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Summer Foods are my Favorite!!!

9 Apr

Today was like 70 degrees. I don’t know if that’s a big deal where you are but it is for us!

I went to my training session with Jeff (my personal trainer for new readers) in shorts and a t-shirt and it was amazing. Today’s workout was hard, we are still modifying things due to my pregnancy but I get so tired so easily. But hey, I am staying active and that is what counts!!!

In other Baby K news I found this picture online and love it.


Now that we know what gender Baby K is we are even more excited and cannot wait to tell everyone. Its going to be a long month!!!

Anyway, since today was so nice I decided to make a summery meal and invited our co-worker Todd over. If you read the blog you know (or know us in real life) that Todd is one of Dan’s best friends so clearly he is always welcome.

This was the spread.

IMG_3708That onion isnt cut because I would be crying and probably throwing up. Onions are not my thing but they are Dan’s so I gave him the option to cut them or not.

¬†Hmburgers, Beans, a version of my Mom’s summer pasta salad and fruit. My Mom’s salad has tri-colored rotini, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and green and black olives, and red onions, cover with italian dressing. Mine was much simpler as I am not able to eat onions or bell peppers right now and Dan hates all olives. But it was still all so good and gave me an early taste of summer!


For dessert we had this.


How can you not LOVE Italian Ice?!?!?!? If you say you dont I might not speak to you for a while!!

But in all seriousness this is the best brand I have ever had, and comes in Strawberry and Watermelon variety pack.

Add work into the mix and this was my day in a nutshell. I am glad we are finally getting some nice weather and that Finny and I went out for a nice walk through the neighborhood this afternoon! Now I am off to bed, I have a busy day tomorrow including a new workout program I am starting tomorrow night. More on that later.

Thanks for reading,



The Laziest Post Ever…all food pictures and info!

31 May

So here are a bunch of pictures I took for the blog after vacation, that never quite made it in their own post, but are too good not to share!!!

Chicken Bacon and cheese with breadcrumbs, it was one of those new kraft things where the cheese and breadcrumbs are in the bag with seasonings and bacon and you shake raw chicken in there then bake them! SO good but I only had two chicken breasts so I had to devise a plan for the left overs! Also making an apperance French cut green beans, the best kind! And Julienned potatoes Au Gratin. YUMMMMYYY!!!

With the left over things I made this….

Low Calorie Whole Wheat Mac and cheese. Literally all that is in here is the left over cheese, bacon, crumb mixture, low fat milk and a block of Fat Free Cream cheese, no Flour, no butter! So creamy and great! I had it for lunch the next day, and that was whole wheat pasta BTW.

Last week I also started drinking my protein again. I was too lazy to put it in the blender at 10pm when this picture was taken so it was a bit chunky, thus I chugged it down and went to bed…LIKE A BOSS!

This was last weeks family dinner, I ate A LOT of hamburgers last week!!! This weeks family dinner picture will be inluded into tonights training post, but this is called the laziest post ever, so I havent even uploaded the pictures yet! Oh well.

Finally this….do you love Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cakes, but cannot finish an entire cake?!?!?! Well then meet the DQ cupcake, this thing was still too large for me to even attempt so I spilt it with Dan. More like I ate all that blue whipped cream and most of the chocolate crunchies. What can I say I love the best parts and he is a good sport about it :).

So I will post an actual interesting training post after I get home from work tonight at 8! Catch you all later!!!!!

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