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My California Adventure Day 1!

3 Feb

Well technically, Day 1 was actually traveling and I was supposed to arrive at 5:45pm west coast time, but due to travel delays I was stuck in New Jersey for 7 hours, and ended up getting there at 9:30pm West Coast time and was exhausted. Luckily the night before I had upgraded my flight from NJ to CA to the economy plus, look how much room I had!!!


So lets start on Friday, my first actual full day in California! Our first adventure of the day was the Warner Brothers Studio Tour. Here are a bunch of pictures from that some with descriptions some without.

IMG_5552 IMG_5553 IMG_5554

The first stop was where the housed famous vehicles from shows and movies. I of course needed pictures of the motorcycle from Batman and the Harry Potter car!!! The first picture is of the space capsule from Big Bang theory. That thing is seriously tiny for three grown men to be in!

IMG_5556 IMG_5557

IMG_5568If these next photos looked familiar you must be a friends fan! They still have this set up there and you can tour it, so of course we had to pretend to have coffee there!!! That’s my friend Lauren she lives in California now and I stayed with her and she spectated the race, but will be doing the Glass Slipper Challenge with me this month!

Finally we ended the tour at the Museum, I had to take pictures of costumes from my favorite movies/shows.


From Great Gatsby.


From suburgatory. One of my favorite shows!!!

And now for the Harry Potter section, its the entire top floor!



That dress is so intricate and amazingly made in person! IMG_5564 IMG_5565 IMG_5567

Before we left we got sorted, Lauren into Slytherin and me into Hufflepuff.

After the tour ended we headed to Disney to pick up my race packet and see the expo.

We also had some lunch I wasnt very hungry so I ordered some eggrolls.

IMG_5570 IMG_5569I also drank about a gallon of water.

FInally we ended our day with dinner and some time at the beach. The second picture in the montage was sent to Lauren’s sister who lives in D.C. hope she was jealous. The dinner pictures are from a place where you order small plates and share them, they were so good and we def had left overs!

IMG_5572 IMG_5580

IMG_5574 IMG_5576 IMG_5578

Bacon cheddar biscuits, spicy green beans and some mac and cheese!!!! SO yummy!!!

Day 2 tomorrow. Have a good Monday everyone and STAY WARM!!!


Wacky Fact Wednesday!!!

22 May

Today is Wednesday and that means it is wacky fact time!!!

1.) We have been trying to eat at home more lately. To save money and to eat a bit healthier! Today for breakfast we had this….


Cinnamon waffle and fresh strawberries….yea Dan is a spoiled Mr and so is Baby K!!!!

2.) I was spoiled today as well!!!

Today I cashed in my Mother’s Day gift from Dan and got a prenatal massage, it was pretty amazing and I probably fell asleep for 5 minutes but still worth it!!!

3.) There was no family dinner tonight!!!! ūüė¶

My grandma and aunts headed to Atlantic City on Sunday and returned today. Finny and I really missed seeing them tonight after I had yoga!

4.) Dan repainted the nursery!!!

This is the finished color!


If you recall this was the color!


It was what I would call Dallas Cowboy electric blue….it had to go!!!

I am so excited for the yellow, grey and white room he will have!

5.) Speaking of the nursery we ordered this print last night to hang over his dresser/changing area!

love-you-forever-printsDid you have this book when you were younger? I did and I am pretty sure it made everyone who ever read it in my family cry!

6.) This past weekend I went to a different kind of race and was a cheerleader for a pretty cute guy who was racing!!! IMG_3833 IMG_3830

In case you couldnt tell that is Dan racing his dirt bike! He did so well and finished in 17th! Not bad for his second race!!!

I was a proud wife! Well until next time, have a great night!!!

Slacking with my Blogging….

24 Apr

But for good reason! I have not blogged in so long because I have been really sick. I have been on bed rest with Baby K since Saturday! I wasn’t sure if I would share this on the blog or not as I am a pretty shy person if I don’t know you in real life. But then I thought I share everything with my readers because they are my friends. So thank you for continuing to read the blog even though I have not been blogging. I have also had an extremely bad cold and stomach bug in the past 3 days so not much interesting has happened.

Though I did leave the house once to get someone a very important haircut!


He is pretty cute and I am a crazy Momma so I had to make this and post it onto my Twitter….you know you want to follow me ;).


