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California Adventure Day 2!!

18 Feb

As I am getting ready to head to Florida to run Disney’s Princess Half Marathon weekend with my pal Lauren, I realized I never finished updating this! Things have been crazy we have had so much snow and the baby is growing like a weed! He will be 6 months old tomorrow, if you can even believe it.

But back to California and thinking warm! Bring on day 2….


Day 2 started bright and early with a pb and j, it was delicious and made for me by Lauren. We had a very busy day ahead. We went to go for a walk but it was super packed when we got there so I got a few pictures as we drove.


We also met up with one of my college roomates who now lives in California, thanks so much for making the drive Nicole!

We then walked all around the Griffith Observatory which was really neat, I love science and astronomy. Here’s some photos!

IMG_5583 IMG_5584 IMG_5588

The last photo is of the periodic table of elements and they actually had each element in the box. It was pretty cool to see.

After that we had lunch together and then Lauren and I said goodbye and headed to our hotel in Anaheim for the race the next day!

IMG_5594 IMG_5595

I got my race outfit ready, then we had some cupcakes and watched tv. I went to bed around 7:30am, as I had to be on the shuttle to the race at 3:30am!

It was a great trip, tomorrow I will post my race recap, which will be really long. Thursday I leave for Florida, and will have a whole new adventure to post about!


My California Adventure Day 1!

3 Feb

Well technically, Day 1 was actually traveling and I was supposed to arrive at 5:45pm west coast time, but due to travel delays I was stuck in New Jersey for 7 hours, and ended up getting there at 9:30pm West Coast time and was exhausted. Luckily the night before I had upgraded my flight from NJ to CA to the economy plus, look how much room I had!!!


So lets start on Friday, my first actual full day in California! Our first adventure of the day was the Warner Brothers Studio Tour. Here are a bunch of pictures from that some with descriptions some without.

IMG_5552 IMG_5553 IMG_5554

The first stop was where the housed famous vehicles from shows and movies. I of course needed pictures of the motorcycle from Batman and the Harry Potter car!!! The first picture is of the space capsule from Big Bang theory. That thing is seriously tiny for three grown men to be in!

IMG_5556 IMG_5557

IMG_5568If these next photos looked familiar you must be a friends fan! They still have this set up there and you can tour it, so of course we had to pretend to have coffee there!!! That’s my friend Lauren she lives in California now and I stayed with her and she spectated the race, but will be doing the Glass Slipper Challenge with me this month!

Finally we ended the tour at the Museum, I had to take pictures of costumes from my favorite movies/shows.


From Great Gatsby.


From suburgatory. One of my favorite shows!!!

And now for the Harry Potter section, its the entire top floor!



That dress is so intricate and amazingly made in person! IMG_5564 IMG_5565 IMG_5567

Before we left we got sorted, Lauren into Slytherin and me into Hufflepuff.

After the tour ended we headed to Disney to pick up my race packet and see the expo.

We also had some lunch I wasnt very hungry so I ordered some eggrolls.

IMG_5570 IMG_5569I also drank about a gallon of water.

FInally we ended our day with dinner and some time at the beach. The second picture in the montage was sent to Lauren’s sister who lives in D.C. hope she was jealous. The dinner pictures are from a place where you order small plates and share them, they were so good and we def had left overs!

IMG_5572 IMG_5580

IMG_5574 IMG_5576 IMG_5578

Bacon cheddar biscuits, spicy green beans and some mac and cheese!!!! SO yummy!!!

Day 2 tomorrow. Have a good Monday everyone and STAY WARM!!!

Baby Shower Fun!

6 Nov

Training Tuesday will be workout Wednesday tomorrow, dont worry wacky fact will also be there too! I still have my cold so I could not work out I have been exhausted!

But today is about the baby shower I went to on Sunday.

The baby shower was for one of my closest high school friends and I was so glad to be invited and to see her!

This is her and the cake, her baby is going to be named Olivia. She looks great for being 8 months pregnant!

