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St. Patrick’s Day, A Birthday and Good News!

17 Mar

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all my fellow Irish people! If I didn’t do a post on St. Patrick’s Day I would have three people upset with me! My Grandma (or Gma) because her mother was Irish and my Memere, because she is 100% Irish. (She’s Memere because my Pepere is French). Finally my Aunt Tamarra, one because were all Irish, but two because today is her Birthday!

Happy Birthday Aunt Tamarra!!! (Her name is pronounced like when people say tomorrow wrong down south or in Maine (going by Murder She wrote), her name is NOT Tamera or Tammy…so don’t even try it.)

Tamarra loves being born on this day she even has a tattoo of a shamrock and sunflower!


This is my Aunt   ^   I know I have used this photo before but I love it!

It was from her first 5k! (Color Me Rad), that was a great day with my Aunts and my Uncle Bob. My Aunt’s support me in everything I do and I am so lucky to have such wonderful fans, and an amazing family! They will always be there to cheer you on, cheer you up, and make you laugh!

My Aunts Tamarra and Kim and my mom all look a like and a lot of people they went to school with tell me I look like Tamarra when they first meet me. You can decide for yourself based off the above photo!

I am super close to both my Aunt’s and they are like my second and third Mom’s, I can talk to them about anything and get their advice on a lot of things!

Plus I know I hold a special place in Tamarra’s heart because I was her “ring bearer” at her wedding. I was 24 when they got married FYI, but that’s another story!

Here are Tamarra and Bob on their wedding day!

tb wedding

This afternoon I sent this photo to Tamarra, of the St. Patrick’s Baby!


Camden is very excited for his first SPD and his first time celebrating Aunt Tamarra’s Birthday! _____________________________________________

Finally for the good news! I had a Doctor’s appointment today and was taken off one of my prescriptions so I only have one left. Hopefully soon everything with be regulated with me and my health will be normal, that would be so exciting! For the first time in I don’t even know how long I feel normal, not tired, not sick, not oversensitive, just happy and normal! I had also lost almost 10 lbs since my last appointment, things are beginning to work out for me and become positive! Just have to keep this momentum going!

Everyone enjoy your St. Patrick’s Day!


Tinkerbell Half Marathon Recap!

7 Mar

In January I ran the Tinkerbell Half Marathon in Disneyland, step one in completing my Coast to Coast Disney Journey. However I think the most important part to me was that it was my first Half since having Cam. And my first half since the Princess in 2013 (while I was pregnant). My only goals for Tinkerbell were to have fun, and since I could push myself, to beat my time from PHM of 3:35. Without a baby in your belly it is easier to make yourself go faster.

My initial goal was to do it in 2:30, but after having Camden via c-section, there was no way that was happening! So my new goal became anytime under 3:35. (Actually I had forgotten it was 3:35 and thought I had done it in 3:25, so I added a bit of unnecessary pressure during the race.)

I knew adjusting to the babies schedule, and not having as much free time to train as I did before would hinder me a bit and I was INCREDIBLY nervous at the start, but the race itself actualy put me at ease.

IMG_5599 IMG_5602 IMG_5603

Pictures: Me in my corral, I was in C. This race is smaller than princess, so I was glad to be closer to the start and not have to wait as long. Next is Tinkerbell starting the race for our corral and the first mile marker. (Times on the mile marker are since corral A began.)

The ONLY thing I like better in Tinkerbell vs PHM is that the California Half begins and then after 1.5 miles you are in the parks. This made me have fun and relax, going through the park at dark with a bunch of other runners is kind of Magical. (Plus it was my first time in Disneyland/California Adventure, you run through both.)

IMG_5606 IMG_5610 IMG_5611 IMG_5613 IMG_5615

Pictures I took in the park, some are blurry because I was on the move and nervous, but as I went on I stopped and paced myself with them to get better quality shots, and to remind myself I do these races for fun.

