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Proof that I married my Soulmate….

28 Jan

If you are new to the blog here’s a quick run down on Dan and I we’ve been together 5 years this July, Married 2 years this September, will welcome a baby in August (also when I turn the big 28) and are madly in love! We also both work for my parents at a Harley-Davidson dealership. Okay got it? Good!

Because we live in New England and riding motorcycles is seasonal for most sane people, yes some people ride all year long. Thus we have a slow season and when it is cold or snowing like it has been this week it gets S—-L—O—W. The solution is Dan, my brother and I all took or are taking a months voluntary layoff. Harry is done in February, Dan just started and mine begins the day Harry comes back. Thats the nice thing about having people who can cover our jobs and all three of us being trained in Dan’s job. Needless to say I am so excited to spend all day everyday for a month with my BFF (best friend forever) and have fun adventures….I will post those as they come.

So why is he my soulmate? Because this is what he did the first day of his layoff.

I got home and the enitre downstairs of our house was spotless. I spot clean but the floors get dust bunnies and the mail piles up, etc. When we are working, nothing crazy. But Dan had every floor scrubbed, the hard wood gleaming and THIS!


Sorry if the picture is dark, it was night, Finny’s bedroom only has one light and I was trying my Panorama again. Dan totally cleaned little Mr.’s Room and filled all the holes in the wall so we can FINALLY get rid of that red. The room will be a light green, totally peaceful for a little dog to have happy days while we work. He also filled the holes in the hall way entry way, so then the entire downstairs will be painted.

The next room after that is the Nursery!

But cleaning and thing do not a soulmate make….

Knowing the way to your pregnant wife’s heart is through her expanding belly, and using her favorite foods to get there sure helps a lot though.


Mint chocolate ice cream is literally my favorite and anything flavored as such I own, from gum to chap-stick it is mine! He was also so proud of himself for finding RedSox  Ice cream for me. Again, if you are new to the blog I LOVE SPORTS, red sox, celtics, New York Giants….football is my favorite. Dan hates sports.

And finally he made me these.


Brownies with heath bars crushed up!

He made my night….and yes a brownie and some ice cream are bad foods, but I have a date with the treadmill tomorrow, so we are good.  Also see this post in which I explained reason why I run….brownies were in there 😉

Enjoy your Tuesday Everyone…I am posting this monday night but it is 11. So I am guessing most people will not see it until tomorrow.


Holiday Update & Flip Flopping My Days!

4 Dec

As you can see the blog has been redone to reflect the upcoming season! Hope you like it!!!

If you read yesterday’s post I am sure you noticed I bypassed new meal Monday and talked all about training. So now on training Tuesday its all about FOOD!!!

First I was so happy that Subway has customer appreciation month back and that the meatball marina is $2.00 for a 6″! This made my day!!!


Meatball, cheese, lettuce and pepper. I usually have southwest sauce as well but they were out. It was still delicious and a bargain!!!!

So now we get to dinner. I had to grocery shop today after work as we had NO meat for any sort of entree for the past few days and I do not think that is something Dan enjoys!

I decided to make a stir-fry…

IMG_2946 IMG_2947

The ingredients on top and my BEAUTIFUL Wok on the bottom. I registered for that Wok for our wedding and am so glad I did!!

Have you EVER seen a more beautiful sight than this!?!

Beautiful Veggies Cooking down while stir frying! Meat and sauce added then set.

Beautiful Veggies Cooking down while stir frying! Meat and sauce added then set.

Once all combined plate and eat, with rice of course!!!!


A dash of Chow Mein Noodles and some Soy Sauce before eating!!!

And finally because I deserved a small treat!!!


I am taking tonight off as I am planning a long run tomorrow morning and my legs are still a bit sore!

Tomorrow I will have an exciting announcement and Day 4 of the Days of Christmas!

Happy National Smores Day!

10 Aug

You know our country is full of fatty’s when this is a national day! (kidding by the way)

BUT it is one Dan and I full embraced knowing full well we would be running it off tomorrow! I dont have time for a super long post as I am very sleepy so here is how we celebrated….

Smores Sundaes from Friendly’s!

To the above caption all I have to say is yes please! These were so delicious, any kind of Graham Cracker Ice Cream is my fave! Add chocolate and marshmallow sauce and I am sold all day long!

Guess which one was mine the 5 scoop or the three…..

The answer is…..

Dan’s was the 5 scoop!


If you happened to guess mine was the 5 scoop you were wrong, but probably a blog reader because as most people know I can out eat Dan when it comes to certain foods! Ice cream is certainly one of them followed only in closeness of volume by Chinese Food!!!

So that was how we celebrated national Smores Day!!!

What did you do to celebrate?!?!?!

If your answer was nothing you have all weekend to rectify that and get back to me!

Leave you comments below 🙂

The 5 Birthday Celebration!!!!

4 Apr

Tonight’s family dinner was a special one. We celebrated 5 birthdays! I took today off from running due to that and being over tired because of my dear Finny keeping me up from 3:30 am- 6:00am! Anyway back to the birthdays! We celebrate my Aunt Tamarra’s March 17th, my Grandma’s March 30th, Daniel’s March 31st, my Little Brother Harry’s April 7th…and my LITTLE BOY FINNY WILL BE 5 TOMORROW! OMG I cannot believe 5 years has passed so quickly!