I wanted to get something useful for the baby shower gift and was glad to give her this…

A baby bath tub she registered for. It is really cute and has a bunch of attachments so you can keep using it as they grow! Also some towels, a robe, a hooded towel, and a scentsy buddy animal. Of course I had to do something Scentsy….it was a monkey, because she had also registered for a monkey blanket rattle thing that was also cute.

The diapers on the floor were because they were having a raffle for anyone who brought diapers. I got a size,1-2 and 3 for her so she had one of each size. I also ended up winning the raffle!!! Woo!!

I got a $50.00 Macys Gift Card, super great surprise as I was just happy to help out my friend!!

The food was also good, her Mom did such a great job with the planning.

The diaper cake in the middle was made by the Mother of the Babies father. It was so cute! Plus everything on it was useable! So cool!

Finally it was so good to see to of my best high school friends!!

Me, Jenn and Kira….an awkward angle as well. Jenn has a better picture I will have to get from her!

That was my Sunday. Later that night I started to feel awful and the cold from Hell set in!!!!

A weeks worth of posts!!!

4 Nov

So I have not posted since Wednesday! Bad ALEX!!!!

However that is good news for you the readers because now you get an interesting post to read full of all the fun things I missed!!!

Luckily this (flipped over flower pots and pumpkins.) Plus a few big trees taken down in our back yard (far from the house) are all that we incurred from Sandy. Living near Massachusetts more than New York was a saving grace this time! Note I am in no way down playing this storm just saying we were lucky! Only being without power for three days was great compared to Hurricane Irene and Winter storm Alfred when our area of CT was without power for 10 days and 11 days respectively! Again not downplaying the storm just relaying my experience with it. My prayers go out to those effected including friends in the city. That is all I will say about the storm. Other bloggers have been getting a lot of hate for not respecting the storm and covering it. I however use my blog as a place of positivity and to get away from bad things in the world so that is that.

New Meal Monday:

Because we lost power I could not cook and we moved in with Mom and Dad and Zoe (their dog) our new meal was made by Mom. Instead of a recipe I have a picture…a yummy picture….

Pot Roast and Sausage Peppers and Onions a strange but delicious combo!


There was no training today because without power and no chance of a hot shower (we have a well) I cancelled going to Jeff’s and thanks to no daylight savings time yet it was dark when I got out of work so no run and no treadmill with no power….basically you didnt miss anything interesting!

Wacky Fact Wednesday!

Only 3 for last week:

1.) We got out of work at 12pm Monday because of the storm. So Dan and I starting watching a movie I had a good setup going until we lost power but oh well we just took a nap before going to may parents…

A glass of riesling and three caramels next to our wedding picture= perfection!

2. Mom and Dads dog is super cute but NOT a fan of Finny!

Here is her disappointment over Finny not sharing his dinner with her…

Excuse the bicycle tire. She likes to lay right there and it is next to my dad’s bike which is on an indoor trainer….she is a sad lady right here.

3.  Because we got our power back Wednesday we were able to hand cany out to trick or treaters…a big deal because last year at the same time we were hit with a few feet of snow and had no power so Halloween was cancelled in the State of CT many thought it would happen again!!!


Treat yourself Thursday was a bit different this week I treated myself to salads for lunch and dinner.

For lunch I went to Subway and learned a very important lesson….NEVER ask this girl to put dressing on my salad again…because

It was still good just really RANCHY!

For dinner it was Chicken Salad, Tuscan Salad with dressing in a packet on the side…

SO delicious! They were nice treats for salads…especially when you are craving a lot of VEGGIES!!!


Friday I had a Scentsy Event at a local school it went well and I took my new recruit with me so she could get contacts!!


Saturday was our house warming it was so much fun and I was so busy that I didnt take any pictures….so you know it was a good time!

Sunday- I was supposed to run a race, but a busy day combined with people at my house til 2:30 am= me not doing the race. Plus this afternoon I had a baby shower to attend, but more on that tomorrow!!!