Then it was out of the parks and onto the highways/roads of Anaheim, this is where I prefer Florida Disney races, only because they own the roads and have characters on them. California had cheerleaders and marching bands, still cool, just not the same as PHM.




The go random stranger sign was motivating, and the second picture is just showing you the mile marker on the roads. The last picture is one of my all time favorites. I was nearing mile 13 at this point and saw this lady, TEAM MOTHERBOY, if you are an Arrested Development fan you know why this woman became my hero, and her costume was perfect down to the martini glass. Too bad I never saw the guy she was running with who must have been dressed as Buster.

Lauren met me along the course at various spots and that really helped, but I was tired. 3 hours came and went and I was nervous I was going to do the same or worse than my pregnant half. I mean I did weigh around the same as when I ran it and MAN was I exhausted. But I pushed myself and crossed the finish in 3:17!!!! That is almost 20 minutes faster than last year. All things considered I was proud of that. The race was fun and well worth it. Afterward Lauren and I hit the parks hard, and almost both fell asleep on the drive back to her apartment. The next day I headed back home to CT and my family that I had missed so much. One thing was for sure, I was so proud of what I had accomplished!!!

So I end this post with a bunch of photos. Let me start with one of the many Dan sent to inspire me while running, and end with my race outfit and medal!

IMG_5629 IMG_5624 IMG_5622 IMG_5626

I guess I fibbed as the last picture is Lauren and I going around Disney!!!

Being a good mom….

5 Mar

I haven’t been blogging a lot, and that is apparent if you are a regular reader, but I am not going to apologize! I saw this on facebook and it couldn’t be more true for all aspects of my life right now!


Our poor little guy has been so sick! The only reason I am currently blogging is that I am at family dinner and he is being doted on by GGMA and Great Aunt Kim. So while I have taken FOREVER to post my race recaps and times from my two half marathons, the 5k and 10k that I did in January and February, know they will come and you will enjoy them! I had a lot of fun on both trips, but am SOOOO happy to be home with my little family!

So to keep your interest while I am a “lazy blogger” but again A GREAT MOM, here are some race photos.

alex2 alex4

My medals from both race weekends. (One from California, Five from Florida)

And my 5k Bib and Race outfit, I was princess Jasmine!

Finally I leave you with a screen shot I took of the video Dan sent me of Camden eating Sweet Potatoes while I was gone, don’t be fooled he loves food, it was just a great face!!!


Now back to hang with my family and baby boy!!!

Wednesday Catch Up

29 Jan

I am currently laid off from my main job, because as I explained to the lady from unemployment today, no one wants to buy motorcycles in Jan in Connecticut. Its just common sense really!

So while I cannot wait to post about my adventures in California and the Tinkerbell Half Marathon, today I will catch you up on old pictures, of things I havent had a chance to post or talk about. ENJOY!!!!

IMG_5480Camden in a hand painted PJ outfit my mom brought him back from Seattle.



Tortilla soup Dan made me when I had a cold, what a guy!!!


From my Facebook page follow me here 

IMG_5506 IMG_5531 IMG_5541

He’s pretty cute.

And finally some photos from my last run before the race.

IMG_5542 IMG_5543

It might not look beautiful to you, but it is to me since to the left of this photo is my parents house and the neighborhood I grew up in. I like to run there because I know the distances even without my garmin (even though I still use it) and it seems a lot safer for runners and walkers than my current neighborhood!

So now you’re pretty much caught up, until I left for California that is. I missed that little baby something fierce, but that is for another post. Have a great day!!!

Top 10 reasons why being a boy mom rocks!!!

30 Dec

Don’t get me wrong, being a mom of any kind is awesome, it just is. But let me explain a little I was always the type of girl that imagined having a little girl, like always a little girl in every thought, dream everything. Afterall I am a 28 year old that loves dresses and anything with Hello Kitty on it!!!!

