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Doing the right thing…..

29 Jan

Listening to my body. During my half marathon training (THIS TIME) things have to be done differently for obvious reasons. So last night and today when I started to experience severe cramping in my hamstring area I knew it was a rest day! It has become clear that during pregnancy my body need more than one running day of rest. Yesterday I did circuit training with Jeff, but today I need a full day off to just stretch them out and relax them.

Here is how my day went….aside from my legs.

 Got to work this morning and felt tired but good. That all changed when I realized Baby K really hates sugar and I had Ice cream and brownies last night….rough morning. That is when you eat an orange because the baby has an addiction to them and then you send your husband this picture….

Describes perfectly how I felt all day.


The orange teeth really make this shot….my eyes are also telling you I am not above posting embarrassing pictures on the internet for your entertainment. But honestly a year into this blog you should all know how crazy I am already!

Around 11:30 am I was super hungry for lunch and knew that since the baby was revolting against my food sins I would give it something I knew he/she loved.


My artistic shot of my loaded baked potato soup…. I really like this kind because they do not add cheese. But they do add tons of bacon, which apparently I was craving today.

I arrived home from work to Dan plowing the driveway on his quad like this.


Yes that is the back and that is our friend Mikey on the back being Dan’s plowing wingman. I am really glad 6 days from now I will also be on layoff and can see these plans hatch from the beginning and not come in halfway through.

Finally our dinner. I am eating it while typing this, and man did it come out good! I have been wanting to make some of the many paleo recipes people sent me but I have to go shopping for that to happen. In an effort to not have to get out of my PJ’s this concoction was born.


Boil one bag of eggnoodles, drain and remove from heat add 2 jars alfredo, one jar bacon bits….the real kind because they are delicious and a can of corn. It came out amazing and even though the finished product doesn’t look great it tastes amazing!!!

ENJOY YOUR TUESDAY! I WILL BE SNUGGLED UP WITH FINNY WATCHING THE TASTE….what a great idea for a cooking competition!

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The saddest sight ever and my little buddy….

13 Jan

This morning this was the saddest sight ever!


Dan is almost in Texas as I write this and I hope he has a great time, and eats some really  great, BBQ, steaks, etc! He will be in heaven.

I on the other hand went to work and was just dragging tired. When I got home I thought Dan might be in Texas but I am not alone….How lucky I am to have my little man Finny with me.

Here’s is a run down in the day of the life of Finny. He wakes up between 5:30-7:00 am and we go outside. When there is snow he refuses to walk in it, but also will not go to the bathroom on sidewalks or pavement. He is a prima donna diva dog!

This is what Dan made him so he has an area.

IMG_3159 IMG_3158

Yes, Dan plows an area for him so as the snow melts and grass appears he is a happy man, you can see that in the second picture.

Otherwise if there is no snow we run all around the yard and neighborhood while out on our morning walk because this dog has some serious energy!

Then Finny spends most of the day in his room, (if we are at work)  yes the dog has his own room in the house, his bed, toys and food are all in there and he

has fun playing and mostly sleeping….this dog loves to sleep. Probably because he is so hyper.

If we are off work Finny spends the day with us, playing and roaming the house.


He does indeed have two beds and a carebear blanket…this dog knows style and comfort! He also has a box of toys including that sock on the bottom right of the photo.

The above picture has to have been taken after 6pm because then we are home from work and Finny had been out for his nightly walk through our neighborhood and is in his room to eat…he is a messy eater.

Around 9 pm we head out for the last walk of the day, and then up to the bedroom. Finny sleeps with Dan and I and usually at my legs. Also because he is always SO busy he passes out hard when he sleeps!


Finny is weird and likes to sleep on top of that pink blanket or rolled into it like a pig in a blanket. He also sleeps on top of my legs and across them, not sure how it is comfortable for him but I guess it is! Sometimes he even goes under the blankets and sleeps up against Dan, but that is only if all the lights and tv are already off and if Dan is asleep.

Then we wake up and do it all again! And that is a Day in the Life of our little Man Finny!

Fun Event Friday!

26 Oct

Last night as you know I went to the Oakdale for an event called Fun Girls Night Out. My friend Ashley whom I sell scentsy with a

nd I  were there selling Velata. (scentsy’s brand of chocolate fondue pots and belgian chocolate). It is a newer company so events like this are less about selling and more about getting info about the product out there.

Anyway it was good to spend time with her as outside of selling we are good friends and our husbands have a man crush on each other! 🙂

I found this while stopped at the light and laughed all the way to the concert hall it was held at. Especially when I also saw there were parking spots lining the road past the sign as well!