Yea he is wearing sun glasses, he is one bad ass man! Plus the Bandana made the look. Basically I love my little Man!

In other news what do you do when you are on bed rest?!?! Well you apparently make a Youtube video of yourself talking about Scentsy! I will be uploading a new video talking about something different each week to market my business and get more people interested. You can find my channel HERE.

Basically you can listen to my sweet New England accent made better by my cold. In reality though you can see the warmer of the month for May 2013 and check out the sweet motorcycle warmer, and the other choices.

Finally I have the sweetest husband possibly ever. When the bad stuff went down on Saturday and we both got really scared I did not want to leave bed. We were both really hungry though and so Dan got me dinner in bed!


I was craving chicken alfredo and this one was SO good!! Plus a baking sheet is the answer to your prayers when you don’t want to spill on your sheets!

Finally in the bad news world NO MORE RUNNING UNTIL BABY K IS HERE!!!!!

I would rather not chance it and I knew it was coming after my last Doctor’s appointment. I can still go on walks so I am looking forward to starting those tomorrow! Does anyone want to walk with me, I find walking SUPER boring because its slow. I love running speed intervals because you change pace, but I doubt I am allowed to do pace changes. Unless I go slower… yea looking for a walking buddy!

That is what the Karnolt’s have been up to! What have you been up to in my absence?!?!?!

The rest of last week….

16 Apr

I need to finish my update of last weeks events. Today is the best day to do it as last night I came down with the cold from hell, being pregnant there is not much you can do to solve it besides sleeping and resting. Thus I had to cancel fun plans with a friend for tonight and my training session with Jeff tomorrow.

So here we go with last week.

Aside from Wednesday the only pictures I took/day we did anything interesting was Friday. We both took the day off because we had so many errands. We almost never have the same day off. We never do on weekdays and on weekends we only have the same Sunday off once a month. So days like this are important, I bet some people wonder how we can spend so much time together between work and home and not go crazy, but hey it works for us. I guess I love Dan a lot or something ;).

We left the house around 10 am and got home at 5:30pm. It was still like a full day of work just to get things done.


The first stop was Dan (and now my new) Dr’s office. He needed a physical in order for our next errand to go smoothly.

I read about half those magazines while waiting, this was one of three racks. This office has a great selection. When the appointment was over we discovered the Dr is also a pediatrician and we can bring Baby K there for check ups as well. I love when things are easy and that the baby can have the same Dr.s office for life.

I found this in one of the magazines and will be making it soon:


After the doctors we had to go to the DMV. I know you feel my pain on this. I had to update the address on my license to the new house and also get a copy of the registration for my car because for some reason I didnt have one? My things took 5 minutes including the wait time and 20 minutes later I was all set!

Dan however was registering his new dirt bike with my old motorcycle plate. (I sold mine to buy the house). The wait time alone for that was 2 hours. That was crazy especially since it was done in 3 minutes. Oh well at least it was done.

Friday was also extremely rainy here, when we got home there was a worm parade on our driveway. I could not believe how many there were.


The next day of course they were all dead and stuck to the driveway…..sad life for worms.

After we came home we played with Finny for a bit and then headed out for dinner and more errands. Because of course we were not done yet.

We ate at Boston Market it is one of Dan’s all time favorites!

He got chicken and ribs and I had this.


A pulled BBQ chicken sandwich and a side of mac and cheese. I only ate half that sandwich, it was so good but I got too full so Dan had the other half Saturday for lunch.

After that we went to Home Depot…..because honestly we go there at least once a month now.

Dan needed a bunch of bolts and some wood to make a new ramp for his dirt bike.

That was our week. Now I can update you on things that happen this week….well once anything interesting happens!

Enjoy your week. My parents are on a trip and I am so excited for them to get home. Don’t get me wrong it is nice for them to have a break and for us to work on our own but seeing them everyday and sharing an office with my Mom does make you notice it more when they are not here!

Ending the weekend with a little fun!

14 Apr

So my Mom tells me the blog has been lacking my usual humor and quirkiness since I got pregnant. I think its because I have been so busy and tired….but sometimes you have to give the people what they want.

How about a little Wacky Fact Sunday!

1.) I like to take pictures in our bathrooms.


Not really though, I feel like a teenager only I will NEVER make the duck face.