Then we found out we were having a boy and I was sad for about 15 minutes, because then I was just happy we were having a healthy baby! Finally the day came, our son was born and I was instantly so in love with him no matter the gender, because in the end he was our child and my little boy. The more he grows the more awesome I realize being a boy mom is going to be. I mean we plan on having two kids, if the next ones a girl great, but if its another boy also great! It is that much fun having a boy here are MY 10 reasons why. This will not be the same for all moms and these are my opinions.

10.) The clothes: I have heard from every person that girl clothes are so much cuter, but they can keep their hairbows and dresses. I will take tiny gentleman outfits with bow ties and cute hats any day. Plus daddy and baby matching outfits are amazing!


This guy and his tuxedo sleep sack, he has many more cute little man outfits put I dont photograph everyone, takes away from snuggles!!

9.) He was born into the right family! This is no way sexist or taking on gender roles, so dont think that is where this is going. But he loves motorcycles, hearing them, sitting on them and will most likely one day work in our family business, and to be honest old Harley guys dont want to buy anything but clothes from girls inside the dealership!

IMG_5372The 4th generation people! And while I am so proud that I will be the first female president of our company (Im older than my brother). I am glad to have a son who will ride dirt bikes and motorcycles because his dad does. All little boys live to impress their dads! You couldnt pay me as a child to do that.



The mommy-baby boy snuggles. This is a day old Camden and myself, in the hospital just relaxing hard. He is always so happy to see me and snuggles me so much. While he is a baby and smiles and snuggles everyone the way he smiles at me is special, because I am his mom. I l know over time it will change but for now I am honestly his favorite person in the world. Friends and neighbors of girl babies have told me its all about daddy for their kids!

7.) His toys!!! No picture, but his toys are going to be so cool! He got a lot of great ones for Christmas and I am able to experience a whole new way to play. Sure I had Harry growing up but I didn’t always want to play with his toys, now I love watching him learn and grow and playing is a big part of that.

6.) Dan adjusting to fatherhood. I think having a boy made it easier for Dan to adjust to being a Dad. He has no nieces or nephews so he didn’t get to be around any small babies and he never babysat like most girls so he was pretty nervous about having a baby. I know for him hearing it was a boy was a relief because he could rough house with him and do things hes interested in with him. They do bond very well.


5.) The peeing everywhere thing. This is a bonus because it has only happened to me twice. The first night home he peed right into Dans mouth. I knew I loved that kid right away, and I guess Daddy needs to be quicker with his diaper skills!!!

4.) He LOVES football. You may not believe this but he does, yesterday we had family over and they all commented on how much he loves it and cries if you change the channel. I for one love this as I love sports and Dan doesn’t so we have something to bond over. As long as he NEVER EVER becomes a patriots fan ICKY!


Watching his first game ever, complete with giants bib and number 1 finger :).

3.) We have a boy dog, and they both have the same attributes and get a long great. Finny bites at Camden and he laughs and Camden pulls Finnys fur and Finny licks him. I can see these two being BFF’s once Cam is a little older!

2.) We broke tradition! I am the oldest of my parents children and Noelle is the oldest of her and Dan. That means whatever we happen to have next will get a great older brother, I always wished Harry was older, but was glad I got to experience always looking out for him and teaching him. I am excited to see a new dynamic!

1.) HE IS CRAZY!!!! Most boy moms I know talk about how they get into everything and are super active and Camden already is like that. He cant wait to be able to move more and tries so hard to crawl already! I know when he can walk it will be a whole new ball game and I cannot wait to accept the challenge. Plus he can stop Dan from doing things like this!

IMG_4986 IMG_4999

The second picture is awesome! So they can keep doing that. Dan and I just LOVE this little man!!!

Trying to establish a Schedule.

9 Oct

For the baby of course not me, I have a schedule I will be back at starting Saturday. It seems crazy that I am going back to work so soon, but lets get back to Camden.

