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Back by Popular Demand….

10 May

Well really my Aunt Kim who is my number one blogging fan, but I figured it was time for a post!!!

I am now almost 26 weeks pregnant (on Sunday) which means 7 months and the third trimester are quickly approaching! I cannot believe how fast this pregnancy has gone by. Honestly it feels like just yesterday when I found out I would be having a baby! It was December 3rd when I found out by the way. Also the best way to see pregnancy as it is 40 weeks which would= 10 months in by taking the amount of weeks you are and dividing by 4….that is how I figure out how many months I am as pregnancy is not actually 10 months. Some months are 5 weeks and some are 3.5 so yea you try and wrap your head around it….I did the best I could!

Here are some fun things I have experienced/shared since my last post about the baby!

– Pedicures are AWESOME!!! I got one on Wednesday because I was sick of my feet looking gross for Yoga every week. There is no picture of this because my feet are swollen and I have an unattractive cut on my big toe so you can just imagine that situation.

-I have gotten Stretch Marks on my Tummy and have Kankles when I stand too long. But hey it is all worth it in the name of having my baby! I have since been rubbing lotion on my belly in an attempt to keep them as light as they are and keep my feet elevated when not at work. Any remedies for either will be appreciated!!

-We have finished the baby registry and are registered at Babies R Us. (giving any man the scanner is a bad idea as Dan really enjoyed scanning gender specific items) I was trying to keep it a secret. But the cat is out of the bag so…

-We announced this on Facebook!.


He is arriving around 8-18-13…anytime from 8-11-13 to 8-18-13 or beyond I guess as this IS our first and they can go late….the magic of babies!!!!

-Here is a belly front and side shot from yesterday…..PRETTY BIG compared to my last one posted on here.


I dont know that I even realized there would be a time my stomach would stick out farther than my chest. But that little ball of a bump is CUTE! Also my shirt, phone and nail polish match…..that was the best part of that day for me!

– I have been working a lot between TSI and Scentsy events and think it is time to pull back a bit on Scentsy. I start my maternity leave on August 1st and will stop working late nights until 8 in July. I worked until 8pm yesterday and when I got home I could not keep my eyes open! This growing a human thing is EXHAUSTING!!!!!

IMG_3778 IMG_3780

These are pictures from my event on Saturday. As you can see I had Scentsy on one side and TSI on the other. It was nice to spend the day working with my Dad (he is in the grey polo and jeans), it is made even better when he buys you some Ritas Water Ice. Pregnant ladies getting free food= VICTORY!

– I remember to make time for my first baby as well….Also I am totally wearing a shirt here….I realize it looks like I am naked but I promise I am not.


I hope everyone has a good weekend and all the Mommies enjoy their Mother’s Days. I will be trying to post more if I actually do anything interesting….or anything at all :).

Hitting the treadmill and my Job in pictures.

27 Jan

I felt really good today! I woke up feeling great, got ready and went to work. At 2pm when I got out of work I would usually need a serious nap, but not today. So I hit the treadmill to get some good mileage in.

My setup:


Water bottle, sourpatch kids, (needed since I knew I would need some fuel, but didn’t want caffeine.) And the good ole Ipad which would be cued up with some Investigation Shows, I am really loving the Investigation Discovery Channel and glad their shows are on Netflix. I may still be watching Deadly Attractions while typing this.

Here were the results of my hard work.


6 miles in a 11:54 pace! I am so happy with that as the limit for the Princess Half is 16 min/mile pace. I only had to take two breaks and that was for water bottle refills. The Doctor informed me they used to go by heart rate and monitor that, but he said as long as I stayed hydrated, ate, and didnt feel exhausted when done all was good.

Plus a 922 calorie burn is always a good thing, when you are always hungry!

After the running I needed to foam roll bad, my legs were a bit tense but feel great now!


I know you are really JEALOUS of my sweet setups in the basement!

I had to keep the show going as well!

All in all I was so happy with this effort after being so run down last week! I also cannot wait for WEDNESDAY when it will be 54* here and I will be running OUTSIDE!!!


In case people were wondering these are pictures of where I work. I took these today as it was pretty slow, and I am trying to get better at panorama photos on the Iphone….they are probably still pretty terrible though.


This is the clothing area, I was working here today filling in.

If you notice the baby clothes area to the left of the photo you may see this, which is super cute and I had to buy no matter what sex Baby K turns out to be because he/she will be a harley baby!

IMG_3269 IMG_3270

Dan thinks me buying that is admitting it will be a boy….someone really wants a son!


This is our parts area and behind me is where Dan works, which is the next picture. There is a customer at the counter being helped by my Dad.

Here is where Dan works.


