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Happy Easter & Happy Birthday Part II…..

31 Mar

If you read my blog you know this time of year I have a cluster of VIP birthdays and I blog about them. First was Grandma, coming up next week is Finny and My Brother Harry. BUT TODAY and Easter Sunday of all days it is the most important birthday, well to me anyway!

Let me get this out of the way before I get sappy!


You know I love me some HK, and I love all my readers. If you celebrate Easter have a wonderful day with family!

Now onto the birthday!!!

28 years ago a little boy was born who would change my life forever. Dan and I met in 2008 and fell in love. We were engaged in 2010, married in 2011, bought a house in 2012, and will now be parents in August 2013.

We have had so many adventures together and done new things.


Mexico 2012…were we were engaged 2 years before!


Our wedding September 24th 2011. The best and happiest day of my life so far!


Honeymoon in Jamaica! One of the most amazing vacations  have ever been on!!

We have so many more adventures coming up:

Hawaii in June FOR FREE  (thanks Scentsy)

Baby K is born in August

The new parent adventure begins.

Honestly there is no one else I would rather share my life with, we may annoy each other from time to time but you are my perfect match!

Enjoy your birthday and Easter, even though you are mad its on your Birthday this year it will still be a great day!


The top 5 reasons why….

13 Jan

My husband is the greatest, and you should be jealous. Well Im joking about that last part, kind of. So as you read this and I am driving him to the airport and am pretty sad about it, I wanted to reflect on why I love him so much. Somethings are jokes and some are serious. #1 is probably the sweetest thing he’s ever done.

5. Even though he rarely admits it he loves Finny and snuggles him on the regular and takes great care of him. 

4. He goes to things to be with me even if he really doesn’t want to. Like the Scentsy Convention in Las Vegas. Then we go to dinner’s that are really expensive that I ended up loving and he…..well the picture speaks for itself. 


But don’t worry we do things he likes too…


Dan, Me and Harry (my brother) before quading in Mexico!

3. He does things just to make me laugh and brighten my day. 


This is at work one day before we left. I think it’s his color for sure!

2. Last night he took me to the maternity store and bought me new clothes, bras and candy to help morning sickness….Now you know its serious!!!! 

1. THE MOST IMPORTANT REASON…..he is a wonderful husband and will be a great father. He even made me this, and texted it to me at work. 


Our wedding, our house and now Baby K!

He sent it with the caption progression, and honestly what a great progression it has been from two kids in their early 20’s to now being much closer to 30 than 20 and everything we have done and experienced together, it has been a wonderful life and I wouldn’t want to share it with anyone else!

 It was really sweet and sorry Mom, I put the Ultrasound on the blog, but hey it isn’t Facebook, you said don’t put it on Facebook.

Mexico in Pictures!

29 May

Here are all the pictures I could not upload into other posts, I hope you enjoy the remaining Cabo pictures!

Getting intense with some lifting

Little brothers are so fun, they steal your camera and take weird pictures!

But wait your husband does the same thing…

The rest of the mural in the gym….wish I could have got it all in one shot.

Dan bought me that bracelet from a vendor at the welcome party at the hotel…beautiful!

My parents being super Cute!

The herb and veggie garden Ediths had across the street…the food was wonderful!

I had to take a picture of this restaurant because the name was great…speaking of great names, Dan said this is my new car.

Then Harry wore a womans shirt….it wasnt it was a mans but we all made fun of him!

He was sad about us making fun of him.


Oh the Harry face….enough said

We had extra pasta from Walmart so you know I took it home. I mean it was free pasta!

Finally here is the plane and the mountains!

Until next year Mexico!

Mexico Day 7

25 May

So here it is our final day in Mexico…I know you are all dying to read all about it!

We started the day at the gym of course! Then hit the pool with the family! It was so crowded that day that we had to sit all the way at the end of the pool, near where we got engaged.

