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St. Patrick’s Day, A Birthday and Good News!

17 Mar

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all my fellow Irish people! If I didn’t do a post on St. Patrick’s Day I would have three people upset with me! My Grandma (or Gma) because her mother was Irish and my Memere, because she is 100% Irish. (She’s Memere because my Pepere is French). Finally my Aunt Tamarra, one because were all Irish, but two because today is her Birthday!

Happy Birthday Aunt Tamarra!!! (Her name is pronounced like when people say tomorrow wrong down south or in Maine (going by Murder She wrote), her name is NOT Tamera or Tammy…so don’t even try it.)

Tamarra loves being born on this day she even has a tattoo of a shamrock and sunflower!


This is my Aunt   ^   I know I have used this photo before but I love it!

It was from her first 5k! (Color Me Rad), that was a great day with my Aunts and my Uncle Bob. My Aunt’s support me in everything I do and I am so lucky to have such wonderful fans, and an amazing family! They will always be there to cheer you on, cheer you up, and make you laugh!

My Aunts Tamarra and Kim and my mom all look a like and a lot of people they went to school with tell me I look like Tamarra when they first meet me. You can decide for yourself based off the above photo!

I am super close to both my Aunt’s and they are like my second and third Mom’s, I can talk to them about anything and get their advice on a lot of things!

Plus I know I hold a special place in Tamarra’s heart because I was her “ring bearer” at her wedding. I was 24 when they got married FYI, but that’s another story!

Here are Tamarra and Bob on their wedding day!

tb wedding

This afternoon I sent this photo to Tamarra, of the St. Patrick’s Baby!


Camden is very excited for his first SPD and his first time celebrating Aunt Tamarra’s Birthday! _____________________________________________

Finally for the good news! I had a Doctor’s appointment today and was taken off one of my prescriptions so I only have one left. Hopefully soon everything with be regulated with me and my health will be normal, that would be so exciting! For the first time in I don’t even know how long I feel normal, not tired, not sick, not oversensitive, just happy and normal! I had also lost almost 10 lbs since my last appointment, things are beginning to work out for me and become positive! Just have to keep this momentum going!

Everyone enjoy your St. Patrick’s Day!


Business things, taxes and our Irish Holiday!

18 Mar

So yes I am Irish, well both my grandmothers are so part of me is! We had corned beef and cabbage on Wednesday at Family Dinner. Here is a secret I HATE corned beef. So what did we have for dinner yesterday on the day to be Irish in America?!?!?!

Well Chinese Food of course and from our favorite place Sun Sun. If you are local it is worth the drive to South Windsor.



True that wise fortune from a tiny gross cookie……yes I love Chinese food dislike fortune cookies.

Also a big happy birthday yesterday to my Aunt Tamarra!!!! Hope you had a wonderful day and an even better year!


Tamarra and I at Color Me Rad last year….yea we look a little a like.

Today I went back to work for the first time since February 4th it was nice to be back. After work I had to get to work on some Scentsy Business!

I had taken a picture of my setup but for some reason my Iphone is doing this funky thing where it takes the picture but never actually saves it, so instead you get this.

I had to switch over my tester scents and catalogs tonight as the new spring and summer scents and warmers are out.

I also swtiched all the warmers in our house to spring and summery scents. If I do that it will keep the impending snow storm away right?!?!?!


Those are some of the new warmers. The top two have replaceable magnetic windows, so you can switch them for the season/your mood. Click the picture to visit my website.

Finally I started to get everything together for taxes. You see I make great commission selling Scentsy but they don’t take taxes out. So now it is time to shuffle through my records, contracts, gas mileage, etc and find write offs so I dont owe 1,000.00 to the state and government. So I am doing that, finishing the biggest loser finale and heading to bed. Enjoy your night everyone!!!

New Meal Monday with a Holiday twist…

10 Dec

No not the meal itself, it is not the Holiday twist, we will get to that at the end of the post.

Today it was a dreary and rainy day so for lunch I was craving this…

Panera Bread Broccoli Cheese Soup!

Panera Bread Broccoli Cheese Soup!

Honestly it is a good thing I had to run errands today near there and stopped by, because if it was any closer I would be going there a lot more!



TACO SALAD. The salad part was so good here is why…


Iceberg Lettuce, Red Cabbage and FRESH MANGOES!!!

