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What Mother’s Day Means to Me….

12 May

First of all thank you to My Mom, Mother in law, Grandmothers (mine and Dans) and Aunt Kim (my godmother) and Tamarra. Who have shown me how to be a great role model and mother to my children. I am glad you get a day in which you are celebrated because you deserve it!

What Mother’s Day means to me has changed over the past few years and this year it changed again. While I will not have my first official Mothers Day until next year, both of my Mothers have been really great in making it special for my first Mommy-to-be Mothers Day. (After all this is their first Grandmother’s to be day!)

Lets go back to the beginning first though. When I was born in 1985 my Mom was unaware she would be a Mom until the day I was born, but like my child I was born in August so Mom’s first Mother’s Day was in 1986. I think I have told the story of my premature birth on here before so rather than bore you with it just no that she and no one else new I was in her tummy waiting to come out!

So we always celebrated Mothers Day and for the first 21 years of my life that day was about celebrating the ladies in this picture. (From our wedding).


From Left to Right: My Grandma Fran, My Mommy, Me (DUH), My Memere and Arlene my Pepere’s Girlfriend.

However before I turned 22 I bought myself a gift that changed my life and made me a Mommy, well to a fur baby that is.


Finny as a 3lb puppy! How could you not love that face! From now on Mothers Day meant celebrating the same ladies but doing something nice for myself as well because now I had someone to look out for and keep alive!

Fast Forward 6 years and this Mother’s Day held a whole different meaning! I am about to be a Mom in August to a living breathing baby boy and MAN was I spoiled for that!

I didn’t have to work today and got to spend my morning snuggling with my fur baby! Plus Dan had given me the best gift.


Inside the box is a gift certificate for a Mom to Be massage AMAZING!!! I will be making that appointment tomorrow!

Plus now I have a new Mom to celebrate. My Mother in law and soon to be Memere.

So today we headed over to my Mom and Dads for a lunch with both families and had a great time. There was great food….I cant believe I didnt take a picture, and some more gifts.

My Aunt Tamarra got everyone a gerber daisy. I took the smallest one as all the others were taller and I am still a Mom to be!


My mother in law brought us flowers as well! They have a new home on our front step!


And finally there are these bags. The stuffed animal is a gift from Dan’s great Aunt for little Camden and it is very cute! he rest of the things filling the bags were my Mother’s Day gift from Mom.


In the bags are all pool outfits and accessories and an inflatable sun shielded pool for Mr.

Plus some hangers and a backpack full of sunscreen. Clearly this baby will have nothing in his life and want for everything ;).

Overall it was an amazing day and I was so glad to have such a wonderful first Mommy to be Mother’s Day. Which I concluded with a nap on the comfy chair at Mom and Dads. I cannot wait until next year when Camden is here to snuggle and love!

NOTE: This post was going to include childhood pictures of Dan and I with our Mom’s but we unpacked so well when we moved that I have NO idea where the pictures are currently and yet I know we have them!


Back by Popular Demand….

10 May

Well really my Aunt Kim who is my number one blogging fan, but I figured it was time for a post!!!

I am now almost 26 weeks pregnant (on Sunday) which means 7 months and the third trimester are quickly approaching! I cannot believe how fast this pregnancy has gone by. Honestly it feels like just yesterday when I found out I would be having a baby! It was December 3rd when I found out by the way. Also the best way to see pregnancy as it is 40 weeks which would= 10 months in by taking the amount of weeks you are and dividing by 4….that is how I figure out how many months I am as pregnancy is not actually 10 months. Some months are 5 weeks and some are 3.5 so yea you try and wrap your head around it….I did the best I could!

Here are some fun things I have experienced/shared since my last post about the baby!

– Pedicures are AWESOME!!! I got one on Wednesday because I was sick of my feet looking gross for Yoga every week. There is no picture of this because my feet are swollen and I have an unattractive cut on my big toe so you can just imagine that situation.

-I have gotten Stretch Marks on my Tummy and have Kankles when I stand too long. But hey it is all worth it in the name of having my baby! I have since been rubbing lotion on my belly in an attempt to keep them as light as they are and keep my feet elevated when not at work. Any remedies for either will be appreciated!!

-We have finished the baby registry and are registered at Babies R Us. (giving any man the scanner is a bad idea as Dan really enjoyed scanning gender specific items) I was trying to keep it a secret. But the cat is out of the bag so…

-We announced this on Facebook!.


He is arriving around 8-18-13…anytime from 8-11-13 to 8-18-13 or beyond I guess as this IS our first and they can go late….the magic of babies!!!!

-Here is a belly front and side shot from yesterday…..PRETTY BIG compared to my last one posted on here.


I dont know that I even realized there would be a time my stomach would stick out farther than my chest. But that little ball of a bump is CUTE! Also my shirt, phone and nail polish match…..that was the best part of that day for me!

– I have been working a lot between TSI and Scentsy events and think it is time to pull back a bit on Scentsy. I start my maternity leave on August 1st and will stop working late nights until 8 in July. I worked until 8pm yesterday and when I got home I could not keep my eyes open! This growing a human thing is EXHAUSTING!!!!!

IMG_3778 IMG_3780

These are pictures from my event on Saturday. As you can see I had Scentsy on one side and TSI on the other. It was nice to spend the day working with my Dad (he is in the grey polo and jeans), it is made even better when he buys you some Ritas Water Ice. Pregnant ladies getting free food= VICTORY!

– I remember to make time for my first baby as well….Also I am totally wearing a shirt here….I realize it looks like I am naked but I promise I am not.


I hope everyone has a good weekend and all the Mommies enjoy their Mother’s Days. I will be trying to post more if I actually do anything interesting….or anything at all :).

Happy Mother’s Day!

13 May

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mom’s out there….but especially to the ones in our life. (mine and Dan’s that is)

This is from my bachelorette party, with Me (center) from left to right, my Aunt Kim (godmother), My Grandma and my Mommy, when she was still blonde!!

Here is Dan dancing with his mom at our wedding!

So happy Mother’s Day to the coolest ladies I know and hope you had a wonderful day… all deserve it!!!

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