Here we are on the beach we got engaged on! I asked Dan nicely to kneel in the sand and pretend to be proposing again, but he said no, something about too many people thinking he was crazy!

After a day at the pool the family got Sushi……except Dan and I, we do not enjoy fish!

Chicken Enchiladas for me

A Burrito for Dan!

Here was Dan’s reaction to the photoshoot I proposed for the blog….don’t worry he gave in and it will be posted!

Now the photo shoot!

I asked him for an eating action shot he was licking it right before this, in protest to the shoot!

Here is mine, I like to open my mouth as wide as possible when eating to make sure no food escapes!

On the way back to the room, we decided to have a party. So everyone was coming back to our room! This was Grandmas reaction to the fact there was no Grand Marnier in our room!

So off to the restaurant we went to get her some!

This of course meant we had to have one last celebratory drink!

Then we went back to the room and this is where Dad was doing something funny behind me and I went to snap a picture and this happened!

Super angry Dad face!!!!

Ah Mexico we will all miss you and all your beauty! Until next year…. I will leave you with this picture. Tomorrow will bring the pictures that didnt make individual posts, so they are from all week!

Mexico Day 6….

23 May

I will be completely forthcoming and tell you the next two posts this one and the next will include the best faces I have ever made on this blog.

In this post it all started with my grandma being super full while heading to dinner….more on that later.

Before dinner though we got ready and headed into town, heres Dan sampling a roll from the spaghetti night to see if it tasted good!

While in town we got food from a little hole in the wall taco place and everything was amazing! It was called Taco Loco and it was Dans suggestion to try a small local place out. We were all glad we did! Mom took Harry, Sabra, Dan and I into town and treated us to lunch and a gift! She got Sabra sandals, Harry a Hat, Dan a Taco Loco shirt and I had mom get me stuff from here.

She got me a tank top and literally the coolest and most comfy sweatpants I have ever seen! I live in them after work and workouts! Though I got a medium and could have gotten a small, which is the only reason I dont work out in them!

Nike spokesperson right here, shoes and all. Here is the sweetest part of the pants the waistband.. the picture also shares my tattoo with the world.

Back to the food now!

Mom got this extremely large burrito that she shared with Sabra, Harry and Dan.

Harry and Dan got these tacos, the restaurant had a whole taco bar station that you could fill your tacos with on the side of it, but I could not get a good photo of it!

I had pasta it was actually really amazing! I was sick of Mexican food for a little bit and wanted some pasta which left me also not very hungry for dinner!

Before dinner we went to Happy Hour at the restaurant. Dan and I split the green passions!

Here is Sabra basically eating salt, since she wanted it on the rim of her margarita and they forgot!

And of course Dan and I!!

I bet you couldnt even tell that I was lazy and did not shower after the gym/before town. Plus Dan still loves me because I wore deodorant or D.O. for your B.O. as Dan calls it!

Then it was time for dinner, I had tortilla soup again like at Ediths but that was all I had, I dont think you need the picture because you need to see this epicness. So my Grandma who was not hungry orders the braised pork shank for dinner and when it came made the funniest face due to the size of it.

This was the face she made…obviously that is me making it she was so upset by how much food she had that she refused to let me document it so here is my re-enactment.

Then we ended dinner with a little Mexican….that is the name of the dessert.

I was very upset that the Mexican Flag dipping sauce had run and was not perfect for the picture! But Icecream, chocolate mousse and dipping sauces= PERFECTION of the dessert world!!!

I think I would still have to get this even if my stomach was about to explode it is that good!

Another wonderful day with my Family and a great 2nd to last day on vacation!

Mexico Day 4

21 May

Here we are at day 4! Today I went to the gym with Dan but I left after my run was over. My stomach was bothering me and I wanted to go back to our room and read and lie down. I decided to take some pictures on my walk back to the room, as I said in a previous post our room was pretty far from the gym area so you were still getting a post workout, workout!