Let me explain: my Mom’s group on facebook (a group of girls all due around the same time as me from all over the country) posts bump photos on the page to see our bellies. Yes they are usually to the side, but then you wouldn’t see the super cute bow. I have to take the pictures in the bathroom due to no full length mirror anywhere in this house….I must change that!

2)  People want to compete with my belly:


Me and my father in law Joel, who was trying to make a baby bump with his after dinner belly tonight. I told him my belly was still smaller and her said not for long. But I was also not arching my back in anyway. Hey I have a big healthy baby in there!! Plus I a pretty positive my white shirts made it look 10X bigger, why does white have that effect!?

3.) How good is Chipotle?!?!?!

I mean seriously I LOVE IT! This is more of a truth than a wacky fact. IMG_3717

Dan got the taco and the bowl in front I had the burrito in back, we split the chips and I pretty much drank that HOT salsa cup. Dan was in awe of my ability to eat super hot things. If you have been to chipotle you know their hot salsa is pretty darn hot.

Plus the baby loves anything really hot!  That is one thing I know baby K will have got from MOMMY!

4.) Finally I have the best husband in the WORLD!!! I have a scentsy event tomorrow and the bigger I get the harder it is not to breathe heavily from minor actions so lugging things around is not my idea of fun. The solution was we went and bought a little hand truck. A nice tax write off for me and I didnt even have to load it in the car!


That is one handsome man helping me out ;).

5.) Pregnancy brain is not good…..

Today I forgot the code to the stores alarm system while trying to lock up, confusing it with the code to our garage door.


I went to watch Game of Thrones and had watched about 5 minutes of it before I realized I had it on Spanish HBO and was wondering the whole time why they had new characters who only spoke Spanish.

Yea its kind of like being a blonde.

Summer Foods are my Favorite!!!

9 Apr

Today was like 70 degrees. I don’t know if that’s a big deal where you are but it is for us!

I went to my training session with Jeff (my personal trainer for new readers) in shorts and a t-shirt and it was amazing. Today’s workout was hard, we are still modifying things due to my pregnancy but I get so tired so easily. But hey, I am staying active and that is what counts!!!

In other Baby K news I found this picture online and love it.


Now that we know what gender Baby K is we are even more excited and cannot wait to tell everyone. Its going to be a long month!!!

Anyway, since today was so nice I decided to make a summery meal and invited our co-worker Todd over. If you read the blog you know (or know us in real life) that Todd is one of Dan’s best friends so clearly he is always welcome.

This was the spread.

IMG_3708That onion isnt cut because I would be crying and probably throwing up. Onions are not my thing but they are Dan’s so I gave him the option to cut them or not.

¬†Hmburgers, Beans, a version of my Mom’s summer pasta salad and fruit. My Mom’s salad has tri-colored rotini, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and green and black olives, and red onions, cover with italian dressing. Mine was much simpler as I am not able to eat onions or bell peppers right now and Dan hates all olives. But it was still all so good and gave me an early taste of summer!


For dessert we had this.


How can you not LOVE Italian Ice?!?!?!? If you say you dont I might not speak to you for a while!!

But in all seriousness this is the best brand I have ever had, and comes in Strawberry and Watermelon variety pack.

Add work into the mix and this was my day in a nutshell. I am glad we are finally getting some nice weather and that Finny and I went out for a nice walk through the neighborhood this afternoon! Now I am off to bed, I have a busy day tomorrow including a new workout program I am starting tomorrow night. More on that later.

Thanks for reading,


An exciting day!!!

3 Apr

Well the end of it was, the beginning was awful. I felt terrible and exhausted this morning and thus had to drag myself out of bed and to work today.  As the day went on and I got more busy I noticed it less and less. By the time I got home I had got a second wind.

It probably also helped that I wore a very summery dress and that put me in a happier mood.

After work when I went to the mailbox I was so happy to see this!!!


Yes I did cover my address with my very pretty finger/nail polish. What was in the box?!?!


I received this item from and their perks program. I was so excited that I qualified for this perk and cannot wait to use and review it. Has anyone tried the wireless MP3 walkman before? It is much different than the one I had back in the day (1996). I cannot wait to run (mostly walk with Baby K that is.) and then review this item. If you want some cool freebies check out their site and add me as an influencer I will add you back (Alexandra Karnolt) incase you didnt already know that. I qualified for this due to my scores in health and running! The real perk is if these things made you as fast as Meb is ;).

