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A little random Saturday Action!!!

19 Jan

So this post is a random photo dump of events that do not really intertwine with each other but happened to me Friday and Saturday that I thought were noteworthy!

Today I worked until around 3:30 and now I am sharing events with you. Not sure what we are doing tonight but I like when things are surprising. One such thing I did NOT enjoy was coming home to this today…


When we got home today our outer front door was propped open and we weren’t sure why. Turns out the wind took it and broke the door frame…awesome! I am now listening to the sounds of Dan trying to fix it, although he did a bit excitedly tell me we have to take a trip to home depot….he loves it there.

In happier news.

A customer brought me these yesterday at work for the baby. I thought that was really sweet of her and they are so happy and pretty.


Also yesterday I had one of my cravings….my cravings are mostly for juices, this is always my go to!


Why yes that is a large orange hi-c from Mcdonalds…..mornings are not a time for food for me these past few days and so things of this nature get me through!


This picture is of a gas pump…why you ask because it was beyond confusing!!! I must have hit every button on this thing, the screen which you cannot see says receipt yes/no in the middle of the screen not near those grey buttons, since thats where they would be common sense wise. There is no yes or no buttons so I hit enter and clear and help and cancel and all the grey buttons on the side….still asking me. After two minutes it said thank you and cleared the screen. Talk about frustrating, if you see the buttons please tell me because I could not for the life of me!

Finally to end the post the funniest picture I have seen in a long time to make everyone happy for the weekend!


Enjoy your weekend everyone!!!!

Tomorrows post will be all about running :).

Last nights run and Welcome Summer!!!

12 Jun

I got home from work around 6, took Finny out and as I said last night was too full to eat. So I went for a run on the treadmill, I wanted to paint my nails right after and my legs were pretty sore from the 4 miler on Sunday!

It was time to get down to business, I queued up Psych on Netflix and watched a half episode. I went 2.05 miles in 22:10, a 10:48 pace. Really happy with that performance, you know sore legs and such! After the Reset is over I am really thinking of restarting P90X, it is really good and will give me great results. If anything the rest has made me more motivated!

This brings us to the welcome summer portion of this post. Yesterday morning I took pictures of the flowers in our garden, because it was so beautiful. Thank you instagram and my iphone for these beauties. I will leave you with that!

If you look close on this one, you can see bumblebees….putting myself in extreme danger here to give you guys a great post!

Green thumbs, fast runs and quick dinners!

22 May

I am so happy to report that I actually planted something in my garden on my own and it lived! I was very nervous after the beautiful pink tulips my mother in laws gave me died. So when she gave me these babies I was so worried about planted them, but they SURVIVED!!!!

Ignore the one wilted one behind these two beauties! That one goes from wilted to perfect everytime it rains….annoying but I will take what I can get!

That segways us right into todays run right, I mean not random at all but here we go! I took it to the treadmill again today, I had to make dinner and finally wash my two pairs of jeans that actually fit me so treadmill it was. You see Dan and I are trying to save money for something extremely important…more on that in a post to come. So I have been making our breakfasts, lunches and dinners instead of buying them and trying to use up what we have. I also plan on taking up OAMC (once a month cooking), cheap and time saving there are some great recipes out there!

So todays run was 3.10 miles in……..29:20 WHAT?!?!?! That is miraculous for me! I am so happy with todays performance. NO it was not a run with no stops, sadly! I didnt walk at all but I did stop around 1.53 miles to stretch the backs of my quads they were pretty tight. Then I got back to business and was good to go until the end!! SWEET RUN INDEED! I am pretty happy with my ability to push myself lately and I know this running streak will only help me get better!

Finally we come to last nights glorious recipe! I used my brown sugar garlic chicken recipe and it was still just as good! I forgot how long it has been since we had it….Valentines Day WOAH! So delicious though, I served it with roasted broccoli and broccoli cheese noodles. Those noodles rock they are $1.00 per bag.

I tweaked my roasted broccoli recipe and it was SO good!

Garlic, olive oil, chili flakes and grated Irish cheese= Wonderous. Bake in a 375* oven for 45 minutes and Viola!

I tried to make the picture horizontal but it was a no go, so you will have to deal….plus it doesnt take away from the beauty!

So that was todays run, last nights dinner and my “gardening”….what are some dinner you have had lately!?!?!

I am looking for dinner suggestions for us and will post them to the blog, so any and all are appreciated! I am also so pumped about my current runs and running streak…how long was your longest streak?

My good blogger friend Chris who posts as running corgi went 100 days! SHE ROCKS!!!

Mexico Day 4

21 May

Here we are at day 4! Today I went to the gym with Dan but I left after my run was over. My stomach was bothering me and I wanted to go back to our room and read and lie down. I decided to take some pictures on my walk back to the room, as I said in a previous post our room was pretty far from the gym area so you were still getting a post workout, workout!

Here is the scenery Hacienda Del Mar had to offer: WARNING YOU WILL BE JEALOUS!!!!

I love all the flowers there, especially since you are in the desert basically and there is beach and flowers on one side and desert on the other. The stark contrast is just beautiful!

The building in the distance is building 16 where the aunts, uncle and grandma stayed, we were in 17 next to it!

I love these little fountains and they have them all over the resort!

Almost back to the room now which means palm trees everywhere. The second picture beneath this sentence is of the poor palm tree everyone felt bad for!

Sad right!?!?!

Then I was back to the room! That night we had pasta dinner in the room thank you WALMART! I had to keep it classy by drinking this…..bringing back college!

Tomorrow will bring day 5 where we went to a really famous Cabo restaurant Edith’s SO GOOD! Many Food Pictures are on the way!

Dancing on treadmills, Surprises and Family Dinners

25 Jan

Have you ever heard on song that gets you so motivated that you have to dance while on the treadmill? I currently have two, one an old favorite from college. The other a new one that I cannot run without! I am also very happy Dan was immersed upstairs in something, rather than downstairs to point and laugh at my antics. The other day when we were running outside I started dancing on the side of the road while running, he loved that and totally acknowledged the fact he was with me! (sarcasm).

The two songs are Galvanize by The Chemical Brothers, and the other is Big Sean and Nicki Minaj Dance A$$ Remix. The beats on both songs are why they attracted me to running, but the first also has really encouraging words to work out to! The second is rap, just a warning to anyone who is thinking of downloading, and I recommend the censored version as the uncensored is very vulgar!

The second part of my post is about surprises, there were two within 24 hrs, one for me one for Dan. First….

He brought me home flowers last night because he felt like it, I am a very lucky lady!!!!

The second surprise, which is Dan’s valentines day gift and Birthday gift, I cannot reveal yet! We will be taking a trip on a plane, and be gone for 3 days, that is all he knows. Plus now that he reads the blog I cannot post what it is until Feb. 15th! So stay tuned for that, it should provide many awesome pictures!

Tonight was also Family dinner night, grandma made meatloaf, which I do not like so grandma made me a minute steak!

A big pile of thin sliced mixed veggies is a must, as was sweet baby rays, spicy A1 sauce and soy free earth balance butter for that yummy roll! I am a lucky granddaughter that she spoils me so much with food! I left family dinner early because I was way too lazy to run this morning, so I took it to the treadmill after dinner. I have finished another week of C25k, though I am doing them faster than suggested because my base level is better than running just 3 days a week. Todays run was 2.25 in 30 minutes, pretty solid.

Finally I would like to post this picture and share the fact that the paper pile mess is now cleaned, filed and boxed.

After this stage pictured here, I took each lettered file and broke those down into order by company and filed into a bankers box. Organization to the fullest is very satisfying!

Now it is time for netflix streaming and bed!

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