When I got to the event it was set up with fun colors everywhere, pink giveaway bags for the ladies who came to shop and this cool ice sculpture on the bar!

We sold a few fondue pots and some chocolate and got some good leads for events and people buying christmas presents. We also got a pink bag from the event (only the ladies who attended the night were supposed to). THey had free razors, shaving cream, coupons and more. I always appreciate something for free 🙂

You can check out the fondue pots here.

They are neat easy to use and easier to clean up! They make great christmas presents and hostess gifts for parties!!!

Anyway I am off to run! Hope everyone enjoys their Friday!

Old Cars and Adam Sandler aka Friday night

18 Jun

Friday night after work, we were on the lookout for something fun to do (like always). So we went to the car show that is held every Friday locally. Dan is really into cars, me not so much, but when you are married to someone who still loves you despite you being obsessed with Hello Kitty as a grown woman, you do things they like to do as well.

I really love Vintage things and cars are no exception, I was not as much a fan of the newer styles as the old and MINT condition cars. Seriously we do not have a garage at our house, but these people must and must spend all their time polishing and taking care of these cars. It honestly seemed like like all just drove off the showroom floor.

This one was nice, I do love the rumble seat. However my favorite one was from 1940 and was a convertible, sadly I didnt snap a picture. The boys weren’t so much into the cars like these, something about them not being fast enough…silly boys.

This car got its own picture because it is a 1968 Camaro I believe. Dan wants a 1969 also in blue but with white stripes and a darker blue. At least now I know what he is working with in his mind.

Then there was this car….

Yes that is a loudly painted Ford Fiesta and the boys actually loved it…..WHAT?!!?!?!
I don’t get it and it wasnt my cup of tea.

Another nice old car leaving (not the one I mentioned earlier).

As the cars started to leave it was our cue to do the same. We had a movie to get to! But since I swear I have radar for this kind of thing….


 Oh Hey Hello Kitty! Glad to see you in the parking lot on someone’s Volkswagen.

Then we headed off to the movies. We saw the new Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg movie Thats my boy. IT WAS SO HILLARIOUS!

Unexpectedly raunchy and one of the funniest A.S. movies in a long time. It had the same feel as Grandmas Boy and was pretty predictable but also pretty great. Dan said he will be buying it on DVD as soon as it is out. Critics of course trashed it, because thats what they do to movies that are actually good. I hope it does well though, because it was great. I figured it was going to be really stupid. Plus look for amazing cameos from super funny people! Susan Sarandon, Will Forte, Rachel Dratch, Vanilla Ice, Todd Bridges, Rex Ryan (as a super big New England Patriots Fan). *For those who are unaware, Rex Ryan is the coach of the NY Jets.

All in all a great Friday night. Plus I was off Saturday for a Scentsy party my Aunt had that went very well!

Coming Up: A death By Chocolate Recipe and A Father’s Day post!

Getting Ready and Little Gentlemen!

4 May

So tomorrow at 6am 10 of us will be on our way to Cabo! Well 8 of us and then grandma and my Aunt Kim are meeting us Sunday! It should be a great time. Plus those of us who are going tomorrow will be in Mexico for Cinco De Mayo! WOOOOOO, hopefully it isnt a hyped up Americanized Holiday and there is really cool things going on!

Also today Dan and I went shopping and did our dishes and laundry so we can come home to a nice clean house. I realized I have changed a lot since we last went to Mexico. I am 10 lbs lighter than I was last year at this time (thank you slow carbing), plus over half of the clothes I am bringing are workout clothes. I do plan on having fun, but I will be sticking to my diet and training plan as best I can! The only difference is it is going to be hard to start running again. After I hurt my leg a week ago at 4 am tonight, it has been hard to do anything. My hip is very injured and I took a good week off from running. Plus due to my hectic schedule my training has slid and I know I lost some endurance and speed. But I will get back there and will be running through this vacation!

In other news Finny is staying with my in-laws. He was a very excited puppy when we dropped him off, he has never been there so he was happy to be somewhere new and truly is the coolest dog ever!

He got a hair and nail cut today and looked like a little gentleman, I will leave you with his picture and a hilarious one of Dan! HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO ALL! AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FRIEND CHRISTINE (TINI)!!!!

here is a really interesting picture, I am taking the picture through the door to my in-laws house, while Dan climbs through the window (he forgot his keys), it is also never fun when you turn the water from the sink on and soak your phone, or having to run for the alarm to shut it off. I know it was quite comical to watch!

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