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New Meal Monday and I need your help!

21 May

Yes I know today is Tuesday but I got home from work last night, fell asleep and woke up at 9 still pretty tired. Needless to say it was a short night for me!

Anyway I created a new recipe with the help of my wonderful Hubby and wanted to share it with everyone in case you are looking for something new!

Usually I make stuffed shells with hamburger and celery and onions and wine. However I didnt want to chance the wine not baking off when I was eating it and my friend Nikki, who ust had her baby would be eating it. The recipe made two disposable cake pans full of shells so I kept one and brought one to the new parents when we visited little Lilly!

Alex’s Meat and Cheese Stuffed Shells:


– 1 box Jumbo Shells

-1 large jar of Prego Sauce. Traditional flavor is what I used but you can use anything

-1 container small ricotta cheese. (I didnt check the ounces before I threw out the container!)

-1 bag shredded cheese (I did reduced fat Italian 4 cheese)

– Shredded Parmesan Cheese (the kraft kind from the green shaker)

-Half a large onion

-2-2.5lbs  Ground beef

-2 eggs


Cut up onion into small pieces and cook in a small amount of olive olive until translucent. Add hamburger and cook until almost brown. Add half a cup of the shredded bag cheese and let it melt into the meat while cooking. Once browned transfer to a bowl then add the ricotta, a 1/2 cup of shredded parmesan and the two eggs mix well.


It doesnt look the greatest but tastes amazing!!

While the meat is cooking you can also cook the shells and drain them. Next fill the bottom of the cake pans with a thin layer of sauce, and fill shells and place into the pan.


Finally cover with sauce and both shredded cheeses and bake at 400* for around 20-25 minutes.

The finished product.


This was so good an if you dont bake it will freeze well and be able to be made whenever you are ready!

Speaking of that I am looking for recipes I can make and freeze to have on hand for when little Camden arrives! If you know any good ones leave them in the comments below!!!


Productive Day off…

7 Jan

Today I had the day off and set out some lofty goals to be productive. I wanted to clean the house, grocery shop, and run. Since I was feeling a bit better I thought I could do it all but I couldn’t. I did well and got most of it done, however the run did not happen.

The reason I didn’t run was because I think I over did the cleaning and cooking and running up and down stairs that by 3:30pm I needed a nap. But naps are good and I woke up from it still having a monsterous sore throat.

But here is what I did get done. Grocery Shopped then cooked. Pictures coming below in this post. Then I did laundry and changed our sheets, no more germy sheets! Is there anything better than new clean sheets, if you say no I don’t know what to do with you!

Today is New Meal Monday as usual, but there are a bunch of foods going on today. Here is the cooking from today. I bought a rotisserie chicken today and Dan says I never get all the chicken off so here is the proof that I did it!



I apologize if anyone is a vegetarian and this picture is gross to them but me being me I am so proud of myself. My first step was to peel off the skin. If I was eating it warm I would leave it on but since I made chicken salad with half the chicken and left the other half to put on top of garden salads, they ended up being refrigerated and I do not like when the skin gets that congealed fat in between it and the meat so it had to go.

I think I did a respectable job.

Here is the chicken salad I made….the usual chicken, celery, curry powder, garlic powder, and mayo.


This photo is pre-mayo and it came out great. But in order to be a successful cook one needs a great setup.

My cutting boards are at work and I cannot find what happened to them at the Christmas party so I used a baking sheet and of course needed some entertainment.


Using my slap chop to dice everything into teeny tiny pieces also didn’t hurt.

After all that work, I needed an afternoon snack, so Honey Nut Shredded Wheat Minis and Vanilla Almond Milk it was!


And finally dinner tonight was some pasta…yes there is a theme blander foods are the way to go for me currently and I am more than okay with that!


Pasta Recipe and Stalking Noelle’s First Half Marathon via my phone….

13 Oct

I know I said I would post this two days ago…bad girl! But I was busy and sick! Work has been crazy with Mom on vacation I had a lot to do! Today is no different. I am sitting in my kitchen currently lamenting the fact that I could not run the half marathon this morning and waiting for a pie to finish baking for an apple pie cookoff at work!

My sister in law ran the half marathon and I tracked her at work (it was pretty cool, they send text message updates to your phone about your chosen athlete) and it was her first half! She finished in 2:38:24. GREAT JOB NOELLE!!!

We did still go to the expo last night so I could pick up my packet and shirt, and they said because it was a medical condition they could wave my fee until next years race! Awesome!!!!

Theres a blurry Dan face.

Anyway on to the recipe!

Ashley’s Pasta Goulash: (with Alex’s low calorie Alfredo*) 

*Its not technically alfredo but I call it that.

Like I said this is my friends recipe. I just made my own sauce, but feel free to use jared or your own alfredo recipe.




Veggie of choice (we did corn)



Brown meat

cook pasta


cover with sauce and add veggies, serve

EASY PEASY and really tasty!

Here is my Sauce recipe:

Make in the hamburger with a little of the grease still in there.


