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Sunday Run and Happy Birthday To….

22 Jan

Sunday was a good day. Much better than Monday and Today which I spent pretty much all day in bed thanks morning sickness….I mean all day sickness. BUT LIKE I SAID BEFORE NOT COMPLAINING, just stating the facts!

Anyway Sunday was my day off, and I made plans and stuck to them! I started the day off right since I knew I would be running by eating the breakfast of champions.


This might be blasphemous to the gods of cereal, but I like these more than frosted mini wheats. I just do. Add some vanilla almond milk and your good to go.

Then I changed into the gift Dan brought me from Texas and got down to business.


What a nice shirt that is.

Not bad for not running in a while, and done while watching the Lorax on my Ipad. Yes I cried thanks hormones.


After my run I got ready to go out on a date with three special ladies, Grandma, my Aunt Kim and Aunt Tamarra. We were at grandmas house for around a half hour and this happened.


Action shot of her being annoyed with us all!

It was time to leave for our date we went to the movies to see Argo, it was a great movie! Also it was $5.00 for the movie, can’t beat that kind of deal.



After the movies it was time to switch families to bond with and head to my in-laws for my Father in Laws Bday dinner extravaganza.

Here is the birthday boy, (his shirt is Harley-Davidson and a gift from us).


Oh and my Mother in Law also. I am not sure if we had enough food for 6 people as this was 1 of two lasagnas made.

Everything was amazing, and I need the recipe for that sauce because I could drink it. No salad for me, because veggies are still a bother, but this was delicious. Drowning in sauce with homemade meatballs was key!


Also if you look at the picture of my FIL you will see blue in the bottom right corner, that was Dan’s items from childhood along with all his art projects. It was so cute to see it all. It was also the reason I made pizza for dinner tonight, it was fast, no veggies and every thing Dan wrote when he was young said pizza was his absolute favorite. Glad to make my husbands inner child happy!

I am going back to bed! Enjoy everyone.


January Date Night….

6 Jan

Last night Dan and I had a date night. I was a bit concerned as I was really craving some veggies but this is how I have had to eat salads lately. And leaving the house to eat meant if I was going to get sick I hoped the bathroom was clean. I will be happy in a few weeks when my first trimester ends!


The left side aka the BEST PART the tasty veggies had to go as the risk of making me sick was high. But I still enjoyed the lettuce and cucumbers.

Last night I was craving a salad from Moe’s but my stomach was a bit queasy. I however was fed up with not being able to eat veggies and healthily and not just carbs. So I got this…


Lettuce, cucumbers, olives, chicken and cheese then I added two cups of salsa. Dan got nachos with pork and beef and was the happiest man alive. I probably made it through half my salad before I was way too full and Dan ate the rest of my chicken. Glad to help him out.

After that we went to a froyo place called Sweet Frog that we had never been to. We usually go to yogurt madness and I have to say it was fine, it tasted the same, they just had more yogurt flavors. The thing that will put them over the top is we are getting one in the town my parents live in, so it will be very close!

After that we headed home, and I figured that was a great night and we would go to bed. Dan however pulled out his January Date night envelope so it was time for the date to continue!


January’s Date was to watch the campaign at home with Dan’s favorite candies. I know the note says OUR favorite candies and there was supposed to be a Hersey’s cookies and cream bar, but I ate that when putting together the basket….I can blame that one on Baby K!

 I had none of the candies as the food from before pushed my tummy to the limit.

The movie was funny and I was glad to have such a nice night together! Especially since a week from today Dan is leaving for a business trip in Texas and I will be one lonely lady! So if anyone wants to come stay with me for four days that would be great :).

I spent all of today sleeping mostly because I think my body has had enough of this cold and is trying to kick it out of here!

Tomorrow if it is gone and I can successfully breathe without super coughing fits I will be glad to finally go on a nice run with my BFF the treadmill! We do have a half to train for. While I was planning to do one in February and one in March I will probably just do the one in February and take it easy and stick to 5k’s for the remainder of the pregnancy. So this half marathon will be given all that I can give…well while monitoring my heart rate and tiredness!

Old Cars and Adam Sandler aka Friday night

18 Jun

Friday night after work, we were on the lookout for something fun to do (like always). So we went to the car show that is held every Friday locally. Dan is really into cars, me not so much, but when you are married to someone who still loves you despite you being obsessed with Hello Kitty as a grown woman, you do things they like to do as well.

I really love Vintage things and cars are no exception, I was not as much a fan of the newer styles as the old and MINT condition cars. Seriously we do not have a garage at our house, but these people must and must spend all their time polishing and taking care of these cars. It honestly seemed like like all just drove off the showroom floor.

This one was nice, I do love the rumble seat. However my favorite one was from 1940 and was a convertible, sadly I didnt snap a picture. The boys weren’t so much into the cars like these, something about them not being fast enough…silly boys.

This car got its own picture because it is a 1968 Camaro I believe. Dan wants a 1969 also in blue but with white stripes and a darker blue. At least now I know what he is working with in his mind.

Then there was this car….

Yes that is a loudly painted Ford Fiesta and the boys actually loved it…..WHAT?!!?!?!
I don’t get it and it wasnt my cup of tea.

Another nice old car leaving (not the one I mentioned earlier).

As the cars started to leave it was our cue to do the same. We had a movie to get to! But since I swear I have radar for this kind of thing….


 Oh Hey Hello Kitty! Glad to see you in the parking lot on someone’s Volkswagen.

Then we headed off to the movies. We saw the new Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg movie Thats my boy. IT WAS SO HILLARIOUS!

Unexpectedly raunchy and one of the funniest A.S. movies in a long time. It had the same feel as Grandmas Boy and was pretty predictable but also pretty great. Dan said he will be buying it on DVD as soon as it is out. Critics of course trashed it, because thats what they do to movies that are actually good. I hope it does well though, because it was great. I figured it was going to be really stupid. Plus look for amazing cameos from super funny people! Susan Sarandon, Will Forte, Rachel Dratch, Vanilla Ice, Todd Bridges, Rex Ryan (as a super big New England Patriots Fan). *For those who are unaware, Rex Ryan is the coach of the NY Jets.

All in all a great Friday night. Plus I was off Saturday for a Scentsy party my Aunt had that went very well!

Coming Up: A death By Chocolate Recipe and A Father’s Day post!

Valentines Day Events!

14 Feb

Aside from working that is!

Dan and I got take out for dinner, and he had got me a movie for the “holiday”. It was your highness with Natalie Portman, James Franco, and Danny Mcbride. Hilarious movie and a great time snuggling with my husband, you could tell it has been a bust week already when you both fall asleep during such a great movie!

Now I am more awake and watching Biggest Loser, I am saving my run for tomorrow morning since my back is still a bit tight. Better safe than sorry, I don’t want to be stuck in bed for a week!

For Valentines I woke up to a movie, a nice card, a box of Hello Kitty candy bracelets which I handed out at work and only kept one so that I did not eat them all! Plus I got the flowers, beautiful!


Plus Dan found out about our trip! We are going to Las Vegas in October for the Monster Energy Cup finals! Whoever wins the motocross race wins 1 million dollars! Dan is so excited to watch the race and to go to Vegas, as he has never been!

Well I have to go, when your Valentine is as cute as mine you’d want to spend time with him also! 🙂

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