After that is it was time for some family dinner action at Grandmas.


Lasagna and salad PERFECTION!!!!

After that we all watched some TV and then it was 9pm so I was of course exhausted!!

Dan and I headed home and since we had cleaned out the Nursery last night he decided it was time to paint. We also got Finny in there to hang out, we are pretty sure it was his first time going in there, and we will eventually get him a bed just for that room as he will certainly have a new best friend to snuggle and watch out for!

I had to get a before shot, this picture doesnt do this awful color justice but it is like an electric navy blue and AWFUL! After pictures will go up when the crib and dresser are in.


Im not sure what is in that tote and the dresser is some of Dans things but that will be going into the hall. The white spots are spackle these walls were BEAT UP! Baby K is pretty lucky to have a house with central air AND a ceiling fan, I did not have that as a baby/young child!!!!

So that was my day. Not too interesting but give me a break I have felt terrible but I made the best of it because in the end it is all worth it for our little baby!!!!

Now for Easter….

1 Apr

Easter Sunday was different this year. My in-laws are visiting my Mother in laws family in the south so they were not here. Instead we just went to my parents house.

I did my nails for the occasion, with some nail stickers I got in last months Birch Box. I think they were perfect for the event.


I also am enjoying my hair and nails thanks prenatal vitamins! My nails usually break easily!

Then I got dressed and did my hair. I am loving my old navy maternity jean jacket and the dress I got at Macys, white with butterflies!


Ignore the creepy stare and the forehead wrinkles!

After that I made my way to Mom and Dad’s to start the holiday. Mom had a $50 Amazon GC and some candy for Dan, Harry and I. My Aunt Kim had this for Baby K, though I don’t eat hard boiled eggs. Still a cute thought and all set for whichever gender the baby is!


This was a rare Holiday that I got to spend time with all 5 of my grandparents, (I had 6 my grandfather passed away).


The happy birthday banner was for Dan, my Grandma and my Aunt (who was not there) as we were still celebrating birthdays!

I went from room to room and took pictures of everyone. You all know Dan in the plaid, my brother giving the thumbs up, Pepere in the blue he was trying to pose quick but I took the picture too fast, and my Papa John in the black. (He is my Memere’s husband)


Grandma Fran (family dinner) talking animatedly with her hands, my Memere across from her and Arlene my Pepere girlfriend next to her.

So this is why I have 5 grandparents, my Dads parents are divorced but my Pepere’s girlfriend and Memere’s husband have been with them since I have been alive, and thus they are my grandparents….thats the way it goes I haven’t known anything different and it works for us.



Aunt Kim in the pink pants, Uncle Paul (my dads brother) and Mom watching something very intently. I dont know where Dad was but he was also there.

I was so proud of myself for getting a picture of everyone in attendance and not of just food. Though I will end this post with a photo of our great dinner. Thanks Mom and Dad and Memere for making her famous baked beans!!


I only ate about half of this before I didnt feel good but every bite was worth it!!!!

What did you do for the Easter or Passover Holidays?

Weekend Recap, minus Easter….

1 Apr

This weekend began for me on Sunday as I worked Friday and Saturday but it was still very busy.

Friday was our first really nice day around here it was also Good Friday so no one was working and there was no school. Since we work retail we were open and man was it busy. Friday also started Dan’s Birthday weekend so I gave him his birthday gifts and we had a date night just the two of us.


Dan and the nachos we shared for dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. I don’t know who came up with the idea for these but they were so good and would be even better at home…made with your own ingredients. Chips then three flavors. One: Pulled BBQ pork with nacho cheese and onions. The middle section was buffalo chicken nachos with boneless buffalo wings, blue cheese carrots and celery and the last part was regular nachos, chili, cheese and lettuce. They were good! If you read the blog you know I am not a pork fan, but pulled pork is becoming a quick favorite.

I also gave Dan his birthday gift in his Easter basket after all his bday was on Easter.


Please note Finny the photobombers foot to the left. Dan got white t’s, the new Justin Timberlake CD, the new Bio Shock game, gum, trail mix and the whole bottom of the basket is filled with reese’s and twix eggs.

Saturday I was up early not feeling well so I went to my 5k and watched my friends run before I had to head out to work.

This was the group, much larger than last years.

Lizzy Race

I am in the back to the left behind the lady in the yellow shirt, who is also our friend Lizzy’s mother. We run the race every year in memory of her and it is always great to see and catch up with my college friends!