Its a square room, the picture is deceiving. There is a small hallway where those flags are that leads to the parts area. The orange floor is pretty COOL! And that is where we work. My office I share with my Mom who was in there and doesn’t like her picture taken so I will share that another day! Enjoy the remainder of your weekend!!!!

Turkey Day week Tuesday!

20 Nov

As you see training Tuesday has been replaced for this week, as today is my rest day this week! You see I have training with Jeff tomorrow and had it yesterday so I wanted a rest. Plus I plan on working out all weekend so I needed a day.

Today seemed like the perfect day as Mom and I went shopping for Thanksgiving after work and there was A LOT of lifting involved!

So because of that here is a montage of last weeks pictures that did not make the blog.

Last Tuesday we decorated the store for Christmas, we stay after work and Mom buys everyone Chinese. We eat and decorate and look forward to it every year! This was food for 6 of us….Mom goes a bit overboard!

Some of our handy work outside!

Dan always says he doesnt like Finny and messes with him constantly but here they are showing they do love each other!

This was my super sneaky picture of Dan switching out his Iphone for a new one because his 5 was dropping calls.

And finally…

The happiest and blurriest you will ever see me at 5:30 when getting ready to workout with Jeff. Yes my shirt says team Karnolt it was a gift from my Sister In Law on my wedding day!

Worst Blogger in the World Status!

19 Aug

Thanks for continuing to read my blog, even though I have not been posting at least once a day, (which is my goal!). I know you all go through withdrawals not hearing about Finny or Running 1000 miles! BUT I have been an extremely bust woman lately and it is only going to get busier now!

Life is tough when you work two jobs and are training for your first and second half marathons back to back. Throw in now the fact that my last day off was August 13th and my next day off is August 25th! However these are the perils you face when you own your own Scentsy business and are in line to own a Harley-Davidson Dealership!

The parental units and our general manager are in Milwaukee for the HD Convention so that means, doggie watching and store watching! Everyone better watch out because Harry (my brother) and I are in charge for the week and are tough customers :). Just kidding, I mean we are in charge but no one really messes with us anyway! Except Dan he is easily the worst employee we have ;).

Anywho now that my work day today is over I figured I would get in a quick blog then run before meeting one of my high school bffs for dinner!

So what have I been up to….well only Scentsy Parties and learning how to run an office without Mom and of course running (solo or with Krystle) and training with my main man Jeff!

I have also decided to start a new post section of the blog called snack of the day….in which I bring you the most delicious snack to me. (Well for that day because I just ate it and it was good…and therefore the best snack EVER!)

So here are some recent best snacks to tell you about…

These are the best snack for when you are craving candy and dont want to eat 200-300 calories! At only 120 calories and tasting like a Rice crispy treat mixed with caramel and covered in chocolate it is a great choice.

I actually really dislike PB and Chocolate combos (i know thats like a sin to most people), but these were SO good and they were kid sized bars so I could eat two and not feel like a Piggy about it!

Finally this is NOT a snack but was so delicious and I wish we had one of these restaurants close to us!

That is a turkey sandwich on a bagel that was dipped in pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese and then toasted! SO DELICIOUS!!!!!

So that is it, off for a run then dinner with Miss Katie….


What did you do today?

Dan and I went on a Motorcycle Ride from work that benefitted special olympics it was a great cause and is a really large ride as all of New England and Pennsylvania and New York take part! There are 11 states and 26 locations the ride starts from so we are excited to take part in this!

Getting Dunked and Fun With Friends….

16 Jul

Saturday was a busy day! We had a crazy fun event at work and we had some fun with some of our very best friends Saturday night! First up the event! It was a dunk tank and the proceeds went to a local food pantry!

Pre tank! Work shirts and shorts/bathing suits should be the official uniform of TSI H-D all summer long! Plus pigtails with gingham bows a la Mary-Anne from gilligan’s island is always a good look!

Here are some pictures from when we got dunked…Mom said I should have made a prettier face, but if you are a regular reader you know I cannot do that!

Clearly I am a MUCH better picture taker than Dan is!

After work we went out with friends. On the way there I tried to take a picture of the HORRIFIC sunburn I got being outside all day and not wearing sunscreen like a ding dong! Plus pigtails+sun= a burnt scalp…not fun!

Nice red forehead and chest, plus sun burnt lips! No smile, because my lips were one fire!

Then we met up with Derek and Christine for dinner. We went to a local restaurant where the portions are made for elephants apparently!

I got this….

Broccoli stuffed chicken, A BAKED POTATO (my current love and always craving) and a side of Broccoli. You can NEVER have enough broccoli…trust me on that one! I ate a bit of it and had enough left over to eat it for dinner last night and tonight!

Dan got his favorite food of all time!

After that we went to get some ice cream and then to a bar, where we people watched because none of us were too keen on drinking very much. It was a really fun night and I cant even remember the last time we all did something together!

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