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What Mother’s Day Means to Me….

12 May

First of all thank you to My Mom, Mother in law, Grandmothers (mine and Dans) and Aunt Kim (my godmother) and Tamarra. Who have shown me how to be a great role model and mother to my children. I am glad you get a day in which you are celebrated because you deserve it!

What Mother’s Day means to me has changed over the past few years and this year it changed again. While I will not have my first official Mothers Day until next year, both of my Mothers have been really great in making it special for my first Mommy-to-be Mothers Day. (After all this is their first Grandmother’s to be day!)

Lets go back to the beginning first though. When I was born in 1985 my Mom was unaware she would be a Mom until the day I was born, but like my child I was born in August so Mom’s first Mother’s Day was in 1986. I think I have told the story of my premature birth on here before so rather than bore you with it just no that she and no one else new I was in her tummy waiting to come out!

So we always celebrated Mothers Day and for the first 21 years of my life that day was about celebrating the ladies in this picture. (From our wedding).


From Left to Right: My Grandma Fran, My Mommy, Me (DUH), My Memere and Arlene my Pepere’s Girlfriend.

However before I turned 22 I bought myself a gift that changed my life and made me a Mommy, well to a fur baby that is.


Finny as a 3lb puppy! How could you not love that face! From now on Mothers Day meant celebrating the same ladies but doing something nice for myself as well because now I had someone to look out for and keep alive!

Fast Forward 6 years and this Mother’s Day held a whole different meaning! I am about to be a Mom in August to a living breathing baby boy and MAN was I spoiled for that!

I didn’t have to work today and got to spend my morning snuggling with my fur baby! Plus Dan had given me the best gift.


Inside the box is a gift certificate for a Mom to Be massage AMAZING!!! I will be making that appointment tomorrow!

Plus now I have a new Mom to celebrate. My Mother in law and soon to be Memere.

So today we headed over to my Mom and Dads for a lunch with both families and had a great time. There was great food….I cant believe I didnt take a picture, and some more gifts.

My Aunt Tamarra got everyone a gerber daisy. I took the smallest one as all the others were taller and I am still a Mom to be!


My mother in law brought us flowers as well! They have a new home on our front step!


And finally there are these bags. The stuffed animal is a gift from Dan’s great Aunt for little Camden and it is very cute! he rest of the things filling the bags were my Mother’s Day gift from Mom.


In the bags are all pool outfits and accessories and an inflatable sun shielded pool for Mr.

Plus some hangers and a backpack full of sunscreen. Clearly this baby will have nothing in his life and want for everything ;).

Overall it was an amazing day and I was so glad to have such a wonderful first Mommy to be Mother’s Day. Which I concluded with a nap on the comfy chair at Mom and Dads. I cannot wait until next year when Camden is here to snuggle and love!

NOTE: This post was going to include childhood pictures of Dan and I with our Mom’s but we unpacked so well when we moved that I have NO idea where the pictures are currently and yet I know we have them!

Baby K Update:

12 Mar

Lets get this out of the way….I am by far the worst blogger in the world. My last post was 6 days ago but for good reason! This month I have 7 scentsy events booked. 6 of them occurred in a less than a week period! After the events it was either too late or I was too tired to post. But I am back at it.

Baby K is now 17 weeks as of Sunday March 10th.

Highlights of the past week and a half:

  • My stomach has doubled in size, despite only showing a 1 lb difference from last week. I will take it if the baby gets bigger but the scale doesnt 😉 


This photo was at some point during week 16. This week it is a bit bigger. 

  • Pretty much every food makes me nauseous, which is fine because I eat a lot in small amounts through the day and that seems to help.
  • I have ALOT more energy but the amount of things I can do exercise wise are decreasing. Modifications have to be made to everything. Even my beloved running, however I will just be decreasing my mileage to 12-15 miles a week and keeping up my training for the 5ks I have left on my race schedule!
  • Finally Baby K is LITERALLY the most spoiled unborn baby ever, aside from Prince Williams and Kim Kardashians of course. But for the middle class I think this baby is taking the cake. The reason I think both sets of parents, (and my aunts who think of me as their daughter) are excited for the first grandchild!

