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Lets play catchup!!!

29 Nov

So I didn’t post Tuesday or Wednesday, so lets get to that first then get into why….here we go


This was a Jeff workout day and I was TIRED after my legs were wobbly and my arms were tired. So you know the squats and weights were effective!!! Because I have a race Sunday I took the day off from running to be prepped for race day!!! But the rest of the day was like this…

Breakfast was a bagel from a local place Dan and I love but I wouldnt have passed on one of these either…though it looks more like a dessert than a muffin.

Yes that says Red Velvet Chocolate Chip Muffins, but they look like cupcakes, and while we were waiting for our breakfast they were both purchased by other people….smart people 🙂

We also saw this and I had to agree and laugh..though in our house I LOVE FOOTBALL and am a crazy rabid fan!

And here is Dan modeling his awesome hat I got him for everyone!!!


On Wednesday we were off from work because my Great Uncle passed away and it was his funeral. This is why I did not post, between the wake Tuesday and the funeral and birthday Wednesday it was a busy and rough couple of days. My great Uncle was very close to us and was like another Grandfather so it was very hard, but glad to know he is finally not sick and at peace.  It was also my Sister in Laws actual Birthday so the following are all random items from those two events. With some exciting news at the end!

1.) Here are some old pictures from the collage my Aunt made for my Uncles wake:

This first picture is of my Cousin Stacy on top my Aunt Tamarra and Mom (please not her hair)  from left to right, and my Cousin Kathy on the bottom middle and my Aunt Kim on the end. I am not really sure but I think the Adult is my Aunt Evelyn though my Grandmother and her sisters look alike so….

This picture features from left to right Uncle Jackie, me in baby form, my Dad and the back of my Mom’s head. GO 80’s Hair!!

2.) I ate lots of yummy food yesterday, well I didnt eat everything pictured as my stomach would have exploded but I tried my hardest.

Not sure how, but this picture got put first, even though it should be second…oh well. This was the dinner last night for Noelle’s bday feast! The chicken is wonderful and her FAVORITE so it was not the first time I have had it and will not be the last. Those Karnolt children love their chicken!!! Chicken Parm is Dan’s Favorite.

This is the food my Mom prepared for the funeral. She is such a great cook and made enough food to feed 40 people in one night. I volunteered to help but she said she had it. I did end up having to share this plate with Dad as my “Head was bigger than my stomach” a quote from him, I know he meant eyes, its just funnier that way. 

Finally the birthday treats. Rum cake and Chocolate Vegan cake, which has graced the blog a few times! Plus a scoop of vanilla. I wish I could say that I did not eat all of this, but I did. Thank god I had a Jeff training session this morning!!!


Happy birthday party people! I really like the candles used on the cake! Oh yes, the man whose face I took a very close up of is my father in law.

And here is Dan enjoying his dessert with his “second wife” Cheryl. She is a pretty cool lady! I don’t mind her sharing Dan with me ;).

So overall it was a great night, Mom K took a picture of us, but I dont have it to post on the blog, so you will have to settle for my baby picture!

Finally the Exciting news!!! After a few months of selling and recruiting within my Scentsy Business I have EARNED THE VACATION THEY HAVE AS AN INCENTIVE!!! I will not know where we will be headed until later. The trip has different choices which you make based off of how many points you have! I am still very excited and so glad I joined Scentsy and work hard at it!!!

Saying Goodbye & Motivation Sunday!

21 Oct

I just had to say goodbye to one of my best friends, man that was hard!  As you know my friend Lauren is moving to California to pursue her dream to be a lawyer! She leaves tomorrow so I went to visit her tonight and to say goodbye.

I also wanted to see her dog Nellie who is sick and was one of my best dog friends.

She is a big baby! I love her.

It was a good time and I will miss her a lot!  (Lauren and Nellie)!

But Lauren and I made plans to do a race when I come out to visit her sometime next year! I am very excited to race on the west coast!


this day is supposed to be about how you can motivate yourself positively and be a superstar. Today though I am honestly not feeling it!

Last night we had to go to a charity event for a Horse Rescue Foundation one of our customers owns!

This collage highlights our night, tickets for the event, my downfall of last night and reason I feel like sleeping for days a vodka and cranberry, the dinner plate of starchy carby goodness and of course me and Daniel!

After that we headed to my brother’s house for his housewarming where the drinking continued, it was a party. Let me say though there is a good reason, that I dont drink in the midst of hard training. It really de-motivates you to do much of anything!

Since I had to go to work today I had to use my go to hangover cure of the ages, BLUE POWERADE….but they were having a sale so they had none I settled for a blue gatorade and was glad I did when I saw this.

And the Giants did win today so it was a good sign! Overall I have to say everything happens for a reason, and todays motivation is DONT DRINK WHILE TRAINING ALEX! It is fun that night but not worth it the next day!

Hope you had a great weekend!!!

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