1 block low fat cream cheese I use Neufecthal  

Grated Parmesan Cheese- yes the sprinkle kind in the jar for the top of pasta

milk to thin it out just a bit (we used 1% or skim)

Garlic Powder



Add block of cream cheese to pot with hamburger let melt down. Add a bit of milk to help it out and thin down, this is a preference. Personally I like less milk and a bit of a thicker sauce! (There is no butter because by using the natural grease from the hamburger you have you fat, also this is a tiny amount left in not all of it.)

Once a saucey consistency add your cheese. This and the spices are all to taste, again your preference for your sauce. However I just put enough parmesan until it tastes like alfredo maybe 1/4 cup.


The sauce will look like this…

Its looks like biscuits and gravy, gravy but trust me it is less savory and meaty and SO much more cheesy! Plus with no butter and cream your good to go!

This is the finished product!

Everything you ever wanted to know about my first half marathon! Part 1

24 Sep

Let me begin by saying it was AWESOME!

So we will start with the day before the race. Since Thursday of race week I was shifting my time between working my 8:30-5:30 job, then working a local fair selling Scentsy until 11pm. This became tiring very quickly and also led me to believe I was a bit screwed for the race in the over tired department. Flash forward to Saturday and I was again working the booth from 8am. I was lucky enough to have two of my wonderful Scentsy teammates cover my booth from Saturday night-Sunday morning so we could head to RI Saturday afternoon/evening.

Here is a picture of the Alpacas from the fair…such cuties!!! Tood bad they dont stay that size forever or Dan and I would be adopting a new family member!

So off Dan and I went to RI. But first we had to drop off Finny…who isnt a fan of us packing suitcases and loading him into the car. Dont get me wrong he loves going to my grandma’s house, but he does miss us and gets concerned about car rides. So when we got to Grandmas this happened.


Thanks for the Scratches FINNY!!!

So I tried to make my best angry face while I hugged him goodbye.

Just ignore the fact that I drastically need my eyebrows waxed…thanks.

We finally arrived around 6:30pm and checked into the cute bed and breakfast we had booked, owned by a married couple and their dog biscuit. He was a cutie!

This was one of only two times we actually saw the dog standing. The people owned a general store as well which was next to the B&B, (the door hes coming out of is the store). Biscuit had spent all of his time lying right in front of the doorway…that is a big dog to walk over!

We put our stuff in the room and headed to a restaurant just down the street to have an early dinner and get to bed by 9:30…well that was my goal.

The scenery was beautiful and made me so excited for the race as mile 10 was right around this area.

For dinner I knew I wanted pasta…all week I was so diligent about cutting down my fiber so there would be no bathroom stops during the race! I was already painfully aware that due to my hectic schedule I would need all the time breaks I could get to finish this race under the three hour time limit!!!

So I had my fave go to pasta, spaghetti bolognese it was so good, the pasta was also homemade and it made it that much better! Dan got his go to as well Chicken Parm…the piece of chicken was Dinosaur sized.

Dan’s Dinner























He is even picking up the giant chicken to show you all that delicious pasta!


For dessert we split an icecream sundae, I really only had like three bites, but they were worth it. I also ordered an oatmeal cookie coffee. When I got it however it had cinnamon schnapps in it….that was a very unpleasant surprise, but I choked down as much as I could to get the wonderful digestive effects of coffee…TMI, maybe but hey runners do weird things to prevent stops in the race :). We then headed back to the room and relaxed and fell asleep aroun 10pm….that storage wars is an addictive show!!!

TOMORROW PART 2…the race….check back!

Coming home to amazing things and a quick recipe!!

22 Jul

I had to work today, when I came home I was so tired! Luckily for me I have an amazing husband who makes my day doing things like this!

When I left there were dishes in both sides of the sink! When I got home 0 dishes! That makes me a happy lady and freed up my time for a run!

I am planning on doing another run tonight after dinner digests, I wanted to get at least 4 miles in today but I was pretty tired and had dinner to make, I figured I owed Dan one, so I would spilt the runs and make it a bit easier on myself!

I did 2.15 miles in 24 minutes! I tried a new thing today, where I stayed at a consistent speed that was slower than I usually run to see if I could go without stopping to walk. I did it and was proud. It helped build up my base. Plus the last 2 minutes I allowed myself to sprint! It was a good experiment and I think I will keep doing that on my treadmill runs to build up my endurance and forget about trying to run it fast.

In other news, (sorry this is the most random post of all time, I have been lazy with my blogging lately), I had a delicious breakfast.

Cinnamon Waffle, with Nutella and Banana! It was so good!

For dinner I made this

That is the recipe from the back of the Tomato and Basil Philadelphia Cooking Cream with a few alterations! When I was very young I learned that to cook well you need to Dr. Things Up! This is a family motto in our house and a tradition I am keeping alive and well.