Now you are all caught up on my life through the hectic storm to now. I will resume my regular posting schedule and keep you all entertained! Until tomorrow 🙂

Saying Goodbye & Motivation Sunday!

21 Oct

I just had to say goodbye to one of my best friends, man that was hard!  As you know my friend Lauren is moving to California to pursue her dream to be a lawyer! She leaves tomorrow so I went to visit her tonight and to say goodbye.

I also wanted to see her dog Nellie who is sick and was one of my best dog friends.

She is a big baby! I love her.

It was a good time and I will miss her a lot!  (Lauren and Nellie)!

But Lauren and I made plans to do a race when I come out to visit her sometime next year! I am very excited to race on the west coast!


this day is supposed to be about how you can motivate yourself positively and be a superstar. Today though I am honestly not feeling it!

Last night we had to go to a charity event for a Horse Rescue Foundation one of our customers owns!

This collage highlights our night, tickets for the event, my downfall of last night and reason I feel like sleeping for days a vodka and cranberry, the dinner plate of starchy carby goodness and of course me and Daniel!

After that we headed to my brother’s house for his housewarming where the drinking continued, it was a party. Let me say though there is a good reason, that I dont drink in the midst of hard training. It really de-motivates you to do much of anything!

Since I had to go to work today I had to use my go to hangover cure of the ages, BLUE POWERADE….but they were having a sale so they had none I settled for a blue gatorade and was glad I did when I saw this.

And the Giants did win today so it was a good sign! Overall I have to say everything happens for a reason, and todays motivation is DONT DRINK WHILE TRAINING ALEX! It is fun that night but not worth it the next day!

Hope you had a great weekend!!!

New Additions To FRF!

19 Oct

This is a cannot miss post! It is also in COLOR! 

I have made a couple changes to my blog. FYI this post was typed at 1:13 am oh insomnia you cruel lady you! 

Thus I apologize in advance for spelling errors or rambling! However I have added things to make the blog function much better for me and for you! 

If you are an RSS subscriber I now have a feed through so you can click that in my sidebar to the right and SUBSCRIBE!!! You can also as always share my blog via Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and more on the bottom and clearly sharing is caring! And you can still subscribe through email and facebook, but some people dont like those methods so I have opened it up to a larger audience! 

Next I have added a contact me page at the top right of the blog, fill out the simple contact form and I will get an email with all the info! Readers if you have ideas I want to hear them! If you want to be my e-mail friend that is great too! I am also accepting contacts from companies for reviews and giveaway promotions! Contact me using the form for more info! 

If my delusional sleep deprived ramble confused you where to go here is the link.


Lastly I did this a week ago but I updated my Races page also on the top CHECK IT OUT PEOPLE!!! 

Good times with good friends

14 Oct

Saturday was a fun day! I worked in the morning and we had an apple pie cookoff. This was what I made, though I did not enter it into the competition.

This is pre-baking and pre-crumble top crusting! I mix the apples in the food processor to make and apple sauce with the spices then add apple pieces and mix together. The key here is Granny Smith apples since they make a nice contrast to the sugars. Then pour melted caramel into pie before covering with mixture of butter, flour, and brown sugar to bake.

After work my friend Christine and I headed to our friend Lauren’s going away party. She recently took the bar and is moving to California to become a lawyer! Congrats again Lauren we will miss you!!!!! Here is a picture of the food and cake they had for her….I only got a few “your creepy” looks while snapping the shots.

It was a great party for one of my best friends and I will miss her so much!

After the party we came back to our house where Dan, and some friends were already hanging out. We decided to go get some frozen yogurt. I made everyone take a picture of course!

Dan, Ricky and Derek…..These are better faces then they were making when I first got the camera out so we will settle for this.

The girls did a much better job!

Diana, Me and Christine……and Derek’s yogurt. We were all done eating ours but we faked a good picture!

After that we came home, everyone went home and Dan and I headed to my parents. It was midnight, but it was also my Mom’s 50th bday and they were getting back from Mexico! We were not missing that!