Because of going back to work/scentsy parties coming up I am trying to get him on a schedule and also to sleep in his crib and not the swing in our room!

It will be nice because I can move the swing back downstairs. Granted this is super cute to look at, and my heart did break a little last night when I went to bed and I could not stare at a sweet baby!

IMG_4543This photo is from a few weeks ago and he looks much bigger in that swing now.

So last night we started the schedule his feeding was pushed back until 8pm and he didnt seem to mind. After he ate it was bath time and then lotion. He is just now starting to like baths and being naked so it was all smiles and fun.

He was then put to bed at 9:30pm, I rocked him in his glider but he was fussing so he went into the swing and once he was out I moved him to the crib. He sleeps really well in the crib much better than the bassinet. Dan had to go in once and feed him again and I got a picture from the monitor, since we have a video monitor that moves around the room I felt like a stalker. Especially due to the night vision.

IMG_4793Finny got involved in the feeding as well!

My little boy slept for almost 9 hours straight, only waking up to be reswaddled and binky put back into his mouth. I think he is sleeping so well because he barely sleeps during the day.


Mostly because he spends his days playing! Hes pretty cute….. and growing up so fast.


So we will see how tonight goes and how well he adjusts to the schedule and the crib sleeping!

My birth story/Happy One month Cam!

23 Sep

This post will be about our birth story and Camden turning one month old. I still cannot believe it!

I will get to the birth story at the end but I wanted to share that I have been learning a lot as a mom. The most important I think is the appreciation I have for my own Mom for taking such good care of us! Also last night when it was 1am and everyone was asleep except for me, (I had to pump so was still up and trying to get other things done.) A mom’s work truly is never done!

So here are some pictures of our little man from birth to one month!


The first time I held you!


wearing his newborn size pjs……which are already too small! You are growing too fast!!!


Almost a month old in your newborn photos which came out AMAZING!!!

I love your personality and faces you make! Also the fact that you are my baby twin!!!! 🙂

So now lets get you how you got here…..The birth story I mean. Im going to preface this by saying I dont mean to scare anyone and everyone should now giving birth was one of my greatest fears. Now I would do it again in a second even after everything that happened!

On August 17th I started contractions at 4:30am. My due date was August 18th so I was excited to be having him on time! After a call to the Dr and a long stay at home for early labor, my contractions became more intense and closer together so we headed to the hospital. Turns out I was in labor yay! But I wasnt progressing much so they sent us back home with some Ambien to help me get some rest and told me I would be back Sunday at the latest to deliver. Dan and I were so excited and nervous about meeting our little boy and the birth experience. I took the ambien and fell asleep, woke up and my contractions were gone? I guessed I was in false labor, but after an hour they were back and worse. Sunday rolled around and I was still having more and more intense contractions so I called the Dr again. They said come into the hospital so in we went and after 4 hours home again! I was in fact having closer and more intense contractions but not dilating!

That night I took the Ambien again and went to bed. This time however I didn’t sleep for more than 20 minutes without a contraction waking me. AND MAN WERE THESE ONES AWFUL!!!!! So I called the Dr.s office again, it was 3:30am. The Dr on call turned out to be my OB so he told me to come in. This time was different they checked me and I had finally made progress and was admitted. My Dr saw the pain I was in and the slow progression, but knew my desire for a natural birth so I declined drugs but let him break my water. The contractions were much worse now and I felt like something was happening! It was also now 10am on Monday morning, I had been in labor for 54 hours and was ready to get this show on the road. I walked the halls, used walls for support during the tough contractions and had the support of Dan and a really great nurse named Rose!

After a while it was now 3pm so the Dr. checked me my progress had stopped completely and the babies heart rate kept dropping. So I went into the birthing tub, this was part of my birth plan and was so amazing. I could actually relax and the contractions were bad but I almost fell alseep. The only problem was I was now SO tired from labor and the babies hr kept dropping we watched it on the monitor. So Rose told me it was time for the epidural, if I could sleep and stay relaxed I might dilate.