For this one I took:

1lb of chicken instead of the ground beef the recipe called for

1 Green Pepper

Elbows instead of lasagna noodles

1 Jar Marina Sauce

1 container Philadelphia Tomato and Basil Cooking Cream

Spices I added before serving:

Garlic Powder

Mrs Dash Onion and Herb

Red Pepper Flakes


Crispy Red Peppers (Purchase in the salad topping area of the store)

Directions: Brown meat in pan with Green Pepper. Then add Jar of marina and 2 cups of water to pan with chicken and peppers. Cook until the noodles are tender then add spices. Next spoon the cream into the pan. Remove from heat and let sit, sauce will thicken. Then put in bowls and garnish with Crispy Peppers.

Simple, quick and EASY!

Before adding the Creme.

It was great. Enjoy your sunday!

4 years of awesomeness and a slimmed down Chili’s Style Salad!

1 Jul

Today is July 1st, happy July everyone. That also means it is Dan and my anniversary (dating not married). Four great years together and they get better an better every year! So how did we celebrate?!?!

We had a two day celebration of greatness!!!

Last night we went to Carrabas for dinner and had a great dinner!

First drinks, I had peach sangria, Dan a vodka cranberry.

All the pictures are pretty dark, as was the ambiance of the restaurant, but I didnt want to use the flash and ruin everyones time.

We both had Minestrone soup to start and of course this bread….

Any bread with dipping oil and herbs is wonderous!!

For dinner I had Chicken Cannelloni, spinach, chicken and cheese with marinara and cheese. YUMMY! Dan had chicken parm, pasta and lasagna, they had a combo plate.

There were two Cannelloni’s and I only ate one so it was wrapped up.

Someone wanted the pasta for themselves…..DAN!

Then it was time for the movies with our friends John and Nikki!

It was so funny, I suggest you see it! If you like family guy like us or even if you don’t this movie has a reference you will find hilarious!

This morning Dan had to work, so I just relaxed. I am finally starting to feel a little bit better. However the amount of sleep I have needed is insane! But back to today and tonight’s great dinner!

We had a bunch of corn from an event at work yesterday so we grilled it and it came out perfect.

We also ate Southwest Chicken Breasts Grilled as well.

So I made these great salads.

I always get salads at Chili’s, or I used to there are just TOO MANY CALORIES!

Romaine lettuce, green peppers, mexican cheese, garlic pepper crispy onions and chicken! The sauce is the taco bell sauce we bought of fathers day for our Taco Bar, it was all fabulous! Plus some corn on the cob. Now we will spend the rest of the day watching South Park on Netflix and then True Blood, a nice relaxing end to a great weekend!

Happy Anniversary again Dan, I love you a lot!

Heres a picture from our first halloween together (2008) with my best friend lindsey, Dan as Jesus and me as a witch!

And this is from our wedding….we kind of love each other!

I should be back to training tomorrow with a nice long run, as long as I continue the trend of feeling better!

Have a great Sunday!

Mexico Day 6….

23 May

I will be completely forthcoming and tell you the next two posts this one and the next will include the best faces I have ever made on this blog.

In this post it all started with my grandma being super full while heading to dinner….more on that later.

Before dinner though we got ready and headed into town, heres Dan sampling a roll from the spaghetti night to see if it tasted good!

While in town we got food from a little hole in the wall taco place and everything was amazing! It was called Taco Loco and it was Dans suggestion to try a small local place out. We were all glad we did! Mom took Harry, Sabra, Dan and I into town and treated us to lunch and a gift! She got Sabra sandals, Harry a Hat, Dan a Taco Loco shirt and I had mom get me stuff from here.

She got me a tank top and literally the coolest and most comfy sweatpants I have ever seen! I live in them after work and workouts! Though I got a medium and could have gotten a small, which is the only reason I dont work out in them!

Nike spokesperson right here, shoes and all. Here is the sweetest part of the pants the waistband.. the picture also shares my tattoo with the world.

Back to the food now!

Mom got this extremely large burrito that she shared with Sabra, Harry and Dan.

Harry and Dan got these tacos, the restaurant had a whole taco bar station that you could fill your tacos with on the side of it, but I could not get a good photo of it!

I had pasta it was actually really amazing! I was sick of Mexican food for a little bit and wanted some pasta which left me also not very hungry for dinner!

Before dinner we went to Happy Hour at the restaurant. Dan and I split the green passions!

Here is Sabra basically eating salt, since she wanted it on the rim of her margarita and they forgot!

And of course Dan and I!!

I bet you couldnt even tell that I was lazy and did not shower after the gym/before town. Plus Dan still loves me because I wore deodorant or D.O. for your B.O. as Dan calls it!

Then it was time for dinner, I had tortilla soup again like at Ediths but that was all I had, I dont think you need the picture because you need to see this epicness. So my Grandma who was not hungry orders the braised pork shank for dinner and when it came made the funniest face due to the size of it.

This was the face she made…obviously that is me making it she was so upset by how much food she had that she refused to let me document it so here is my re-enactment.

Then we ended dinner with a little Mexican….that is the name of the dessert.

I was very upset that the Mexican Flag dipping sauce had run and was not perfect for the picture! But Icecream, chocolate mousse and dipping sauces= PERFECTION of the dessert world!!!

I think I would still have to get this even if my stomach was about to explode it is that good!

Another wonderful day with my Family and a great 2nd to last day on vacation!

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