Yesterday the baby received more gifts:

My Aunt Tamarra gave me a porcelain plate and cup that had been mine as a child, obviously not to use because a kid would smash that thing. She also gave me these which I love.

IMG_36136 pairs of little tiny socks that look like sneakers. Our baby will clearly love to run 🙂

Then I arrived home last night from a Scentsy meeting to find Dan had picked up our crib and dresser from Babies R Us. I was so surprised. But even more surprised when Dan told me the baby shower gift from My Parents (Moms idea) had arrived. I was confused, and even more confused when we went into the mud room and these were there.


Brand new Kenmore Elite washer and dryers and they are purple!!! See Mom wanted to buy us the crib, but because of the sale with the free mattress I figured we could buy it ourselves, not knowing her plan. So her and Dan went last Thursday and bought these and they were delivered last night. Since I plan on cloth diapering Mom decided we needed a really good washer and dryer! I was so excited since the ones that came with the house were old and probably close to being if not, the originals from 1995. I can’t wait to give these things a try. Clearly I am going into Mom mode already as a new washer and dryer is the most exciting thing that has happened to me lately!

As the weeks go by more and more I get more excited and so does Dan. Today I bought our paint for the nursery. Our plan is to get started on that asap. See the problem/benefit of our job is we get busy March-October. The bad thing is our busiest season is May-August, prime time for when the baby is coming/here, so it is do it now or be half done with Little K pops out!

Tomorrow is my 16 week appointment. It was supposed to be on Friday but because of the snowstorm it was rescheduled, I am excited to hear babies heartbeat and make our ultra sound appointment to find out the gender.

Enjoy your Tuesday everyone!

Visiting the Grandparents!

19 Feb

I have met Dan’s grandparents a handful of times and love them. They are so sweet and hilarious! I have a Memere and a Pepere as well since Dan and I are both French Canadian. Our Memere’s are so much a like it is scary….but also very entertaining!

When we first told her we would be visiting she told us she did not have room for us to spend the night. To us that didn’t matter because we just wanted to visit with them and could stay at a hotel. That all changed once we actually got to their house. They had made us food. Chicken noodle soup for me, and for Dan (sorry I dont know how to spell it, so I’ll just explain it) the filling that goes into meat pies. Which is a cold ground pork that he spread on toast or crackers. It isn’t the prettiest looking thing so there is no picture but Dan was in heaven and his grandmother knows the way to his heart for sure.

After lunch it was time to sit and talk, or in my case lay on the couch and take a nap like Memere told me I should because, “I know how pregnant ladies are.” I loved it and fell asleep pretty quickly. I didnt even know I was tired, but I guess Grandmothers do know what is best!

Here is a picture of all of us from their last visit to Connecticut.


Dan, Noelle (dans sister) and Me, with the Grandparents.

After my nap she announced that it was decided and we would stay the night with them! They have two bedrooms with small beds as guest rooms so we each slept in one and it was very nice! I just woke up and started typing this entry if you couldnt tell.

We also met up with Dan’s Aunt and cousins who live down here. Dan’s Aunt and Memere and Pepere both surprised us with baby gifts. I love them both and was so surprised they were grey and yellow things as that is the baby’s room colors.

IMG_3441 IMG_3442

These are the first gifts we have received for Baby K, we were so surprised and grateful for them! The top is the softest baby blanket and rabbit I have ever felt from Aunt Sue, and the bottom is the cutest hooded towel set and bath supplies from M&P.

Next it was off to dinner where we planned to treat everyone, but Memere got us there too. She informed the waiter that he had better respect his elders and give her the bill to pay. She had us, we are in the South after all and there was no way we were getting the check after she said that.

Dinner was so good! We went to Fatz Cafe, here is what I ate.


I probably had 3-4 of these poppy seed rolls. They were more like a little donut and were covered in sugar. He just kept bringing us more and we all liked them a lot!


For dinner Dan and I shared a cup of soup and I got this salad. I have been loving salads lately and trying to eat as many as possible before Thursday which is my pre-race fiber cut off! If you don’t know why I do that its to avoid bathroom breaks during race day!

Finally the waiter brought us two free cakes and said it must be someone’s birthday coming up and we should enjoy!