IMG_3665 IMG_3666

There was a balloon release in memory of those who have passed and I was the official key holder for all my buddies racing :).

Then the race began and I had a lot of waiting to do. Since it isnt a big race there are not many spectators but I was okay because it was a beautiful day.

IMG_3667 IMG_3669

The male winner crossed n 21:00 which is amazing as this is a hilly course. Well it was amazing to me because I try not to train hills, but I think I will have to start after Baby K arrives!!!

The first person in our group (who I personally knew) to cross did so in 25 something, so not too shabby!

After that it was off to work where we were having an Easter Egg hunt, Pictures with the Easter Bunny and a Petting Zoo. 200 children showed up! By the time I got there that part was over but it was still super busy! I left work around 3:45pm (we close at 3) and Dan did not get out until after 4:30pm, people were really enjoying the nice weather.

Later Dan and I went and saw some friends at a near by motocross track that they keep up.


The bike in the background is a fullsize dirt bike and the one in the foreground is a minibike. Currently Dan has a mini bike like that one but is buying himself a late bday present and getting a dirt bike. I foresee a lot of time spent down here this summer. For those of you that read the blog and know I live in CT and don’t believe I live in a farm area I hope you do now, especially as you drive next to a farm plot to get to the track.

After that we went to dinner.

IMG_3674 IMG_3675

These are from the burger place that is about 2 minutes from our house! Buffalo Chicken with Sweet Potato fries for me and The 3 little pigs for Dan with steak fries. Dans burger was a pork, hot and sweet sausage and bacon patty with a fried egg and I think an onion bun. He really enjoyed it!

Later that night we met up with friends and had a great time celebrating Dan.

The next day was Easter….but that is for the next post.

Literally a post all about food!!!

28 Mar

Let me explain first, I have not been out of control eating or anything like that. Not that I don’t get the urge but I don’t do it. I have been really busy or feeling sick lately and so all the pictures I have taken have been of what I have been eating.


When back at work I am a big fan of Geisslers lunch selection. On Tuesday I did not eat dinner because I had this for lunch and man was it amazing!!! By the way Geisslers is a local grocery store. Turkey, Stuffing, Garlic and Herb potatoes and Veggies!!!

On Monday I had gone grocery shopping, I figured it was time as we were running low on basics and Dan has been eating A LOT more veggies in his life. Sorry to back track here. For dinner that night we had this masterpiece.


Veggie lovers bagged salad, (I always go for that kind since it has fresh green beans, cabbage, carrots and more already in there), PLUS you know a salad will be great when you add one enitre baby cucumber to your serving!!! Top with hot rotisserie chicken and parmesan ranch dressing….sometimes I am glad I get an extra 300 calories and get to eat yummy dressings I usually wouldn’t!

Also on my shopping trip I secured these yummies!



Pear yogurt is so amazing add pomegranate granola and an apple and you have a perfect parfait. I don’t know if I have mentioned this before but….Pears and Mangoes are my favorite fruits!!! (PS- I realize I always mention this).

Finally we come to last night…..FAMILY DINNER BIRTHDAY EDITION!!!

Last night we celebrated Aunt Tamarra’s, My Grandma’s and Dan’s Bdays. Aunt T’s bday was on St. Patrick’s Day and I already did a post for her, but check back Saturday and Sunday for super sappy posts dedicated to them!

So back to dinner. Grandma wanted Hotdogs and beans her favorite food is probably hotdogs! My Aunt Kim (not her birthday by the way) wanted tacos. GRANDMA HATES TACOS!!! But being the cool Grandma she is or G-MA as I call her she made both.


Sorry I had to bite the taco, it was calling my name and man was it delicious!!! Add a half hotdog, maple baked beans and fries PERFECTION!!!!!

For dessert we had red velvet cake from the Cake Boss….who knew they sold those in stores.


Please note the cut out of the cake, my Dad could not wait apparently. He announced to everyone after doing it that since he cut the cake no ones wish would come true! Good thing Dan and Grandmas Bday’s are on Easter Weekend and so we have another shot at making wishes come true!!!!

Saturday I have a race, not sure if I will be clear to run it or not as I have been feeling crappy but I will walk it or go an watch my buddies run it! Then we have Dan’s bday and Easter on Sunday!!

Enjoy your week!!!!!

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