So off we went I was nervous it really wasnt that painful to get, but was annoying when after he placed it he decided that I was too bony and had to reset it. After that I was good and fell alseep. So did Dan, when I woke up I was relaxed and figured it had to almost be time it was almost 9pm and a new Dr and nurse were on duty. The problem with the babies HR kept persisiting though and was dropping to 89 and one time into the 20’s. The DR came in and checked me out and no more progress so it was time for a c-section.

Let me say, an epidural and a c-section were my nightmares, I wanted a natural birth and nothing was going according to plan, however at 4:30 am we would hit 72 hours of labor so I sucked it up put on a brave face and said okay. Then I had to wake up Dan and tell him, he knew my wishes and saw my heartbreak over getting the epidural so I knew this would worry him. Dan would tell me later he was extremely scared and nervous for me but put on a brave face as well. However when he asked me if I was okay I almost burst into tears.

Then I was rolled into the OR and given medicine through my epidural one syringe full. The surgeons waited a bit and poke tested where they would cut to see if I was numbed. Left side was good to go right side was feeling normal. UH OH. 3 more syringes of the medicine and I was still feeling my right side as they cut and did the surgery, it was more numb each time but as soon as they went from left to right I was saying ow. When it came time to pull the baby out he couldnt give me anymore medicine so I was given a mask with oxygen and he was pulled out. As soon as he was out the medicine rushed in and THANK GOD I didn’t feel them stitching me. The Dr’s did an amazing job and we heard him crying and we both got a little teary eyed, he was here and healthy and IT WAS OVER!!!  Camden was born 8-19 at 10:24pm!!!! When he was born I was told I couldnt have him naturally because he was stuck sideways and never dropped into my pelvis. He was head down but it of to the left side!

Off to the Nursery he went to get vitals done and off to Recovery Dan and I went. Dan of course held him first and it was the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. He was perfect. Once in recovery I told Dan when we have the next one…. To which Dan said I was crazy.

It was painful, tough and exhausting BUT amazing and worth every hour of pain! The first time I held him in recovery was one of the greatest moments of my life and each one from then to now continues to be better and better! He is truly the love of our lives and Dan and I are so proud and happy to have him!

The birth experience certainly brought us together and has made us and our bond stronger as husband and wife, because you see some tough things to see the person you love go through as the husband. I gained a new respect for Dan’s support and love for me.

So now Camden is here and its a new adventure everyday….More to come now that I am back to bogging!

Happy Father’s Day….

15 Jun

Happy Father’s Day to the three most important Dad’s in my life and to my two living Grandfathers, my Pepere (Dad’s dad) and Papa John (Dad’s Step Dad.) A big happy FD to my Grandpa Alexander as well…love you always!

But Today we will focus on the Big 3.

1.) My Daddy!

Sorry we will not get to spend any time with you on your day as we will be flying to Hawaii but know how much I love you.

IMG_3956_2 IMG_3957_2

Two of my Favorite pictures from mine and Dan’s wedding. Dad and I have a good relationship but aren’t too big on the PDA or talking to each other in general. So this was a very special day. My dad is a man of few words….but usually they are jokes….or what he thinks are jokes! Love ya big guy!

2.) My Father In- Law Joel

This picture is from last nights Father’s Day celebration with my in laws and Dans cousins who are visiting from Virginia.

IMG_3949 IMG_3950

Dan and his Dad in the first picture….taken between their silly poses and gestures because I am a great photographer like that!

The second is Dan, his Dad and his cousin. 3 Karnolt men, all so much alike which is scary and leads me to….

3.) My Husband!

In case anyone was wondering these were Dan’s Father’s Day Gifts.


First Mom wrapped these not me, she is a crazy Martha Stewart wrapper so I let her do it. He got Breaking Bad Season 5 and The Last of Us video game. He really wanted both things! Anyway….

