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It’s a Celebration!

19 Jun

Happy 10 months to our baby boy! You have grown so much and are so AMAZING!


A one month old Camden!

10 months

10 month Camden!

Before he found and destroyed the 10 month sticker. He is such a good boy, even though he loves to crinkle paper!

Camdens Current Likes:

Wet Open Mouth Kisses

Chicken Nuggets

Mac and Cheese

Fruits and Veggies! (Especially green beans!)

Walking (pushing my walker or holding your hand)

Crawling like a maniac!

His Johnathan the Husky dog or Wubba Pooh


Daddy putting me to bed


Mommy putting me to bed (not gonna happen lady)




Camden is currently teething again, you know because 8 teeth arent enough, hes been SO UNHAPPY 😦

I was very happy to get cute pictures of him for his ten month birthday! And thats what happened today in our lives.

Camden says: Goodnight everyone. Or in his language baba, dada, mom, hi. Then he claps and laughs 🙂


We have an announcement!!!!

1 Jan

So if you are facebook friends with me you know what the announcement is! But if not you don’t….

Here is what we have to tell you in the same way we told our families!!


In case you were wondering, those are Dan’s cycling shoes, my running sneakers and soon to be Baby K’s running shoes…because you know they are going to run 🙂

So what does this mean for the blog, well I am still eating, still having fun and yes I am still running. In fact I have two half marathons in February and March. Then I will go down to 5k’s. I had planned to run a full marathon in May and another half in August but those will be put on hold until 2014! So it is still the same great blog now with baby things added in. I hope people will give me advice and am so grateful again for everyone who takes the time to read this blog!!!

Happy New Year to everyone!!!!

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