dan and I came upstairs to head to bed and this little guy was waiting happily for us.


All Clean! But he needs a trim since he looks like a surfer dog!!

I think it is important to have this time with Finny now so when the baby comes he doesn’t feel ignored. Currently he gets all our attention, so it will be an adjustment but he will still be super loved!

So now back to tissues, fluids and snuggling my Finny! And back to work tomorrow!!!!

How I feel about Finny and a big thanks to the readers!

30 Jan

Today I downloaded an app that lets me write on my pictures. Why? So I can write hilarious things on some photos and so i can tag my own photos with FOOD RUN FUN that I post onto here and other websites (Pintrest). My baby announcement pin is blowing up over there. You can see that post here.

But not today. Today I used the app to tell all of you how I feel abut Finny at all times, through the lyrics of an 80’s classic. 😉


Finny loves me, as you an tell here he is at 8:30 am wondering why I am not getting up to hang out with him/ or this is his way of telling me he is super comfortable and NOT to move or disturb him. Either way if I am in sight of him through the course of the day his eyes never leave me!

I am really looking forward to the great uses this app will bring MUHAHAHAHAHA. Evil laughing!!!


In other news I really want to thank everyone who reads the blog. January 2013 has become my best month ever blogging with 1,800 something hits so far and one day to go. I have beat my previous January by over 400 hits and my best month which was March 2012 when I had 1727 hits. So thanks for being interested in my journey to be healthier and fitter! Dan says its  because their are more posts that include him, and hes the interesting one. Whatever it is I am thankful, because if people stop reading I will stop blogging!

Finally Dan and I spent the whole day together today because it was my day off and he is laid off. It was really nice we ran a bunch of errands and went to Trader Joe’s for the first time ever. I have never been there but I am assuming ones in other areas are much bigger than the one we have here in West Hartford, CT. It is in a strip mall, but I still found it amazing!!!

Here is a teaser picture as our day must be its own post, too many photos! But hopefully this will do it until tomorrow!


Is this a weird photo taken badly, maybe! Or was I trying to include winking watermelon Hello Kitty in there to say hey Trader Joe’s glad to meet you!?!?! You decide.

If you guessed the latter that is honestly what I was doing…NERD!

Well Finny and I are off to Family Dinner now. Todays workout and our day will be coming at you tomorrow. Enjoy your night!

4 miles, heat and calluses….

17 Jul

Yesterday and today DAN and I ran together! Yes Dan was in caps and bolded there….you were right. It is because my favorite running times are the ones I share with Dan.

Yesterday we went…


1.57 mi
Avg Pace
11:57 min/mi

That was taken from my garmin connect page. It was very hot, but the run was worth it and I think the heat kept our pace down. We didnt go far because it was 8:36pm when we started and getting dark quick! After we got back we decided we wanted to go farther. So we ran around the yard for a nice cool down!

0.45 mi
Avg Pace
17:02 min/mi
It was nice and I was hot, but it was all okay because I had on my Hello Kitty socks to keep me going….I really enjoy bright colors and I have been looking down at my feet a lot more to avoid injuries! I had a picture, but my computer malfunctioned during the upload and deleted them all so this is a sparse post!
Today was HARD! When all was said and done we had gone 4 miles, in 55:16….for a 13:48 pace! Slow, but today was hot and because Dan was with me we went on trails I have never been on….it was my usual route on STEROIDS! Hills, trails, heat and narrow roads with cars driving like maniacs led to a crazy, but fun outing with my hubby!
After all was said and done we were both tired and I had a bloody spot on the back of my right sock in my achilles heel area. Just like Curt Schilling (boston redsox, google it) I felt like a great american hero today when I was done! It also made me wish that my right achilles had a nice callus on it like my left one! Not even a blister on that side!
When we got home it was time for showers then pj’s. I have new Victorias Secret Pink Sweatpants (they are black, just the PINK brand) So nice, in the AC. We are now relaxing vegging out and watching Netflix and drinking Silk Dark Chocolate Almond Milk, best recovery drink of all time!!!!! Then some stretching before bed, I have my first training session with Jeff tomorrow since I was sick and my legs are feeling like JELLO!!!
Have a great night everyone! I will leave you with a picture of my stalker….

I’ll be watching you!!!!! Sung in the style of sting!





Training until you have acid reflux and Snuggling with Finny!

12 Jun

Last night at 10pm Dan and I found 1 flea on Finny so into the tub he went and now is flea free, smells nice and looks handsome!

This morning I was so proud of myself I woke up at 8 and did laundry and dishes and made breakfast and dinner for work, then headed to training. I was going to throw together a salad after training before I left for lunch. Breakfast was delicious, a fruit plate with some toast!

Green apple, strawberries and peach.

Then I headed to training where it was apparently kick my butt Tuesday! We started with a 1 mile warmup, then got down to business…this is the motto of the day ….

I was sweating hard, kettlebell squats, pushups, trx rows, bell ringers, MY ENEMIES Ketllte ball sit ups and the hip extension machine. It was so hard, I knew it was because of the Detox, because it was overly hard. (there was more but I forget them)  I also was fighting back watery eyes because I was on the brink of vomiting with each new move. I got home and showered, I also developed terrible heartburn and dizziness. I called Mom and told her I would be late to work, but she said don’t bother. She also said the heartburn was probably caused by Acid leaving my body on the Reset. That is all well and good but this is a pretty crappy feeling. This means also that I never made that lunch I was going to since I do not feel like eating in anyway!

Now I am snuggled up with my baby dog and watching Psych….good times, minus the feeling bad part!

Sleepy puppies, Baths and Laundry Spiders!

13 Mar

Yesterday was a very busy day for me, which you know if you read the last post. Someone else also had a very busy day and was very tired….

After I strecthed I decided to lie down on the couch with a comforter, because when I get sweaty I get cold after. No the better solution would not be to shower, only to be lazy!!! Since I was lying down someone had to come join me and quickly zonked out!

Later that night after making a healthy homemade version of what I cal hamburger helper, (since we have enough leftovers for lunch all week I will post the recipe at some point.) I decided it was time for a realxing bath so I could relax and start to re-read the Hunger Games. I had ordered a bunch of stuff from Lush.com with gift certificates I got for Christmas and was really excited to use them!

I like their products since they look and smell like candy and desserts and those things are off limit until April 8th…yes I may have a countdown going! That is a bath bomb called Miss Whippy it makes the water look like whipped cram and strawberries and even after my shower this morning I can still faintly smell it in my hair. PS. right after I was done taking that picture I got out the nail polish remover and repainted, priorites!

Then it was time to do laundry I was trying to be steathly since I had so much to do, and wanted our bedroom to be clean when Dan got home. So I kicked a massive pile down stairs (did not have a free basket) and took a small pile to go down the stairs to the basment to do laundry. I think I have mentioned before how I am super freightened of spiders.


First off our basement is unfinished it is not a creepy dungeon though it does look like it. The spider is on the slanted down part of the ceiling, in the picture it is a small dot on the right side, but I promise you it was very large in person! No we also do not usually keep Dans shoes at the bottom of the stairs, I threw them at it to try and kil it but it did not work. Luckily Dan came home from the gym and saved my life!

So that was our night I got my laundry done and we relaxed.

Check back in the next couple days for the Hamburger Helper Recipe and on Friday for my own creation Guiness Cupcakes and Bailey’s Irish Cream Frosting.

I know other people have made these, but this is my personal recipe and I have to make them for a work party anyway, so it will be its own post!


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