I am so excited to see you as a father/scared to be bringing a third generation of Karnolt men into this world as I know he will be EXACTLY like you. In some ways that is amazing….

-He will love and respect women and be an amazing boyfriend/husband/ and most important son

-He will be a sweet little boy and a kind man, because he will learn from one of the best guys I know.

But then theres always….

-He will want to go fast on motorized machines and scare me!

-He will think inappropriate jokes he makes are the funniest things in the world and sadly I think it will start at a young age.

Good thing I have you to prepare me for the rest of my life.

I love Daniel and cannot wait for you to meet our little boy and to see you hold your first baby and fall in love with him at first sight. That will make me fall in love with you all over again!

A Belated Anniversary Post!

14 Jun

Last Monday June 3rd we had dinner to celebrate my parents 30th wedding anniversary! Their actual anniversary is June 4th. They thought they were just going to dinner with a couple friends but thanks to one of their friends calling me to coordinate it was a bunch of friends and family!


Not shown, Me, Dan and my Uncle Bob. My mom is the one with her head turned away from the camera and my dad is in the blue shirt. Clearly loving something my brother is saying to him….

We went to Market Grill and while I really enjoy that restaurant Dan does not.

I did the three course meal they had there so we started with a salad….


Dan got the same salad it was a wedge/ an entire head of lettuce! The problem was Dan had something hard in his and thinking it was bacon he bit into it and broke a tooth!!!!

The rest of the night he was pretty cranky!

Then Dinner and Dessert.

IMG_3893 IMG_3894

Jerk Chicken with dirty rice and veggies (which I thought was okay, pretty bland) and some Mississippi Mud Pie for dessert….probably the best thing I had all night!

Anyway back to the Anniversary! My parents were married when my Mom was 20 and my Dad was 25! I was 26 when Dan and I got married and I cannot imagine being married at 20! But I guess its true what they say when you know you just know. The night was very fun and I hope my parents had an amazing Anniversary dinner and Day the next day! I hope Dan and I can make it to 30 years!!

To end the post here is a picture of my Mom from her wedding day!

momShe is pretty cute and very happy!!! Some people think we look alike!

Fun Event Friday! The Baby Edition!

24 May

If you are a regular blog reader you know when I post regularly the schedule goes like this: 

MONDAY: New Meal Monday

TUESDAY: Training Tuesday 


THURSDAY: Treat Yourself

FRIDAY: Fun Event


Today’s fun event showed Dan and I how much our lives are changing as we actually had a really good time doing the following activity! 

So what did we do?!?!?!

IMG_3847 IMG_3851


Why we built a crib and a dresser of course! 

IMG_3848 IMG_3849


Dan was the builder and I helped by reading the directions to him and holding the crib and dresser up at specific times. I am a GREAT assistant like that! Also I did build one of the shelves in the dresser….I know, SKILLS! 

The crib portion was quick and easy! 



The dresser took longer, but we made it through and were able to get everything set up! 



IMG_3852 IMG_3853


The room is far from done as I have some yellow and white accents to add to the walls still and clearly we need some more things like changing pad and the like. But we were both so excited to see it come together and that Baby Boy should he come anytime before his estimated due date now has a place of his own! Also it was really fun to put away the clothes, cloth diapers and accessories I already have for little Camden! Dan and I cannot wait until he is here to love and snuggle. 

Of course both Grandmothers and one of the Grandfathers (my Dad was still at work) came to check out the room, and Finny got to tryout the crib. Sorry that is a picture Dan has and I don’t. But who would have thought we would have such a fun time doing things like this together!?!?!? The answer: Not us. But it was an amazing revelation that something mundane can be fun and bring you closer together!!! 

Everyone enjoy your night and if you have a long weekend enjoy that too! I have Monday and Tuesday off and am working all weekend, which I dont mind as it is going to rain anyway! 

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