Here is the scenery Hacienda Del Mar had to offer: WARNING YOU WILL BE JEALOUS!!!!

I love all the flowers there, especially since you are in the desert basically and there is beach and flowers on one side and desert on the other. The stark contrast is just beautiful!

The building in the distance is building 16 where the aunts, uncle and grandma stayed, we were in 17 next to it!

I love these little fountains and they have them all over the resort!

Almost back to the room now which means palm trees everywhere. The second picture beneath this sentence is of the poor palm tree everyone felt bad for!

Sad right!?!?!

Then I was back to the room! That night we had pasta dinner in the room thank you WALMART! I had to keep it classy by drinking this…..bringing back college!

Tomorrow will bring day 5 where we went to a really famous Cabo restaurant Edith’s SO GOOD! Many Food Pictures are on the way!

Mexico Day 3…

20 May

Monday was great, Dan and I got up and worked out the went back to the room and changed, then we headed for the pool. While at the pool all week I alternated between reading Fifty Shades of Grey and The Game of Thrones books. I HATED 50 Shades of Grey. It was probably one of the worst books I have ever read. It was very repetitive and boring. Yes there were lots of sex scenes but most of them were creepy S&M things and I just couldn’t get into it. I just do not get the hype I suppose. The other books though are fantastic, so well written and if you watch the show on HBO the show follows the books almost to a T (well season one, I did not finish book 1 yet so I am not sure about book 2 season 2). Also I did start to read the second book 50 shades darker and just stopped, couldn’t get into it. Sadly I didnt take many pictures during the day but I did before dinner because we went to Cortez!

Cortez is a steakhouse at the resort, it is also where Dan and I got engaged! We had to have a family picture, taken by the lovely Sabra!

Dan and I are in the back right….I look a lot like my mom in this picture. Also we are always in the back, thats what happens when you are ALOT taller than all the other ladies in your family and an inch taller than your brother! (my mom has heels on she is only 5’2″)

We also had to have a levesque children and their loves picture!

I love my dress…it was from Target and on sale for $20.00 you CANNOT beat that! Also no makeup so I look a bit rough….but hey it was VACATION!

We also got a family picture including Sabra of course!

From Left to Right: Aunt Kim, Aunt Tamarra, Uncle Bob, Harry, Sabra, Dad, Mom, Grandma Fran, Me and Dan!

Cutest Family Ever….well actually it would be in you threw in my inlaws and Noelle and Eric….then everyone would be there!

So then it was food time!

A really delicious salad with Tarragon dressing and loads of veggies, but they were hidden under the greens!

For Dinner Dan and I had our staple foods from Cortez….

I forgot to mention this restaurant serves a sorbet palate cleanser between salad/appetizer and dinner…yummy!

I will probably never get anything different here…risotto with no mushrooms, but with asparagus, pistachios and truffle oil…probably the best thing ever! I had it the first time the night we got engaged! There is never any left either. I house that stuff as soon as I get it….too good. Yes I know truffles are mushrooms also. I like them when used to season or flavor something or when they are so small there is no difference, but sitting there eating a big old mushroom grosses me out!

Dan got his staple Venison! (Deer Meat)

I know I should become a professional food magazine photographer……Bon Appetite will be knocking my door down any day now! 🙂

So that was dinner, afterwards we went to the bar (which is also outside, we ate outside by the way). Then the tide came in and luckily there is a stone wall around the restaurant because it came right up to it!

Dan and I are also lucky we got engaged when we did, since most of the beach area where we did is washed away! SAD.

That was Day 3 everyone! Such a great trip and 4 days left to go…I hope this is not boring everyone!

Today I will be cleaning and running, and relaxing….pretty great day! I had planned to sleep in but woke up at 8:30…oh well!

Also sorry for not commenting back on comments lately I have been awful with that, but promise to be better! I miss everyones wonderful comments!

