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Treat Yourself Thursday….

25 Oct

Today is one of my favorite days of the week! I really love Thursdays I always have, maybe because when we were younger Harry and I had dinner with our grandparents every Thursday night! Those dinners are still one of my favorite memories!

Anyway how did I treat myself you ask????

Well first we have to go back to yesterday. Yesterday was my first day back training with Jeff since my bronchitis! It was hard and I had another issue holding me back. My entire right leg in the quad to the IT band region has stiffened up and it sore! So we foam rolled before and after but I am still feeling it there and in my lower back which is now sore. Add to all of this the fact that Dan jumped into the bathroom and ripped back the shower curtain to scare me this morning, resulting in even more of a back tweak and we have an even more deserved treat yourself day!

Tonight I had to go to a Scentsy Brand event for Velata at the Oakdale theatre which is an hour away from my house. With loading my car and everything my back is hurting. AND I WAS HUNGRY!

I will recap that event tomorrow as I just got home, but they had food for sale there. A tiny shot glass of soup, a turkey wrap that looked horrible and this wonderful thing that was a nice treat for me…

French bread pizza, a cookie which I didnt have to buy, and some water. Dont worry I didnt eat my change. The pizza was a really yummy treat.

When I got home I treated myself again to a delicious snack…

These are the greatest popsicles known to man you will never convince me otherwise! The red is of  course the best but I had an orange tonight.

Finally Dan and I are both off tomorrow so we are watching some Netflix. One of our favorite shows is Rules of Engagement but we have never seen the earlier episodes. I loved that the pilot began with this quote.

Enjoy Dan’s refelction in the TV playing on my IPad.

Goodnight friends I will update twice tomorrow!

Finding out how strong you really are….

12 Jul

…today was a mental battle to beat the band, and a physical one as well! Today I ran the Rentschler Airfield 5k. Let me start by saying .25 miles in I stepped on a big rock (which of course I didn’t see since I am the clumsy queen!) twisted my ankle and went down hard. Oh well I got right back up and kept on going! The race was 3.16 miles according to my garmin and was short miles, also according to my garmin! Which, since it is new I do trust. I ran past their first mile marker at 9:34 SPEEDY for me! I looked down to realize it was exactly a mile BUT I was flying regardless of the ankle and heat. Then my ankle strarted to throb, so I took alternating walk and run breaks and did what I had to do to finish. Then I got lazy! It was SO VERY hot, and I have been slacking due to being sick and getting back to running a week before this race was a bad idea. It was also the kick in the pants I needed!!!!

I fought myself the whole way, I am very hard on myself and my subconscious consistently sabotages a lot of things I set out to do. When I looked down at my Garmin and saw after mile two I was averaging a 16:36 pace you better believe I sped up and if a walk break was needed it was a power walk. I made a deal with myself then and there I WOULD NOT FINISH THIS RACE OVER 40 MINUTES. It just couldnt happen I didnt care what it took to get there, I was doing this! ankle and heat be darned!

The race also taught me three very important lesssons:

1. Racing by yourself is so FREAKING BORING! I love doing races with friends family, but most of all DAN. He lights a fire in me and believes in me so much that I know I can do anything! I really missed him today!

2. I AM A CLUMSY DUMB DUMB! I knew this already….if there is a way to injure yourself I will find it!

3. Let things go! I cant control how hot it was, or that I was sick. I can control my training from here on out though and will be taking that completely head on for the upcoming halves! I WILL DECIMATE THEM!

Plus if I say it on the blog I have to make it happen RIGHT?!?!?!

Plus bonus lesson! Moms teaching their kids how to run (she was 8) and let you run across the finish with them rock!

I finished the race in 39:40 and it was 3.16 miles for a 12:33 pace. All considered that time is amazing! I have never run 3 miles in that heat. I am lazy and take it to the treadmill on hot days. It is time to become equipped for all conditions and get mentally tough!

After the race I did a .25 shake out run to test my ankle which is doing okay and will be fine! It is Icing now!

 This race was put on at and sponsored by Cabela’s so there was the best post race food! Ice cream (well sherbet) Cinnamon Sugar Donuts and Elk Burgers, I got one of each. I DID NOT EAT THAT BURGER THOUGH! I brought a ziploc, wrapped it in napkins and brought it home for Dan!