Plate the salad put chicken and spanish rice on top, then cheese. I crushed a few multigrain scoops on top and then added some hot sauce! It really hit the spot.

Later it was time to exercise. My ankle is still a bit sore from the fall and to not exacerbate it I did a walk run, But I did hill intervals ranging form 0% to 15% incline. Total workout was:


Here is the pre-programmed workout a little ways in.


That elevation gain is not only the reason for the calorie burn but also for taking me 45 minutes to go 3 miles!

It was a good workout even so and I was able to space out and enjoy watching MONK on Netflix. Before I knew it, it was 10pm and I was ready for bed, but needed to blog first :).

Finally for the Holiday Activity.

Our job collected money to make the Holidays great for a few local families. So we took the money we made and bought three local deserving families Christmas Gifts and today we dropped them off.


Ellington Human Services is such a great thing for our local community! They provide families who are struggling with food and other necessities when going through hard times.  It is great to know things like this are out there helping people through tough times! It really warms my heart to do such good for the local community!

DO you give back to others during the Holiday Season??

My in-laws are also helping a local family they know in their town, so Dan and I are donating a Grocery Gift Certificate to help them out!

Wacky Fact Wednesday Brought to you by Black Friday!

23 Nov

WEDNESDAY WORKOUT- 1 HOUR TRAINING SESSION WITH JEFF 6-7am. Running warmup followed by a circuit. 

So I am a bit late on posts, but as I may have mentioned I host Thanksgiving for our Family. It was my second one and I use Wednesday as a prep day, I think you all know why I didn’t do a full post yesterday, too much family fun!!!

So here are some Wacky Facts, The Thanksgiving edition!!!

1.) Step one of prep day was to get to cleaning and also to pull out everything that would need to be cooked in the two day period, as the pile on my counter got smaller so did my stress level!

I dont know if you can see but there are 3 bags of mashed potaotes on the counter, WE REALLY like them! Dan actually told me on Thanksgiving he doesnt like mashed potatoes and I thought we were headed for a rough time in our marriage until he told me they are great with gravy….I immediately loved him again!

2.) I don’t know if you do this with your turkey, but I brine mine (clearly since I have had thanksgiving twice I am a pro), it makes the turkey so moist, and uses up oranges I bought and could not possibly eat all of.

The brine features oranges squeezed into water with kosher salt and rosemary and my secret ingredient…

2 cups of white wine. It was perfect again, like last year!

3.) I forgot how much salt to put in the brine, luckily my Grandma was over with my Aunt Kim, so we worked it out…

It is completely acceptable to still be wearing you sports bra and shirt from your morning workout at 8:30pm just throwing that out there for you.

Also how cute is my Grandma!

My Aunt Kim decided to take more pictures of us and my Grandma was a bit annoyed that I told her this would be on the internet. So we decided this picture was so neccesary.

Yea like I said she is cool, and those shoes she is wearing she has worn that style for years, TOMS before TOMS were cool!

Please also notice my left foot, Dan hates when I do that as it looks really gross if my pant leg wasnt covering it, but is a good stretch.

4.) Here is Finny being pretty much the cutest dog of all time, he was so happy to have guests as my Grandma and Aunt Kim are his favorites….sometimes we think he likes my Grandma more than anyone, so we call her Finny’s Lady.

Here is my Aunt Kim trying to fix our broken clock….yes it is still broken sadly but is too pretty to throw out, who cares if it is stuck on 9:00?!!

That pumpkin is not for pies if thats what your thinking but rather for a so delicious soup, recipe to be posted tomorrow!

5.) Speaking of recipes later today I will post my grandmas famous stuffing recipe that I modified of course, to make these bad boys!!!

Pre-baked Stuffing Muffins! A Levesque-Krechko-Karnolt Favorite! My family (well my mom and aunts) fight over the crispy part of stuffing sticking out of the turkey. So last year I made these everyone gets their own super crispy outside stuffing with a moist center and everyone is happy!!!

Like I said recipe will be up this afternoon/early evening!

What did you do to prep for thanksgiving, even if you didnt cook….Dan cleaned his garage and had some pumpkin beers.

That cinnamon sugar brown sugar rim was amazing! But this was mine, I also decided to drop some into the beer and it exploded all over the place, luckily we all laughed and Dan did not yell at me for spilling on the floor!

What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?

You should probably know this about me already but if you are a new reader I say anything that is a carb!

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