Needless to say this way great!!!

Finally we headed back to their house and it was time for bed. Pepere is a great artist and I had to share some of the paintings he has done that are in the room I stayed in.

IMG_3449 IMG_3450 IMG_3451

You can see me in the last one! Aren’t these amazing works! It is great that he has such a wonderful hobby!

I am off to eat breakfast and spend more time with them before we head off to Florida today. Again we are so grateful that they allowed us to stay with them, and that we made some great memories with them!

A little random Saturday Action!!!

19 Jan

So this post is a random photo dump of events that do not really intertwine with each other but happened to me Friday and Saturday that I thought were noteworthy!

Today I worked until around 3:30 and now I am sharing events with you. Not sure what we are doing tonight but I like when things are surprising. One such thing I did NOT enjoy was coming home to this today…


When we got home today our outer front door was propped open and we weren’t sure why. Turns out the wind took it and broke the door frame…awesome! I am now listening to the sounds of Dan trying to fix it, although he did a bit excitedly tell me we have to take a trip to home depot….he loves it there.

In happier news.

A customer brought me these yesterday at work for the baby. I thought that was really sweet of her and they are so happy and pretty.


Also yesterday I had one of my cravings….my cravings are mostly for juices, this is always my go to!


Why yes that is a large orange hi-c from Mcdonalds…..mornings are not a time for food for me these past few days and so things of this nature get me through!


This picture is of a gas pump…why you ask because it was beyond confusing!!! I must have hit every button on this thing, the screen which you cannot see says receipt yes/no in the middle of the screen not near those grey buttons, since thats where they would be common sense wise. There is no yes or no buttons so I hit enter and clear and help and cancel and all the grey buttons on the side….still asking me. After two minutes it said thank you and cleared the screen. Talk about frustrating, if you see the buttons please tell me because I could not for the life of me!

Finally to end the post the funniest picture I have seen in a long time to make everyone happy for the weekend!


Enjoy your weekend everyone!!!!

Tomorrows post will be all about running :).

Christmas 2012 part 1 of ?

26 Dec

Merry BELATED Christmas everyone! I hope you all and your families had a very happy holiday! We sure did, and I am going to tell you all about it, but it’s going to take a few posts!

Anywho….Today’s workout was a half mile treadmill warmup and then an hour of circuit training with my trainer. Luckily today was my day off so I didn’t have to go until 8:30 am instead of 6 am….I know I am lucky! 

Now back to the good stuff CHRISTMAS!!!!

Christmas Eve was an especially long night for us! The day started at 7:00 am when we got up for work and ended at 3:30 am on Christmas Day….so yea it was LONG!

But I have to back up to the 23rd, when we went to my parents house and Dan, Dad and I helped Mom cook a tone of food for our work Christmas Eve party and The one Mom was holding at her house for family.

I was in charge of chopping veggies because that is the job I wanted and was lucky to get it….no onions though because they hurt my eyes!

IMG_3072 IMG_3073

Im pretty much a professional veggie chopper, especially when Mom had such nice Wolfgang Puck Knives!!

Dad was on Ham cutting duty, a job I do not envy because I really dislike ham!


Behind Dad, you can see more food that needed to be made!

Dan because he loves me so much, and because he really does make up for any weakness I have (killing all the spiders for me), was on onion duty, among other things! But its okay because later I cut up a bunch of olives…Dan doesn’t like those!


Here is Dan because I think he is pretty cute…and incase you were curious as to what chopping onions looked like :).

After all the cooking Dan and I returned home and wrapped our presents to give to everyone! It was a great Holiday and we really spoiled everyone…but they deserved it :).


We did not have a tree this year, which I was sad about because its in the crawl space and I love to decorate, but we just ran out of time with everything we had going on. It’s okay though because next year we are going all out and doing lights on the house and all!!!

So NOW it was Christmas Eve and we headed to work from 8:30- 3pm. Then we went back to Mom’s and helped put the finishing touches on her house for her Christmas Eve Party!

Then we came home and got ready. I was smart and did my hair, makeup and wore the clothes I planned on wearing that night to work. But Dan had to shower and change. After that we headed out for the night….


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