Now for some pictures!

A happy man with a Burger!

My race self portrait! It was really sunny hence the wince, I was happy I promise, this was before the race. Plus my hair whisps were abundant so it was a stunning look for me!

This picture speaks for itself! DELICIOUS!

Pre-race while still at work showing off my socks and my hawaiian tropic suntan lotion that was sent to me thanks to influenster and hawaiian tropic of course. You can not even believe how many compliments I got on those socks. AND thanks to the lotion I have not one burn on me and felt soft the whole race, even my hands which dry out immensely while running. I was so excited to see how well this worked. Especially since I forgot a hat and it was sunny and most of the race was on asphalt….can you say glaring onto your skin much!!!!

So overall this bad race mad me a better runner. I am in a better mental space, and I am more motivated than EVER! Get ready for A LOT of running posts!

Gifts from Mom and Reset Day 4!

13 Jun

Before I say anything I forgot to write on my last post, Mother Nature did give me one Pest I love more than anything!!

He was in mid jump here, super excited when I got home today!

Mom did not really give me gifts, well she did but not what your thinking. Mom and Dad go to a lot of charity events, wether through work or golf tournaments and they win A LOT of gift certificates. Since they are basically the busiest people I know they barely ever use most of them! Today Mom was going through a whole bunch and gave me and Harry some.

Minus the Target one they are all for food! The outback card was for $100.00…amazing! You can also use it at Carrabas. Harry took the Ted’s Montana Grill one so I am one less, but I have so many!

Good thing we like Outback since we have SOOOO many there!

Now on to Day 4 of the reset. Breakfast was Oatmeal with Apples cut up into it. No picture because you know what sludgy oatmeal looks like and it did not look too appetizing!

Lunch was this….

Carrots and Hummus on the left and Quinoa Salad on the right. Some quinoa, lemon juice, olive oil, cucumbers, tomatoes and kalamata olives. DELICIOUS!!!

Everyone at work was eating Chinese, which is my Favorite! I was very jealous but stuck with my reset foods! Then this happened to my poor finger!

Slammed it in a drawer, I took this picture after work while rocking comfy pants! But I did chip my polish and get a hefty bruise behind my nail :(.

For Dinner I had this…

Just Kidding!!! I had this…

Stir fried veggies and plain quinoa, it was yummy but I was jealous of Grandma’s Panko Chicken! I am doing this reset for an extremely good reason though and it is worth it to stick with it!!! If anyone wants that chicken recipe I will be making it after the reset is over and you better believe it will get its own post!

Finally I will leave you with this miracle! I wrote a post to Mother Nature about better weather…and this happens

IT Band Problems!

30 Mar

Today started out badly. There will be no picture with this post, I appologize! The one god thing this morning was that when I left the house at 5:50am to go see Jeff for my workout it was starting to get light out….thank you spring! The bad things about today were….

  • Forgetting to bring water with me…luckily Jeff let me borrow a waterbottle he had there and filled it for me.
  • The half mile warm up run we did felt like pure torture! I think this has more to do with me hating the first mile of every run though, since it was just hard not painful!
  • I could not finish a full set of lunges because of my IT Bands! I knew this was becoming a problem, but I was refusing to address it and hoping it would go away. I will be purchasing a foam roller, tennis ball and softball ASAP!
  • Also along the same lines my achilles  in my left foot is bothering me to no end.

All these things made me glad I stop and asked Jeff about them, as he showed me stretches and told me what to do to fix the issues and prevent worse ones! That is the first step, asking for help and admitting something does not feel right. I guess I would rather do half a workout well, then a whole work out half assed! Plus an injury will keep me from working out all together. So please if something bothers you during training address it! I will be much more mindful of the way my feet and legs feel from now on….because 2 days off from running is already not worth it. I definitely could not handle an extended period of time for any type of recovery!

Crushing your hand in the car door=rest day!

1 Feb

NOTE: If you do not care about these injuries scroll to the bottom for a yummy recipe!

This is how my day started I should have known it would be not so swell!

That is a hickey and a swollen wrist from carrying a plastic bag on my arm (I had to buy coffee and cream for work at

 Big Y.) . Apparently yesterday I was the bruise queen!

