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Christmas 2012 part 1 of ?

26 Dec

Merry BELATED Christmas everyone! I hope you all and your families had a very happy holiday! We sure did, and I am going to tell you all about it, but it’s going to take a few posts!

Anywho….Today’s workout was a half mile treadmill warmup and then an hour of circuit training with my trainer. Luckily today was my day off so I didn’t have to go until 8:30 am instead of 6 am….I know I am lucky! 

Now back to the good stuff CHRISTMAS!!!!

Christmas Eve was an especially long night for us! The day started at 7:00 am when we got up for work and ended at 3:30 am on Christmas Day….so yea it was LONG!

But I have to back up to the 23rd, when we went to my parents house and Dan, Dad and I helped Mom cook a tone of food for our work Christmas Eve party and The one Mom was holding at her house for family.

I was in charge of chopping veggies because that is the job I wanted and was lucky to get it….no onions though because they hurt my eyes!

IMG_3072 IMG_3073

Im pretty much a professional veggie chopper, especially when Mom had such nice Wolfgang Puck Knives!!

Dad was on Ham cutting duty, a job I do not envy because I really dislike ham!


Behind Dad, you can see more food that needed to be made!

Dan because he loves me so much, and because he really does make up for any weakness I have (killing all the spiders for me), was on onion duty, among other things! But its okay because later I cut up a bunch of olives…Dan doesn’t like those!


Here is Dan because I think he is pretty cute…and incase you were curious as to what chopping onions looked like :).

After all the cooking Dan and I returned home and wrapped our presents to give to everyone! It was a great Holiday and we really spoiled everyone…but they deserved it :).


We did not have a tree this year, which I was sad about because its in the crawl space and I love to decorate, but we just ran out of time with everything we had going on. It’s okay though because next year we are going all out and doing lights on the house and all!!!

So NOW it was Christmas Eve and we headed to work from 8:30- 3pm. Then we went back to Mom’s and helped put the finishing touches on her house for her Christmas Eve Party!

Then we came home and got ready. I was smart and did my hair, makeup and wore the clothes I planned on wearing that night to work. But Dan had to shower and change. After that we headed out for the night….



The 4th Day of Christmas

5 Dec

Today’s Workout: As of the time this posts I will be running outside if not too dark or in the basement owning the treadmill!!

Last night before bed I really wanted hot chocolate. We do not have any hot chocolate, we do have nutella. So before bed I took one spoonful of nutella and placed it in the bottom of the mug, then let the KREUIG water run over it. Stir with a spoon an viola. THE BEST HOT CHOCOLATE YOU WILL HAVE! You could add milk I did not because I dont like it in hot chocolate.

This is what Dan gave me for the 4th day of Christmas….

Oh wait first I should say Mom got me this gorgeous ring from a man she is in the Rotary with.


Its a nice globe ring with flowers and Swarovski crystals GORGEOUS!

When I showed Dan this is what happened. Dan said the ring looked like a helmet and procceded to place it on his finger like a helmet and then got creative. Leading to my 4th and daily gift within our Marriage, the gift of LAUGHTER!


It looks like a blinged out Toad from Super Mario Brothers! Made my whole work day better and more fun instantly.

Right now it is 10:49pm and Dan and I are watching Son’s of Anarchy’s finale.

Are there any other good shows we should get into via netflix or cable? We are always looking for a good series to start up when we finish one.

Please leave suggestions in the comments below!!!

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