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Treat Yourself Thursdays!

18 Oct

Every once in a while you deserve a treat! I say why not once a week! I got the idea for treat yourself Thursdays because I was thinking I deserve something nice for all my hard work of eating right and training as hard as I do. But also because I am so very hard on myself about a lot!

I got the name idea from one of my favorite shows, the most hilarious Parks and Rec!

If you have not seen the episode Donna and Tom above, spend a day treating themselves with expensive shopping and other such treats because they deserve it!

So why not do we not all need a day in which to be nice to ourselves more than anyone else.

So what did I do today for Treat Yourself Thursday…..

Well the day started off with a cold shower, because we need a new motor in our furnace OH HOMEOWNERSHIP YOU JUST PLAIN ROCK!

I knew after this event that I deserved something good, that would warm me up and something I dont have often…..

I bought myself a Pumpkin White Chocolate Latte. With skim milk of course. It is a bit higher in calories than my usual black coffee and I have been trying hard not to buy coffee and instead take it from home to save money. However after a cold shower I deserved to not make my own coffee, enjoy the sugar and feel like I got rewarded for suffering through it :). (the shower that is)

Secondly on treat yourself Thursday my plan was to do my hair and makeup very nicely since it makes me more confident…..BUT the shower again prevented that…so I did the quickest thing to make me feel better about myself, something I usually let slip by doing because I feel like I just dont have the time!

Painted nails are pretty and purple is the best color there is!!!!

Painted nails and a latte may not seem like a big deal to some or a giant treat but that is not what today is about! Today is about for once taking a break to make yourself feel good as everyone else does in your life because you take care of them, or help them, or listen to their problems, what have you!

I can already tell you if we had hot water a BATH would be in todays future NICE aND HOT! But that will be for another Treat Yourself Thursday!!!

Have a great Thursday and TREAT YOURSELF!!!

Springing Ahead.

11 Mar

Today is Daylight Savings time, I usually dread this day. Today though I am loving it because I figure it gives me more time to run outside after work! Sorry treadmill I will have to catch you later!

Since spring is almost here, I figured most people give their house a cleaning makeover, and I am in the process of a body makeover. So here is a little something we can all use for a mind makeover. Every Sunday I will post positive quotes, pictures and stories so you know it is okay to feel good about yourself, no matter how you look, what people think, etc. You have to love yourself first!

I think in today’s society women do not love, value or respect themselves as much as the should and deserve! In anything you do there is that quote you can go back to which says the only person who can beat you is YOU! This is especially true in running and self confidence! I hope people look at these pictures and take the time to reflect how awesome you are and that you are worth it! Plus I think you are wonderful even if I do not know you personally you read my blog and that makes you cool in my book!

I love Audrey, after all my wedding shower was a Breakfast at Tiffanys theme!

Confidence is key, have you ever worn an outfit you know looks good so you carry yourself different and get so many compliments! Try it, and know that if you think you are worth it you are!

This is the most important, you are who you are, if other people are bothered by it that is there problem. The people who like you for you matter the one’s who don’t, and  don’t deserve your time!

And finally just because it is super cute and this IS a running blog after all….

Have a wonderful Sunday and be good to yourselves!

What inspires me to be fit and to run..a post in pictures!

7 Mar

So nothing very interesting happened today and since it is my rest day I have no workout to report. I know I said I was going to run this morning, but my legs are still mad at me from last night, and I would rather not chance anything.

I know I did a post about why I love running and you can find that HERE, dont worry this post is not the same as that.

If anyone else uses the website Pintrest, first of all follow my boards please! Secondly I have a fitness board and a running inspiration board.

So what motivates me to get out there on days I feel lazy and not encouraged to do anything?

Funny motivators like these:

And motivators like these:

There are more, but you will have to check out my pintrest boards to view them! I look at these whenever I feel blah about working out. I wish I could tell you I workout and run because it gives you a hot body really quickly, but I don’t and it doesn’t. Everything worth doing is hard work and takes dedication. I love hard work and I love seeing what I put in pay off. That is all I can ask for and that is all you can as for. Find something you love that is active, stick with it, eat cleaner and you will be on your way to changing your body in time.

I have to go pick up my Dad for family dinner now. It is Shephard’s Pie night, you KNOW there will be a picture tomorrow. See ya later!

Weight Loss and Running.

23 Jan

I have never been skinny, well lets rephrase that, I have never thought I was skinny. I was very thin all the way up to around age 15-16. I have been on a constant diet since I hit puberty, and what woman hasn’t. I am not afraid to tell you what my weight is, (because I dont have anyone to impress, I have the man of my dreams and he loves me the way I already am) and I will but first let me explain. I lost a lot of weight before the wedding (I was originally 200lbs when I started losing weight), the week before I was around 162.0 and the day of I was around 174.2 due to stress and relaxing on my workouts.

Now that we have went on the honeymoon and throwing out my back I weigh in at around 185.0 and am 5’8″.  I am rounding up its closer to 184, but since its not .0 I am not counting it. Yes I am hard on myself I always have been in life. Sports, weight, appearance, but that is just me. Now with the help of running I have become more motivated to finally do it once and for all. My goal is to be between 145-148, so I have around 40 pounds to lose. Thanks to the magic of pintrest.com I found a really good motivator.

The post-it on top says “counting beans, not for consumption.” Mom wrote that because we are accountants and I think she thought it was funny.

This is actually mine from my desk, as you should be able to tell due to the hello kitty post it! I bought the glass jar at Homegoods for $4.99. I have around 40 pounds to lose so there are 400 chocolate candies in there and they each represent .01/pound. so for each .01 I lose I get to take one out when the jar is empty I am done, and then I have a cute little jar for my desk! Plus I get to give the candies to my co-workers,  I wanted colored rocks but the store didnt have any! Plus if I do decide to have any they are only 15 calories for 5, so not bad! Plus with this sitting on my desk (where I spend most of my time,) I have to think of everything I eat.

The nicest part is that I do not run to lose weight, I found something I really do love, that motivates me to eat healthier and be more active overall, the weight loss is just an added bonus. I did put on around 5lbs when I first started running again, but that is normal and I will work through it and burn it right off!

If people can go on national television and weigh themselves I can share my weight with the internet. And I do, I use sparkpeople.com as well, and have made some great friends there.

Whatever will motivate you is what will work for you, so I am proud of myself for making this breakthrough in motivation!

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