So yesterday I was very busy at work, I turned around and it was 3:30! I had to hurry home and fill the crockpot so that dinner would be ready when we got home from work. On the way down the driveway I realized the trashcans were out from trash day and since it would be dark when we arrived home I would take them down in my car and just leave the back hatch open. Once I drove down our 1/4 mile driveway I decided to unload it, but the weight with the recycling bin in it, plus the speed it fell out at, equaled it slamming into the ground and me putting my hand out to stop it. This resulted in the top slamming shut onto my hand and the hatch of my car also came down and slammed into my hand! The reult of that looks something like this…


Whole hand pretty swollen!                                                   Close up of my black and blue middle finger which today is darker.

 Plus I am pretty certain the knuckle of your pinky finger is not supposed to be blue and rounded when your hand is not bent!

It felt pretty darn good as you can see. I put some ice on it and drove back to work. However since I could not bend my three end fingers until this morning, it was a super fun drive!

Anyway after work I came home and my hard work had paid off! I made a recipe I had found on pintrest but was unsure about. That is until I saw it HERE, she loves food almost as much as I do, so if she liked it I knew we would!


I did not link her exact post to the recipe because I modified it a bit. Here it is (my version that is).


Cream Cheese Chicken Chili:

3 Frozen Chicken Breasts

1 Can of Rotel (the bigger size) do not drain

1 can Black beans, drain half the can do not rinse

1 can of corn undrained

2 packages ranch dressing mix

1 Tablespoon cumin

1 Tablespoon garlic powder

1 8 oz. package light cream cheese

Hot sauce for your bowl!


Mix everything together into crock pot cook on high for 3-4 hours. The last hour take the chicken out, shred it and place back into crock pot. Warm everything together for the last hour and serve. Note if you do find the original recipe (i read on pintrest), it does tend to thicken quite a lot (the next day) because there is not enough liquid, so if you want it to still be chili and not filling for a wrap follow my recipe. I also upped the seasoning due to the extra chicken and liquid I added, and replaced onion powder with garlic powder. It is still amazing and makes a ton. We have enough for lunch the rest of the week!  Plus the hot sauce tip is spot on by the way I suggest you try it. I had one bowl without it and one bowl with it and it is so much better with it! Plus calories make hands feel better so I was doing myself a service by eating it!

NFL Playoffs and Hanging with the in-laws!

9 Jan

As I said yesterday I am a really big New York Giants fan, I have been one since I was a little girl! I even have a nice rip in my Eli Manning Jersey from an overzealous Patriots fan shaking me becuase they lost the superbowl to the giants (BURN!). It was one of the greatest memories of my life, a house full of quiet Patriot fans and me jumping and screaming like a small child on christmas! Hey it was tough to go to college in Rhode Island and live in Connecticut and NOT be a Patriots fan!

So yesterday before the game started I got all ready, I put on my jersey, braided my hair in pigtails and put on my giants hat to prepare for a game I was pretty nervous about! I watched the pregame show where they interviewed three of my favorites!

Why yes that is Eli Manning, Jason Pierre Paul, and Victor Cruz and I love them each! That gray fuzzy thing in the first picture is a scarf not a rabid raccoon, I am really good at taking pictures. You can also see my still unfinished wedding thank-you cards and wii fit board, along with some of our DVD collection….Pure entertainment right here!

After a decisive NYG victory I was feeling great! So I hoped on my good buddy the treadmill for a 30 min Ifit workout with my friend Jillian Michaels! I managed to go 2.41 miles in 30 minutes and averaged the first two miles in 12 minutes each, with a 6 minute cool down jog/walk. I went a bit longer and a bit faster than the day before even though it was basically the same workout so I will take it! Any improvement is a good one.

Later we went to dinner with the in laws and had a really good time, I really do love my inlaws they are such great people and I also love my sister in law. I was so happy that Dan came with a sister when we got married because I always wanted one and was stuck with one little brother. Anywho we had chinese that and mexican are my absolute faves I could eat it everyday but I never would becuase I would be the size of a small hotel!

Oh yea I also finally took our Christmas tree down and wouldnt you know I got a huge rash all over my arms because of the stupid fake tree! I also got a lot of house work done so it was a really productive day!

As for the playoffs the Giants head to Green Bay next sunday, which is going to be rough because its my grandmas team, she has a cheese head and everything and of course we will watch the game together! I will try and get a picture to post!

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