For dinner we had pork tenderloin….if you know me or have EVER read the blog you know I do not eat pork, so side dishes it was!

Bread, roasted cauliflower, asparagus, bernaise sauce, potaotes and a salad with french dressing (added after). YUM GO GRANDMA!


4 of the five cakes/pies we had the two cupcake cakes were beyond cute!

The last cake, and Finny’s Birthday card from my Aunt Kim!

THE FAMILY! My Aunt Tamarra in white, Mom behind her, My aunt Kim to her right, Uncle Bob, Dan, Grandma and my Brother Harry, Dad was next to me while I took the picture!

Then my dessert plate,

White cake with strawberries, chocolate cake with whipped cream frosting and banana split ice cream….glad I will be working that off in the AM!

A good night indeed and now I am off to bed, appointment with Jeff tomorrow at 6am, run with Krystle at 7am, then work!

Favorite foods made lighter!

13 Feb

Sunday I was not able to do much, but I was able to cook a lot of food to prepare for the week!  I don’t know if anyone has ever seen the show or owns the cook yourself thin cookbook like I do, it is awesome! You can still eat your favorite foods and lose weight with easy swaps that cut calories and not flavor!

For breakfast I made blueberry Pancakes, made lighter with cottage cheese, sour cream and egg whites. They are so fluffy and light and do not use any sugar! If you warm the syrup and blueberries together in a pan before serving it is heavenly!

 The finished product along with some low calorie whole wheat muffins (also from the book)

I do make substitutions to each of the recipes as I do not like walnuts in muffins, and I didnt have some things on hand for the other recipes but I made it work!

I also made some hash, everyone loves corned beef hash, but it is so fatty! We didnt eat any of it yesterday but we have enough for the week. Substitute sweet potatoes and tofu, (i know tofu scares alot of people, but if you roast it in olive oil and seasonings with the sweet potatoes, it is THAT much yummier!) The orginal recipe calls for baked tofu, however I wanted it to pick up flavors better so I roasted it.

Tofu and sweet potatoes, onions and jalapenos, all for the hash.

The finished product!

Please excuse the inside of our fridge, but I also made some turkey chili. We have it for lunch for the week, it is hot but cut down with cocoa powder and cinnamon. Really delicious!

Finally for dessert last night we had the best thing of the whole weekend!

Greek yogurt, mixed with melted white chocolate, some heavy cream and raspberries and sugar so they would release juice. It was 264 calories and so good, much better than ice cream! The original recipe calls for strawberries, but since our local supermarket did not have them in stock, due to a large sale I used my FAVORITE FRUIT!

I will not post the recipes here, since it would be the LONGEST post ever! But if people would like them I will post them into separate posts!

Tonight for dinner we are having brown sugar and garlic chicken and sweet potato twice baked potatoes!

I will post later and really hope to be able to get a run in, my back is really not doing well today!

Training and Making my back feel better!

28 Jan

Yesterday I had an appointment with the chiropractor. He gave me a list of exercises to do to strengthen my lower back. They are all exercises I have done before but were made harder by tiny adjustments to focus on your lower back.

Here is the diagram:

I have to do the exercises everyday except sundays. In order to do all of them you have to keep your abs very tight which make it much harder. Your head and pelvis must also be put into certain positions so that it is effective! Plus however high you think you are supposed to lift your arms and legs is too high!

Yesterday morning I got up early after a rest day Thursday and it proved to be exactly what i needed in terms of rest! I was able to do 2.8 miles in 36 minutes. I am still keeping it slow because I am trying to build up a good base and be able to run the full 5k when I get to it. I was still happy with my pace and mileage. This morning I wanted to sleep in but that did not happen. I went down to the treadmill and combined the 5k program there with my c25k. I did….

2.10 miles in 26:38, if you cannot make out the picture. Plus that was easily the best set up ever, Nook (with Kara Goucher’s Running for women queued up.) A gatorade and the window, with that sweet sweet view!

I am planning on doing some other type of workout today be it more running, yoga on my wii fit, or my bootcamp dvd. I am feeling really strong today dont mess with me! I have these socks on!

Yes that is Hello Kitty as a lion, and the bottoms say ROAR! I would have put that up as well, but I went outside without shoes on and whoops they got dirty! Plus I know I have giant boat paddle like feet, thank you for noticing.

I will end this post with the coolest thing Dan said last night.

We had to go to a wake last night, one of our neighbors passed away. He owns most of the woods around our house and lets us run the trails, he was a really nice guy and only 9 years older than our Dads. After we left Dan took me for ice cream at coldstone. I said I was not hungry, but darn that Churro was good. There were two in there and you better believe I ate 1.5! He didnt mind though. That is him holding the ice cream, because as I had my spoon ready to take a bite, Dan said. “Wait, aren’t you going to take a picture for your blog.” I think he knows the power of delicious food and its correlation to my readership!

Have a great weekend!

What are you weekend plans?

Dan and I are going to a retirement party for one of our co-workers tonight. It should be really fun, he was a cop and now works for us, so his retirement is from the PD. Tomorrow we might go play laser tag then get frozen yogurt, because it is next door.

What is your weekend workout?

What is your lazy weekend activity?

We all have one, mine is currently sitting on the couch watching all the shows I have DVRed and not caught up on yet…WOO!

Leave your answers in the comments below and please subscribe if you like reading the blog. The subscription box is to the right, you will get email updates when I post!

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