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My California Adventure Day 1!

3 Feb

Well technically, Day 1 was actually traveling and I was supposed to arrive at 5:45pm west coast time, but due to travel delays I was stuck in New Jersey for 7 hours, and ended up getting there at 9:30pm West Coast time and was exhausted. Luckily the night before I had upgraded my flight from NJ to CA to the economy plus, look how much room I had!!!


So lets start on Friday, my first actual full day in California! Our first adventure of the day was the Warner Brothers Studio Tour. Here are a bunch of pictures from that some with descriptions some without.

IMG_5552 IMG_5553 IMG_5554

The first stop was where the housed famous vehicles from shows and movies. I of course needed pictures of the motorcycle from Batman and the Harry Potter car!!! The first picture is of the space capsule from Big Bang theory. That thing is seriously tiny for three grown men to be in!

IMG_5556 IMG_5557

IMG_5568If these next photos looked familiar you must be a friends fan! They still have this set up there and you can tour it, so of course we had to pretend to have coffee there!!! That’s my friend Lauren she lives in California now and I stayed with her and she spectated the race, but will be doing the Glass Slipper Challenge with me this month!

Finally we ended the tour at the Museum, I had to take pictures of costumes from my favorite movies/shows.


From Great Gatsby.


From suburgatory. One of my favorite shows!!!

And now for the Harry Potter section, its the entire top floor!



That dress is so intricate and amazingly made in person! IMG_5564 IMG_5565 IMG_5567

Before we left we got sorted, Lauren into Slytherin and me into Hufflepuff.

After the tour ended we headed to Disney to pick up my race packet and see the expo.

We also had some lunch I wasnt very hungry so I ordered some eggrolls.

IMG_5570 IMG_5569I also drank about a gallon of water.

FInally we ended our day with dinner and some time at the beach. The second picture in the montage was sent to Lauren’s sister who lives in D.C. hope she was jealous. The dinner pictures are from a place where you order small plates and share them, they were so good and we def had left overs!

IMG_5572 IMG_5580

IMG_5574 IMG_5576 IMG_5578

Bacon cheddar biscuits, spicy green beans and some mac and cheese!!!! SO yummy!!!

Day 2 tomorrow. Have a good Monday everyone and STAY WARM!!!


Dr Seuss, Dinosaurs, and Harry Potter OH MY!!!

21 Feb

Yesterday if you could not tell by the title we went to Universal’s Islands of Adventure….why? Because I am a giant Harry Potter obsessed nerd…..I realize that comment just lost me about 10 readers.

We got ready and headed out to the park…


This picture is supposed to be of the banner, and less of that man and his son.

Our first and last stop was the Dr. Seuss area. First because it was on the way to everything and last because I ended up being able to go on rides there but more on that later in the post.


Our second and most stayed stop was HARRY POTTERRRRRR!


Entering Hogsmeade! This place is so amazing, I cant believe the construction and detail, it looks so realistic. Well it is real but you know what I mean.


Me and the hogwarts express. I bought that baggy shirt down here and love it, covers the bump and is comfy!

IMG_3473 IMG_3474

Next stop frozen butterbeer, Dan loved it and we both enjoyed whatever that white foam stuff is they pump onto it.

Also readers you know I love you if I put a close up of me with no makeup on this thing for the world to see.

IMG_3476 IMG_3484

We may have went to honey dukes and I may have bought a chocolate frog. It was delicious! Well it was also huge so I had about 1 bite, but the bite I had was yummy!


Next we went into the area with the Sinbad pirate show and this tour of Poseidon’s Temple, it was cool! And oh yea I guess I went on three rides then!

Next we headed to the Jurassic Park area. We chose the silliest way to go through the park though and walked around the whole thing almost two times, plus all over. I think we had to go between 6-9 miles and that ended up being exhausting. To end out day at the park we went to the Dr. Seuss area had ice cream cones and went on rides.

We went on the carousel and the One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish water ride for children. We laughed a lot on that second ride…..because were children.

IMG_1493 IMG_1490

Also dear pregnancy stop making my face so round… Alex!

Before we left I made Dan pose with his award for Best Husband, he did after all drive all the way here with me and do things I like.


After we left the park we met up with Dan’s Cousins and their children and took them out to dinner. We went to a local hole in the wall place that served road kill, but also real food. IT WAS SO GOOD!!!


I got country fried steak….because how could I not!

We had a wonderful time with them and it was lovely to spend time with relatives. Also Dan and his Cousin chip ate Buffalo style Frog Legs! EWWWW I refused to eat them….

That was our day. Today we have a lot more fun things going on and I look forward to tell you all about it tomorrow!!!

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