Mexico Day 2

18 May

On the second day Dan and I got up early and went to the gym at the resort, I of course had mom take a picture.

I love that bright orange shirt!

The resort had undergone a lot of changes and the gym was no exception. I loved this mural, the quote and the rainbow to the right.

While at the gym I lifted some weights with Dan and he took my picture.

The gym also had foam rollers which I was pumped about and they have a great ab room.


Okay enough with the gym pictures. After that we had a great lunch!

Mozzarella Sticks, Chicken Quesadillas and Tacos…yummy!

This left us not so hungry for dinner, but thats the great thing about having a full kitchen in your hotel room!

So we got dressed for dinner and were on our way!

There we go with the pink filter again!

The rest of the fam….Bob is hidden behind Tamarra….and Grandma looks so happy!

For dinner I had Spinach Ravioli with bolognese sauce and Dan had a Molcajete


It was good and I took alot back to the room to save room for this…


Dan and I split some chocolate lava cake with raspberry sorbet, my Aunt Kim had Coconut Icecream with Mangoes. She wanted her ring to make it on the blog. As my top commenter I think she earned it :).

Finally I will leave you this picture of the moon. It was the day after the supermoon and the moon came up over the ocean and it was red. Probably the coolest thing I have ever seen!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!!!!!

First Day of Mexico!

16 May

So the first day of Mexico was May 5th! We were so excited to be there for Cinco De Mayo, then WHOMP WHOMP it isn’t a big thing there like it is here….oh well we made the best of it.

Dan was so happy with the first flight, we were in the exit row and look how much leg room he had! I also apologize for the weird pink filter look of some of my vacation photos. I have a pink cover and the flash reflects it in some pictures.

This was the perfect snack, Target makes smores trail mix….you need to get it! I promise you it will change your life!

After two flights we were in MEXICO! Since Cabo is in the desert this was what we saw driving to the hotel….

Then when we got to the hotel it was time for lunch and a little pool action!

Dan, Me, Sabra and Harry! in bathing suits and coverups on the way to the pool.

For lunch it was Chicken taco time. SO DELICIOUS

Chicken, lettuce and tortillas. Plus little tortilla cups with guacamole, refried beans and salsa!

After this it was time to head to…..WALMART! Yes there is a walmart near the resort and we go every year to get food and water for the week.


It was also the Day of the supermoon, which was still very small in the sky,but so bright and beautiful over the water! I was so glad to be able to see it!

We ate some appetizers at the bar next to the ocean and enjoyed the moon before bed.

Braised short ribs and shrimp. Dan and I just had the ribs, so delicious!

It was a long but great first day! I was going to post a training post, but am still having bad cramping and allergies so a run was not in my future tonight! But my bed is! I have a training session with Jeff tomorrow morning and am excited to get back to work!

Have a great Wednesday and welcome home from Las Vegas to my Aunt Kim and Grandma!

Last day blues!

11 May

Today is our last day and I am having the blues about it, I am also sure everyone else on the trip is feeling sad too!That just means making the most of today. Yesterday we went into town with mom. She is so good to all of us, she treated us to lunch at a taco stand. Then she bought each one of us a gift. It was mom, me, Dan, Harry and Sabra (Harry’s gf). Sabra got some sandals, Harry got a Jason Mraz hat, Dan got a shirt from the taco place of course, and I made mom go to the Mexican Nike store with me. Oh yes a new pair of really cool Capri sweats and a dri fit tank, means i have a great mommy! Plus they were having a sale and my pants and shirt were $85 with tax, not bad since the stickers on both added to much more than that!

Today will be spent the usual way, lounging by the pool, maybe a quick gym Sesh, then the possibilities are endless! My main goal between today and the long travel day tomorrow is to finish book one in the game of thrones 4 pack i bought for my nook! I love the show and so far the first book does not disappoint! Has anyone read these? I hope you all have a great Friday and splendid weekend! Plus do something nice for your moms! We all will be!

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