We finally got home and were so happy to go to bed it was a long day for us both, but we are so grateful for so many wonderful friends!

Old Cars and Adam Sandler aka Friday night

18 Jun

Friday night after work, we were on the lookout for something fun to do (like always). So we went to the car show that is held every Friday locally. Dan is really into cars, me not so much, but when you are married to someone who still loves you despite you being obsessed with Hello Kitty as a grown woman, you do things they like to do as well.

I really love Vintage things and cars are no exception, I was not as much a fan of the newer styles as the old and MINT condition cars. Seriously we do not have a garage at our house, but these people must and must spend all their time polishing and taking care of these cars. It honestly seemed like like all just drove off the showroom floor.

This one was nice, I do love the rumble seat. However my favorite one was from 1940 and was a convertible, sadly I didnt snap a picture. The boys weren’t so much into the cars like these, something about them not being fast enough…silly boys.

This car got its own picture because it is a 1968 Camaro I believe. Dan wants a 1969 also in blue but with white stripes and a darker blue. At least now I know what he is working with in his mind.

Then there was this car….

Yes that is a loudly painted Ford Fiesta and the boys actually loved it…..WHAT?!!?!?!
I don’t get it and it wasnt my cup of tea.

Another nice old car leaving (not the one I mentioned earlier).

As the cars started to leave it was our cue to do the same. We had a movie to get to! But since I swear I have radar for this kind of thing….


 Oh Hey Hello Kitty! Glad to see you in the parking lot on someone’s Volkswagen.

Then we headed off to the movies. We saw the new Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg movie Thats my boy. IT WAS SO HILLARIOUS!

Unexpectedly raunchy and one of the funniest A.S. movies in a long time. It had the same feel as Grandmas Boy and was pretty predictable but also pretty great. Dan said he will be buying it on DVD as soon as it is out. Critics of course trashed it, because thats what they do to movies that are actually good. I hope it does well though, because it was great. I figured it was going to be really stupid. Plus look for amazing cameos from super funny people! Susan Sarandon, Will Forte, Rachel Dratch, Vanilla Ice, Todd Bridges, Rex Ryan (as a super big New England Patriots Fan). *For those who are unaware, Rex Ryan is the coach of the NY Jets.

All in all a great Friday night. Plus I was off Saturday for a Scentsy party my Aunt had that went very well!

Coming Up: A death By Chocolate Recipe and A Father’s Day post!

Updates to Food, Run, Fun…

11 Jun

First off I know this is your favorite blog ever, don’t even tell me it isn’t because I will cry and throw a tantrum! Secondly it was time for an update. Since I have finally discovered how to use parts of wordpress my gear page has been updated to include the shoes I currently train with and when you click pictures it now takes you where you can buy them. I will be adding links for clothing, suppliments, etc. In the coming days.

Also I have been kicking around the idea of creating a facebook fan page for FRF! I have created said page and if you would like to “Like” it you may do so HERE. Maybe Dan will even forge Tim Tebows signature and mail that to you, just for liking it! 🙂 He likes when people are friends with me, so he may be tempted to in fact bribe you!

Anyway I started the page because I will post things there that I don’t always put into the blog, running tidbits or funny things I think of that I think you should know! Also all my posts will now post there and not to my personal page. If you are following the blog that way it is time to switch over!

At the time of writting this post the page has 9 likes, and I am still surprised everyday that people are even interested in what I have to say! I never thought anything I have said or done is that interesting or inspiring, but I am really proud of the impact the blog has had on people. Again, thank you for following me and if you want to be real FB friends it’s under Alexandra Karnolt…..pretty sure I am the only one! Plus you know what mine and Dan’s smiling faces look like already people!

Enjoy your Monday I will be running and cooking when I get home!

3.1 Miles of Memories Race

25 Mar

So yesterday was race day! I was a bit nervous as it was only my second race ever! i was also really glad that Dan ran it with me, he is a great guy!

The night before we went to Chili’s for dinner then home to bed I was exhausted! Sorry we did not make it to your birthday party Nicole but I knew if we did go after dinner (it was already 9pm) I would get sucked into staying up way too late from having too much fun! For dinner I got tacos and rice and beans. I figured those are nice carbs/protein mix and probably an okay food to eat before the race.

I could lie and tell you I did not finish that plate of food but I did and it was worth it!

It probably had something to do with the fact that earlier in the day I went to Costco for work and did not have time to eat. I did discover that people should probably pay me to pack their items from Costco into their cars because I am a professional!

We had a spring BBQ and Ladies Only party at work yesterday so this was all the supplies. Those strawberries were the best treat ever when I got back to work though!

Anyway after dinner we went home and I got things ready for the race.

I bought this Thursday night and was so glad to have it (my old one will be refurbished and sold to Krystle for cheap). You will hear all about why it was a necessity in a moment!

Onto Race Day:

I woke up at 7am got dressed and went outside to do a bit of stretching and warm up running, we had an hour drive but my legs were tight and I was worried about that with a hilly area like Terryville.

After about a quarter mile I cam back inside to discover Dan was dressing for the race and would be running it with me! I was so happy as yesterday was also our 6 month wedding anniversary so it was nice to spend the whole day together!

I went out to the car inputed the address and waited for Dan who apparently thought we were super hungry for pre race fuel!

We actually did not even end up eating any of it, oh well! We did however take pre-workout powder mixed into water, its something Dan bought at GNC I only use it pre-race and it is good for that because eating before bothers my stomach!

So we arrived at the race and it was time to run after collecting our goodie bags and Dan registering. Since I pre-registered I got a T-Shirt as well, it is really awesome, but I cannot wear it anywhere, due to one of the sponsors being our direct competition. I would rather not advertise another business.

Then it was time to race! The race was really small, which was a good thing because the beginning and finish line areas would have been super tight if not. Dan and I were doing okay (averaging a 9:59/minute mile) Which is great for me and even with hills! Then the hills finally got to my legs and I had to walk short intervals and even out my pace. Once this one done I had no problem running and that showed in my splits, until we rounded the corner and saw the monster hill!

I believe the words that came from Dans mouth were “oh come on”, and sadly it just kept going and getting steeper. So we walked a bit and must have been looking rough because I spectator told us it would be okay and there was water once the hill ended. We hit mile 2 wile on the hill and still had about a quarter mile until the water and hill end….rough city! After that though the course flattened out and then even went a bit downhill from there then stayed pretty flat the rest of the way with an uphill run to the finish line.

The only discouraging thing in it all was I was so proud of myself for running the whole way after the hill was over and I hit three miles and man were my calves on fire, but I told myself it was only.10 more and I could do that for sure! This is where having my watch came in handy, because I could see that it was almost 35 minutes, a whole minute 26 better than my last race time and I was going to beat it. Then I looked up and was NOT at the finish line WHAT!?!?!?

I hit 3.1 miles at 35:11, I made sure to note that, especially since our last race was 3.1 miles. Then I kept going, the race finally finished at 3.34 miles, thank god for my garmin or else I would have been so mad at myself for finishing a 3.1 mile race in 37:24. Even with the hills I know I am better than my last race time because I put the work in to make myself better plus my splits rocked. (Aside from mile 2 due to the hill!)


Mile 1: 11:03…elevation gain 86 loss 63

Mile 2: 12:45…elevation gain 131 loss 20 (huge hill)

Mile 3:  10:23…proud of that!

.34: 3:13

I did PR if you count it at the 35:11, which I am because that is technically a 5k!

So overall it was a good race. I left my phone in the car so there was no post race food picture, but it was a mini chicken salad sandwich, a piece of a turkey bacon wrap and a banana. Delicious! Plus it is always good to see college friends and to celebrate Lizzy’ life as she was such a special person to us all!

Then it was time to go to work and hunger games. That will be a separate post though, a I have rambled WAY too much in this one!

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